Matcha Sets

Jyusen-gama matcha bowl set is a great gift for the tea drinker.  Crystalline glazes were first recorded in China around 960 AD and since 1972 Jyusen-gama has been using these glazes to create unique items.  The glaze allows crystals to grow when fired in a kiln and must be carefully monitored for temperature and time.

Each set comes in a Japanese paper covered gift box and includes:
  • matcha chawan - tea ceremony bowl, 4-3/4" diameter x 2-3/4" height 
  • chashaku - bamboo tea scoop, 7-1/4" length by 3/8" width
  • chasen - 80 count bamboo tea whisk, 2-3/8" diameter x 4-1/8" height
  • natsume - black lacquer container w/cover, for storing matcha, 2-5/8" diameter x 2-5/8" height

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