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Incense and Incense Burners

We offer the following selection of high-quality incense and incense burners for your private altar:

    INC-1 Nag Champa Indian Incense    
    This is simply the best incense in the world, handmade in Bangalore, India.
    YL-30 Nag Champa Incense 15g $1.65
    YL-31 Nag Champa Incense 40g $3.75
    YL-33 Nag Champa Incense 100g $9
    YL-32 Nag Champa Incense 250g $22
    INC-2 Japanese Incense    
    This fine incense can be used for religious purposes and as a home fragrance to entertain and delight the user.
    JI-1 Aloeswood Japanese Incense 200 sticks/box $6.50
    JI-2 Cedarwood Japanese Incense 200 sticks/box $6.50
    JI-3 Green Tea Japanese Incense 200 sticks/box $6.50
    JI-4 Jasmine Japanese Incense 200 sticks/box $6.50
    JI-5 Lavender Japanese Incense 200 sticks/box $6.50
    JI-6 Sandalwood Japanese Incense 200 sticks/box $6.50
    INC-3 Premium Japanese Incense    
    This high quality Japanese incense is produced with carefully selected raw materials and modern technology.
    JI-7 Mainichi Byakudan Japanese Incense 150 sticks/box $24
    JI-8 Jinkoh Juzan Japanese Incense 150 sticks/box $38
    INC-4 NK Pure Japanese Incense    
    Selected plant-based fragrances are used to make NK Pure incense more naturally appealing.
    JI-9 NK Pure Ginger Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    JI-10 NK Pure Orange Flower Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    JI-11 NK Pure Litchi Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    JI-12 NK Pure Rose Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    JI-13 NK Pure Grapefruit Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    JI-14 NK Pure Rosemary Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    JI-15 NK Pure Yuzu Japanese Incense 21 sticks/box with mini holder $7
    INC-5 Korean Incense    
    Jing Kwan (Clear Gaze) Korean incense includes frankincense, aloeswood, sandalwood and other spices. Calming and centering, this blend of spices balances Yin and Yang and improves energy flow. Each stick burns for approximately 40 minutes.
    KI-1 Jing Kwan  Small Box 0.4 oz., 5-1/2" l., approx. 35 sticks/box $8
    KI-2 Jing Kwan  Short Box 2 oz., 5-1/2" l., approx. 120 sticks/box $30
    INC-6 Superior Korean Incense    
    Carefully hand-made by a Zen Buddhist monk of the highest quality all natural ingredients, this is the incense burned by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. It is a very delicate but wonderously fragrant blend of Aloeswood and Chinese juniper, which imparts a clean, fresh scent believed to remove blockages in the mind and body. It can be used to create a space for meditation or guests, and comes in an ash wood tube. Each stick burns for approximately 40 minutes.
    KI-3 Suk Hyang Tube Korean Incense approx. 25 sticks/box, 6" l. $45

Incense Burners
    INB-7 Brass Buddha Incense Burner 6" ht. $48
    This brass Buddha statue with metal inlay from India is an incense burner for both sticks and cones.
    INB-10 Ceramic Buddha Incense Burner 9" ht. x 7" l. x 4-1/2" w. $55
    Seated in in the diamond posture on a Padmasana, this two-piece ceramic Chinese Buddha incense burner has downcast eyes and blissful smile. On his bare chest is an auspicious swastika, symbol of the law, one of the sixty-five marks of Buddhahood.

    INB-11 Bronze Frog on Lotus Incense Burner 8" ht. x 4-1/2" dia. $90
    Smoke comes from the mouth of the frog finial and lotus seed pod lid on this Chinese bronze incense burner shaped like a lotus blossom. The three feet of the burner base are molded as lotus roots.


Gift Certificates.
    CER-1 Gift Certificates
    A Holy Mountain gift certificate makes a perfect gift. Specify the number of certificates you want, in any denomination ($20 minimum). Each will arrive in 3-5 business days with a gift envelope, a personalized message and directions to our web site catalog for ordering.

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