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Holy Mountain Trading Company - What's New

Holy Mountain Trading Company - What's New

Impermanent Wonder: Creation of a Sand Mandala photograph © 2013 Paul CotterImpermanent Wonder: Creation of a Sand Mandala by Paul Cotter © 2014

True Cream Golden Buds OolongRainflower Green Needle (Yu Hua)
Meng Ding Snow Buds YellowSnow Buds Green (Zue Ya)
Jade NeedlesShin Cha 2014
Curled Dragon Silver Tip GreenSnow Sprouting Green
1st Grade High Mountain OolongSpecial Darjeeling Goomtee Estate FTGFOP, 1st Flush
Emerald PearlsSpecial Darjeeling Goomtee Estate FTGFOP, 1st Flush

4711 Year of the Horse PredictionsHappy 4711 Year of the Horse

Gingersnap Black TeaOrganic Iyerpadi Estate Green FOP
Pina Colada BlackJapanese Organic Matcha
Mu Dan Wang, Competition GradeOrganic Genmai Cha
Nepalese Floral OolongOrganic Hoji Cha
Organic Assam TGFOPOrganic Sen Cha Asamushi
SPECIALS ON SALE THROUGH MARCH 31Chopstick Rest Sushi Sea Urchin
Samurai gifts of the season

Silver Needles White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) by Lydia Kung
Specials on sale through December 31Specials on sale through December 31

Hand painted and hand blown glass ornaments / Shop our online collection Trek to Machu Picchu

New Teas
Lanz White Tea Cake (Lao Bai Cha)
Organic Yangtze Green Maofeng
Organic Keemun
Emerald Pearls
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Quality dried Chinese tea leaves with freshly brewed tea © Liewy 2006 iStockphoto
Matcha Chawan Copper Red Brush Matcha Chawan Forest Bark
New Products
July is jasmine season by Lydia Kung Branch of jasmine flowers
Quick Primer on Balled Oolong Teas by Lydia Kung Tea canister with premium oolong tea
New Teas
Orange Blossom OolongJing Mei Green, Private Reserve
Taiwan Mountain Oolong, BakedRainflower Green Needle (Yu Hua)
Four Seasons Oolong, Roasted (from Taiwan)Organic Ceylong Green OP
Lapsang Souchong SpecialShin Cha 2013
Tibetan Brick Pu-erh (2002Curled Dragon Silver Tip Green
Tibetan Brick Pu-erh (2002Spring Buds Yellow

After 13 years of international commuting between Japan and the East Coast of the United States, renowned tea ceramic artist Richard Milgrim is returning to his home and studio in Japan full-time as of this August. The richness of his world in Japan is explored in a beautiful 45-minute English-speaking documentary entitled, FORBIDDEN KYOTO: The Depths of Green Tea, one of three chosen to represent Japan at an International Documentary Film Festival in Berlin in 2011. It examines the history, sociological and spiritual meaning, as well as the production of "tea" (matcha) in Japan and Milgrim's role in the creation of tea ceramics (chatou). We wish Richard Milgrim good luck in this new chapter of his life's work. Richard Milgrim

15 Years, 70 Teas: My Holy Mountain Journey by Paul Cotter

Refreshing iced tea in a glass
Iced Tea Recommendations
Blood Orange Black
Blue Eyes
Oolong Square Tea
Single Trunk Oolong (Dan Cong)
Madame Butterfly Green
Keemun (Qihong)
Organic Moroccan Mint
Natural Osmanthus Green
Lichee Green
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AcraGlass® Iced Tea MakerAcraGlass® Iced Tea MakerAcraGlass® Iced Tea MakerAcraGlass® Iced Tea Maker

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