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Year of the Rooster Predictions

by Rae Bordua

January 28, 2017 is New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4714 and a Year of the Purple Fire Rooster or Zǐ Ting Yui (紫丁酉年). When fire expresses feminine yin energy, its color is purple and is symbolized by the flame of a lamp or by the more contemporary light bulb. When the light comes on the top of gold (female metal year), Purple Fire Rooster can make a better assessment of the situation from its vantage point. This indicates we will deal with financial events in the year of the Rooster.

The rooster is the tenth in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Monkey and the next will be Dog. The last Year of the Rooster began on February 9, 2005 and ended on January 28, 2006. The next Year of the Rooster will begin on February 13, 2029 and end on February 2, 2030.

The rooster is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the tenth of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the “You” Branch, and symbolizes responsibility, duty, and satisfaction for work well done. This branch is characterized by precision and perfection.

In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Rooster is honest, open and canny, a showy flamboyant extrovert. He possesses a powerful personality, assertive and determined, dominant and thoroughly intimidating at times. The Rooster is a born organizer, most comfortable in an environment where everything is systematically filed away and his schedule is programmed. When it comes to making decisions of any kind, the Rooster prefers to carefully consider all the angles before coming to a conclusion, not only in business but in romantic relationships as well. Despite his passionate libido, he lacks firm personal commitment when it comes to serious relationships. His strength is in management of finances, both privately and professionally. He is prudent and careful, a brilliant manager of other people’s money who can recognize in an instant how to control funds and allocate budgets. The Rooster is usually quite ambitious, but can be impracticable in some of what he hopes to achieve.

The main virtue in the Rooster character is loyalty: they make devoted friends. Great positive thinkers, they always speak well of their pals and make allowances for foibles and faults. Roosters never break promises and are always true to their word. They won’t make any excuses for who they are or what they stand for, so it is relatively easy to take them at face value. When Roosters love and admire someone, they will move mountains to keep them happy, advance their personal causes and provide a willing shoulder for the loved one to cry on. They are reliable, punctual, honest and trustworthy, and this is appreciated by all who come into contact with them. They do not tire of repetitive tasks and painstaking details. They are thinkers and introverts who look within for solutions to their problems, love to investigate all possibilities and leave nothing to chance. Never underestimate the abilities of the Rooster, as very little eludes him! He is worth his weight in gold and is kind-hearted and forgiving, whatever other faults he may possess.

In Vietnam, they say that, thanks to the strength of his beak and claws, the Rooster can find a worm in a desert — a metaphor that goes a long way to explain the interminable and restless activity that characterizes him. But if by chance a Rooster allows himself to dream or idle away his time as he would like, he can easily become one of those quaint vagabonds, the philosophers of the open road who we see occasionally asleep on a bench or rooting about among the dustbins. After all, it’s one way of making yourself noticed.

Selfishness and a sense of grandeur and self-importance are perhaps the most negative of the Rooster qualities. They can be conceited, vain, boastful and stubborn over relatively trivial matters, with a strong egotistical need to constantly be the center of attention. Oddly enough, it is this very quality that makes them such amusing companions. Often brilliant, they excel at small talk and can be the life of the party, although notoriously blunt and abrasive at times. Tact and discretion are two attributes they could learn to cultivate, but they do not feel they need them because they are not ones to mince words, and find it imperative to come right to the point. They have a reputation for a critical streak in their natures and a tendency toward intolerance and sarcasm. When challenged they can be acerbic, domineering and pompous with a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attitude. With or without meaning to, they can also be insensitive to the feelings of others. It would be unrealistic to expect a Rooster to be a diplomat! If they could cultivate their listening skills, be less judgmental, and realize that it is not necessary to like or approve of others but merely to accept them as they are, others would be more likely to tolerate their pedantic behavior.

The Chinese call the Rooster’s mental rigidity “intellectual inflexibility.” The Rooster is the last of the red-hot diehards. He can be both sectarian and fanatical about all that he believes in. He is quite stubborn at times and takes a perverse delight in keeping secrets.

Sometimes Rooster or Chicken is translated as Phoenix. Perhaps the reason why the term Phoenix is used is because it is a more spiritual translation of the Rooster individual’s potential for personal transformation. By overcoming obstacles — trial by fire — a Phoenix can become a new person. The Phoenix has opportunities to remedy actions from past lives and bring this new awareness into future incarnations. When the spiritual journey of evolution and transformation is too great for the Phoenix to bear, it may revert to the role of rooster or chicken.

Lord Rooster is a flashy dresser who obsesses over his wardrobe and loves to be the center of attention. He is charming and virile frequently to the point of being compellingly handsome. Sometimes he can go overboard when it comes to sprucing up himself and decorating his home or office. He has a preoccupation with awards, trophies, medals, diplomas and certificates of achievement. The Rooster can be somewhat tightfisted with his money unless the purchase relates to his family or a potential conquest he is trying to impress, but he is completely generous with his advice. Emotionally he sees the world in black-and-white so either loves or hates a person on sight. When it comes to affairs of the heart, he can be somewhat proper and straitlaced. For all his bluster, he is willing to do the hard work when someone needs his help and will never ignore a friend in need.

The pragmatic Hen is more resilient and productive than her male counterpart. She enjoys routine and is willing to be a team member if it will help her achieve her ambitions, and can accomplish as much as the male Rooster but with a lot less drama and friction. She is a fastidious employee who would make an excellent and capable teacher, a vigilant and careful mother, an attentive nurse and loving wife. However, she can be a bit of a nag, but this is how she shows she cares, and her behavior is more due to her subconscious ambition to transform those she loves into her ideal than to a tendency toward undisguised persecution. At times she can be so “helpful” that she drives the object of her attention to exasperation, frustratingly trying to predict what some person will do before it is known to anyone, including the person involved. After the situation has transpired, she’ll let them know in detail exactly where and how their response failed in her estimation, but once thus unburdened she is enduringly lenient and forbearing. Lady Hen likes to dress simply, comfortably and classically, accentuating her look with a diverse collection of showy accessories and jewelry. Neither the Rooster nor his Hen counterpart express their emotions freely and openly for all to see, but are inclined to keep their romantic affairs and sexual adventures strictly private.

Roosters are so intense, industrious and sports-oriented that they tend to stay in great shape physically. Intellectually, however, they can be prone to seriously mercurial changes of mood which time must teach them to balance and control. They are extraordinarily competitive perfectionists with all the attendant health complications that high stress and tension can generate; heart disease, asthma, depression, diabetes and/or gastrointestinal problems are some of the constitutional issues that Roosters can face as they age.

Since circadian rhythms are permanently affected by the season in which one is born, according to Chinese custom it is better for the Rooster to be born in the summer when the good life is abundant and stimulating. Roosters born between 3 AM and 5 AM (hours of the Tiger), at sunrise and at sunset will be the most boisterous of the lot. Night Roosters are completely different, idiosyncratic detached intellectuals cocooned in their crusade for transcendence (although all Roosters are idealists to some degree). Legend has it in the East that two Roosters under the same roof make life intolerable for everyone else. Also, it is believed that young Cocks born in the Spring will be less aggressive.

The Rooster will touch the heights and the depths during the three phases of his life, business-wise as well as romantically. He will go from poverty to riches, from ideal love to the most sordid of emotional tangles. His old age will be happy, however. If he can overcome his volatile nature and exercise more tact, he will go far in life. He is capable and talented and will make a lasting — and usually favorable — impression almost everywhere he goes.

The Fire Rooster

The Chinese and Japanese believe that those born in the year of the Fire Rooster (which occurs every 60 years; the last Fire Rooster year was 1957 and the next will be in 2077) will have robust administrative and leadership skills coupled with high integrity and professionalism in their business relationships with others. These are powerful, stimulating, highly persuasive, independent individuals with strong ethics who are absolutely relentless in pursuing their goals. They can be rigid, thin-skinned and temperamental extremists when adversely affected, too inflexible to realize practical compromises. In the search for a scapegoat when his high expectations are not met, the Fire Rooster may examine the situation minutely and play interrogator on those around him or precipitate a major disturbance. As the Rooster is ruled by the element of Metal, and fire melts metal, a combative alchemy is forged which impacts and weakens communicative skills. He can seem imperious and enraged in his speech, sound boorish and obnoxious, and may say unseemly things. He needs to develop his loving kindness towards others and resist the urge to control them, perhaps through a study of philosophy or cultivation of spiritual values. Once he has achieved balance he will have a strong sense of justice and know exactly how much tension is required to achieve optimum results in most circumstances. He cannot be swayed from his path by people’s attitudes or opinions, and projects a trustworthy and influential public image in his affairs because he has the most high-minded intentions behind his actions. This would be a good period for him to develop his abilities in all areas of his life, not just his career, and to make the most out of the considerable opportunities that will arise. It will be crucial for him to cultivate peace and friendship when participating with others to avoid being thwarted by sudden obstacles. Fire Rooster will have to work hard and be unassuming, but his social life will improve this year and important new friendships can be made.

Rooster Relationships

Particular, unyielding and courageous in his arrogance, the Rooster will bond well with those who share the same analytical outlook on life. To perform at the peak of his powers, the Rooster needs similarly devoted souls like himself to bond valuable skills together and focus their strength like a concentrated laser beam on a single objective. He is very loyal to his partner and will find that he is especially well suited to those born under the signs of the Snake, Ox and Dragon. He will be quite happy with the family-minded and conservative Ox. They bond easily and can establish a long and lasting relationship as they have so much in common and do not have to make many adjustments to work harmoniously with one another. With the passionate and glamorous Snake, he can play philosophers. In love as in business, the Snake will bring to the partnership some reserved and cultivated wisdom, as opposed to the Rooster’s imposition of his views on others, with or without their consent; however, the Snake had better be careful not to shine too brightly, or the Rooster might turn on him and destroy him! With the fiery and dynamic Dragon, a Rooster will enjoy the challenge and be perfectly satisfied to bask in reflected brilliance, especially in the case of female Roosters. Both are fighters, although the Dragon is physical and emotional in his approach while the Rooster is more obsessed with perfection and accuracy in his life. Once each realizes that the other has the half of the equation that he himself lacks, these two practical souls will want to join forces. Provided they do not interfere too much in the Rooster’s various activities, the Rat, Tiger, Horse, Sheep and Pig can also establish a good relationship with him, but two Roosters together are likely to squabble and irritate each other. The Rooster will quickly become exasperated by the ever-inquisitive and artful Monkey, who likes to improvise in situations where the Rooster is inclined to be inflexible. He also will find it difficult to get on with the anxious Dog, who is more of a realist compared to the Rooster’s high-flying optimist. As a partner, the rather sensitive Rabbit is absolutely out! He will find the Rooster a bit too blunt, abrasive and serious for his liking, and won’t put up for an instant with the boasting or the ostentatious raiment. The Rabbit doesn’t trust the Rooster at all. Frugal and cost-conscious, the Rooster does not spend frivolously, and, to the Rabbit’s dismay, may even consider work a form of relaxation.

The almanac lists the occupations for the Rooster — café owner, cook, bar owner, traveler, PR man, beautician, woman’s hairdresser, dentist and surgeon. In addition, white-collar worker, soldier, fireman, night watchman, policeman, bodyguard, strong-arm man and dancing partner are suited to the Rooster mentality. Publishing, journalism, the performing arts, amateur dramatics are all favored under this sign. Many industrialists and entrepreneurs are Roosters because they are able to compartmentalize things into components and then build up a multinational conglomerate by simply putting one building block on top of another, patiently linking up all the pieces and controlling the entire organization from their power center. They make the most capable accountants, financial advisors, bank managers, money lenders, efficiency experts, scientists, military planners, computer geniuses and proofreaders. Sports are greatly enjoyed and many a Rooster will be a professional in this field. Because of their fiercely personal competitiveness, they are much more inclined to go for the one-to-one type of activity rather than team games — tennis, golf, boxing, etc. — where each Rooster is able to shine individually. The Rooster also gets much pleasure from gardening and while he may not spend as much time in the garden as he would like, his garden is invariably well kept and productive.

Some important people born in the Year of the Rooster are Nancy Reagan, Joan Rivers, Yoko Ono, Peter Ustinov, Steffi Graff, Sir Michael Caine, Katharine Hepburn, Elton John, Jayne Mansfield, King Birendra of Nepal, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Grover Cleveland, Emperor Akihito of Japan, Quincy Jones, Van Morrison, Michelle Pfeiffer, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Neil Young, Errol Flynn, Daniel Day Lewis, Catherine Zeta Jones, D. H. Lawrence, Helen Mirren, Steve Martin, Debbie Harry, Dolly Parton, Serena Williams, Steve Buscemi, Peter Dinklage, Priscilla Presley, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Joan Collins, Enrico Caruso, Mohammed al Fayed, Jay Z, Matthew McConaughey, Johann Strauss and Benjamin Franklin.

The year of the Rooster is a time of practical endeavors, conscientiousness, hard work and discipline. There’s risk of unemployment. Money isn’t going to fall into anyone’s lap — nor food into the Rooster’s beak — without effort. Politically, conservative police states gain power, and law and order are championed; there will be no joking with those who disturb the status quo. A year of reaction, therefore, with an abundance of uniforms in the name of the law — although in fact they are worn for their own sake. There will be military parades, reviews and it will be a good year for military careers. Now is the time to ask for a medal or buy your way into the Honors List. There are risks of the abuse of police powers.

This is a year for looking outwards and upwards, a time to turn one’s sights away from the domestic situation and towards the big world outside. The general emphasis is centered on the individual this year: image projection, career matters, management of personal affairs, aspiring to one’s ambitions. Politically there will be a lot of strutting and gassing but it will all turn out to be hot air. On the whole, it will be an optimistic year where the independent will score perhaps at the expense of those who tend to be dependent on others and on society at large. It will also bring out the more selfish, superficial side of human nature, a desire to feather one’s own nest, to have one’s own voice heard above the rest. In all, an auspicious year for conspicuous consumption and especially for the catering trade.

One of the key features of the Rooster year is that it is very much a time for commitment and hard work. Good organization, efficiency and attention to detail will be paramount and for those who slack or infringe the law, the Rooster year can be unforgiving. Illegal actions, protests and lack of respect for authority will be quickly and effectively dealt with. This will be no year to stray outside accepted boundaries. The flouting of laws and directives, whether national or international, will be dealt with firmly and forcefully. The current war against terrorism will also continue with considerable vigor. There will be very much an atmosphere of “if you’re not with us, then you’re against us.” This can make it an antagonistic year with self-made problems stemming from irrational expectations. There will be a deep concern about financial security. There will be a need to restrain a sarcastic and sometimes acid tongue, to be less harsh and more generous and forgiving with others. It is almost as if there is an obliviousness as to how negative, almost cruel people can be with each other. The challenge will be to learn to reform and redirect anger and negativity.

Here are some specific predictions for the coming year.

  • This will be an outstanding year for the arts, dance and theater especially.
  • An extremely cold winter is forecast with much flooding. Serious hurricanes and elevated major earthquake activity is predicted during the year, including some of the most severe ever experienced.
  • Many major ship sinkings and water catastrophes with a large number of casualties are foretold.
  • There will be dramatic new advances in gene-splicing technology.
  • The foundation of a new and influential behind-the-scenes secret society is foreseen.
  • The ascension of a unique and powerful leader will occur who will occupy this position for many years with long-lasting repercussions, the more negative of which may include brutality, violence and a major population decline in the country.
  • A fresh, charismatic head emerges to control a nationwide resistance movement to racial segregation and discrimination.
  • Major new international agreements will be signed and unusual alliances between countries will made.
  • Corporations will be allowed to do whatever they wish with almost no judicial interference.
  • Governmental rifts leading to high-profile expulsions will be in the news.
  • Breakaway independence movements to see their state become a sovereign nation will be officially recognized. This will be the year of international recognition of the State of Palestine.
  • There will be an intense focus on the United States’ Supreme Court, including a possibility of further expanding the number of Supreme Court justices.
  • Bank failures and unemployment reaches record levels. Riots fueled by ethnic tensions between different cultural groups, poverty and price increases are predicted. Armed police will be dispersed to break up the demonstrations, ensuring a bloody aftermath of protestor deaths.
  • World’s first Hyperloop, the fastest mass transit network on the planet, will be built.
  • First self-driving taxis will begin service.
  • An important and significant milestone in the space program will be attained by Russia.

The almanac also states how people born under other signs will fare in the year of the Rooster. This is an auspicious year for Rats, Oxen, Dragons, Snakes, Sheep and Roosters. It can be a difficult year for Rabbits, Horses and Dogs. Rabbits should beware their finances and Sheep should take care in their relationships this year.

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Rooster:

The Rat

Activity, celebrations and complications await the Rat during the hectic, festive and fun year of the Rooster. He is fortunate to have lucky star “The Moon” in his corner considering there are several unlucky stars in his life chart that he will have to work through. New jobs, responsibilities and even marriages in the family keep him on his toes. Everything will seem to be ahead of schedule as the Rooster is an ultra-punctual perfectionist and a taskmaster. The Rat thrives on challenges but even he will be exhausted by the energetic Rooster year. He will be required to work harder and contribute more at work due to the presence of the unlucky star “Six Harms.” Because of these additional pressures, the Rat should take care to slow down; he does not have to take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way. He should pick only the most promising and pass up the rest. If he tries to do everything, he will be exhausted from overwork, and accidents and painful mistakes could occur. The unlucky star “Sudden Death” implies that there is a risk of enduring an unconditional breakdown of his job prospects in a flash if he is not careful. Other people’s motives are not always what they seem. This is very much a time for positive action and the Rat should not allow himself to become discouraged if setbacks do occur. Allies born in the year of the Dragon will prove especially helpful and with them working side by side the Rat can achieve outstanding results. Finances need to be managed carefully as accommodation costs could be particularly high, with some Rats moving during the year. If he doesn’t pace himself, these additional expenditures could trigger a monetary crisis. Speculative income is at a low ebb; he is advised to abstain from gambling and try saving his money instead. Although his health is strong this year, the unlucky star “Tightened Loop” in the Rat’s heavens predicts accidents while driving or traveling on the road as a pedestrian, especially during the lunar months of January and February. The radiance of lucky star “Heavenly Happiness” suggests that love chemistry is in the air and liaisons are positive and a piece of cake. There is a real possibility that one of these relationships will prosper and develop into a lifelong love bond, particularly for unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Rat. However, due to the unpredictability of the year they must be cautious of treachery from those trying to undermine their affairs. Lady Rat enjoys a peaceful and harmonious connection with her spouse but needs to save up for future household expenses. Young Rats are easily confused and led astray by bad companions, therefore their academic progress can suffer as a result. They must learn to judge the character of people in their lives and weed out the deliquents. By making the most of his talents and opportunities, giving time to others and sharing plans and activities, the Rat can make good headway as well as enjoy himself. For some, new friendships and romance will beckon. With his outgoing and sociable nature, the Rat will find himself in great demand. Favorable directions for Rats this year are North, Northeast and Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the South or the East. Beneficial colors for the Rat this year are blue, white and green. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are yellow and red. His lucky numbers are 5 and 9.

The Ox

Several lucky stars in the Ox’s life cycle auger an auspicious year with easy momentum. His diligence and devotion to duty will be rewarded, and so the Ox turns back to work with renewed vigor. This is a opportunity for positive action, a clear time for the Ox to organize his life and make long-term plans. With the protection of the lucky star “The Three Pillars” plus his strengths, experience, fine qualities and determination, he will find that much can be accomplished over the year and he has many opportunities to do so. If he acts upon his aims and ambitions and makes the most of his chances he will enjoy a moderately happy period rewarded with a good deal of fame and success and achieve significant progress in his career goals. However, this will be a year to pay attention to details, read the fine print and never second-guess anything as work will be challenging. He must not get carried away with his success as there also are many unlucky stars in his chart which can make this year a mixture of good and bad, like the archetypal Taoist parable. The Rooster is vigilant and cautious in money matters, which is fine with the frugal Ox. When entering into financial agreements, he should check all the elements and implications carefully and not take information at face value. Without care, he could find himself at a disadvantage. This is a year for vigilance and caution when it comes to others’ motivations. Due to the presence of the unlucky star “Five Ghosts” the Ox may find an opponent employing criminal means to gain the upper hand and disrupt his work advancement. He must not be tempted by others’ illegal behavior to cut corners on regulations but follow the rule of law to the letter or else risk lawsuits and incarceration. Thankfully he has the lucky star “Heavenly Salvation” in his firmament to nullify the bad breaks. If he joins forces with those born in the year of the Dragon and those born in the year of the Rat he will have a solid foundation and a leg up on his competitors. He can expect a profusion of business revenue with occasional fortuitous gains in his investments in spite of running up quite a few bills. He must curtail his expenses, know when to stop gambling and not be too rapacious for payoffs or else lose everything he has gained. His financial luck is especially high near the end of spring and between summer and autumn. As regards his health, the Ox’s main concern is to not exhaust himself through overwork. There is a propensity toward him becoming embroiled in unforeseen calamities, such as accidentally cutting himself with sharp objects or needing surgery due to the presence of the unlucky star “Bloody Knife.” Another unlucky star “Floating Up and Down” warns of the risk of drowning or injury near bodies of water. His family life is somewhat harmonious, and the Ox will be recognized for his contributions. However the existence of the unlucky star “Decorative Top” suggests a tendency for him to be remote, egotistical and inconsiderate of the feelings of others which can lead to reclusiveness and alienation. Lady Ox’s health is moderate and her household finances are in good order, but she must be careful to not become too obsessed with betting. Unmarried young Ox ladies have a difficult time prospering in their relationships and must stay receptive to new ideas. Young Oxen are particularly smart and perceptive this year and shoot to the top of the class when they apply themselves fully to their studies. They are advised to exercise caution when swimming, diving or boating however. Both the Rooster and the Ox have a love for order and discipline, so as long as he obeys the rules and regulations this year will be predictable enough to suit the Ox’s taste. Progress is slow but sure and gains can be measured in terms that the Ox person will accept. He can look forward to a pleasant social life with the possibility of new friendships and romance. Domestically, this will be a meaningful year, with the Ox particularly valuing the support and affection of others. Favorable directions for Oxen this year are the North, the Northeast and Southeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the South and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Ox this year are red, yellow and purple. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are black and blue. His lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

The Tiger

Expect minor disappointments and some unhappiness as Tiger has a mixture of lucky and unlucky stars in his life chart this year. This will be time of honest revolt, however the Tiger will plot in secret although he will voice his opposition openly. Friends, family and colleagues will offer their assistance. In this moderate and busy year, her must resist the urge to be overanxious. To benefit he will need to be flexible in outlook and prepared to adapt to the situations that arise. This is not a year when he can afford to be stubborn or too set in his ways. The Rooster tends to investigate things down to the last detail and still get things done efficiently. There will be some excellent chances for the Tiger to make progress and develop his skills, but he does need to concentrate on the areas with which he is familiar rather than become involved in new and less intimate areas. There may be setbacks and complications on the job but even though he may worry that he is making no progress whatsoever still he must bide his time and work hard. He is advised to become more aware of his conversations so as to avoid leaking confidential intelligence which will lead to endless problems and bitter regrets. The Tiger’s earning abilities this year will be mediocre. Instead of planning on making more money, it might be more realistic for him to cut back on his overhead and to organize his more substantial purchases carefully as well as keep track of his overall financial position. The existence of the unlucky star “Gradual Drain” in his heavens is a sign of financial loss and hardship in obtaining money. The Tiger should not expose his assets to others lest he tempt Fate and be robbed of them. Circumstances will be at their lowest during the first three lunar months and the last two lunar months of the year. This is a rough period for the Tiger’s health due to the presence of the unlucky star “Deadly Spell.” It warns of gastrointestinal problems and complications arising in the liver and gall bladder, particularly in the first four lunar months of the year, so he would be well advised to avoid drinking or smoking as these activities will sap his energy. The seemingly immense and numerous problems that beset the Tiger this year can be solved because help will come at the last moment from unexpected places or newfound friends. He will be meeting and impressing many people, especially those connected with his work or interest who will be able to help him a lot. In particular, people born in the year of the Horse or in the year of the Dog will be able to give him further encouragement and assistance. Lady Tiger is enjoying optimal relations with her spouse and family, but needs to look out for household safety, theft and fire hazards. This is an especially excellent time for young ladies born in the year of the Tiger to become romantically involved with the opposite sex as relationships begun this year have the potential to mature into a lifelong association. Young Tigers are in a low state and can’t seem to concentrate at school. They must apply themselves to their studies or else risk falling dangerously behind their classmates. Although they feel isolated they still must break out of their shells and push themselves to reach out to others. The Tiger’s domestic and social life will see much activity, but throughout the year he does need to consult others and listen closely to their views. He should refrain from pushing too hard to get his own way or else he could encounter even more resistance and more delays from the uncompromising Rooster. Favorable directions for Tigers this year are Northeast, North and Southeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Southwest and the South. Beneficial colors for the Tiger this year are yellow, red and orange. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are white and grey. His lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

The Rabbit

Fiercely anti-militarist, the general martial tone of the Rooster influence irritates the Rabbit’s fine sensibilities, and he is not at all happy. Unfortunately, this being the Rooster’s year the Rabbit is said to have offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese, in addition to having many unlucky stars currently afflicting his life chart, such as “Disastrous Threat.” This predicts a multitude of predicaments and changes in his business environment, and if he can’t keep up with the unstable developments he will be wiped out. When it comes to work matters concentration, flexibility and self-discipline are key. He must do his utmost without cutting corners and especially must not become involved in any illegalities due to the existence of the unlucky star “Gaol House” in his chart; right now he could easily incur a lawsuit or find himself facing incarceration which would destroy his reputation for years to come. The critical and irritating Rooster brings difficult times for the Rabbit, as he finds his money dwindling away and encounters setbacks that could be costly and bring debt. The unlucky star “Huge Drain” predicts that he must remain vigilant and thorough when dealing with financial matters, especially when taking on new commitments, or else suffer a punishing loss. This is not a year for risks, spending beyond his means or giving money matters insufficient attention. The concurrence of the unlucky star “Iron Bars” in his chart portends a trend toward becoming involved in litigation which is likely to be quite costly. Money will not buy him happiness so either he must set aside his avarice or else experience being deprived of everything. Fiscal luck is lowest in the last three lunar months of the year so he has an opportunity now to set aside some money ahead of time to avoid falling into a monetary crisis later on. Hard work is foreseen, causing frustration and anger. All this stress will take its toll on the Rabbit’s health, causing him to endure a myriad of persistent minor illnesses. There is an increased possibility of him hurting himself in a fall from a height due to the existence of the unlucky star “Broken Down” so he must exercise caution especially when hiking or if he is in a mountain climbing situation. Headaches and sleeplessness can be reoccurring problems for him during this time. A practice of meditation or mindfulness is advised because pharmacological “solutions” will not be adequate in this case and indeed may cause a host of adverse secondary effects. Relationships are strained and it’s probably not a surprise that occasionally he finds it difficult to cope with other people. Sometimes the Rabbit feels lonely and abandoned with no love prospects, and any friendships he does have seem to be going nowhere, on the verge of collapse due to fundamental disagreements. He must put some real effort into liaisons that are important to him or else lose them to his considerable disappointment. However, despite the pressures, challenges and a need for care, the Rabbit will gain a great deal and will lay a valuable legacy for his future. Any training or study he undertakes will be very helpful to his subsequent prospects. He needs to keep putting himself forward and make the most of situations as they arise. It would be best for the Rabbit to seek modest goals this year, merge efforts with others and let them carry him through. People born in the year of the Dog will help him tremendously in his job, and if he cooperates sincerely with those born in the year of the Dragon together they can accomplish extraordinary developments. He needs to liaise closely with others and be forthcoming with his views. In potentially awkward or delicate situations, he would do well to watch his words carefully. Lady Rabbit’s relationship with her spouse is perplexing and family members are contentious. She must come up with a solution to the squabbles or else find herself full of regret. Financially, while she may hope for the best she should plan for the worst; she is in no position to invest in loans. Young ladies born in the year of the Rabbit are surprisingly argumentative this year and if they don’t take care they may find their love partner beating a permanent retreat and themselves heartbroken. Young Rabbits have a disturbing inclination toward idleness and weakness. They need an attitude correction and to have their attention redirected to their studies or else they will experience a precipitous fall in their scholastic scores. A reconsideration of their diet would be helpful as it is an important part of the equation, and they should take special care when hiking or climbing to avoid an injurious fall. The Rooster brings rules and regulations to the fore. He requires that we account for everything in detail, and this is very stressful for the retiring Rabbit. Favorable directions for Rabbits this year are Southeast, North and Northeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northwest or the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Rabbit this year are white, yellow and orange. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are blue and green. His lucky numbers are 3 and 6.

The Dragon

With the blessing of a multitude of lucky stars in his heavens, good fortune and prosperity will provide the Dragon with considerable opportunity, positive news, promotions, business success and the recovery of money given up for lost. This is a year for him to advance and make the most of his considerable talents. In 2017 fortune will certainly favor the bold. The influence of the lucky star “Crepe Myrtle” bestows a particularly level-headed rationality upon him that multiplies positive outcomes by a factor of two. Coupled with the lucky star “Jade Hall,” this suggests that achievement will come easily and that he will rise to the top of his class. However, the Rooster’s reign is far from quiet due to the presence of the unlucky star “Sudden Collapse” which hints that he could win and lose at the same time due to some small mistake he makes or a personal flaw. The Dragon must stay vigilant and be prepared to fend off hypocrites presaged by the coexistence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Threat.” He would benefit greatly from forthright alliances with people born in the year of the Ox because they complete him and and help him show and use the good qualities he has. Those born in the year of the Rat will help him immeasurably in efforts to achieve a promotion. His financial star is bright, with regular and risky income available in abundance. He must seize the moment and make hay while the sun shines. From time to time though he will experience unpredictability and volatility because of the influence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Obstacle.” Therefore he must be circumspect in his investments, sensitive to any sign of trouble, and know when to withdraw while speculating and betting or else chance losing everything in an instant. Financial fortune is most precarious in the lunar months of September and October. The Dragon must be prepared to perform well because he will have to shoulder more than his fair share of work. Although his efforts may lead to more income this year, he does need to manage his finances carefully and control his expenditures. He would find it helpful to save towards any major expense, including travel costs, and there could be some unanticipated monetary developments in the lunar month of September. There will be many chances to meet others and the Dragon’s social circle is set to grow. He should go out of his way to galvanize those around him at social events as he will receive much positive attention from the opposite sex. A special relationship flourishes this year and has the potential to develop into an enduring, life-long connection. His family life is smooth and he is able to recoup previous losses or make new influential friends, benefiting from the support and advice of those around him. The Dragon can turn bad luck into good with an advantageous communal relationship. At busy times he should, however, make sure his domestic life and personal interests do not suffer. With the hectic nature of the year, he does need to keep his lifestyle in balance. His health is full of ups and downs, particularly related to his gastrointestinal system, and his chart indicates that there is danger of injury in a fall from a height, burglary, and/or household fire. Lady Dragon revels in outstanding rapport with her spouse and finds it easy to hit it off with others this year. Her health is spotty, however and she should pay closer attention to everyday home safety. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Dragon find it easy to be smitten with love and delirious with strong emotions but must restrain themselves or else suffer anxiety from rumors of promiscuity. Young Dragons hit the bull’s eye scholastically with very little effort now but they can become big-headed in the process. Despite their inflated egos, they enjoy good rapport with their contemporaries and classmates, but will need to exercise caution regarding illnesses entering through the mouth. If the Dragon is able to take constructive criticism and accept assistance from others, he will shine just like the resplendent Rooster. Favorable directions for Dragons this year are East, North, Southwest and Southeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northwest and the West. Beneficial colors for the Dragon this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are grey and green. His lucky numbers are 2 and 9.

The Snake

The Rooster year holds much potential, but the Snake will need to make the most of his ideas, often original approach and the chances that arise. This is a year for purposeful, quick action. He will be rewarded for his patience, composure and past perseverance. Although the Snake may meet with many disappointments due to multiple unlucky stars in this year’s chart with no beneficial stars to compensate, the Rooster will provide him with ample opportunity to prove his expertise and the Snake should be able to meet the challenges well. Unlucky star “White Tiger” warns of extraordinary rivalries that must be managed delicately to escape being eradicated. Another unlucky star, “Point at the Back” predicts people saying unkind things about the Snake when he’s not present, therefore he must not panic when dealing with disagreements and rumormongers but act virtuously and allow the scandal to iron out on its own. When it comes to his job progress, the Snake will find allies in people born in the year of the Ox. His efforts will be more than doubled if he can sincerely work together with people born in the year of the Monkey. Family expenses, travel and other commitments could hit him hard at the beginning and end of the year, so he needs to watch his expenditures and save money in advance to help through the rough patches ahead. He could find it productive to regularly review his position. Some modifications too could make a difference. The Snake will have to work hard this year while expecting to see very little progress financially, and pressuring others will make no change in the outcome. He certainly should avoid gambling, investing in new businesses or buying property. His health could be better but his concerns this year will be primarily food hygiene and lifestyle adjustments. There is a trend toward some respiratory problems or heart complications so he should explore therapy or medical care at the first sign of a minor illness before the ailment escalates. He is distracted now and therefore has an inclination toward random setbacks and trifling calamities. When traveling he should be aware of his surroundings, stay away from dodgy areas, and abstain from bluster if he finds himself in a dangerous situation. It feels as if he is surrounded by busybodies and tattlers this year but the Snake must remain gracious, handle them with discretion and learn how to give these people their space. Domestically, this is an contentious time with his love partner and a moment to better master his emotions. Lady Snake must resolve as soon as possible scandals precipitated by gossip which cause much friction in her family. Her household budget is at a low point so savings must be set aside for extra expenses sure to crop up this year. She is advised to take good care of her heart and liver. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Snake should practice giving others a break and to not be so combative with their friends and lovers or they will be left all alone. It’s almost impossible for young Snakes to concentrate and therefore they have problems gaining any traction at school and in their classes. They must put more effort into their studies to compensate for it. They may find themselves in the middle of brawls and squabbles but it would be sensible for them to eschew their manipulative ways and not react hastily or the situation will escalate. Some fine family occasions will mean a great deal to him. New friends are likely to be helpful and sincere at this time. However, the Snake does need to remain attentive to others and careful when expressing his views, and in particular must keep his wits about him during the latter half of the lunar year. Favorable directions for Snakes this year are West, North and Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the South or the Northwest. Beneficial colors for the Snake this year are black, blue and green. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are red and yellow. His lucky numbers are 1 and 5.

The Horse

All goes well for the Horse-born in this harmonious yet demanding Rooster year, with good tidings at home but some slight disturbances in his career. Multiple lucky stars in his heavens indicate a good period for accomplishing his life’s plans and going all out in a drive for success. While progress may not be easy, by making a sustained effort and rising to the challenge he will learn a great deal. Experience gained now can have long-term benefits. In setting about his tasks in his usual committed way and taking advantage of the chances to learn and add to his skills, the Horse will not only impress others but also do his future prospects a lot of good. The lucky star “Blessing Virtue” in his chart foretells advice and encouragement from a protector that will further increase his already good fortune. The Horse will excel now at attracting all kinds of income to himself, not only through his employment and gambling, but at the moment he has a knack for speculative investments too. He may be offered a position as a business partner. His luck with money is particularly outstanding towards the end of the year when he will gain an unexpected windfall from small bets placed while wagering. Since this will be an expensive year, he would do well to manage his resources carefully and take his time with more costly purchases or transactions. With travel well aspected, the Horse could find it helpful to set something aside for holidays and breaks. Home life is stable and problems are not overwhelming but they may slow his progress and he will tend to get upset too easily. Although he has independent tendencies, this year he really will gain a great deal by involving others in his plans and activities. Their support and help can make a big difference to how well he fares. People born in the year of the Dog will be of tremendous assistance in his career advancement, and forthright alliances with people born in the year of the Tiger allow him to achieve more than twice the results he could expect on his own. However, he will need to exercise discretion and tact in his speech and refrain from criticizing others due to the existence of the unlucky star “Tongues Wag” in his chart, or otherwise he will attract trouble and gossips to himself while spoiling his own future. The concurrent presence of the unlucky star “Pool of Indulgence” warns against becoming insatiable for gains or too carried away in inordinate alcohol consumption and erotic pleasures; both his health and his pocketbook could become poorer under its influence. He is at risk for communicable diseases toward the end of Spring and beginning of Summer so needs to avoid visiting places of contagion. The unlucky star “Funeral Gown” advises not only his close attention to the health problems and household safety of aging family members, but the Horse himself should take special care when traveling after dark and stay away from unlit, vacant backstreets. Socially, this will be a promising year with many amusing diversions and meeting others who share similar interests can result in some important new friendships. The Horse will obtain assistance from the women in his life in 2017 due to the beneficence of the lucky star “Pink Phoenix.” Love is in the air and he will hit it off with someone on the same wavelength, with a strong chance of this developing into a long-term relationship. Lady Horse enjoys optimal rapport with her spouse and her family but must stay away from the rumormongers or suffer needlessly from their gossip. She needs to take good care of her elderly family members. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Horse will enjoy a blissful relationship now that in all probability will lead to the altar. Young Horses are like information magnets during this period with the ability to outshine the rest of their classmates if they apply themselves fully and enthusiastically. However, they need to watch their big mouths in front of their teachers and during class meetings as the gossips are ready to pounce and will make their lives an endless misery. Their health is on an even keel but they should be aware that they have an inclination toward infectious ailments right now. There will be many opportunities and the Horse should seize them to develop his fortune, career, health, and love. This would be a felicitous time for him to change his job or bankroll a new business startup. The Horse hates working with the Rooster looking over his shoulder; hence, his overall performance will suffer from too much supervision and too many restrictions. But if he can weather the storm, the Horse stands to benefit from the harvest the Rooster year brings. Favorable directions for Horses this year are the North, the Northwest and the Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the Northeast or the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Horse this year are orange, red and purple. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are grey and green. His lucky numbers are 4 and 8.

The Sheep

The Rooster’s year could be entertaining but expensive for the Sheep. He will have many demands on his resources, particularly in view of some of the plans he has for his accommodations, and should cut his expenses and budget accordingly. His fortune is minimal at the moment due the presence of many unlucky stars in his heavens with no lucky stars to counterbalance them. This is a year when caution, good planning and control can make a difference. Because he dislikes hard work and responsible accounting for how time and money are spent, he would love to live a “Bohemian” year, waiting until it’s all over. However, this is a year to advance and the Sheep would do well to put himself forward, make the most of his skills and follow up any opportunities which would further his position. For some this can be a year for setting their career off to a positive new path, when effort, determination and good planning will pay off. However, the existence of the malevolent star “Leopard’s Tail” in his chart foretells considerable adversity from superiors that stresses him out and prevents him from doing his job to the best of his ability. He is advised to avoid attracting attention to himself, lay low and assiduously beaver away. The coexistence of the unlucky star “Dog of Heaven” presages that fate is problematic and mercurial with surprising evolution. He must keep a weather eye open and be prepared to accommodate the changes. What is accomplished in 2017 can often have long-term significance. Fortune is worst mid-year when he should deal especially carefully with business affairs, with his financial fortune in particular being very low during the last two months of the year. His health is poor with a tendency to work himself into a state of exhaustion, and his liver is susceptible to endemic disease. He must see a doctor and seek treatment at the first signs of slight illness or any changes in his well-being, and practice preventative medicine. The Sheep should also guard against being too sensitive to criticism or harboring grudges as he may be faced with irritating disputes or petty conflicts at home. Over the year the Sheep will be well supported by his family, friends and colleagues, but he does need to be forthcoming with his plans and ideas, and not spend too much time alone. People born in the year of the Horse will be of immeasurable help to him in his career, and those born in the year of the Pig are perfect allies as each fulfills the other. Problems seem to magnify themselves during the year of the Rooster, and if they arise he would do well to deal with them early and effectively, before they start to undermine his good relationships and make him feel resigned and helpless. The Sheep must keep his wits about him and retain his sense of humor. Lady Sheep must handle her household budget assiduously or else suffer grim losses. Her marriage relations are so-so therefore she should practice being more mindful of her spouse. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Sheep are indifferent and unapproachable now; though they might be tempted to force the situation still they will be unable to kindle a passion in the opposite sex but must resign themselves to fate. Young Sheep have no drive when it comes to their studies, and are experiencing a setback getting along with others. They must correct this tendency immediately or suffer a precipitous fall in their grades. In addition, they are warned to keep an eye out for trauma from insects or reptiles while on hikes or out in nature. This is, however, a fine year for widening his social circle and also an excellent time to develop his personal interests. He should not try to please everyone, but comply passively, watch his finances very carefully, and be careful to not attract criticism. The favorable directions for Sheep this year are the Southeast, the Southwest and the Northeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the East and the North. Beneficial colors for the Sheep this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are white and black. His lucky numbers are 2 and 4.

The Monkey

The Rooster could usher in a moderate but stable year for the Monkey’s undertakings, containing many fine opportunities for the Monkey to make important advances in his career. But because he has more unlucky stars than lucky stars in his heavens, he must be vigilant; he cannot afford to be headstrong or cavalier because the odds are he will suffer a setback from which he will not recover. He is advised to take a path of cautious mindfulness which will quiet his apprehension and misgivings. This is a year when effort and determination will be rewarded. By using his skills well and acting upon the chances that come his way, he can accomplish a great deal. Career-wise, the existence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Official Spell” in his chart foretells a propensity towards inciting crooks and tricksters to create problems in his life in addition to a strong chance of him becoming drawn into a lawsuit. The simultaneous existence of the unlucky star “God of Death” threatens low energy and an inability to knuckle down at work to the point where he may lose all motivation to perform and find himself under a malevolent influence. He has to straighten out his mental outlook and stay away from bad company or this will have a sizable impact on his future business prospects. The first two months of the lunar new year are beset with ambiguity and require heightened care when dealing with business matters. People born in the year of the Rat will be of great assistance in his career. He also can achieve twice the results he otherwise would expect in an alliance with those born in the year of the Dragon. He will find the extra money he needs and have the right contacts to push his plans through. But the Rooster is critical and demanding, and under his influence, the Monkey must work and pay attention to details. Since this will be an expensive year, especially regarding plans for the home, this may be a time for the Monkey to carefully watch his finances and be more frugal and conservative, which is challenging for him. A disturbing prospect of incurring a tremendous amount of medical bills exists in his chart. He needs to avoid unnecessary risks, giving out loans, making investments or being lax in financial matters. The extra care and attention will be worthwhile. Friends, family and romantic ties tend to get complicated as the Monkey tries to juggle work and play but he will enjoy both his domestic and social life. He needs to be a little less self-centered or his friends will shun him and cause him to repent his egotistical ways. For the unattached, romance could beckon this year and on the surface there appear to be many choices, but it’s not a good time to become involved since it’s difficult to commence a sincere connection that will last with the opposite sex. The Monkey must slow down or he will have health problems and find himself exhausted and overextended from his many commitments. The presence of the unlucky star “Illness Spell” predicts him being troubled by sickness and depression unless he is more conscientious about his cleanliness and hygiene; he also needs to calm down and stay positive. His heart’s health is at risk and blood pressure is worrisome therefore he should not act so intense. He also should be forthcoming with his ideas, listen to his superiors and respect their authority, otherwise they could give him trouble. If he overcomes his more independent tendencies others will be better able to help and advise him. Lady Monkey must not be careless with her health or else suffer many nagging illnesses and infections. She is out-of-sorts with others and combative with her spouse so should make an effort to iron out these problems. Under no circumstances should she give out loans this year. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Monkey want their relationship to work out but the time still isn’t right so they should learn to relinquish it gracefully. Young Monkeys are in poor health and anxiety-ridden now, which can have an adverse effect on their grades. It’s important that they take better care of themselves or both their health and studies will take a nosedive. They have a predisposition towards a brooding narcissism that is off-putting to their friends and classmates. They need an attitude adjustment to benefit from the positive energies of their companions. In the Rooster’s year one must not underestimate one’s opponents or overestimate one’s profits. Favorable directions for Monkeys this year are Southeast, Southwest and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the West or the North. Beneficial colors for the Monkey this year are white, yellow and purple. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are blue and grey. His lucky numbers are 2 and 9.

The Rooster

Rooster Photo by Ashes Sitoula

A changeable year with peaks and valleys is in store for the Rooster. Unfortunately, this being the Rooster’s year he is said to have offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese, in addition to having various unlucky stars currently afflicting his life chart, such as “Heavenly Weeping.” This augers controversies cropping up midyear that can frustrate work advancement unless he does the utmost to improve his business relationships and handles his clients with kid gloves, all while practicing the art of semi-visibility. The Rooster must be vigilant and bide his time or else he could suffer a substantial financial loss. Careful management and control of his monetary situation is called for. This is a time for him to be practical, not act in haste or be too impulsive. Under no circumstances should he take out new loans, invest in unproven securities or indulge in gambling or he will be a big loser. Near the end of the year there is a penchant for thievery and larceny so he is advised to stash his valuables in a protected place and ensure that his home and office area are secure. His health is mediocre and he needs more rest and relaxation to avoid straining himself and becoming ill. The coexistence of the unlucky stars “Sword Edge” and “Lying Corpse” portend a propensity toward being cut or injured along with concerns for the health and domestic protection of his family. Safety must come first and foremost. Because he has a natural tendency to become self-centered, the Rooster should be more thoughtful toward his family, friends and peers, and improve his communication skills or else suffer many disputes and risk a future in isolation. Due to the beneficent influence of the lucky star, “Commander’s Saddle,” things improve at the end of the year when bold, positive action will be well rewarded — and it falls upon the Rooster to act. With determination, he can make a splendid comeback, find love and romance, and prove his adversaries wrong. He could also be blessed with a certain amount of good fortune, solve his problems with relative ease, and benefit from the support of influential or powerful people who think highly of him. Lady Hen has a weakness for arguing with her mate this year and if she isn’t careful the relationship could turn acrimonious. She should focus her attentions on the family budget and keep an eye out for burglars. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Rooster need to abandon trying to force a love connection to happen, and instead trust to Fate to provide a suitable love partner. Pursuing love too vigorously will repel potential sweethearts. Young Roosters have a hard time concentrating at school and an impulse toward inadvertent accidents. They must exercise caution particularly during extracurricular activities. The Rooster will find himself much in demand, with others often seeking his views and advice. However, in return, he will gain much from the support they can give. Any interests and activities he is able to share can lead to some pleasing occasions. This is also a good year for romance and making new friendships. Because he is such a magnet for controversy, he may still be involved in petty disputes, but he will emerge from them without too much damage provided he does not carry his bravado to an extreme. Thankfully, affairs are under control, order reigns and the Rooster rises in glory. Favorable directions for Roosters this year are the North, the Southwest and the Southeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the East and the South. Beneficial colors for the Rooster this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are green and grey. His lucky numbers are 4 and 6.

The Dog

The Dog will see a great improvement in his fortunes this year due to the beneficence of the lucky star “The Sun,” and if he takes advantage of the moment he can achieve huge gains. However, the unlucky star “Black Cloud” is also attendant which augers the presence of tricksters, so he should lay low to avoid attracting their attention and triggering future adversity. If he keeps his eyes on the prize and applies himself he will be sure to shoot to the top as the lucky star “Commander’s Saddle” is in his heavens. Promotions, fame and prosperity await him! However, the higher he strives and the more he gains, the bigger a target he becomes. He must not let success go to his head and become too full of himself or else he will alienate much-needed allies and friends. This could be a difficult year so it is not the best time for him to go at it alone. He should seek out partners born in the year of the Ox and the year of the Horse to help him at work; together they can accomplish much more as their energies are integral. This is a profitable period financially with an abundance of investment income from various sources. Because the emphasis on material success and achievement runs counter to his core values, the Dog should not get too greedy and fixated on money or he may lose it all and then some. He must learn to discriminate between the good people and the bad characters in his life, and refrain from being too trusting of others’ motives, particular in the lunar months of March and July. The unlucky star “Swallowed Up” forecasts a bounty of riches for the Dog native but an inclination toward people looting his money. Financial matters will require careful attention and risk should be avoided. Where possible, the Dog will find it helpful to make early provision for some of his larger expenditures as well as budget for his various commitments. He could encounter minor problems with health, romance, government or superiors that, while petty, are still very irritating. Insomnia and migraines beleaguer him, and he has a tendency to smoke and drink a little too much. He may fall into a depression unless he shares his ideas with others and listens carefully to any advice given. In each problematical situation he should watch his words very carefully. The spring and summer bring a risk of communicable diseases and he would do well to be alert to his food sanitation and preventative medicine during this time. He is in danger of falling from a height during the lunar month of March. Emotionally this can be a difficult period due to the presence of the unlucky star “Sky Emptiness”; the Dog feels capricious and mercurial when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. He needs to exercise control over his agitated mental state and allow the affair to develop naturally. Although it will be a difficult year and not conducive to major changes, its rewards can be significant. The Rooster will compensate the hardworking Dog, but not without criticism and unwanted advice. Friends are not too helpful or understanding this year and the Dog finds he cannot get things done without interference. Still, he must persevere and overlook the faults of others in order to maintain harmony. By being flexible in outlook and making the most of his chances, he can do himself much good. The Dog could find opportunities for advancement through education or specialized training. A lot will be gained by working closely with others and building up contacts, and he may find that his personal interests also can help to put him in touch with others. Lady Dog will receive unforeseen riches from risky investments but needs to know when to pull out. She is feeling sentimental and melodramatic which can make life difficult between her and her spouse. Young ladies born in the Year of the Dog are warned against becoming too self-indulgent and overemotional. Young Dogs are quick to learn and make good headway at school if they can only concentrate in the midst of their bewildering thoughts and feelings. Until they have all the facts, they should just relax and be happy. During the year the Dog will do much to help and support loved ones, and his thoughtfulness and attentiveness will be much appreciated. What is accomplished now can prove very useful in following years. Progress is slow but sure, and the Dog will be able to achieve his goals only after some struggle. Favorable directions for Dogs this year are Southwest, Northwest and Northeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Southeast and the West. Beneficial colors for the Dog this year are brown, red and grey. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are black and white. His lucky numbers are 3 and 4.

The Pig

The colorful Rooster brings a busy and possibly controversial year for the Pig. Due to the influence of the unlucky star “Earthly Conflict,” he will find himself repressed in some situations and cast out in others. If he cannot resolve this quickly he will be stymied in his work progress. The unlucky star “God of Loneliness” in his chart suggests a lack of focus at work with many interruptions. He may find himself enticed into illegal activities that could decimate his future prospects. He must endeavor to be more versatile in tailoring his approach to unstable circumstances at his job. Career help can be forthcoming through those born in the year of the Ox, and together they will achieve work goals much faster. The Pig’s domestic scene is calm but his advancement will be curtailed or interrupted by little problems that are magnified and blown out of proportion by the interference of others. Business rewards and financial prosperity result from the Pig’s dedicated work if he applies himself this year, but since speculative income is unpredictable he is advised to steer clear of betting and unsafe investments. The greater his financial control, the better off he will be. If he must lend money to a new business venture, it is best to do it in the beginning of the lunar year since his financial fortune is at its worst during the last two months. The workaholic Rooster can be demanding and critical, and his year will be tough on any Pig who is sensuous or indulgent, or who chafes under regimentation and tight-fisted supervision. The Pig likes to work hard and play hard but prefers to do so according to his own schedule. Unfortunately, the Rooster brings him a very full and varied timetable. To benefit, he does need to act upon his ideas and opportunities as well as use his strengths and personal qualities to good effect. By efficient use of his skills, adding to his contacts, discussing his ideas and being forthcoming, he will be helped in a great many ways, and with a positive approach he can achieve a great deal. His mental and physical health is ambiguous due to the existence of the malevolent star “Funeral’s Door” in his chart, which indicates an inclination toward accidental setbacks. He should ensure that the environment in which he prepares his food is kept clean and hygienic, pay closer attention to what he eats, and avoid traveling in dangerous areas. To improve his relationships at home and at work, he must calm his turbulent emotions and not be so inflexible. Socially and romantically, this can be a pleasant time, and with his amiable and outgoing nature, the Pig will often make the most of the many fine social occasions the year will bring. However, family members and lovers will not be as understanding or as helpful as the Pig would wish. Patience may be required concerning the problems of others. It is best to be sympathetic, but not become overly involved. Lady Pig should act more loving toward her spouse and be quick to resolve any discord between them. She needs to keep a close rein on the family budget. Young ladies born in the year of the Pig experience communication difficulties with their loved ones. They must reach out more frequently to them while practicing loving compassion to improve the relationship. Young piglets are enthusiastic and involved in a variety of extracurricular activities right now. However they should ensure that these new pursuits don’t interfere with their studies. They are forewarned to sidestep questionable companions who would lure them into dubious schemes. The Pig will spend a great deal of time and effort overcoming obstacles this year, and must patiently deal with negotiations that are complicated and prolonged. Thankfully, the Rooster will give credit where credit is due, and the Pig will be rewarded for his gallant efforts if he perseveres. Favorable directions for Pigs this year are the North, the Northwest and the Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Southeast and the Northeast. Beneficial colors for the Pig this year are yellow, brown and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2017. Colors to avoid are black and blue. His lucky numbers are 1 and 6.