1st Grade High Mountain

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This vintage Winter 2015 premium tea from north-central Taiwan is 25 percent oxidized to retain a greener character.  It is known for its complex flavor, golden-green colored liquor, and exquisite lilac-scented bouquet. Use 5g (1 generous teaspoon) dry leaves per 6 ounces spring water heated to a temperature of 80° to 90° C. (180° to 195° F.) and multiple short steepings.
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Matthew Strebe
I am unsure if I would take this tea with me if I were to meet God, but it would be a candidate. The tea pours a slightly pale gold liquor, with the delicate, sweet aroma of fresh lilac emanating from the cup. Upon the first sip, it becomes rapidly apparent that this is no ordinary tea. It tastes sweet, almost as if it has been bolstered with cane sugar, and ends in the same way: perfectly, with no bitter aftertaste or astringency. High Mountain is truly an exquisite tea, and is worthy of anyone's attention. I infused it with 85 degree Celsius purified water for a little over three minutes, as that is when the flavor seemed to reach its peak (I tested it every minute for five minutes). Your tea drinking experience is not complete without trying this. The $8.00 sample is worth it, and any reservations you had about the price tag will evaporate when you take your first sip. Don't pass this up.
Shane Mcpherson
If I had a choice of a few teas to bring with me on my journey to heaven, this would definitely be one of them. I would sit with god and converse about this phenomenal tea, pondering the wonderful process of nature and how things work in harmony. What do I mean by this? This tea apparently is grown near the tree of lilac and it is very apparent. What do you receive from this tea? Wow, beautiful color, the scent of fresh spring lilac, and a taste that will put you on a hillside under the sun, immersed in the spring breeze. Needless to say that I love this tea and I would go out of my way, regardless of time or money to achieve it. Do yourself a favor and purchase this tea, in fact this is much more than tea, this is an experience. I mean hey, if this tea is good enough for me to take as an offering to god, how much do you think that you will enjoy it? Blessings


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