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Holy Mountain Trading Company - Year of the Dragon Predictions

Holy Mountain Trading Company - Year of the Dragon Predictions

anuary 23, 2012 is New Year's Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4709 and a Year of the Black Water Dragon or Ren Chen Nian (壬辰年).
The Dragon is the fifth in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Rabbit and the next will be Snake. The last Year of the Dragon began on February 5, 2000 and ended on January 23, 2001. The next Year of the Dragon will begin on February 10, 2024 and end on January 28, 2025.
The Dragon is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the fifth of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the Chen Branch, and is the emblem of vigilance and safeguard. It is known as the Visionary of the cycle and his key phrase is: "I see". The Dragon is the only animal of the Chinese zodiac year that is not real and is the most sacred and mystical animal among the twelve avatars. The mythology of the dragon is central to Chinese culture, and it is one of the highest forms of divinity in polytheistic Taoism. In fact, traditional belief holds that all Chinese are "children of the dragon." Chinese phoenix and dragon patterns at the Temple of Heaven, © Hou Yuxuan iStockphoto 2012It is a positive expression of yang, the male principal, balanced by the female yin, represented by the phoenix. Some examples of oriental dragons date as far back as the 16th century BC, while in China the dragon and the phoenix were historically associated with imperial majesty as symbols of the emperor and empress from the Han Dynasty on. For millennia dragon dances have marked the beginning of each Chinese Lunar New Year; the longer the dragon, the more luck it's supposed to bring. The Dragon represents April, Spring, and the east-southeastern direction. Aries is Dragon's Western counterpart.
According to Chinese beliefs, the Dragon is a powerful, divine animal that brings good luck and fortune, and has strong karma to lead and succeed. With horns of a stag, claws of an eagle, scales of a fish, whiskers of a cat and a body like a serpent, the Chinese dragon embodies many creatures. It falls into three central categories depending upon the environment in which it resides. The horned lung is most sovereign and inhabits the sky; the oceans are the domain of the li which has no antlers, and the scaly chiao is found in wetlands and mountain sanctuaries. According to the Ch'ien Chü'eh Lei Shu by Ch'ên Jen-hsi, from these three basic categories of Dragons derive nine distinct branches identified by specific attributes:
  1. P'u-lao, carved on the tops of bells and gongs, in token of its habit of crying out loudly when attacked by its arch-enemy the whale;
  2. Ch'iu-niu, carved on the screws of fiddles, owing to its taste for music;
  3. Pi-hsi, carved on the top of stone tablets, since it was fond of literature; it is also said to represent a male and female tortoise bowed down by grief, and is largely used as a pedestal for tombstones, one head looking each way. It is a river god, and is believed to be endowed with supernatural strength;
  4. Pa-hsia, carved at the bottom of stone monuments, as it was able to support heavy weights;
  5. Chao-fêng, carved on the eaves of temples, owing to its liking for danger;
  6. Chih-wên, carved on the beams of bridges, because of its fondness for water. It is also placed on the roofs of buildings to keep off fire. It likes to gaze and look out, and is sometimes symbolized by the figure of a fish with uplifted tail;
  7. Suan-ni, carved on Buddha's throne, on account of its propensity for resting. It has also been identified with the Shih-tzü or symbolic lion;
  8. Yai-tzü, carved on sword-hilts, and where the blade joins the handle, in memory of its lust for slaughter; and
  9. Pi-kan, carved on prison gates, as it was addicted to litigation and quarrelling, and loved to use its energy and strength, being very fierce. It is a scaly beast with one horn.

Another famous offshoot of the Dragon is the Cha-yü, which is described as having the head of a dragon, tail of a horse and claws of a tiger. Over 40 feet long, it has a passion for devouring men and appears in the world if the ruling sovereign shows a lack of virtue. The ancient texts mention yet another Dragon relative, the Lang-pei, which is amphibious and has such undeveloped hind legs that it cannot move without riding on another of its species, which symbiotically makes use of the Lang-pei's long fore limbs. This combination is a symbol of two persons joined together for evil purposes.
The Dragon has the power to transform itself Year of the Dragoninto any size, from minuscule to that of great immensity. It is born without hearing, which is the reason why deaf people are called lung. It is said to dine on swallows' flesh and therefore supplicants praying to the Dragon for rain cast offerings of swallows into the water. The ancients believed a water spout to be a living Dragon and that swelling waves were "enchanted." To them the Dragon inherently had the power to raise great waves to injure men and boats.
In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Dragon is the sign of dynamic idealism, boundless vitality, luck and prosperity. Flamboyant dragon natives certainly are not shy –- they demand attention and respect. They are natural born self-starters who achieve power by getting things accomplished, generous souls who never care about whether or not they make a profit. They cannot tolerate injustice. It is difficult to prevail against them even though they tend to be overconfident and slow to react to treachery and deception. They are too proud to ask others for help, and will not withdraw even when there is great disparity in strength, without any consideration for the consequences. Dragon people need a mission in their lives. They see their entire purpose for manifestion in the world to realize their ideals, and are an unstoppable force. The more you try to move them from their purpose, the more stubborn and fixated they will become. At times, they are their own worst enemy.
In China, the Dragon (and to a lesser extent, the Snake) is seen as a karmic sign and those born in its year are said to wear the "horns of destiny;" this means that for them this lifetime represents an accelerated opportunity for learning. Life experiences are very intense as every interaction is a perpetuation of cumbrous past life karma, almost as if they were compressing multiple lifetimes into one reincarnation.
The main virtues in the Dragon character are courageous individualism, unbeatable optimism and an extraordinarily direct honesty. Whatever their chosen path, these extroverts will put their hearts and souls into everything they do, and attempt to accomplish their goals in a grand and dramatic way, ensuring either phenomenal success or staggering failure. They take great pleasure in helping others, and are the most open-hearted of the Zodiac signs so you can always count on their charitable aid. They eschew guile and operate on strength and truth alone, and are an indomitable opponent. The Dragon's motto could well be Victoria laeta aut mors ("Glorious victory or death") as there are no half-hearted measures with him; he sees the world in black and white. Dragons are open people who can be read like a book. They rarely hide their feelings and inspire confidence in others as they are forthright and genuine in their dealings. You always know where you stand with the Dragon!
A red-hot temper and an inflated sense of self-importance are perhaps the most negative of the Dragon qualities. Watch out if you make them angry! Luckily they are quick to forgive and forget once they have aired their views and in the process unfortunately scorched you with their fire. A Dragon has a soft underbelly so in Chinese astrology the dragon person born in this Chinese Zodiac year has a "soft spot" to them. They may get angry at someone who annoys them but they also show great compassion to people in need. Although domineering and egotistical, fundamentally they are true zealots in the cause of individual freedom, civil liberties and human rights. A dragon has a long tongue which is often seen. So in Chinese astrology the dragon person born in this Chinese Zodiac year has a sharp tongue –- they will say things that can be quite sarcastic and bitter. Dragons can appear brusque and intimidating even when they don't mean to. They set high standards for themselves and are their own worst critics. The individual born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon can be quite a confrontational person but if you can reach their "soft heart" they are worthwhile allies.
Dragon painting by Kano Mitsunobu on celing compartment, Shokoku-ji, Kyoto, 16th century. The Dragon male is self-assured, charismatic, aristocratic and conservative to a fault, charmingly attractive, and surrounded by a bevy of ardent admirers. Well-mannered but sometimes selfish, chauvinistic, defensive and difficult to get along with, he has a hard time admitting when he has made a mistake and always has to be right. He often marries young or not at all. In fact, many committed bachelors and spinsters are born under this sign, entirely self-sufficient and with a preference for the solitary life. His counterpart, the seductive and refined Dragon female, is one of the most exotic and sensual women of the Chinese Zodiac and highly demanded in marriage, a born perfectionist who is generous not only to herself but also to her circle of friends and relatives, so don't put her in charge of your finances! She always will be there to lend a compassionate hand to those in need but they should be prepared for a royal lecture and unsought advice in the process. Don't cross her; she holds a grudge and you can never underestimate such a woman, for she might defeat you or even lead to your destruction. Both male and female Dragons are frequently the cause of some salacious drama, often loved and lucky in their romantic affairs (though they love rarely themselves), with many a devoted ex-paramour carrying a torch for them long after the romance is over.
As circadian rhythms are permanently affected by the season in which one is born, according to Chinese custom if the Dragon is born in stormy weather, such a person will lead a stormy life full of risks, hardships and dangers; if born on a day of gentle breezes and calm waves, such a person will be protected throughout his life and will have an even temperament. Dragons as a rule are born strong, in good health and predisposed to longevity, however they don't handle the aging process very well. The prospect of losing their youthful puissance and the gradual yet inevitable deterioration of their vitality is sheer torture for them. Care must be taken by these natives to avoid an irritable and obstreperous old age, nursing dreams of past grandeur while alienating others with caustic outbursts.
The Dragon will suffer some setbacks in the first phase of his life; in particular, his parents will be judged and found disappointing. The second phase of his life will find him in hot water due to his aesthetic temperament. Although he sometimes feels others misjudge him, in truth he will be respected and his misfortunes will be as minuscule as his achievements are considerable. The more fractious the Dragon, the less contented he will be. For all that he will be happy even if he only achieves peace of mind in the final phase of his life which brings him everything he's ever wished for. Regardless of his outlook on the aging process, for as long as he lives, he will never be in need. The Dragon is the quintessential blessed "child that's got his own."
2012:  Year of the Black Water Dragon © sinopics iStockphoto 2011 The Year of the Dragon will be exhausting and brilliant. It's a year of pageants and fetes, spectacular victories (or defeats)! This is the time to push your way to the front; be ambitious and enterprising. Significant events on a world-wide basis mark the beginning and ending of a Dragon year. It is a daring, flamboyant time, a year that brings with it the thrill of danger, of excitement, of the unexpected. Expansive gestures, ambitious schemes and lavish productions are the order of the day. Dragon years tend to favor the bold and pioneering; they are considered positive for enterprise and starting new businesses as it is always good luck and prosperity when the Dragon comes around. For example, the Chinese consider this a good year in which to get married and the most desired birth year for a child. The aspects are favorable for resounding successes, either militarily or in the political field. But here care must be taken as such victories are in general illusory and the inadvertent may also experience dramatic disasters.
The Year of the Dragon is considered to be an unpredictable time period. Because the dragon is such a huge, powerful beast, one cannot see its head and tail at the same time, indicating an element of mystery as to how events will develop in the upcoming year. The strength of the dragon empowers us with a large degree of luck, but whether the luck is good or bad will depend on the person. The choice to turn bad luck around to work in your favor, or to improve on the good luck you receive, will require great passion on your part.
On the political stage the Year of the Dragon will bring significant change. This is an election year in the United States and the campaign will be fiercely contested with dramatic swings in fortune. The United States will not be alone in seeing change, for this Dragon year will also bring significant transfers of power in other nations. Another feature of the year will be the vigorous campaigning by certain groups for causes in which they passionately believe. In some instances, the events that occur will have far-reaching effects, sometimes even crossing national borders.
Expect some lavish and often grandiose schemes to be announced this year, including major building projects and new attractions and cultural centers. There should be a buzz of excitement particularly in the arts and in the world of music, with new artists emerging to great acclaim with novel styles, sounds, and memorable performances. Sports followers can look forward to a great year with numerous records smashed as well as inspiring performances by both individual players and teams. Stock markets around the world will be prone to considerable swings of fortune during this time, and investors will need to keep their wits about them.
The influence of the Water Dragon in 2012 will increase the likelihood of success for progressive movements gaining strength around the globe. Energy conservation, green energy technologies, efforts toward reducing Global Warming, challenges to multinational corporations, endowments toward world hunger, and rejuvenation of the health of the oceans and sea organisms will all likely prosper. The negative side of the Water Dragon ascendancy will be a heightened forecast of weather extremes such as tsunamis, hurricanes, cyclones and monsoons throughout the year. However, of all the Dragon years the 2012 Water Dragon is most likely to bestow the legendary five Chinese blessings from heaven of health, longevity, love, wealth and a natural death at a ripe age.

The almanac lists the occupations for the Dragon -- President or prime minister, entertainer, philosopher, doctor, photojournalist, priest, artist, astronaut, architect, or attorney. Dragons are fond of adulation and are ideally suited to careers in the public eye. They make first-rate salespeople and are brilliant in public relations and advertising. They also are drawn to New Age pursuits and fascinated by occult studies.
Chinese stone dragon taken on a wall in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China © Kenliang Wong iStockphoto 2007Many man and women of larger-than-life character have been ruled by this sign, composed of personality types who enjoy hands-on activity and are performance- and progress-oriented, adept at handling matters with initiative and innovation. These include great actresses of the past such as Sara Bernhardt and Mary Pickford, child stars like Shirley Temple and Yehudi Menuhin, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Charles Darwin, Martin Luther King Jr., Robin Williams, Joan Baez, J. Paul Getty, Mae West, Raquel Welch, Russell Crowe, Rob Lowe, Joan of Arc, Ste. Bernardette, Sigmund Freud, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Che Guevara, Hosni Mubarak, Marlene Dietrich, George Balanchine, Gregory Peck, Christopher Reeve, Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, George Bernard Shaw, Florence Nightingale, Andy Warhol, Salvadore Dali, Edouard Manet, Lady Godiva, Prince Edward, Lewis Carroll, Lenny Kravitz, Courtney Love, Imran Khan, Marisa Tomei, Al Pacino, Don Cheadle, Pele, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Mary-Louise Parker, Keanu Reeves, Fats Domino, James Brown, Jenny Lind, Brian de Palma, Johnny Weissmuller, Count Basie, Maya Angelou, Christian Dior, Placido Domingo, Frank Zappa, Bo Diddley, and American Presidents Abraham Lincoln, William Henry Harrison, Andrew Johnson, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson.
Remarkably, we are amazed to find Jesus Christ among the Dragons! But perhaps as some aver, He actually was born in 4 B.C.
The Dragon feels real affinity for a person born in the Year of the Monkey. Together they are like two sides of the same coin, making an awesome team of guile and strength wherein the Dragon appreciates the Monkey's ingenuity and shrewd tactics, and the Monkey knows how to keep the Dragon's ego stroked to his advantage. They share much in common as both are positive dynamos, and are able to handle each other without too much difficulty. The Rat is another excellent mate for the Dragon as he can take anything the Dragon can dispense from apathy to imprecation, and benefits greatly from his partner's energy and power while adding his critical flair, innovation and taste for wealth to the alliance; together they will make a durable, loyal and very fortuitous union. The amusing and perceptive Snake or the adventurous and generous Rooster will make equally good partners for the Dragon. The Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep, Pig, or another Dragon will make beneficial subordinate consorts for the Dragon. However, unless these two share a common ascendant, the Dragon should avoid any relationship with the Dog, whose quarrelsome and pessimistic nature the Dragon will find insufferable. It would be advisable instead for them to deal through intermediaries or mutual friends, otherwise friction between the two could explode into unproductive and draining personality clashes. Although he respects his business acumen, the Dragon will be equally apathetic about the strong-willed and conservative Ox who he finds boring, and overly irritated by the emotionally incompatible, volatile and egotistical Horse.
The Year of the Dragon is an auspicious year for Oxen, Tigers, Snakes, Boars, Monkeys, and Roosters. It can be a difficult year for Rats, Rabbits, and Rams. Dogs should beware of their finances. Dragons and Horses should beware their relationships.
The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Dragon:

The Rat
This is not such a great year for the Rat due to the potential for involvement in lawsuits and trouble from backstabbers and scandalmongers. The main concern this year is the chronic health problem that needs to be addressed right away. Presence of the White Tiger Star usually implies a blood-related calamity or affliction; however, if the Rat donates blood or has a wisdom tooth extracted he may avert it. He should beware of accidents, plan well to avoid losses, and perhaps avoid investments all together for awhile. Parents need to pay more attention to their children's health as poor immunity could be the cause of sickness. Nevertheless, Rat people will still enjoy good career progression, fame and money luck with the blessing of good stars. All Rats should make every effort to improve upon their present situation. This is an excellent time to investigate any training opportunities or extend skills. Although he will receive recognition for his achievements, he must be wary of newfound friends who want to involve him in dangerous ventures. Financially, this will be a good year but the Rat could be tempted to spend all too easily so should watch this tendency. He would do well to consider making some savings with a view to the long-term. Romance will certainly figure strongly in the lives of many Rats over the year. He should take advantage of any travel opportunities that arise as he will greatly benefit from the change and rest. For the determined and enterprising Rat, this has the potential to be a year of rich and fulfilling rewards, even personal happiness, if he just can elude the bureaucratic mousetraps that 2012 holds!

The Ox
Although this may not be an easy time for the Ox, by adapting, making the most of existing and changing situations, and giving every opportunity his best shot he will be able to make useful headway and turn 2012 into an auspicious year of good fortune. This will be a challenging year on the work front, bringing many changes and unforeseen troubles that could ultimately lead to greater advances and success. Getting from points A to B in this process may cause the Ox some unease, however, as it is necessary for him to be mentally prepared to pack and take off for new unchartered territory. He feels all alone in this unsettled state of mind and emotionally bereft. This sense of solitude and alienation is exacerbated by additional worries concerning the welfare of elderly family members. As he has enough on his own plate to handle, he should not heap additional stress upon himself by allowing others to draw him into their problems and dramas. The Ox needs to make the most of situations heading his way and in doing so will find ways to turn circumstances to his advantage. He should take action and not allow himself to be put off; this tenaciousness ultimately will be rewarded. The Ox is at a careless angle to the Tai Sui this year. This affliction will result in his life going haywire and behaving in a disorderly manner. Although it is the lightest affliction, it can by no means be ignored or else it will intensify the negative aspects all out of proportion. Then the slightest mistake can bring financial losses. This could translate into a minor carelessness triggering speeding tickets, fines for drunk driving, investigations by the authorities for wrongdoings, etc. Therefore, the Ox must exercise tactfulness, act with caution at all times, and above all stay positive. Taking up a course will help alleviate his anxiety. What the Ox accomplishes, learns and gains in experience in the Dragon year will prepare the way for the more substantial progress he is soon to make. Reassured by the pomp and ceremony, the Ox may think the good times have come back. Unfortunately, it's only an illusion -- so he'd better get down to business! Despite the year's pressures and challenges, the Ox will be greatly encouraged by the supportive attitude of those around him and appreciate the meaningful times spent with family, friends, and influential people who will come to his aid. As long as he keeps his eyes on his goals and concentrates on his objectives, the Ox's plans will be realized and this year will be a bountiful one full of abundant good news and undreamt of success.

The Tiger
The Tiger finds a lot to like about this generally fulfilling though hectic year. It's a year of swagger and panache, and Tigers adore that! During this time many Tigers will take up new assignments or some interesting and fulfilling challenges at work. There may be an opportunity to take on new responsibilities, transfer to different duties, or perhaps a promotion. The Dragon year is all for enterprise, innovation and creativity, and here the Tiger can score well and make an impact if he is willing to take the initiative. In matters of finance, though, he will need to be conservative, identify the target, exercise care and restraint, and then move forward so that he can end the year in an improved monetary position. He can expect an active personal life, and for the unattached, romance, engagement and marriage are all splendidly aspected. Domestically this will be an active, enjoyable year with many family activities. In some cases these could involve changes within the home, such as family members moving out for education, work, or other reasons. Some Tigers will themselves decide to move or even migrate. Travel too is favorably aspected, as are opportunities to visit remarkable and unusual destinations. However, he would be well advised to buy travel insurance as a form of protection as the chances of getting into an accident are very high due to the presence of negative stars like Heavenly Dog affecting his personal safety. This star also increases the risk of miscarriage for those who are pregnant; if one is mindful it can be avoided. One should be very cautious in terms of health and avoid high risk activities if possible. For the bold, enterprising and creative Tiger, this is a year which holds great potential if he rallies his friends and supporters and networks with others instead of criticizing and complaining.

The Rabbit
This is not a year for embarking on overly ambitious ventures or for trying to progress in areas where he has little experience. The Rabbit would do well to stay at home and mind his own business, watching the fuss from afar with much amusement. Health would be the major concern for him and he should focus his energies on taking good care of his well-being, both mentally and physically, and that of his children as well since they will fall ill very easily. Progress will come from steady and persistent effort as well as from adapting and making the most of changing situations. In the Dragon year the Rabbit should go with the flow of events rather than remain resistant or distance himself too much from the changes that do take place. This year he is incompatible with the Tai Sui, and as a consequence will not do well simply because he cannot connect well with the other eleven Zodiac natives. He can't help bickering with everyone and will face difficulty at work. His public image could become tarnished and this will be a major disadvantage for those who are in government, entertainment, business and sales. Politics in the office is something the Rabbit would do well to watch out for; he should not be so gullible as his friend may suddenly turn out to be his enemy. Fortunately, there are Nobleman Stars that are willing to lend him a welcome hand when he is in trouble. There is no end of gossips and rabble-rousers making it difficult for him to concentrate on making meaningful progress towards his goals. The Rabbit will still be able to make headway and obtain impressive results in areas he knows best by promoting his experience and skills, and by not losing heart in the face of obstacles. He needs to remain observant and diligent about seeking out gains. He should fare reasonably well in financial matters over the year and will enjoy a modest improvement in his situation as long as he is wary of any particularly risky venture or investment. Although he will be able to make some useful acquisitions for his home, the Rabbit would also do well to set some money aside for a holiday as he would benefit from the change of scene. In addition to usual family activities, he can anticipate some notable family events with good cause for celebration, particularly regarding successes enjoyed by family members. Although this may not be the easiest of years for the Rabbit, it will still contain many pleasant moments and his relations with others will provide him with some rich and meaningful times. The Rabbit should remember that there are many powerful friends willing to offer him advice and support in the Year of the Dragon.

The Dragon
Interesting work-related opportunities will present themselves and the Dragon will see some important changes in his career this year due to his perseverance, upbeat attitude and handling of workplace challenges. His natural talent and abilities should stand out with great results. Chinese Dragon decoration in China town, Sydney, Australia © Pete Karas iStockphoto 2007 This also will be a positive period for financial matters, with many Dragons seeing an increase in their income and improvement in their overall financial situation. However, be forewarned: in this year of extremes, both blessings and disaster await. It can be a time of challenging career luck, unfavorable money luck, weak health luck, average love luck, and mediocre academic luck. The Dragon would be wise not to push his good fortune too far by committing himself to risky or highly speculative schemes, or venturing into new business, otherwise this will result in a cash-flow problem and unnecessary tension between partners. He also needs to avoid being a guarantor and guard against overextending himself, overconfidence or delusions of grandeur. Taking on more than he can handle and making outrageous promises he cannot keep will catch up with him at a later date when he will regret his foolish optimism. He should think twice before committing himself to any action, then think yet again as his luck is unstable. He will be more injury-prone than usual, with pregnant women and small children at particular risk of falling. As the Dragon in his exaltation offends the Tai Sui, the ruling energy of the year, he should be prepared to face some changes or movements. A difficult time as regards his relationships with others is foreseen. This heavenly conflict augers suffering from bad temper and damaged relationships with people. He must keep his peevishness and irritability in check, and not let it spoil his good work. The Dragon may be plagued by slander, gossip and scandals to the point where they could cause so much harm that even hard work won't be able save him. Therefore, if a Dragon has been experiencing problems recently in any of his relationships, he should make every attempt to heal them rather than let the difficulties linger and possibly sour the year. A positive and conciliatory approach will make a big difference. He should be on the lookout for any disharmony in the family, particularly with siblings, and nip it in the bud. He also would be well advised to take extra care while driving to avoid accidents. Health maintenance is an area that requires attention; he needs to ensure that he's getting proper nutrition to strengthen his immunity system and work out a regular exercise program. With this configuration he may become ill or physically wounded, or perhaps suffer from emotional problems. For the unattached Dragons love will beckon, with many becoming engaged or married during the year. The year also favors travel, and if any Dragon has been thinking of working in another country, this is an excellent time in which to follow through. In order to benefit from the considerable potential the year holds for the Dragon, he needs to seize the opportunities available or create them in this very important time.

The Snake
For the Snake, this is an auspicious year of positive energies particularly for the men who will meet a number of helpful people and receive good career advancement. Whatever the Snake starts in the Dragon year could become truly important later on; now is the time for him to direct his energies in a purposeful way and pursue suitable opportunities. The Snake will derive much satisfaction from his personal interests, and if he is able to display or promote any work he produces he could find it highly appreciated, inspiring him to begin more ambitious projects. His home life will see much activity this year; an older relation will appreciate the support and attention the Snake is able to give, while those younger than himself will regularly seek his guidance. He should beware malicious gossip and jealous associates who may challenge his ambitions. Snake people including ladies will enjoy excellent romance luck and fulfilling relationships; however they should beware the temptation of libidinous affairs. Those who are in a relationship can expect wedding bells knocking on their doors this year. Although money luck is strong, discretion is advised when it comes to investment gambling, and the Snake is advised to risk nothing more than he can afford to lose. He should assiduously scrutinize all documents before signing as he has a risk of a fraud attempt against him. This is a year to avoid extravagances or divulging secrets to newfound friends. Travel is favored, especially to unusual destinations. A word of caution here though: Snakes need to secure their belongings whenever they are traveling as otherwise they will lose a sentimental and precious item this year. From late September onward, aspects will improve and efforts, plans and ideas will gather momentum. Even more exciting prospects await in 2013!

The Horse
This is an intriguing year for the Horse. Many Horses will consider that the time is now right to move on from their present position and make more of themselves, and they should follow up any opportunities that interest them. Persistence and tenaciousness will be rewarded and many Horses will obtain a new position which holds great potential for further development. They must take care to not jeopardize this through rash actions, impetuous decisions or forcing the issue. Medical or travel insurance will be a prudent purchase as a form of safeguard this year as there is a possibility of meeting with accident, natural disaster and serious illness when he are overseas. As far as financial matters are concerned, this will be a time for caution and restraint, and to beware of highly speculative schemes. The Horse should not take short cuts just to make a quick buck or he will expose himself to unnecessary legal disputes and a year of disaster. Should the worst befall him though, it's nothing that can't be resolved by large infusions of cash. Many unsteady and unsettled situations can try the Horse's patience and worries weigh upon his mind, possibly causing health problems. He needs to look on the bright side of life, perform more good deeds to accumulate good karma, cultivate friends and placate enemies. This will be a busy year as far as his home life is concerned. The Horse may decide to carry out some ambitious projects on his home but the projects could take longer than envisioned. He should be wary of embarking on too much at any one time. He can look forward to a range of entertaining social occasions as this will be a busy and active year for the keen party-goer. There will be plenty of opportunities for the Horse to make new friends and romance is splendidly aspected, with many Horses getting engaged or married over the year. However, if any problems arise the Horse should aim to deal with them quickly and with good sense or they will linger on and become an unwelcome distraction. Also, if any differences with others should arise, the Horse should seek a speedy and amicable solution. Overall, the Horse should accomplish much in the Year of the Dragon.

The Ram
In the hectic but sober year for the Ram, gains will be marginal. Although there may be numerous disputes, fortunately he does not face any major calamity. He will find it hard to accumulate money but he should ride out any financial storms if he takes care not to gamble or make drastic changes in his life. The Dragon year is capable of producing surprises for the Ram regarding the nature of some of the job openings that become available. This is not a time where he can afford to concentrate solely on his own activities without regard to what is happening around him. Some of his plans and projects may take a little while to get going and many will have to wait for the following year before they show more substantial results; he may need to upgrade his skills and must take advantage of every contingency. Lady sheep will have good fortune in the areas of academia, career change and business opportunities. The men, however, will need to exercise extreme caution in all matters concerning the opposite sex particularly as regards relationship issues. If married, they better stay on the straight and narrow path. If above the age of 50, it's time for a medical check-up as a susceptibility to acute cardiovascular illness is indicated. One of the more favorably aspected areas of the year is the Ram's hobbies. He might find it useful to contact fellow enthusiasts and could find that some projects that he starts this year will come to a successful conclusion in 2013. As the Ram prosecutes Tai Sui this year, there are bound to be obstacles but luckily there will be benefactors around to give him a hand. In view of the challenging nature of some of the year, if the Ram finds his friends can advise or help him in any way he should not hesitate to ask. In the Year of the Dragon, he should take good news with a grain of salt and be very conservative in assessments. By rising to this year's challenges he will do much to prepare himself for the significant upturn that awaits him.

The Monkey
The Year of the Dragon is dynamic and lucky for the Monkey. Although he will gain more in the form of knowledge than money, he will make new and influential friends who will smooth the way for a prosperous future. This year it will be easy for him to market his ideas and find supporters who will invest in him, and he will be given the chance to build on his recent achievements therefore he diligently should look for openings and opportunities to pursue, even going so far as to seize the initiative and see what he can create for himself in his own new business in 2012. However, he must take care not to overspend or be overly optimistic. He should remain alert for pending developments and show a willingness to take on new roles or additional responsibilities. The Monkey will have an upper hand against his opponent in any form of competition. He can look forward to an active and pleasing personal life. Any Monkey who may have experienced some recent sadness or feels alone should look to the start of the Dragon year as the beginning of a new phase in his life and should make a concerted effort to go out more and meet others, thus ensuring a significant upturn in his fortunes. His family life, though busy, will be rewarding. Travel may not figure too prominently over the year but outings to places of local interest will give much pleasure. As the Star of Backstabbing is also present in his heavenly sector, the Monkey needs to adhere to the rules and stay away from scandalmongers. It would be advisable for him to heighten his awareness of the people around him and avoid unexpected visitors if possible. By calmly pursuing his aims and promoting himself the Monkey will achieve a considerable amount and do much to improve on his present position.

The Rooster
This is a prosperous year made to measure for Roosters as the energy of the Dragon year and the Rooster person are in harmony. Success shines on him as he is able to occupy leading positions or is given the power to shape his own destiny, and find fame or love or both. To make the most of the year the Rooster should map out in advance what it is he hopes to accomplish. He needs to remain alert for openings as well as be prepared to take the initiative. He can look forward to a noticeable improvement in his finances during the year, either through an increase in salary, as a gift or from some other source. The Rooster will busy himself with various household projects, some of which he may have had in mind for some time. Although some of these may prove more complex than anticipated, he will be pleased with the end result. Birth, marriages and reunions occur in his family, and his circle of friends will be enlarged. However, he should watch expenses as he may overextend himself financially. The Rooster is unusually entrancing and exudes a very strong magnetic attraction which appeals to the opposite sex; but that may prove more of a challenge than a blessing as he will have to exercise self-restraint because the Star of Peach Blossom tends to create sexual problems. He needs to be cautious of lust and alcohol desires as they might cause him trouble. Teenagers in particular must observe abstinence. He should also take care while driving, and pay more attention to his personal health, diet and food. Roosters can look forward to visiting some truly interesting, awe-inspiring destinations. Overall, there is a tremendous amount in his favor and almost all Roosters will prosper and greatly enjoy themselves over the year.

The Dog
The Dragon's year is a very challenging year for the Dog in all aspects of his life because his Zodiac sign is in direct confrontation with the Tai Sui and obstacles abound. This kind of afflicting energy is the fiercest of all. He will have to strive very hard to maintain his former status and may have to constantly fight off the competition. This is a good time to lie low, consolidate gains and join forces with others instead of acting independently; he shouldn't rely too much on his "instinct" as it's not too accurate in 2012. Throughout the year, the Dog should keep himself informed of any proposals or changes under consideration and show willingness to adapt to new situations. Although he may have misgivings about some of the developments taking place, this is very much a year in which he should proceed carefully and tactfully. In this way he will impress others and add to his experience, both of which will be to his future advantage. Travel is favorably aspected and he will benefit from the rest. Home projects with relations will lead to some pleasing occasions. However, while his domestic life will generally go well, in view of some of the pressures he will face over the year he must not take his anxieties out on others. He would find it helpful to discuss any concerns he has rather than dwelling upon them. Examples of some of the challenges he may face this year are the death of a loved family member, accidents, injuries, death, hospitalization, money loss, lawsuits, bankruptcy, demotion and/or losing a job. There will also be possible changes in the love relationship, therefore one has to exercise caution. The best solution is to be prudent and conservative in all his plans. The Dog will learn a great deal from the situations he faces in the Year of the Dragon, including where his real interests and strengths lie, in addition to gaining valuable experience. All this will do much to prepare him for the progress and success he will soon enjoy in the Year of the Snake.

The Boar
The Boar experiences a very auspicious year, in fact the best of the Dragon's reign. All the powerful lucky stars such as The Emperor are shinning on him. He will win the support of powerful benefactors and will please his superiors. This is a remarkable year for academic pursuit and examination luck too. As far as work is concerned, the Boar has learnt much over the last 12 months and the Dragon year will give him the chance to consolidate his position and put his experience to good use. Opportunities may not be plentiful but the ones that do arise could prove excellent for the Boar, provided he proceeds with care, discretion and tact. This is a positive year for financial matters, with many Boars enjoying windfall luck, an increase in their income or receiving a sum from another source. A carefully chosen investment or savings policy started now could become a useful asset in later years. Those seeking romance will encounter love-at-first-sight. As always, the Boar will play a full part in family life, doing much to assist those around him and engaging in a wide range of family activities. However, there could still be matters that lead to a difference of opinion and at such times the Boar should use his skills as a peacemaker and seek a compromise. If not, he could find these disagreements escalate. He may seek refuge in the company of his friends as his social life will bring him much pleasure. He could suffer health upsets due to overwork this year, and the loss of some personal property is a possibility. For those Boars willing to make the extra effort, however, the results of the year can be particularly rewarding. There is also a high chance of a wedding and/or an additional member in the family.