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In response to numerous requests, we have organized our exotic offerings into the following text-based Master Catalogs:
Green, White, and Jasmine Teas
Oolong, Black, and Pu-erh Teas
Chinese and Taiwanese Teapots
Japanese Teapots
Tea Accessories
Inspired Gifts
Water Fountains
Gods and Goddesses
Incense and Incense Burners

Alternately, we also have organized all our products into the following thumbnail photograph-based catalogs:
Rare Teas Catalog
  China Green Teas
  Ceylon Green Teas
  Japan Green Teas
  Nepalese Green Teas
  Scented Green Teas
  White Teas
  Yellow Teas
  Jasmine and Floral Teas
  Oolong Teas
  Black Teas
  Scented Black Tea
  Blended Teas
  Pu-erh Teas
  Organic Teas
  Decaffeinated Teas
  Tea Sampler Gifts
Teapot Catalog
  Yixing Ware Teapots
  Chinese Jade Teapots
  Taiwanese Teapots
  Japanese Tetsubin
  Japanese Ceramic Teapots and Tea Ware
  Japanese Ceramic Ware
Tea Accessories Catalog
  Cups and Gaiwans
  Trivets and Coasters
  Tea Containers and Strainers
  Trays and Tea Sinks
  Rosewood Stands and Curio Shelves
  Accessories for Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony)
  Electric Hot Water Pots
Inspired Gifts Catalog
  Bamboo Mahogany Chest Sets
  Jade Bowls and Plates
  Jade Gaiwan Cups
  Tea Samplers
  Books on Tea and Tea Ceramics
  Ikebana Ceramics and Supplies
  Greeting Card Boxes with 12 Cards
Fountain Catalog
  Natural Rock Fountains
  Hand-carved Slate Fountains
  Water Basins
  Water Fountain Accessories
  Books on Feng Shui
Gods and Goddesses Catalog
  Quan Yin
Incense and Incense Burners Catalog
  Indian Incense
  Japanese Incense
  Premium Japanese Incense
  Korean Incense
  Premium Korean Incense
  Incense Burners

Upon discovering something of interest, click on the hyperlink to view a photograph and detailed description of the item.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Holy Mountain Trading Company!

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