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Holy Mountain Trading Company - Year of the Horse Predictions

Holy Mountain Trading Company - Year of the Horse Predictions

anuary 31, 2014 is New Year's Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4711 and a Year of the Green Wood Horse or Mù Wŭ (木午).
The Horse is the seventh in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Snake and the next will be Sheep. The last Year of the Horse began on February 12, 2002 and ended on January 31, 2003. The next Year of the Horse will begin on February 17, 2026 and end on February 5, 2027. Chinese Han Dynasty iridescent green glazed pottery horse (206 B.C. - 220 A.D.)

A white (metal) celestial cloud horse was sacred to the compassionate goddess Kwan Yin (known as Kwannon in Japan). Kwan Yin's white horse flies through the heavens, bringing peace and blessings. The horse is originally descended from a region in upper Asia, and the ancestor of all horses was the strong celestial charger of the horse king, Ma-wang. The eight steeds of Mu Wang (1001-746 B.C.), the fifth monarch of the Chou dynasty, are acclaimed in legend and story, and often are used as an art motif. Each steed bore a distinguishing name and, with the guidance of charioteer Tsao Fu, all eight drew King Mu on his travels throughout the Empire. Horse breeding was a highly developed art and the hobby of emperors in classical China, especially during the T'ang dynasty (A.D. 618 to 905). Great dynasties expanded and wars were won thanks to the horse, which is revered in China.
In antiquity horses were not only used for transportation but for food and medicinal purposes as well. The Pen Ts'ao, an important Chinese medical compendium published in 1596, devoted 24 sections to the history and uses of the horse. The pure white were believed to be the best for medicine, while it was noted that those found in the south and east were inclined to be stunted and frail. Dried and powdered horse's heart mixed with wine was an antidote to dementia. The warts above a horse's knees, known as night-eyes (presumed to allow them to navigate in the dark), were used to cure toothache. A popular remedy for insomnia was to drink a potion of the ashes of a horse's skull mixed with water and then use a skull as a pillow. The liver was believed to be poisonous.
Manchu official costumes historically had sleeves shaped like the hoof of a horse. Even the no longer ubiquitous queue (a tail of hair) is said to have been embraced by the Manchu in imitation of the horse's tail, in gratitude to the animal to which they owed so much.
From time to time in Chinese roadside shrines the figure of the King of Horses is found, a grotesque demon with three eyes and four hands bearing various battle weapons. Venerated by the horse-rearers, he is generally accompanied by the King of Cows, who is invoked by the cow-herders. These gods are supposed to have the power to protect cattle from disease and evil spirits. The former has by his side a small effigy of a horse, and the latter that of a cow.
In Japan, impressive and exquisite horses were among the prized possessions of samurai (warrior) lords. They rode them in battle as well as to demonstrate their power. These horses were meticulously groomed and housed in grand stables (umaya). The stable of an influential lord was described by a European who visited Japan in the 1500s as thus:
"The building is kept as clean as a room for men of high position. Several young officers in silk cloth and wearing swords are in charge of horse maintenance, and thirty-five caretakers clean the stable extensively with their brooms."
During that century it became customary for appreciative owners of horses to commission artists to paint grand screens depicting their animals in stables, which were produced in workshops by professionals called "town painters" who seldom signed their works.
Japanese screen of a stable, early 1600s, Edo period (1615-1868)

The Chagu Chagu Umako Horse Festival takes place in Japan's Iwate prefecture, and pays homage to the horse. Every June, a parade of a hundred horses line the streets from Takizawa village to Morioka City in Iwate. Over 200 years old, this festival celebrates the hard-working horses called upon to help plant the year's rice crops. On the morning of the parade, the horses are adorned with celebratory harnesses and bells. Originally bells were hung on farming horses to ward off wolves, but eventually came to be appreciated for their pleasant sound. The parade begins at the Sozen-jinja shrine in Takizawa at the foot of Mount Iwate. As the horses trot along the route, the bells make a pleasant "chagu-chagu" sound after which the celebration is named. The parade ends at Hachiman-gu Shrine in Morioka City.
The Horse is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the seventh of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the Wu Branch, and is active, yang and masculine. It is the emblem of speed and perseverance, is known as the Adventurer of the cycle and its key phrase is: "I act". The Horse represents the month of June, the Summer season, and the southern direction. Gemini is Horse's Western counterpart. The hours between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. are ruled by the Horse, and people born during these two hours are said to have a Horse ascendant. They will have many of the same characteristics as this sign, be able to establish close ties with the natives of this group and share a lot in common with them.
In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Horse symbolizes perception and speed, and objectifies independence and love of adventure. He is never one to suppress his impulses or curb his enthusiasm. Spontaneous, ardent and uninhibited in love and romance, he is both demanding and demonstrative at the same time. He likes to be the one to set the pace but may not always be around when the ones he loves feel they need him most. He is more than capable of fending for himself and may expect others to do likewise, unaware of their need for approval or reassurance.
Horses epitomize freedom in China and are often associated with agility, heroism and originality. There are many Chinese colloquialisms concerning the horse. A polite and modest way to refer to oneself is "like a horse that grows only in the number of teeth and nothing else" which suggests that one has achieved naught despite extreme age. Wooden horses on an old carousel © by Sabastien_B 2013 iStockphoto The Chinese expression "Maa-Dauh-Cherng-Gung" is used to wish someone good fortune and victory by signifying immediate achievement just like the arrival of a galloping horse. Another proverb that utilizes this same image to illustrate a different truth is "Swiftest horse cannot overtake the word once spoken."
The main virtues in the Horse character are his energetic, enthusiastic and generous nature coupled with considerable charm, sincerity, a quick wit and an eager confidence. His innate versatility and productivity means he can do anything he sets his sights on, solo if need be; in fact, as far as he's concerned he needs no one's help and especially not their advice. Nonetheless, his sunny and sociable disposition plus an open-minded attitude make him popular with both sexes and he enjoys a wide range of companions from all walks of life. He adores parties, being in the center of a crowd of strangers, making new friends and trying different things. He is a talkative, persuasive, and forthright natural public speaker who will not retreat in the face of injustice, an impulsive Good Samaritan. The Horse has loads of animal magnetism; he is a fitness buff who loves outdoor exercise and more often than not sports a glowing tan. While not particularly a fashion plate, the Horse knows how to dress for dramatic effect and has a penchant for vivid colors; in fact, he is obviously such a fine specimen that frankly he can't help but be a bit of a narcissist.
Stubbornness and hot-headedness are perhaps the most negative of the Horse qualities. Add violent mood swings to the mix and the Horse can prove to be a very difficult person to be around sometimes. He wants to do things his way and does not like to be pressured. When crossed, unlike the shrewd Snake, the Horse refuses to wait for the opportune occasion to extract retribution from those who threaten him and instead gives full rein to his temper and abusive language. Self-pity and shame inevitably follow these outbursts. Never tell a secret to a Horse unless you want to hear it blurted out accidentally at an inopportune moment; he is such a talker that he just can't help himself. He can be quite greedy and superficial at times, and is not really that much into listening to other people talk about their problems unless there is something in it for him. Instinctively talented but easily bored in matters of both romance and finance, the impetuous Horse flits from one enthusiasm to another. On the one hand, as a sentimental idealist he can throw it all away for the sake of love, yet he is innately so restless and recalcitrant that he invariably vacillates and becomes disheartened before the goal is achieved. He's independent but longs to be part of the group, loves to talk but hates to listen, craves friendship yet doesn't want to be dependent on others, delights in adventure and travel yet is unhappy without a stable home. The Horse is a mass of contradictions, a wild ride.
Laid-back and straightforward, the hot-blooded Horse male is a phenomenal sweet talker who knows how to conquer a lady's heart. A consummate joke-teller and spirited raconteur, he is the life of the party with a talent of instantly putting others at ease. Although happy-go-lucky, he can be fiercely loyal to friends and family and in times of trouble, totally trustworthy and true. However, he can be impulsive and unpredictable as well. The passionate, well-groomed Horse female is friendly and popular, Happy couple with horses © 2010 by shirinosov iStockphoto but overconfidence in her sensual charms can cause her to overplay her hand in an attempt to win the attention of someone she favors. She is not one for beating around the bush. Hardly the kind of woman who is cut out for a conventional home life, neither is she looking for an authority figure nor will she accept a subordinate role. Both male and female Horses are vulnerable and can easily lose everything once they fall madly in love, therefore they are likely to have many affairs or marriages that end unfortunately.
When it comes to health, it doesn't get much better than that of the Horse. "Strong as a horse" is the truism that epitomizes the people born under this sign; they are bursting with vitality and stamina. An interesting observation is that there are many left-handed children born among this group.
Since circadian rhythms are permanently affected by the season in which one is born, according to Chinese custom it is better for the Horse to be born in summer than in winter.
The first two phases of the Horse's life will be erratic. While still quite young he will leave home, which presents its own set of obstacles and missteps. His love life faces one turbulant complication after another as his great weakness is the opposite sex; it is the reason why he often flounders despite his many abilities. Thankfully, the third phase of his life will be tranquil and harmonious. It is only when the Horse has gained maturity and experience that he will accept the restraints of obligation and responsibility, gain their rewards and find peace in his heart. Even though Horses of both sexes are inclined to amass wealth they will never know true security due to their nomadic nature, and their descendants will not see much direct profit from the Horse's success.
As the Horse is ruled by the element of Fire, the Chinese and Japanese believe that those born in the year of the Fire Horse (which occurs every 60 years; the last Fire Horse year was 1964 and the next will be in 2026) will have their unbridled intensities both good and bad greatly magnified, to the advantage or detriment of not only themselves but also their families and communities. Folklore tells of disobedient, passionate and unstable Fire Horse women irresponsibly dragging many a good man to ruin with their hot-headed, contradictory and opportunistic ways. Due to cultural prejudices, the effects of the female Fire Horse were historically more feared than those of the male. Even today popular belief argues that the Fire Horse will make trouble in his birth home as well as the home he himself builds. Especially ambitious, cunning and extremely stubborn, the Fire Horse personality presented a problem to traditional archaic communities in Japan and China where individuality was not supported and confrontation was proscribed. As a result, these people were not popular among their society and the corresponding birthrate for Fire Horse years is the lowest in Asian countries. But this is slowly changing as independence and individualism become more valued in today's society. This is to the benefit of all as there is much to appreciate in the highly intellectual, exceptionally captivating and energetic Fire Horse; he is equally capable of extraordinary fame or catastrophic notoriety.
This is an erratic year characteristic of the volatile Horse -- a time of victory, adventure, exciting activities, and surprising romances. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings success; those who demur will lose out. Energy and optimism are high, and production and impulsive action are rewarded. Businesses should prosper in this commercially buoyant year -- but good accounting must be maintained otherwise the vagaries of the Horse may see many a commercial venture go to the wall. This will be a similar situation for domestic management where thrift must be practiced. On a global scale, expect world economies to become stronger and industrial manufacturing to rise -- or alternately expect economic chaos and collapse, such as World War I in 1918, a yellow Earth Horse year, or the Great Depression in the 1930s, which began in a white Metal Horse year. Under powerful Horse's influence, there is no straddling the fence.
However, as 2014 will be a green Wood Horse year, we foresee a calming and sociable empathy to come into play in all communications. There will be a lot of lip service paid to lofty ideas with the intention of influencing the complacent public into an uncritical, over-trusting noninterference. Civil unrest by the unemployed and significant popular protest over manipulation of the food and financial systems will enjoy some initial success with the help of a sympathetic population but ultimately could provoke militarized intervention that will prove to be a rehearsal for centralized government's strikebreaking and domestic crowd control in the future. Another gold shortage or financial panic will be in the news with currency control offered as a panacea. Mock terrorism exercises will proliferate to acclimate an ever-wider public to further incursions on their freedoms. This year humanity may again see a system of powerful justice held up to international ridicule and condemnation with the accused defendant later universally vindicated. Many new sports records will be shattered during the Year of the Horse, particularly those involving speed. There will be a significant medical breakthrough as well with long-lasting global impact, in addition to a number of extraordinary inventions, particularly in the field of energy retention/generation and robotics. Expect landmark legislation to be enacted in the fields of both gender and immigrant rights which will see much resistance in some areas of the country, leading to standoffs and regional conflicts over the next ten years or so. An upsurge of religious patriotism will be nurtured in public educational institutions and encouraged by popular culture. As the Horse is said to rule the movie business, we expect that the next 12 months will be an outstanding boom time for the film industry. Old boundaries are breaking down, creating an excellent opportunity to start a new enterprise. Throughout it all, geniality and enthusiasm will prevail. A Horse year marks the middle of the twelve-branch cycle and is the culmination of activities begun six years ago. Actions and achievements during this important year can influence the direction of the remaining years of the twelve-branch cycle.

Happy Lunar New Year of the Green Wood Horse 4711! © mari_art iStockphoto 2013 The almanac lists the occupations for the Horse: skilled craftsman, technician, long-distance truck driver, foreman, chemist, geologist, biologist, dentist, doctor, soldier, architect, inventor, financier, painter or poet, teacher, cowboy, explorer, astronaut, tour guide, barman or hairdresser. Because of their charm and highly developed sense of diplomacy, Horse-born individuals make excellent tacticians, politicians and diplomats.
Some important people born in the Year of the Horse are Neil Armstrong, Clint Eastwood, Chris Evert, Billy Graham, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, Raquel Welch, Rembrandt van Rijn, Antonio Vivaldi, Leonard Bernstein, Harrison Ford, Leonid Brezhnev, Pearl Bailey, Sandra Bullock, U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt and Ulysses S. Grant, Nelson Mandela, Isaac Newton, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Sean Connery, Aristotle Onassis, Louis Pasteur, Anwar Sadat, Genghis Khan, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Edward VIII the Duke of Windsor, e. e. cummings, Patty Hearst and Davy Crockett.
Horse people make perfect friends, companions and business partners with fellow Horses as well as with Tigers and Dogs, who are within their triangle of affinity. Loyal and selfless, persons of this triangle are staunch and fearless fighters, respected for their courage and aggressiveness. Dragon, Rabbit, Sheep, Monkey and Boar people's relationship with the Horse can range from modest to good, depending on how much they need each others skills. Ox, Snake and Rooster people need a bit of time to appreciate Horses as friends but they do eventually. Although they can work well together, they may not choose to have a close, meaningful association or a long-term relationship. Unless these two share a common ascendant, Rat people and Horses -- mind you, this is all superstition -- are simply an impossible combination. They have entirely divergent outlooks and the difference in their perspectives often causes them to be resistant to each others ideas. The quick and perceptive Horse can be biased against and easily provoked by the Rat's stinging criticism. When baited and reprimanded the Horse will react with misjudgment and fury. The Rat is most likely to suffer the worst in any relationship between the two. Not only that, but both these types tend to be belligerent and combative when angered, driven by an irrational competitiveness. It would be advisable instead for them to deal through intermediaries or mutual friends, otherwise friction between the two could explode into unproductive and draining personality clashes.
The almanac also states how people born under other signs will fare in the year of the Horse. This is a generally auspicious year for Tigers, Dragons, Horses, Rams, Monkeys, Dogs, and Boars. This could be a difficult year for Oxen and Snakes. The Rat should beware his finances and legal entanglements. Rabbits and Roosters should beware relationships.
The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Horse:

The Rat
The Horse's year is a very challenging time for the Rat in all aspects of his life because his Zodiac sign is in direct confrontation with the Tai Sui and obstacles abound with no lucky stars to neutralize the misfortune. This kind of afflicting energy is the fiercest of all. He will have to strive very hard to maintain his former status and may have to constantly fight off the competition. This is a good time to lie low, consolidate gains and join forces with others instead of acting independently; he shouldn't rely too much on his "instinct" as it's not too accurate in 2014. A difficult, uncomfortable and unpredictable time is in store for the Rat because the Horse is Rat's one enemy. He must be very conservative in assessing his prospects and cautious in all his dealings as the Horse forces him to entertain lavishly, waste money or become tangled in lawsuits. Career opportunities, financial investments and gambling are not recommended since monetary rewards are not expected due to the presence of the unlucky star, "Disastrous Threat." Most of his problems may not be of his own making but he has to deal with them anyway. Internal conflicts need to be resolved before he can confront the external challenges he faces. The presence of the unlucky star, "Broken Down," suggests that it would be a mistake for the Rat to directly handle the problems himself or employ any drastic measures individually as there will be unforeseen consequences. Unless he can collaborate with people born in the year of the Ox and Dragon it would be preferable to refrain from taking action or making any changes for now. Better that he apply the gentle powers of persuasion and the velvet glove in dealing with all challenging disputes. Personal conflicts arise from time to time unexpectedly, so he must remain conservative with his reactions and decisions. Lady Rat will find marital relations strained and many conflicts within the family. Household income is precarious with a propensity toward unrelenting, catastrophic money loss due to the existence of the unlucky star, "Huge Drain." This is definitely a time to display fortitude and act with grace under pressure, cutting down on expenses and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. Unattached young ladies need to guard against extreme mood swings and giving way to emotional displays or they may cause a perpetual estrangement in their affairs. Rat teenagers' health is at risk due to emotional overload and disputes with classmates. Heightened attention must be paid during extracurricular activities where safety will be at risk, and strict supervision by teachers and guides is required throughout the year to maintain acceptable school results. The Rat may incur large debts or have to guarantee the loans of others. He should be forewarned that any loan made this year may not be repaid. Irritating delays will plague him and even love affairs may not turn out well. The Rat should try his utmost to avoid misdeeds, legal proceedings or becoming involved in lawsuits due to the presence of the calamitous star, "Gaol House." This is neither an auspicious year for marriage nor for starting a new job or business. Although his love life may seem dismal for now, the Rat can enjoy great health and new friendships. His beneficial colors this year are red, orange and yellow. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are black and grey. His lucky numbers are 1 and 4.

The Ox
The existence of the lucky star, "Dragon's Virtue," ensures an excellent time and a substantial fortune for the Ox-born when she will be at the peak of her powers, ready to achieve her aspirations of prosperity. Since it's a exceptional year for investments, beginning a new enterprise or job, it is imperative that she make hay while the sun shines or she will miss out on all the marvelous opportunities; she also will have to know when the advantage has faded and it's time to quit and not overindulge in speculative investments. If approached in good faith, people born in the year of the Rooster or Snake can prove valuable work allies and increase the auspicious luck. However, the fast and unpredictable Horse year could provide a rather unsettling time for the methodical and orderly Ox native due to the appearance of the cursed star, "Sudden Collapse." One moment she could be on top of the world and the next she will be fighting battles she never anticipated. Chaos and confusion surrounds her; the Horse is as changeable as the wind and this unnerves the steady, reliable Ox. Her career and business outlook will have peaks and valleys so she should take carefully guided, methodical steps and remember to not allow herself to become too conceited or alienate others because people are her allies. She shouldn't be fooled into thinking her income is great because it comes from different sources. The unlucky star, "Yearly Threat," signals that there is a strong chance of being skillfully cheated of her treasure by unscrupulous con artists and criminals. She must keep her guard up and stay thrifty throughout the year because financial setbacks and delays may make the Ox unable to fulfill her promises or meet her commitments. Stubborn resistance will be useless, and angry reprisals or blind attacks may just make the Ox accident prone during the reign of the Horse. The auspicious star, "Crepe Myrtle," augers attainment of goals and successful fulfillment of her ambitions. A patron will appear in the middle of the year to offer welcome advice and support. Foreign study or overseas travel on business will be particularly valuable. Married Oxen will have to look out for the health of their children and quash petty rumors spreading about the family. Young ladies must keep a level head with their hands firmly upon the reins of their precarious relationships; they will lose all if they allow their emotions unbridled expression and act impetuously. Teen-aged Oxen will be at the top of their class but the competitive stress and excitement may cause them some gastrointestinal problems; diligent attention to food safety is required. Business looks up, but the Ox must make sure she takes advantage of this. She will do best by seizing the opportunities that come her way, waiting patiently, consolidating her resources, avoiding excessive work (particularly in the summer) and making conservative estimates until the fall. Matters should definitely quiet down by winter. Her love life will be changeable and efforts towards improved communication between her and her significant other will be conducive to better relations. Beneficial colors for the Ox this year are black, grey and blue. She can use these to decorate the rooms of her house or office, or in her attire to greatly enhance her fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are red and purple. Her lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

The Tiger
Despite the fact that the Tiger is great friends with the Horse, this year will bring several challenges to master and new hurdles to overcome for the Tiger-born as there are many unlucky stars present at this point in the cycle with no lucky stars to nullify them. Any mistake can prove disastrous and make it problematic for him to recover, therefore diligence and discretion are advised. The afflicted star "Fierce Hercules" foretells adversity and abolition from influential persons or constraint from a boss, and as a result disheartened Tiger has difficulty manifesting his aspirations and can fall into a funk. However, idleness must be avoided. Unless he can markedly enhance his relationships with others, unlucky star "Point at the Back" augurs complications at work due to rumormongers and backstabbers, causing significant career stagnation. The Tiger must keep his impulsive emotions under wrap or the situation will disintegrate even more than it already has. If relations are improved, there will be less negative small talk about him circulating in the workplace. The walls have ears so it would be best for him to toil in silence with a wary eye out for those detractors who would try to turn an errant word of his to their ultimate advantage. He is forewarned to avoid working or collaborating with people born in the Year of the Snake or Monkey, and instead seek out those born in the Year of the Boar or Dragon who will advance his interests and help him overcome the hardships. This is an unstable year for finances, and his balance sheet may see a deterioration or even a shortfall. The Tiger should plan ahead for this contingency or he will regret it. Con men abound in the Horse year, so he should guard against credulousness and keep a close eye on his accounts to avoid being victimized. Conditions are not optimal for speculative ventures; although he may receive additional income from unexpected sources it happens rarely and is not something he can bank on. He may be prone to accidents and misfortune due to the presence of the unlucky star, "White Tiger," particularly during the autumn period. For this reason he needs to watch his personal safety and also take care of his lungs and liver; should any health problems arise, no matter how seemingly minor, he must consult a physician at once. The Tiger needs to sidestep dangerous locations and withdraw from threatening situations this year, as well as to be aware of his surroundings when he's out and about. Lady Tiger's energy level may be low so she should conscientiously tend to her health. Household finances will demand her attention and quarrels abound. Good will is at a premium so she must do everything she can to ensure peace and harmony within the family. For unattached young ladies, affairs blow hot and cold; they will have to adapt to these new developments as change is a constant this year. Young Tiger cannot concentrate on his studies which will have fateful effects on his educational progress. He may find himself constantly being drawn into disputes with his friends and associates, so would be well advised instead to apply himself to his studies and focus on his schooling. If the Tiger can maintain a low profile and treat others with tolerance and congeniality, he may avoid an irredeemable estrangement. He must bear his burdens with dignity and generosity to come out ahead in the Year of the Horse. Beneficial colors for the Tiger this year are yellow, orange and coffee brown. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are white and blue. His lucky numbers are 3 and 6.

The Rabbit
A good year is in store for the Rabbit with a chance to recover from the previous year's difficulties. She is protected by several lucky stars in this Horse year. Her luck will come from meeting helpful people with creative ideas who will be happy to work with her or use their influence on her behalf. Although she will experience no big upheavals, the Rabbit will have to do a great deal of work, travel and entertaining just to keep up with the competition. The unlucky star, "Tongues Wag," foretells some trouble from narrow-minded hearsay and disagreements. The Rabbit should abstain from gossip herself so that when the petty chit-chat surfaces, she can handle the situation with no qualms and a cool nonchalance born of a clear conscience. The chances are high that she will see see a promotion and raise this year but she is cautioned to not let it go to her head. There will be some profits in speculative income, a bonus or lucky find. Careful financial planning and saving will be smart moves, as she may fool herself into believing that she's on a roll, she just can't lose, and that her income is substantial. This would be a good time to upgrade her skills and take her game to the next level. Trustworthy people born in the Year of the Sheep and the Dog will prove beneficial allies to further her interests and overcome obstacles. She should have good health this year if she can avoid excessive hedonistic pleasures like sex, drink and other sensual pursuits. The presence of the unlucky star, "Pool of Indulgence," suggests a propensity for large financial losses due to dissipation and inordinate physical gratification. This is a happy year for Lady Rabbit; not only are she and her partner as one, but but there will be many jubilant celebrations and much wonderful news due to the presence of the lucky star, "Heavenly Happiness," in this cycle. Even so, she is encouraged to take good care of the health of older people in her home. Unattached young ladies will see much improvement in their relationships, particularly in their love life, with the prospect of it developing into a lasting connection or even marriage. Teen-aged Rabbits should be at the top of their class if they can devote some concentration to their studies and limit their over-involvement in extracurricular activities. They should not experiment with drugs out of curiosity and instead pay close attention to their teeth and oral health. Some energy put toward hygiene now can head off expensive dental problems later on. The perceptive Horse is always fast on its feet, but the Rabbit should have no trouble keeping the pace should she want to join the race. Romance and pleasant surprises (especially in relationships) are foreseen, but she should not use this as an excuse to evade her responsibilities in the areas of work and study. It is by exhibiting an honorable character that the Rabbit will win friends and influence others in this important year. Her stature and integrity will be more pronounced if she puts some effort into finding those who truly require her assistance; this will prove valuable not only for those she helps but for herself as well. Beneficial colors for the Rabbit this year are yellow, coffee brown and red. She can use these to decorate the rooms of her home or office, or in her attire to greatly enhance her fortune in the year 2014. Colors to avoid are gray and blue. Her lucky numbers are 4 and 9.

The Dragon
This will be one of the Dragon's most successful years due to the existence of many lucky stars, so now is the time for him to seize the moment and use all his resources to realize significant achievements. Career progress should be most steady from winter into spring as fortunate star, "The Eight Chiefs," drives away tenacious adversaries and forces their withdrawal, giving the Dragon the opportunity he needs to gain a foothold and improve his position. Even so, he should expect some difficulties in this Horse year of uncertainty and surprises. Regrettably, the unlucky star "Dog of Heaven" foretells that he needs to be on the lookout for despicable individuals double-crossing and betraying him; this is not a time to be careless in his relationships with others. In the midst of so many work force conflicts it would be wise for the Dragon to insulate himself by suppressing his passions and practicing self-control so as to not cause undue misunderstandings. Thankfully, the lucky star "Heavenly Salvation" will counteract a substantial amount of the negative effects, with a strong possibility of changing the harmful karma into his good fortune and eliminating catastrophes. Forthright persons born in the Year of the Ox or Rooster will make the best business partners to facilitate his interests, as their involvement further enhances the assistance he receives from others. The energetic Horse year may bring news that could temporarily upset or change the Dragon's life. His problems will tend to work themselves out, however, if he is not too headstrong or aggressive. Cooperation with colleagues and avoiding excessive investing and gambling is highly recommended in this cycle of financial ambiguity. While the omens are good for starting a new business or undertaking, it is not an auspicious time for the Dragon to purchase property or acquire stocks as there is a likelihood of extensive loss. Particular attention must be paid to money management now or he is likely to find himself with limited funds to cover all the future expenditures. He should be attentive to the health and safety of himself and family members. The quick pace this year makes it entirely possible for him to overwork himself so he needs to make a conscious effort to relax whenever he can and to take more time off to recharge his batteries. Water safety is a concern during the summer and autumn seasons due to the presence of the unlucky star, "Floating Up and Down." Blood pressure and heart problems during the middle of each month are presaged by the existence of the luckless star, "Lunar Threat." It would be wise for the Dragon to restrain his emotions and not hang around outside at night near the end of the year when he could become swept up into a spontaneous public dispute that may not end well for him. The unlucky star, "Leopard's Tail" implies that he must abstain from disagreeing with his supervisors and elders to avoid destroying his future hopes. He must make a real effort to get along with others or his life will be filled with hardship and personal conflicts. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for him to be even more egotistical, stubborn and assertive than usual due to the influence of the unlucky star, "Isolated Living," which makes it problematic for people of the opposite sex to cope with the Dragon's intensity. This can lead to him feeling rejected, dejected and very sorry for himself. Lady Dragon will enjoy harmonious rapport with her partner, but has a propensity for bickering and misunderstandings with relatives and associates. She needs to be more forgiving of the little imperfections, practice understanding and letting go. Unattached young ladies are subject to disruptive mood swings and find that it is difficult to kindle romance under these conditions. Teen-aged Dragons are bursting with fantastic schemes and a facility for setting them down in writing which will boost their academic standing considerably. However they will have to watch their smart mouths because there is so much gossip swirling about that anything they say will come back to haunt them a thousandfold. They are admonished to be more respectful and mindful of their teachers who have only their best interests at heart. The year of the Horse is capricious and changes occur quickly with little reason. The Dragon may experience considerable unease and insecurity as real and imaginary worries beset him. This could be an adventurous and stressful year for the Dragon who, although he loves excitement, may find the lack of commitment in the Horse's year difficult to accept. Despite it all, the Dragon emerges a leader. Beneficial colors for the Dragon this year are black, blue and grey. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are orange and purple. His lucky numbers are 7 and 8.

The Snake
The carefree Horse prances in to give the Snake native an energetic time of misunderstandings and miscommunications due to the attendance of many unlucky stars in the life cycle. The Snake must exhibit cunning behavior this year and refrain from being histrionic and hasty if she wants her hopes to be fulfilled; any missteps could lead to total disaster. The Horse's year brings plentiful and varied options, but the Horse usually demands a quick response and rapid decisions. The Snake requires more time to mull over choices and will resent ultimatums. Business opportunities are not as promising as last year and income looks bleak. The presence of the unlucky star "God of Death" signifies that she will find it extremely difficult to focus at work which will have a serious affect upon her career advancement; it will take all her energy to avoid being overtaken by rivals and ousted entirely from the daily grind. Furthermore, the existence of the cursed star "Heavenly Symbol" in her chart foreshadows oppression from her superiors or limitations imposed by upper management. Even so, she should keep her opinions about the partisanship of her bosses to herself as anything she says about her higher-ups undoubtedly will return to haunt her in the future. The Snake will have to finesse a way to control the adverse effects of all the stress and anxiety, and to clear the tension from her system with adequate rest, otherwise ill health will develop. The unlucky star "Illness Spell" in her heaven suggests that she should give care to the preservation of her physical and mental well-being, in particular her heart and kidneys. If she can connect with forthright partners born in the Year of the Ox or Monkey, she will be better prepared to surmount the obstacles and gain more protection and assistance in her career growth. She should shun any gambling and investments in order to protect herself from a financial crisis. The Snake should avoid involvement in lawsuits or legal proceedings of any kind as she most likely will incur nothing but a huge money drain. It would be best for her to eschew all loans and instead save her money for future necessary medical expenditures. She also must watch out for disappointments in love as relationships, particularly romantic ones, can suffer this year. She will need every ounce of her common sense to get through it, and should therefore be restrained with her emotions in order to avoid conflicts. The best course would be for her to open up calmly to her partner as to what has been troubling her without being so intensely invested in making the relationship succeed, and then leave the outcome of the exchange to destiny. Since she finds herself a magnet for tricksters and con artists, Lady Snake must shield herself by maintaining her distance from gossips and rumormongers or else she will suffer discord in her household. Married couples have a tendency to be at each others throats this year so she would be well considered to reach out and be more generous, magnanimous and propitiative toward her partner in an effort to keep the peace. Unattached young ladies will find their relationships unstable, with much resultant anxiety on their part. They should try to maintain a cool head and not act imprudently. Young Snakes need to seriously devote themselves to their studies or their academic progress will come to a standstill. They may experience a challenging time getting along with others. Communication and consciously reaching out to others is the key to resolving this issue. They also could become caught up with a bad crowd and viewed with suspicion by the community so it is important they learn to distinguish between the positive and negative characters in their lives. The volatile and hyperactive Horse year could make the Snake nervous and insecure, and her problems and worries could affect her health if she allows herself to overstress during this time. She would be wise to take good care of herself and avoid emotional extremes. However, overall the Snake will succeed admirably. Her troubles are temporary and will dissipate like the fog, provided she remains calm and philosophical. Beneficial colors for the Snake this year are white and green. She can use these to decorate the rooms of her home or office, or in her attire to greatly enhance her fortune in the year 2014. Colors to avoid are red and coffee brown. Her lucky numbers are 2 and 9.

The Horse
Miniature horse foal running freely in a mountain field © Julesru 2013 iStockphoto The Horse will find himself a magnet for strife and scandal at work, and as a result career progress this year will be truly erratic. What goes so smoothly in the beginning of spring and in the autumn season can turn to hardship and complications in the winter season. As the Horse in his exaltation offends the Tai Sui, the ruling energy of the year, this is a dangerous time when he should be prepared to face some changes or movements. Irresponsible actions are ill-advised. Yet the presence of the the lucky star, "The Star of Commander," means that if he remains absolutely alert there is a large probability that the circumstances will turn to his advantage and develop into good fortune alternatively. Towards this end, it is very important for him to emphasize a gentle demeanor and keep a low posture at work. Above all, harmony is the key when arguments develop; the Horse needs to practice tolerance and empathize more with others to keep these kinds of situations from deteriorating or all his efforts that are on the threshold of success will produce failure instead. He should stay calm and conserve his energy instead of charging into action. This is not a time for any new large-scale enterprises anyway. Getting worked into a temper over minor matters negatively affects not only his health but also his relations with others, including his love partner. His intensity would be better channeled into finishing his work as quickly and efficiently as possible, as any delays on his part will usher in changes. Increased communication with his clients will bring an opportunity for the Horse to open his mind to their suggestions and viewpoints so that in the long run he doesn't lose their business. If he can work with those born in the year of the Tiger, Sheep and Dog, career progress will be more assured. Money comes and goes quite easily now. He will have to manage his wealth with extra caution to prevent financial complications from occurring. The Horse should avoid taking on any new debts or he will find it quite challenging to extricate himself from the trap later on; also any money he lends now will be as good as gone so he should keep it to himself to avoid losing all. Major investments are not advised. Instead of expecting to increase his income, he would be well-considered to cut back on his expenses and beware of people who may covertly defraud him of his money by surprise. Any financial gains in speculative income are a bust this year and this activity is best refrained from entirely. The Horse's well-being is not at its zenith due to the presence of the unlucky star "Lying Corpse." Extra good care must be taken of his health or there is a strong possibility of serious illness that may require major surgery. Particular areas of weakness include the heart, lungs and the respiratory system. It is imperative that he consult a doctor immediately at the first sign of any minor medical problems. The Horse is also at risk of a mishap involving knives or other sharp weapons due to the existence of the unlucky star "Sword's Edge" so he will have to avoid these objects to prevent a disaster, especially in the lunar month of November. Road safety is another issue at the end of the year; specifically he needs to keep his speed under control or he may suffer an accident. His love life may be troublesome as self-inflicted negative thinking brings misunderstanding. Mood swings plague his close relationships, sparking arguments that could develop into separation. It is best that he compromise and be more forgiving or he may find himself alone. He will notice that communications are more easy-going during the lunar months of June, September and December. Lady Horse may find her spouse cold and remote, and her family at odds with each other, necessitating stronger communication and empathy skills on her part. Young unmarried ladies should refrain from criticizing their love partners or the ensuring arguments will irreversibly damage their relationships. Young Horse scholars are indifferent to their studies this year, distracted by minutiae, and in danger of developing a bad attitude that will have a huge effect on their future academic achievement and development. Much effort must be expended to correct this unacceptable tendency. The Horse may run himself ragged in an effort to accomplish too much. Relaxation is the surefire cure for any health problems he may encounter. He should not bite off more than he can chew, nor break off any friendships or partnerships this year. Beneficial colors for the Horse this year are gray, black and white. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are red and coffee brown. His lucky numbers are 1 and 6.

The Sheep
The Horse, one of the Sheep's closest friends, brings happy news during a smooth and eventful year for the Sheep native, as all the bad fortune of last year fades away. This will be a prosperous time for her to consummate her hopes and dreams due to the location of several lucky stars in her chart. She should take heed, grasp opportunities to develop and promote her businesses while remembering that conservatism may prevent any unexpected loss. In her career the lucky star "The Sun" ensures that bad luck will be eliminated which will be quite welcome as afflicted star "Black Cloud" in her heaven hints that impostors of the opposite sex may cause strife and much aggravation. She needs to do all she can to avoid these people. If she just can focus on handling the impending personnel situations closely and not target particular individuals, the Sheep should have a productive year. Her success will be even more assured if she can locate a good business partner with the same objectives and views as herself. The Sheep should make an effort to reach out to others and enhance her communications skills with customers and colleagues as she may discover a new partner among them. Even if she doesn't find a suitable ally in the process, there is a good chance she may learn some confidential information along the way that will give her the edge in future ventures. Victory and acclaim are effortlessly attainable due to the presence of the lucky star "Jade Hall," with an attendant promotion and a boost in salary likely sometime in the summer to autumn period. Unfortunately, the existence of the malevolent star "Evil Threat" in her chart signifies that circumstances are erratic and volatile, therefore she will have to be continually circumspect to sidestep serious repercussions from unforeseen jealousies. She can expect to reap the abundant financial rewards of her income, multi-investments and the occasional bonus or two; this is also an auspicious time for her to begin a new business or career, or for buying real estate. Even though money comes easily and profusely, still there is a chance she may wind up with nothing at all in the end due to the presence of the unlucky star, "Sky Emptiness." To avoid this outcome it is imperative that the Sheep tightly budget her accounts and ferret out any financial machinations that are draining her balance sheet. She should not let heady optimism over the sporadic jackpots entice her into overextending her involvement or it will cost her far more than she has invested, to her permanent remorse. Affair-wise, she will appreciate smooth sailing in all her relationships due to the existence of the lucky star "Union of the Year," and shall find it easy to ignite the flame of love in many an inamorata's heart. There are those who would destroy her happiness though, so she must identify them early on or suffer an unexpected estrangement. The Sheep faces no major problems at home or on the job although she will wind up doing more than her fair share of work. She can get control behind the scenes and could overcome obstacles by using her influence skillfully. A slight illness or flu infection near the end of the year is indicated, and there may be problems surrounding her spleen or stomach as well, but in general she will prosper this life cycle in spite of a fast pace which is sometimes not to her liking. She should resist the Sheep tendency to forge ahead as health difficulties may be related to nervous tension. Close awareness of her diet and outdoor exercise in the sunlight are recommended to offset negative effects from the additional stress. Lady Sheep will enjoy harmonious relations within the family but she should not become complacent and neglect home safety. She needs to beware of tricksters and mind household expenses or, despite the large cash flow, she may find herself short of money to cover the many expenses. Unattached young ladies find their love relationship is constantly improving but they need to be more low-key about their personal liaisons to prevent jealous people from smearing and scandalizing them. Young Sheep are sharp thinkers this year who need to apply themselves to their studies to win the brass ring. Unfortunately, they can attract too much envious attention so are advised to practice humility and solicitude within the academic arena and without. It is advised that they stay away from bad company or they will find themselves unfairly judged by other people's negative actions. A problem that has troubled the Sheep in the past will turn out to be a blessing in disguise, so she must not give in to pessimism when things do not work out immediately to her satisfaction. Her love life will be abundant and colorful, however she should exercise caution and restrain from overindulgence. Overall, this should be a happy, successful year free of worry under the Horse's positive influence. Beneficial colors for the Sheep this year are yellow, purple and coffee brown. She can use these to decorate the rooms of her home or office, or in her attire to greatly enhance her fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are blue and white. Her lucky numbers are 3 and 5.

The Monkey
This will be a demanding year for the Monkey born as there are many hurdles and headaches while his heaven is rife with unlucky stars and for now almost no fortunate stars are present to counteract the circumstances. He will have to exercise extreme caution and be on guard against abrupt, unforeseen and needless catastrophes. Even though competitions and races are not to his taste, the Monkey will nevertheless situate himself into a well-paid job. Regrettably, his business situation is a pressure cooker and he may be faced with extra work and worries that take up a good deal of his time; even though he diligently and scrupulously beavers away at his assignment, still there is the prospect that it may all be for naught. The Monkey must enhance his affinity with others due to the presence of the tragic star "God of Loneliness" which warns that his relations with others are not ideal. Without the backing of people around him he faces certain defeat so less egoism and more altruism is required to gain necessary support. He must act with a dignified serenity despite the external conditions, and beware of being incited into a quagmire by those out to upset his well-laid plans. It is suggested that the Monkey seek out allies born in the Year of the Dragon or Snake with the capability of helping him emerge from the adversity. This would be an auspicious time to explore new horizons or journey overseas to advance his career prospects due to the existence of the lucky star, "Traveling Horse," with the most fortunate directions to head being the East or Southwest. Even so, the Monkey needs to acquaint himself with local customs and beliefs beforehand to sidestep any potential predicaments. He should try to not depend too much on the efforts of others as it is likely he will be liable to be the one paying the ultimate price when arrangements fail to materialize. His frustrations will work themselves out as the Horse tends to be quite efficient at resolving problems, though not always to the Monkey's satisfaction. This year does not promise much financially, so he must strive for balance and frugality and not depend on luck. Starting a new business or becoming involved in a work- or finance-related lawsuit is not recommended as there is a strong likelihood that he will suffer a ruinous loss. Discretion is advocated in affairs surrounding contracts and agreements, and he is urged to double-check the security of his doors, windows and safe box to preclude entry by thieves during the Autumn to Winter period. He should stay focused and vigilant to ward off re-occurring personal issues and new troubles that crop up unexpectedly. The Monkey's health may not be at its best this year unless he watches his diet. The unlucky star "Earthly Conflict" hints that he may be preoccupied and careless, agonize through headaches and sleeplessness, and be generally distressed. Most affected will be his lungs and liver. He must relax more, cut back on smoking and drinking, and curtail consumption of fried foods or his well-being can suffer. The Monkey will find opportunities to advance his love life in March, July, August and November, but largely romance is tepid and combative for him this year. He must put some serious effort into avoiding confrontations and strife or he will find himself friendless and forsaken. Lady Monkey is bedeviled by gossips and backbiting in her home and so is advised to use all her energy to nip these problems in the bud. Family finances are at a low down therefore she must keep a tight hold on the domestic purse strings. She is warned to conscientiously lock up her house and strongbox so as to not give an opportunity to burglars and robbers. The elderly in her household are at risk due to the presence of the malevolent star "Funeral's Door" in the life cycle, so she must take good care of them. Unattached young ladies will experience frustration by the lack of interest shown in them by the opposite sex, and may be tempted to withdraw socially and lose themselves in romantic fantasies. This would be a mistake; instead they should project a more positive outgoing image, and show extra kindness and compassion to the people around them. Young Monkeys will wear out easily and have a difficult time focusing their attention. Their scholastic progress will be at a standstill unless they push themselves to attempt more, get sufficient sleep and keep to a regular moderate schedule. Narcissistic and high-handed behavior among his friends and associates will find him on the outside looking in if he continues. The Monkey must be observant and nimble as opportunity does not knock twice during the reign of the Horse. It will be a time to take advantage of the moment and to make hay while the sun shines. He should expect the best but be prepared for the worst, and should not underestimate the changeable nature of the capricious Horse. He finds the Horse too independent to follow the rules, and the Horse cannot trust the Monkey's hidden agenda. Therefore, in this year it's best to take whatever he can get as soon as he can get it. Tomorrow, it might not be there. Beneficial colors for the Monkey this year are yellow, orange and green. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are black and grey. His lucky numbers are 1 and 8.

The Rooster
The temperamental Horse brings a hectic and somewhat unpredictable year for the Rooster, although good business and career opportunities are on the horizon. The lucky star "Pink Phoenix" shines a beneficial influence in his chart but even so, this does not ensure a prosperous income so he must reduce expenditures and avoid unnecessary financial risks. Whatever he begins he must complete; no half-measures will do this year therefore he mustn't give up no matter what. The unfortunate star "Six Harms" presages that he will find strong opposition both within and without from powerful rivals. He may feel overwhelmed by the sudden incidents and abrupt changes. He should watch his step as he could encounter many obstacles in his path. The Rooster is advised to go all out to promote himself and make an effort to resolve the internal and external problems or they will make it troublesome for him to progress. He will pull through if he is not misguided by favorable preliminary results that could turn sour later on. He should take advantage of great achievements but improve his people skills and remember that people's words are not cast in stone. There is a chance of lawsuits and even incarceration as a consequence of the presence of the malevolent star, "Tightened Loop," in this cycle. This is a time to play politics or employ diplomacy, as the Rooster will have to make unwelcome compromises and will be amused by this year's changes only to the extent that they do not threaten his security. On the work front, he is likely to have both good and bad news. The lucky star "The Moon" suggests a beneficial tendency that offsets much of the hardship. There is a good chance he might turn a crisis to his benefit and the liability into an opportunity. The best time to find assistance from a supporter or patron in extricating himself from the predicament would be during the lunar months of April and December. The Rooster should not allow others to goad him into making inappropriate investments or to guarantee others loans so as to dodge bankruptcy and financial ruin. Rather than trying to make his money work for him, it would be better for him to take good care of the wealth he has and budget for future contingencies. The travel bug may be there, but the Rooster should avoid catching the flu bug (of which he is particularly at risk in the lunar month on February) as health problems may bother him at times. Right now it is easy for him to feel run down and become abruptly ill without any sign due to the presence of the unlucky star "Sudden Death." He needs to follow his physician's advice and cut back on smoking, overeating and alcohol consumption, especially during the lunar months of January, February, May, August and November. His love life will be fruitful this year due to the "Pink Phoenix's" influence, however he should be cautious in avoiding a hazardous love triangle and not get so tied up in the social scene that he neglects his business interests. He must learn to better balance his love life and work life. This is a good year to get married, with the lunar months of April, September and December being the most auspicious. Lady Hen is overjoyed with happy news and festive celebrations in her household, and everyone in the family is on good terms with each other. The group finances are worrying however, so she should curb her desires for a windfall or an increase through risky investments, and especially not guarantee any loans. Unattached young ladies will be especially desirable this year due to the power of the charmed "Pink Phoenix," bestowing a range of suitors to enhance their lives. There is a good chance that love will grow into a lasting affair full of kindness and passion. Capricious young Roosters will have a difficult time focusing on their studies which will translate into erratic academic development. They may start hanging out with a bad crowd and rebelling against school regulations. They should stay away from illicit drugs and heed the warnings of their teachers to being deceived and misled. The Horse's year tends to change course without much notice and this catches the Rooster off guard, making him distrust the motives of others. If the Rooster can learn to be adaptable to change and keep his opinions to himself, he should be able to find help from his close friends and loved ones. He should not allow his security to be threatened. Beneficial colors for the Rooster this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are blue and white. His lucky numbers are 3 and 9.

The Dog
Every dog has his day, but this year they will have many of them. Because the Horse is one of Dog's closest friends, he can expect a fast-paced year of expansion and progress due to the protection of the lucky star "Earthly Salvation," which nullifies most of the many negative influences. One of these is the malevolent star "Five Ghosts" which suggests that he is a magnet for swindlers out to hinder his projects. Con men are abundant this year so the Dog will have to beware being cheated of his wealth, especially during the lunar months of March and July. Toward this end he needs to discriminate between the positive and negative characters in his life in order to fend off the scoundrels and avoid becoming a casualty of financial scams. Employment luck will be fluctuating and his career expectations are vulnerable. The lunar months of March, April, July and November are when he will be the most fiscally weak. The loyal Dog should remember that the more effort he puts forth, the more he will eventually gain. He will save himself some trouble if he can get along with others as the outcome of his career hinges on his interpersonal relationships. Sadly, the effect of unlucky star "Decorative Top" indicates that he will be prone to acting conceited and aloof. Unless he checks this tendency he will find himself isolated from his support group and lacking assistance when he most needs it. Hapless star "Legal Spell" warns him against any criminal activities or else it will be extremely difficult to evade the dire consequences. By happy chance the lucky star "The Three Pillars" is in his life chart to dispel the calamities and deal with any issues. His income may seem great but this should not lull him into being foolish with his money or indulging himself in gambling, otherwise he will incure the loss of a small belonging or investment due to speculation. There is a possibility of the persistent and lingering loss of cash with the prospect of having inadequate money to cover expenses as a result of the habitation of unlucky star "Flying Spell" in his chart. However, if he keeps his head down, mouth shut and nose to the grindstone, the Dog can ride out the rough patches and emerge a winner when his fortunes rally at the end of the year. Then he should play it safe and steady, and diversify his investments. It's easy for the Dog to fall sick during this time, and the smallest ailment quickly can develop into a more serious illness so it is imperative that he seek medical attention immediately if he feels something is amiss with his health. The unlucky star "Yellow Funeral Flag" implies that these problems could come in the form of respiratory or gastro-intestinal complaints so he must guard against overexhaustion and learn to pace himself. Fortunate star "Earthly Salvation" offers some protection here but the Dog still needs to tend not only to his own health, but to that of the seniors in his family as well as to household safety due to the existence of the unlucky star "Loose Hair." There may be unhappy news at home or misunderstandings in affairs of the heart as the Dog tries to please everyone and stretches his time and resources. For this reason he should be cautious of relationships that lack substance. He must not neglect his love life while running down career opportunities nor should he believe the gossip he overhears about his intimate affairs. He needs to converse more sympathetically with his love partner and more easily yield on the small everyday misunderstandings in order to avert a breach in their relationship. Lady Dog may discover much bickering among her family members, and petty scandalmongers use this as an excuse to spread even more disharmony with their hearsay and opinions on the matter. She must take heed not to fall into budgetary traps as economic karma is at a disadvantage. Unattached young ladies should cultivate their alliances with solicitude so that they will be in a better position to thwart the development of a love triangle. Young Dogs will have to vigorously apply themselves to their studies or they will be left in the dust by their classmates. They are a little too full of themselves, acting as if school rules don't apply to them, and have a rough time acknowledging the suggestions and guidance of their teachers. Under these circumstances confrontations develop quickly between them and their contemporaries. They must check their impulsive behavior and learn to let the little annoyances go or the situation will quickly deteriorate into a huge complication with serious and unimaginable ramifications. The Dog will entertain or travel a lot this year, chasing promising opportunities. He will have to use his wits a great deal, but new friends and contacts will provide him with assistance and open doors for him. Beneficial colors for the Dog this year are yellow, purple and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are white and grey. His lucky numbers are 4 and 6.

The Boar
The Boar is susceptible to overindulgence in love but the Year of the Horse may be the time to splurge in most other areas. This will be a good year for the Boar with less turmoil than the last one provided he avoids speculation or relegating his money to untrustworthy, new-found friends and finally gets down to organizing himself. Preparations for profitable business and career opportunities are important so he will have to put all his energy into them if he wants to take advantage of events to gain greater achievements by the end of the year. There will be a lot of organizational misunderstandings which may trip him up if he is cursed enough to become involved in them. His reputation could become damaged through association with a bad crowd; the Boar must do his best to avoid these people, remain where he's at for the time being and press on rather than take any radical steps right away as this is not a good time for him to change jobs. Persons born in the year of the Tiger or Sheep can lend a helping hand to him and will make fitting business partners. Vigilance is advised in the area of transactions, forms and records with an indication that the Boar may find himself short of time to comprehensively double-check the small print, to his great disadvantage and long-standing regret. His income doesn't seem bad, but he needs to reduce his expenditures and stay within a budget to make ends meet due to the presence of the unlucky star, "Gradual Drain." That, combined with the evil star "Robbery Threat," in his heaven predicts a susceptibility to home break-ins, looting or vandalism along with a concurrent shortfall of money. Due to this influence, when he is out in public the Boar also is advised to be more cautious when brandishing his cash so that he may avoid becoming a target for unscrupulous thieves. He must remember that safety and health come first or he may suffer from some serious medical troubles because of the influence of the unlucky star "Deadly Spell." His liver and kidneys are at particular risk of chronic illness, therefore wholesome food, plentiful rest and sufficient sleep are recommended. Further, he must remember to exercise moderation in his love life and emotions as he has the tendency to go overboard in this respect. Relationships are at a high point due to the proximity of the lucky star "Lunar Virtue." If he is not already attached, meeting the right person will go more smoothly now than usually. Yet he still will have to resolutely devote considerable energy to sustain the liaison, including close involvement with his lover's family and associates who have the power to derail the affair should they oppose his interests. Lady Pig must secure her home against robbery and live within her budget as financial fortune is at a low down. It is too easy for her to feel both intellectually and materially drained and debilitated right now due to the additional stress so ample rest is recommended to ward off recurrent sickness. Unattached young ladies find their love relationships smooth and uncomplicated, with much attraction enkindled between them and their potential mates. A harmonious liaison is on the horizon as they share much in common with their beloved. Young Pigs are so easily distracted now that they can gain no academic headway; they should redouble their efforts or they will fail utterly at their studies. They likewise need to shake their shady friends or else their reputation will suffer. The lunar months of June and December carry a chance of danger in the form of a car accident so they are warned to please slow down, and also to take care around water hazards in the lunar months of May and July. The Horse brings the Boar benefits formerly withheld from him but which now appear from all directions, turning past problems into blessings in disguise. The year will prove fortunate and prosperous for the Boar's family and career, and his romantic problems should ease. However, the Horse sets a fast pace and the Boar must keep up or he will lag behind and miss out on some of the action. Hopefully, the strong Boar has the stamina and willpower to ride out this year with more gains than losses. Beneficial colors for the Boar this year are white and green. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2014. Colors to avoid are red and orange. His lucky numbers are 2 and 7.