Kenya on Safari

Kenya is bounded on the north by Ethiopia and Sudan, on the west by Uganda, on the south by Tanzania, and on the east by Somalia and the Indian Ocean. More than two dozen national parks fall within Kenya's borders, making it the most popular safari destination in all of Africa. The Director of National Parks and Wildlife, the famed paleontologist, Dr. Richard Leaky, has done much to ensure that the parks are kept pristine and the poachers are kept out. Consequently, though Kenya's parks are the continent's most visited, they are also among the richest in natural beauty and wildlife.

  • Elephants on the move
  • Pink flamingos in Ngorongoro Crater
  • Elephant displays displeasure at our proximity to her infant
  • Still angry, she rushes toward us
  • She draws to a halt in front of our Land Rover ...
  • Off she goes ... and leaves in a huff!
  • Cape buffalo
  • End of the road for one more cape buffalo
  • The eagle claims the high ground
  • Egret picking pachyderm ticks
  • Zebras and wildebeests hang together for mutual advantage
  • Rowdy young male elephants must be avoided
  • Photogenic zebras
  • Giraffes trim the acacia trees near Lake Manyara
  • Large African stork strikes a pose
  • Wildebeest: the bison of Africa
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