Gods & Goddesses

Bronze has been used to cast objects since ancient times.  When skillfully employed, this simple alloy of copper and tin (sometimes with small additions of zinc or lead) will replicate a three-dimensional model with such exactness that details as subtle as the artist's fingerprints can be reproduced.  Further refinements are achieved by chasing, when the metal, which is relatively soft, is hammered and smoothed of imperfections and details are enhanced. Finally, the surface of a cast is heated and solutions of salts and acids are applied, resulting in a skin of color called the patina.

We look forward to providing you with quality statues at the best price. Supply is limited, and some are one-of-a-kind. Each god or goddess statue comes with an informative sheet with background on that particular deity. All prices include free shipping and handling within the continental United States on orders of $50 or more.

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