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Holy Mountain Trading Company - Appeasing and Sanctifying Tai Sui Through the Ceremonial Use of Offerings

Holy Mountain Trading Company - The Dragon

ccording to Taoist beliefs, there are 60 heavenly generals or constellations who assist the Jade Emperor in taking charge of the well-being of the Mortal World. Tai Sui (太岁) "The Grand Duke of Jupiter" is an intangible star which moves directly opposite to Jupiter, and is the deity in charge of the current year who rules over all the other deities, each taking turns so that every year there is a different Tai Sui. Most of the Tai Sui are real historical figures whom were highly respected by the people because of their good deeds; each has great power. People respect the Tai Sui highly and are afraid to offend him because it would cause injury and misfortune to come to them. To avoid offending the Tai Sui of the year, people placate and sanctify the Tai Sui of the year, primarily by leaving their power locations undisturbed (but also aided by other methods described below).
In Feng Shui, the area of the house corresponding with the position of that year's Tai Sui is to be left undisturbed or misfortune will befall the residence. Specifically, in 2014 that sector would be the area from 172.6° to 187.5° S Tai Sui amulet with General Zhang Ci for Horse Year 2014 as the Tai Sui takes up 15 degrees of the compass. When activated (by disturbances such as renovation, loud music or sound, slamming door, digging the floor, knocking on a wall, even clutter or untidiness), these annual afflications can bring problems such as money loss, accidents, robbery, blood-related illness, slanders, damage to reputation, legal troubles, problems with authority figures at work, police and in relationships, disharmony and obstacles to progress. If you absolutely must do some work in the southeastern area and are disturbed about the effect, the best defense is to take a short vacation from home and return a week minimum after the work is done; in this case you should avoid any negative repercussions. One other rule of thumb is to never sit directly facing or sleep with your head pointing toward Tai Sui, or the consequences can be serious. Also, be sure to sit with the Tai Sui behind you in any business negotiation. In this way you are making the other party confront the Tai Sui which will assist you. It is best to keep his area calm, still and quiet in 2014; keep the Tai Sui tidy and in good repair and decor. This year avoid attending cremation rituals, burial ceremonies, funerals and wakes; felling trees or piercing of ear lobes, if the main door of your home faces south or north (specifically 352.6° – 7.5° N), which is the area dirctly opposite Tai Sui occupied by Sui Po (岁破) the Year Breaker.
2014 is Jia Wu year with the Chinese zodiac sign of Horse. The Tai Sui is Great General Zhang Ci (章詞). He was born in Jing District (now An Hui province) during the Ming Dynasty. He had a natural aptitude for Confucius texts since he was a child and had known to be extremely helpful, generous and enthusiastic in guiding others. Highly literate, he expanded the old lineage texts from the Confucius in a brilliant manner. He had innate ability in formulating extraordinary strategies and this led him to his assignment as an educationist teacher in Fu Ning state (now Hokkien province). He upheld his principles and justice to instill good values and discipline among the people, while suppressing violence and impulsiveness. He promoted agricultural achievements and paved way to outstanding results in many successful harvests. During his tenure as a teacher in Fu Ning state, he was remembered for one of his benevolent moves. One day, news spread rapidly that there were looters trying to invade the state. As a result the city gate was closed to prevent the looters from entering. The action had caused some country folks to beg trapped outside the city. However, he stood strongly by the rustic people and forced the reopening of the city gates, thus allowing countless lives to be saved. This touched many hearts. With all of his estimable characteristics and long service to the realm Zhang Ci was inaugurated into the dominion of the Sixty Grand Dukes of Jupiter. The hopes are that the world this year will be generally peaceful because the Tai Sui is highly compassionate, not from a military background, and he does not hold any weapon in his hands. It is anticipated that it should be a time of improved intelligence, wisdom, happiness, increase, tolerance and expansion.
People born with the zodiac sign of the Rat which is the polar opposite of the Horse are considered to be "offending the Tai Sui" or "Chong Tai Sui" (冲太岁), in a clash formation. And people born in the Year of the Horse are considered to be "situated at the Tai Sui" or "Zhi Tai Sui" (值太岁), and in that position having the torment of self-punishment. This means that Horses will find themselves engaging in activities that they know aren't progressive or advantageous yet not being able to avoid doing it. There is also "Secondary Year Conflict" (偏冲) which is less conflicting than the same zodiac year and opposite zodiac year. So in 2014 to a lesser extent, the Rabbit may somewhat damage and the Ox harms the Tai Sui by its incompatibility with Great General Zhang Ci as well. The Tai Sui points to a year where these signs will experience challenges and changes in circumstances, an unstable year of psychological and spiritual development when they should be extra tactful and careful. Therefore these four signs need to pacify and enshrine Zhang Ci, the Tai Sui of the year, so it is advised to go through a prayer session with a Taoist Priest to ask for blessing in obtaining Peace and Good Fortune throughout the year and to pray for elimination of obstruction or mishaps. Otherwise the Zodiac signs offending the Tai Sui will face setbacks and obstacles to success and financial gain.
Traditionally, the four zodiacs in affliction with the Tai Sui are forbidden from attending funerals, getting married, doing major renovations to the (tenanted) home or moving during all of 2014. They will have to pray to the Tai Sui for blessings at the start of the year. On the morning of Month 1, Day 9 (February 8, 2014), one must fill in their names at the lower left hand corner of the talisman, prepare incense, candles, tea, wine, rice, joy paper or paper money and various entrees (eight being a particularly auspicious number of sweet fruits, cakes or pastries) for a heavenly offering. Place the talisman on the altar, then recite your name and the date, and ask the Tai Sui of the year to come to them and protect them against evil, expel all inauspicious energy, and bestow blessings upon the entire family so that there will be wealth, success, health and longevity. Burn the joy paper or paper money, then splash the wine on the burning paper money or joy paper. Post the red-colored Tai Sui talisman at your doorstep (be it on the main door or your bedroom door) or under your bed. Then the ritual is considered completed.
Tai Sui Ritual should be performed on every 1st (January 31, 2014) and 15th day (February 14, 2014) of the Chinese Lunar Calendar to ensure safely, success, prosperity and avoid bad luck.
On every full moon, you will need to do the same offering to Tai Sui until Month 12 Day 24, which is February 12, 2015. On that day, you prepare incense, candles, tea, wine, rice, joy paper or paper money and various other things for a heavenly offering. Take the talisman down and burn it while reciting your name and give thanks to the Tai Sui for taking care of you and your family for the whole year. Also request the Tai Sui to report all the good deeds that you did to the Jade Emperor.

Tai Sui stamps from Thailand, 2013

The table below shows the days for every month in 2014, wherein those who are conflict with Tai Sui are recommend to do the Tai Sui Ritual:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb
    14   1  14  13  12  11  10  8  8  7  6  5  3
31   31 29 29 27 27 25 24 24 22 22 20