Year of the Monkey Predictions


February 8, 2016 is a new moon and New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4713 and a Year of the Red Fire Monkey or Chì Huǒ Hóu (赤 火 猴).


The monkey is the ninth in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Sheep and the next will be Rooster. The last Year of the Monkey began on January 22, 2004 and ended on February 8, 2005. The next Year of the Monkey will begin on January 26, 2028 and end on February 12, 2029.


The Monkey is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the ninth of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the Shen Branch, and is active, yang and male. It is the emblem of ebullient curiosity and creative energy, is known as the Innovator of the cycle and its key phrase is: “I think “. Metal is his fixed element and yellow is his color. The Monkey represents the month of August, the Summer season, and the west-southwest direction. Leo is the Monkey’s Western astrological counterpart. The hours between 3 P.M. and 5 P.M. are ruled by the Monkey, and people born during these two hours are said to have a Monkey ascendant. They will have many of the same characteristics as this sign, be able to establish close ties with the natives of this group and share a lot in common with them.

Fabulous Monkey is unlike any other animal of the Taoist zodiac, a daring hero who is much loved and celebrated. Many Taoist folktales recall this clever trickster’s abilities, and crafty Monkey even found a way into great religious literature. The Ramayana, a Hindu epic, tells of the brave Monkey hero Hanuman, a devotee of Rama (an incarnation of the god Vishnu), whom he fearlessly served in battle. Hanuman is honored all over Asia — in China, southeast Asia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The famous Buddhist novel Xi You Ji (Journey to the West, also translated as The Monkey King), tells of a magical Monkey who assisted a holy monk on a pilgrimage westward to obtain the Sacred Books of the Buddhist religion. This story is so popular in China it has been included as one of the four Books of Wonder in Chinese literature. The story reveals the typical positive and negative characteristics of a Monkey individual.

One special magical Monkey, Sun Wukong, was born from a stone with supernatural abilities and soon was crowned king of the Monkeys. This magical Monkey was smart but overconfident of his tricks. He was so fearless and arrogant that he even challenged Buddha. He bet that Buddha would never be able to catch him. Sun Wukong jumped on a cloud and traveled to a place thousands of miles away. When he came upon a five-peaked mountain, he took a rest. While he happily congratulated himself for outsmarting Buddha, the five mountain peaks suddenly turned into Buddha’s five fingers and snared him in their grasp.

To teach this wild, magical Monkey humbleness and selflessness, Buddha requested that Monkey accompany a monk to India to bring the Buddhist sutras (teachings) back to western China. During the journey west, the magical Monkey experienced many adventures, including his fearless battle against the evil bull king, ruler of the underworld, who tried to stop the monk. Due to the events of this journey, the magical Monkey learned to turn his quick wit into wisdom and his rebellious character into leadership skills and courage.

Upon his successful return, Buddha deified the Monkey, conferring upon him the august title of “the Great Sage equal to Heaven.” The birthday of “His Excellency, the Holy King,” is believed to occur on the twenty-third of the second Chinese month, when his majesty is specially worshiped by men from all classes of society. The Monkey is believed to have the general control of hobgoblins, witches, elves, etc. It is also supposed to be able to bestow health, protection, and success on mankind, if not directly, indirectly, by keeping away malicious spirits or goblins. Hence the sick, or the unsuccessful, worship the monkey in order to obtain its kind offices in driving away or preventing the evil influences of various imaginary spirits or powers. Though worshiped to some extent by the Buddhists, the Monkey is commonly regarded as the hallmark of trickery.

In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Monkey is very intelligent, hyperactive and strong-minded. He represents the unfettered mind freed from inhibitions and guilt. Relieving himself from the heavy burdens of a touchy conscience, the Monkey type will not hesitate to test his theories, experiment and think the unthinkable. In his domain, everything is possible. What is difficult, he could do right away; what is impossible may take a little longer. Inquisitive and at times irritating smug, he will have his nose and fingers stuck into everything. The confident Monkey type likes to call the shots and oversee the entire game plan which, by the way, he designed. Carefully prodding, redesigning and fine-tuning situations to his satisfaction, he is not beyond scrapping the entire project and starting from scratch if he suddenly has a better idea. He will amaze and confound people with his agile mind and infinite resourcefulness. The Monkey personality is a wonderful conversationalist. He is a veritable storehouse of knowledge and trivia and his appealing sense of humor and quick wit are indispensable to any team.

On the negative side, the Monkey person has an inborn superiority complex. As a result, he doesn’t have enough respect for others. Or rather, from his point of view, he has too much respect for himself. He can be remarkably selfish, egotistic and vain. There is also a jealous streak in him that surfaces every time someone gets a promotion or something he does not have. He is extremely competitive, but good at concealing his feelings and planning his cunning moves. In the pursuit of money, success or power, the Monkey’s prowess is unbeatable. He cannot resist the urge to tip the scales in his own favor now and then. He also may be quick to snap up a good offer or take advantage of any brief moment of weakness that he notices in others. Feeling no remorse for his actions, he will manipulate situations to his benefit and maneuver himself into the best positions if he can. Monkey sees himself, not as an opportunist, but as a vigilant survivalist. He is constantly on the lookout for knowledge or experience, so no one should deny him his just rewards.

The male Monkey sees himself as the hub of his own world, a law unto himself. His vitality and stamina are legendary. He is usually good-looking and has the self-confidence to use it to devastating effect. He is very entertaining and quite agreeable around women, knowing exactly what to say and do with perfect timing. He is inventive and generous with his paramour, but alas! He also is temperamental, childish and stubborn, obdurate in his opinions and rarely open to other’s point of view. The Monkey needs a lot of room in his relationships. He is a notoriously difficult man to maneuver to the chapel but once he has committed himself to a relationship he makes a wonderful husband and will be eager to start a family. He is a devoted lifelong friend to those few people he trusts, and only shows his true self to those upon whom he can depend. He revels in helping people as he sees every problem as an opportunity to demonstrate his brilliance, in fact he is so eager that he often will offer his assistance without being asked. Because he enjoys a challenge he also likes to gamble, and is such a confident bluffer that he generally is successful at it. When his losing streak hits though, he makes himself scarce for weeks at a time, going over his figures and counting and itemizing his surviving cash.

The provocative female Monkey should never be underestimated. She is an ultra-competitive, thrilling lover who requires constant stimulation in a mate, has a lot of ups and downs in her relationships, and is wary when it comes to choosing her lifetime partner. However, once she has committed herself to marriage she will be a dutiful wife and mother. She is fun to be with, good with children and tends to have a large family. Efficient, inventive and accomplished, her thirst for knowledge facilitates proficiency in any undertaking she chooses. If a problem arises she will handle it herself independently. More forthright than the male Monkey, the Lady Monkey has the proficiency to always say the right word at the best moment, and is an expert at charming confidential information from others without revealing secrets of her own. She is a chic dresser and especially narcissistic about her coiffure, and although she is a nonconformist with numerous foibles, she attracts a multitude of admirers who cannot live without her ingenuity and finesse.

Due to his active lifestyle the Monkey’s health is generally good. From his point of view, he is too busy to waste time being sick. Although not the muscular type, he is athletic and retains a youthful appearance well into old age. However his energetic behavior can sometimes cause him excessive apprehension and agitation, requiring bed rest to restore his frayed nerves. This year requires that he must attend to his health more than he would normally as he will have a predisposition toward unexpected accidents during outdoor activities.

Since circadian rhythms are permanently affected by the season in which one is born, according to Chinese custom it is better for the Monkey to be born in the spring or summer because he will be well-fed and not have to work hard. Monkeys born in the autumn and winter tend to be more contemplative and focused on long-term goals as they have to keep their shoulder to the wheel to get ahead in the world. They aspire to be captains of their own destiny and will toil tirelessly to shine in their chosen field. It is believed that Monkeys born in the morning are more reserved than those born later in the day. Their hearts generally are more into their hobbies than their careers so it is important for them to find work early in a field that will continue to interest them throughout their lives. Although they have an active social life, paradoxically they have few close friends. Monkeys born at noon have the full complement of monkey characteristics: quick, conjecturing, enthusiastic and self-sufficient. They want it all and have the moxie to go for it. Monkeys born in the evening are said to be steadfast, charitable and impassioned. Due to their reputation for dependability, they are able to muster assistance from others whenever they need it. They are up-and-comers who often experience a rough start in life but have tremendous potential to mature to an improved status if they hearken to the hard lessons learned in their youth.

The first phase of the Monkey’s life will be a lovingly happy one. He creates his own good fortune by attracting influential people with his sunny disposition. Unfortunately the second phase of the Monkey’s life is more challenging as he explores the limits of his mischievous and inquisitive nature by venturing into the realm of razzle-dazzle and chicanery. He has an innate talent for effortlessly evaluating others and often uses it to his advantage, playing shrewd games with the opposite sex to achieve his own ends. Although his paramours may be overawed by his warmth and apparent spontaneity, still they can’t help but feel manipulated which results in a complicated love life. The Monkey’s lazy, egocentric attitude makes problems for him at this stage too although he would prefer not to admit it, and he may feel upset and confused. A Monkey is born to experience existence in all of its variety, and there will be plenty of adventures to fascinate him. If he is able to meditate upon the direction he has taken and accept a level of understanding and enlightenment that will help him to accomplish his goals, the third phase of the Monkey’s life will be one of harmony and contentment wherein he leads a simple, prosaic life.

As the Monkey is ruled by the element of Metal, the Chinese and Japanese believe that those born in the year of the Metal Monkey (which occurs every 60 years; the last Metal Monkey year was 1980 and the next will be in 2040) will have an unquenchable appetite for financial freedom that leads them to own their own businesses or to secure additional capital from outside sources. The Metal Monkey is a strong-willed, intelligent warrior who is passionate and outspoken in his close relationships, even somewhat theatrical at times. An innovator with a creative bent that leans toward the active and practical, he is a tireless worker who can sell anyone anything. When negatively influenced he has a tendency to be overly aggressive, materialistic and egotistical with loyalties granted only to the favored few who can benefit him. He doesn’t want anyone’s help and is more than capable of ensuring his own well-being. He is a wise investor and speculator who usually ends up on top. His untiring capacity for self-improvement is truly admirable.

Monkey people make perfect friends, companions and business partners with fellow Monkeys as well as with Rats and Dragons, who are within their triangle of affinity. Performance- and progress-oriented, these signs are adept at handling matters with initiative and innovation. Full of dynamic energy and ambitious, they can be restless and short-tempered when hindered or forced to be unoccupied. They get along famously because they possess a common way of doing things and will appreciate each other’s way of thinking.

The Ox, the Snake and the Rooster are able to work well with the Monkey ranging from modest to good, depending on how much they need each other’s skills and provided they are not turned off by his occasional high-handedness and argumentative ways. The Rabbit, the Sheep and the Pig need a bit of time to appreciate him as a friend but do eventually as they often need the superior wits of the Monkey, but these peaceful and sensitive types may not welcome the accompanying controversial ideas and unconventional solutions. They must understand that the Monkey type does not like to do things the old traditional way and may turn over a few carts to bring his point home. The Tiger, the Horse and the Dog may be where the Monkey will encounter considerable resistance. Although it is theoretically possible for all of them to work well together, they may not choose to have a close, meaningful association or a long-term relationship. These outspoken Protectors will not be intimidated easily and will openly question the Monkey’s motives and intentions or check his credit rating. Naturally, the Monkey will be outraged and offended that they do not jump at his wonderful suggestions and solutions and he will refuse to deal with such persons of little faith.

Furthermore, Monkey people and Tigers in particular — mind you, this is all superstition — are simply an impossible combination. Besides trying to upstage each other, they differ greatly in their way of thinking and priorities, tend to have opposing points of view and will not keep quiet about their misgivings. The Monkey and Tiger have difficulty understanding each other or comprehending one another’s motives. Where the Monkey native is an inventive plotter and planner, the Tiger may be too rash and have an unhealthy penchant for risk-taking. Although both Monkey and Tiger are altruistic, the clever but sometimes unscrupulously cagey Monkey is contradictory, good at ruse and hypocrisy, while the independent Tiger prefers a more direct self-sufficiency. Even though these opposing actions may be unintentional, they tend to be counterproductive, produce friction and foment suspicions. If they must work together, it is best for them to do so through intermediaries and mutual friends.


The almanac lists the occupations for the Monkey — but it truly doesn’t matter what he does as long as the Monkey thinks that it’s worth while taking the trouble. Because of his innate versatility, the Monkey-born can be genial speculator or stockbroker, redoubtable businessman, famous writer, film-maker in fashion, “with-it” shopkeeper, subtle diplomat, shrewd politician, avid sportsman, public speaker, media person, marketing expert, lawyer or teacher.

Monkey-born people are salesmen par excellence. Whether it is that they are peddling their wares or simply selling themselves, they make brilliant wheeler-dealers, born with the gift of the gab and able to charm the birds out of the trees. So anything to do with sales, PR and advertising would suit this group. Journalism or other work with the press, acting and any sort of TV work attract the Monkey.

4713: Year of the Monkey

However, it is wise to keep in mind that the Monkey also has the capability and inclination to be an irresistible crook and con-man. He is the sign of the inventor, the improviser and the motivator, a charlatan capable of drawing everyone to him with his inimitable guile and charm. Being the quick-witted genius of the cycle, he is clever, flexible and innovative. The Monkey can solve intricate problems with ease and will be a very fast learner. He can master anything under the sun and usually has good linguistic aptitude. A person born during this year will be successful at whatever he chooses to do. No challenge will be too great from him. He is an immensely sociable character who can get on the good side of everyone. He has the rare gift of making you like him even after he has tricked you. Rarely discouraged by his failures or impressed by the successes of others, the Monkey strives constantly to do better and in the process often astonishes even himself.

Some important people born in the Year of the Monkey are Leonardo da Vinci, Federico Fellini, Pope John Paul II, Harry S. Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sir Mick Jagger, John Milton, Paul Gauguin, Lyndon B. Johnson, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Nelson Rockefeller, Charles Dickens, Queen Sirkit of Thailand, Amadeo Modigliani, Joe Cocker, George Lucas, Diana Ross, Julio Iglesias, Danny De Vito, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mel Gibson, James Stewart, Jacques Tati, Salvador Allende, Simone de Beauvoir, Gustav Mahler, Annie Oakley, Charlie Parker, Ravi Shankar, Howard Cosell, Arthur Hailey, Isaac Stern, Macauley Culkin, Aubrey Beardsley, Elizabeth Taylor, Sylvia Plath, François Truffaut, Omar Sharif, Anouk Aimee, Peter O’Toole, Louis Malle and Little Richard.


although a lively, optimistic and progressive year where finances, politics, and real estate should see an upturn, there will be a decided undercurrent of insecurity. Everyone wants to work the shrewdest angle, get the best deal, and win big. However, business decisions made this year should be based on fact, not emotion. Problems and chicanery abound, so nothing this year should be taken for granted, whether politically, financially, professionally, domestically or emotionally. A particularly auspicious time for new inventions, the Year of the Monkey is for taking risks and being rebellious, a year where agile, inventive minds, sheer guts and bravado will win out. Now is the time of courage, action, anarchy, and true devotion to even the wildest of schemes, a time to start new endeavors, for they are destined to succeed under Monkey’s influence. But a word to the wise: those who can hang on for the wild ride, outsmart the confidence-trickster, and bluff their way through will come out unscathed. Those who are dull or slow witted, and can’t handle the stress will come unglued.

Here are some specific predictions for the coming year.

  • A mysterious, devastating epidemic will be formally identified as originating from medical or environmental poisoning of a food or water supply due to putting profits ahead of safety. It will take another 12 years for official government recognition of the cause and many more years of struggle after that before traction is gained in the movement to begin modestly compensating remaining victims for the damages. This will remain an important ongoing issue for decades to come.
  • A chance scientific discovery during an experiment will drive the creation of a novel and soon-to-be pervasive medical diagnostic tool.
  • The first generation of a new class of destructive weapons will be openly tested for the first time, capturing public awareness while triggering an elemental sense of disquietude among the population.
  • Revolution is in the air and hopes of independence movements are high. Political repression and economic decline leads to social unrest and mass demonstrations that now have the potential to spark nationwide revolt, disorder and violence. A new government may arise from the chaos if foreign influence and international intervention can be obstructed or avoided.
  • There is a strong possibility of developing foreign-policy crises occurring in the weeks before the U.S. presidential election having a decisive influence on the outcome. As the establishment is well aware, in an time of drastic change people often will look to a past idea for reassurance, and like a Janus face, walk backward into the future. While these events may lead many Americans to rally in support of the status quo and swell the expected margin of victory for the chosen candidate of the power elite, the campaign will be seen differently by key foreign governments. An unintended consequence of these events could be the birth of a new political party.
  • Now is the time to secure and safety proof the home environment and surroundings because some of the costliest and deadliest extreme weather events such as cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis have habitually occurred in Fire Monkey years.

The almanac also states how people born under other signs will fare in the year of the Monkey. This is a generally auspicious year for Rats, Oxen, Snakes, Horses, Monkeys and Dogs. This could be a difficult year for Tigers, Dragons, Roosters and Pigs. Rabbits should beware their finances. Sheep should take care of their health.

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Monkey:

The Rat

The Rat enjoys the backing of numerous lucky stars in the coming year, such as “Three Pillars” and “The Star of Commander.” At last happiness and equilibrium return; the labors of the past bear fruit. There will be no problems he cannot handle on the home or business fronts. He receives good news, recognition and unexpected bounty from unlikely sources. In this happy, unpredictable Monkey year Rats often find themselves getting rid of burdens, making new friendships and weeding the dead wood out of their overcrowded lives. This is an excellent year for marriage, or to build upon friendships, partnerships and new romantic relationships. But it is not a time to give any long term commitments as in the heat of his optimism, the Rat may make promises he cannot fulfill. He starts out slow but his circumstances steadily improve in the second half of the year, with the last two lunar months being exceptionally fortuitous. Lady Rat has no worries about finances, however she should beware of making reckless and impulsive investments under the negative influence of others else she become ensnared in a money quagmire. The affections of unattached young ladies born in the year of the Rat are volatile and unstable, with the likelihood of a love triangle developing. Although it would be simple to become swept away in the moment, they must remain level-headed. Young Rat’s mind is like a sponge now and the sky’s the limit if he can intensify his efforts fully on his schoolwork. Unfortunately bad company may distract him from his goals and usher controversy into his life. He must care for himself, focus on his studies, and develop self-reliance to place himself on the right path. Overall, by year’s end the Rat may marvel in reflection that this was perhaps one of his best years in the twelve-branch cycle. Enjoy it as next year will be somewhat more complicated. Favorable directions for Rats this year are West, Southeast and Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the Northeast or the South. Beneficial colors for the Rat this year are yellow, purple and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are black and green. His lucky numbers are 1 and 6.

The Ox

After a disappointing season, the Ox will see great improvement in the coming year with the backing from people around him due to the influence of the lucky star, “Lunar Virtue.” He will be in friendly territory, sought after by important people and his accomplishments will be recognized. Good tidings at home or on his job await him and he will climb the ladder of success with creative help from the fortunate star, “Commander’s Saddle,” and from the right people as new ventures and partnerships can be formed under the auspices of the clever Monkey. To take advantage of these times the Ox needs to stay flexible and abreast of what’s going on, and accept any offers which come his way. While there may be moments of calamity and misadventure ahead when his methods may not be appreciated, if diligent Ox stays true to his values and convictions when faced with adversity, he will be rewarded. He should be especially open and supple of mind and heart. Rumors of new romance flutter around his ears. Lady Ox’s relationships with both her spouse and her family are amicable, although she will have to keep an eye on home safety and the health conditions of those close to her. Financial windfalls can be expected but she must exhibit self-control to avoid becoming overly preoccupied with risky ventures. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Ox will encounter an intriguing liaison with a high probability of it evolving into a long-term relationship. Young Oxen are particularly bright this year, acing their examinations and excelling in extra-curricular activities. Their rapport with both sexes is outstanding and the odds are high that they will connect with a sympathetic person. He starts the year with average opportunities but as the year progresses his good fortune builds and becomes increasingly advantageous during the second half of the year, particularly during the last three lunar months of winter. The responsible Ox person will find many opportunities in the lucky and prosperous year of the Monkey. Favorable directions for Oxen this year are Southeast, West and North; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the Northeast or the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Ox this year are grey, green and blue. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are orange and red. His lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

The Tiger

As the opposite sign of Monkey, Tiger will be facing an uncomfortable year ahead, action packed with change and surprises due to the presence of many unlucky stars in the wheel of life, such as “Floating Up and Down,” “Huge Drain,” and “Broken Down.” Petty irritations and setbacks make the year of the Monkey a difficult one for the Tiger, trying his patience and endurance. Most endeavors could lead to disappointments and unexpected expenses. He should not voice objections too loudly, make accusations or jump to conclusions else he attract the attention of hypocrites who will cause endless trouble. He must watch every step he takes. Confrontations could spiral out of control into complicated and prolonged lawsuits or disagreements that would have been settled easily if both parties had acted in good faith. If the Tiger does not learn to compromise, he may be forced to. Career luck is particularly low in the last four to five lunar months of the year. On the plus side, the Monkey’s atmosphere may assist the Tiger in becoming a better leader, but he shouldn’t push it. Others’ involvement in his plans is only superficial. This year people will willingly give the Tiger a hand or even a leg-up but they won’t invest in his enterprise, so he will have to go it alone and keep up the pace. This is not a favorable year for marriage. Although the Tiger may believe that his time of opportunity has come and throws all his energy into the furtherance of new and exciting ideas, the Monkey is laughing behind his paw at Tiger’s incessant shenanigans. The Monkey is the master game player and if the Tiger does not want to lose, he should refuse to play. Lady Tiger’s health is poor this year and requires her close consideration, which may distract her to carelessness in management of the family expenses. As a result, she could suffer a huge financial loss. Unattached young Tiger ladies feel flighty and unpredictable, bewildered by their relationships. They should not become too entangled in conflicting emotions or else have all their hopes and energies come to naught. The young Tiger has a difficult time of it this year; he has zero interest in studying and hits a plateau in the entire learning experience. He must apply himself or he may fall so far behind that it will be impossible to catch up in the future. This is an especially stressful time so he should try to chill out, get plenty of rest and pay close attention to what he’s doing when involved in outside activities or when traveling abroad. The Tiger would do well to seek shelter and wise counsel in this capricious year. Favorable directions for Tigers this year are East, Northwest and West; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the South or the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Tiger this year are yellow, purple and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are blue and green. His lucky numbers are 3 and 5.

The Rabbit

The wild Monkey has many tests in store for the Rabbit, but it will be a fair year for him provided he is not too optimistic due to the shining of many lucky stars such as “Crepe Myrtle” and “Dragon’s Virtue,” and only a few unlucky stars. Benefiting from his abundant creativity, the Rabbit will have a productive year in his career. The best times for him to take advantage of these favorable circumstances are the lunar months of January, March, June, September, October and December. He will enjoy festive social events and exotic entertainment so will need to rest if overstimulated. However, as a consequence of the presence of the unlucky star, “Heavenly Obstacle,” contracts and financial deals may meet with unexpected snags or fail to materialize due to the betrayal of trusted friends or allies. His progress could be impeded by those who try to take advantage of him or are jealous of his abilities. Neither unduly worried or overly impressed, the Rabbit should triumph if he keeps his wits and calls the bluff of his enemies; patience is crucial. Lady Rabbit finds she must swiftly iron out numerous family disputes to prevent permanent rifts from developing. Her budget is in good shape but she needs to keep an eye out for money traps. This will be the year that unattached young Rabbit ladies will find that special someone, and if they put all their heart and warm intentions into the relationship, it could well grow into lifelong bond. Young Rabbits who are willing to concentrate in their schoolwork now will make great leaps ahead of their classmates. If they are too cocksure however, they can sabotage their own prospects. They may be bothered by minor ailments during the lunar months of February, August and November, and should watch their safety while on the road during the lunar month of July. In the carefree, don’t-give-a-damn Monkey year, situations can wax revolutionary, getting very hot and noisy in populated areas. This does not lend a feeling of security to the nervous Rabbit’s daily life so he may want to retire to the country, waiting quietly until it’s all over. He is advised to trust in his resilience, proceed with caution, hold back on investments and not take any untoward risks to survive these uncertain times. Favorable directions for Rabbits this year are East, Southwest and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the West or the South. Beneficial colors for the Rabbit this year are yellow, purple and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are black and grey. His lucky numbers are 4 and 9.

The Dragon

Dragon will face a tough year ahead with several unlucky stars looming and no lucky stars to neutralize the situation; his fortune is at its lowest. He puts himself forward again, but he’s liable to regret it; he can’t bear being made fun of! He will be tempted to take an unprecedented gamble that could prove to be sink or swim crucial. He should put a lot of thought into all of his projects before bringing them forward, and must be quick to rectify errors in judgment before they develop into huge mistakes. Above all, the Dragon must think ahead and avoid the tendency to quarrel as harmony is paramount this year. Monkey years overflow with unpredictability but also can be full of delightful surprises and opportunities for success. Dragon’s love life is favored, as the Monkey admires and even adulates him. However, broken friendships or romantic quarrels can result if he is too determined to have everything done his way. Progress can be foreseen in his career, and financial undertakings may look bountiful but he must not be misled by favorable preliminary results or he could get snared in legal entanglements. The presence of the unlucky star “White Tiger” signifies that he will be under an immense work burden and must do his best to come up with creative stopgap remedies to help him advance through this difficult time. He has a high possibility of attracting burglaries or becoming the victim of a mugging or robbery. There may be unexpected expenses particularly during the summer period so the Dragon is cautioned to conserve his cash so as to have a cushion against the coming crisis. He should neither give out nor take up any loans. Lady Dragon’s home environment is antagonistic and discordant, with an audience all too ready to repeat scandalous rumors. She must not be too manipulative or her scheming will only exacerbate the situation. Fire and home theft are a definite possibility so she should take appropriate precautions. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Dragon will be subject to emotional fluctuations, animosity, and intense feelings of envy and outrage. They must put real effort into controlling their reactions or else lose everything in a break with their lover and friends. Egotistical young Dragons have a weakness for striking off on their own without consulting others this year. They are inattentive to their studies and their frame of mind is volatile, making advancement at school difficult. They need to be more aware of their surroundings when on the street and going to and from their classes as there is a trend toward accidental mishaps. The Monkey’s year is a time for compromises and heeding the advice of others; it favors the tactician who can improvise and solve intricate puzzles without losing his composure. Fortunately, his luck improves in the second half of the lunar year. The Dragon must pass certain tests before the Monkey’s year will reward him. Favorable directions for Dragons this year are West, Southeast and Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the North or the Northwest. Beneficial colors for the Dragon this year are white, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are grey and green. His lucky numbers are 5 and 7.

The Snake

Expect wild turmoil and extremes under Monkey’s influence. Despite the presence of unlucky stars, the Snake will have a relatively good year with the help of quite a few key lucky stars such as “Jade Hall” and “Union of the Year,” finding help when he needs it most. He can survive and become a winner if he remains objective, keeps a cool head and relies on innate Serpent wisdom and intuition as guidance. Through the medium of the unlucky star, “Tongues Wag,” gossips abound and the Monkey will try to draw Snake involuntarily into disputes with his wily charm and tricky ways; however, adverse conditions should burn themselves out if he can keep from adding fuel to the fire via his own criticisms and dissemination of baseless scuttlebutt. This is a year to remain conservative or neutral while madness rages all around him. Because it will be easier than usual for him to hit it off with others, he should hold fast and utilize this occasion to develop his business and personal connections. This will give a shot in the arm to his career advancement. His livelihood should experience the best fortune during the four to five months of the mid-lunar year. Although financial fortune has greatly increased, the presence of the unlucky star “Robbery Threat” warns against revealing his assets to strangers and sharing information about his monetary resources with others in order to ward off fledgling swindlers. Lady Serpent’s relationship with her spouse is congenial and peaceful, and the family connection is amicable. However she is plagued by nagging little illnesses, especially during the lunar months of January, May, August and October. She also needs to be cautious of of home safety during the lunar months of May and July. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Snake are likely to meet someone compatible and establish a gratifying liaison, however since there is a danger of gaining notoriety for being an over-sexed debauchee they must be more mindful of their reputations. The young Snake is an impressive pupil now and if he can intensify his efforts without interference, scholastic success is assured. Unfortunately he is surrounded by hypocrites and must watch his mouth or else suffer unfathomable repercussions. The Monkey likes to complicate things into intricate puzzles so the Snake should not overreact or jump to conclusions unless he enjoys giving Monkey a good laugh at his expense. The answers will usually be quite commonsense and right before him, so if the situation is deftly handled with both diplomacy and a slight aloofness, all should go well for the Snake. Favorable directions for Snakes this year are West, East and Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the Northwest or the South. Beneficial colors for the Snake this year are black, blue and grey. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are purple and red. His lucky numbers are 6 and 8.

The Horse

With the presence of a few unlucky stars like “Disastrous Threat” and “Gaol House” in his wheel of life, the Horse will have to watch out for hidden dangers in the harrowing but exciting Monkey year. Its influence can bring sudden wild luck and unforeseen benefits if he doesn’t take things for granted. It’s a time for the Horse to find what he seeks, play politics a little conservatively and have some fun, always leaving his escape route open. Unlucky star, “Dog of Heaven,” foretells fierce rivalries at work in which there is a high likelihood of associates outdoing him and hamstringing his career advancement. It is therefore important that he put real effort into finding solutions to win support of his peers or else lose everything he’s accomplished during the year. The prospect of risky business ventures, exotic tactics, stratagems and fancy footwork will keep him hopping. However, as a steady, practical social climber, the Horse needs to beware becoming too ambitious or there may be rude surprises in store. His fate will be better in the lunar summer period so he is advised to “make hay while the sun shines.” He also needs to guard against accidents, especially when driving or using metal tools for cutting, and is advised to sidestep violent disagreements with people. There may be sad news in the family this year but the troubles of others will not affect him too profoundly. Lady Horse’s financial luck is low and she should watch her home accounts to avoid a major money drain. She is at risk of overworking herself to the point of mental exhaustion, which has the potential to cause injury to her heart and lungs. She must resolve to take better care of her health and not hesitate to seek medical attention at the first signs of sickness. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Horse are in a perplexed state of mind and feeling emotionally unstable, therefore their behavior with friends and lovers is capricious. If they do not stay calm and put more effort into their social network it may go to pieces. Young Horse’s studies are erratic leading to uncertain scholastic development; his poor health doesn’t help the situation, consequently he is in danger of lagging far behind his classmates. He is encouraged to get sufficient rest and eat a balanced diet, also to stay away from tattletales and troublemakers within and outside of the school environment. A low profile is advantageous. This is a year for the Horse to learn the value of compromise, collective effort and sharing with others. Selfish behavior will have dire consequences. Favorable directions for Horses this year are East, Southeast and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the North or the South. Beneficial colors for the Horse this year are white, green and blue. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are orange and yellow. His lucky numbers are 1 and 9.

The Sheep

Things are looking up in the romance department this year for the Sheep under the benevolent influence of the auspicious star, “Pink Phoenix.” He will be favored by an outstanding affinity with others, with a high chance of attracting that special someone with whom he has the potential to develop a lifelong love relationship. The best times for cultivating amity are during the lunar months of February, May, July and November. Due to the effects of the unlucky stars “Illness Spell” and “Heavenly Threat,” the Sheep will have to pay extra attention to health and career as a bewildering amount of wild Monkey schemes and fierce competition at work may throw him for a loop. There could be many annoying problems or unresolved issues that occupy his mind. All this might prove distracting and could diminish the momentum he has managed to build up over the past few years. The Sheep should spend this time caring for himself, whether that means going to the spa, changing his diet, beginning an exercise program or all three. Other than that, this is not the season for major decisions. If the Sheep hasn’t married during the last two years, he should wait a while longer. Family and romantic liaisons could hold surprises for the Sheep, and he must keep an open mind and be prepared to adapt to changes rather quickly. Lady Sheep is thrilled with joyous news and celebrations in her family, and there are abundant funds available for household expenses. However, she must refrain from gambling or wasting money in unproven investments and not be tempted to expose her financial affairs to outsiders lest she be victimized by swindlers. She is forewarned that there could be extra expenditures in the lunar months of March and April. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Sheep have a high probability of meeting a suitable partner with whom they can establish a long-term connection and marriage. The young Sheep’s mental state is exceptionally acute and he should have no problems shooting to the top of his class as long as he is willing to apply himself to his schoolwork. Regrettably, he may be debilitated by burnout and physical exhaustion, which has the capability of disturbing the single-mindedness of his academic efforts. The situation demands that he take better care of his health and adopt a low posture to dodge the hypocrites. Unsteadiness is in the air with many highs and lows, and he must endure, remaining calm and neutral. Favorable directions for Sheep this year are East, Southeast and Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the North or the Northeast. Beneficial colors for the Sheep this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are grey and green. His lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

4713: Year of the MonkeyThe Monkey

Generally an excellent and fruitful time for the Monkey, this year is the first in a long time where he will be able to free himself from responsibility and make drastic progress in whichever direction his nimble mind takes him. However, he still will need to exercise caution. Although he reigns for the moment, fortune is variable. The Monkey faces a number of unlucky stars and no lucky star to mitigate the situation in the coming year. Some followers of astrology also believe it is bad luck to be in the year of your animal sign because you’ll be distracted by all the attention and under intense pressure. Headaches could come mainly from subordinates, debtors, or people who finance his bold undertakings and are impatient with his performance. This is a time to collect outstanding debts and pay off any long-standing loans. Although he should expect no gains from speculative income, money should be plentiful this year but next year may be more stressful. It is a time to watch out for jealousy and underhanded competitors. He would do best to keep a low profile. If he advances carefully and settles disputes calmly, enterprise is favored and he should have luck with any business or plan he begins now. The Monkey will also make progress in his career or further his education, receiving recognition and finding happiness in his achievements. Romance, family and personal affairs will proceed smoothly and enjoyably. Lady Monkey faces a deluge of domestic expenses and finds it easy to overspend her budget, therefore she must keep a tight grip on her finances. There is tension and disharmony in her family which she must do her utmost to iron out as neighborhood busybodies are close by, eager for fresh scandals to spread. Unattached young Lady Monkey will have a challenging season when it comes to the opposite sex; the time is not right for romance and nothing will go her way if she tries to force herself on others. Young Monkeys experience one minor medical problem after another; this affects their schoolwork and is occasion for violent arguments and outside meddling. They should think twice before they open their mouths, and shun gossips. Also it is important to take good care of safety while involved in outside activities and around sharp objects or else suffer a serious calamity, particularly during the lunar months of January, February, June, July and September. The end of the lunar year brings increased risk to the health of their family’s elderly. A new cycle of eleven long years is coming up and if the Monkey sets goals and clarifies objectives he’ll have it all planned well ahead of time. All will go smoothly if he’s prepared for eventualities. He should go visit a temple and say a prayer — and buy underwear that is red, which is a sign of luck and fortune. Favorable directions for Monkeys this year are West, Southeast and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the Northeast or the South. Beneficial colors for the Monkey this year are yellow, purple and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are blue and green. His lucky numbers are 6 and 7.

The Rooster

With a number of unlucky stars in the coming year, the Rooster may feel discouraged. There is plenty to complain about in this Monkey year with its irreverent and unreasonable events. He may be inspired to reorganize his world in response to feelings of insecurity. However, many perplexing and unforeseen difficulties can arise, especially in business, and he mighty need to rely on others to deal with his problems. He may allow himself to become too wrapped up in details, thinking things look better than they are, lose sight of the goal, become goaded into a trap by others, or otherwise be guilty of bad judgment. On the other hand, the situation could bring out the courage and devotion in him. Women born in the Year of the Rooster will have a penchant for squabbling with their spouses; if they persist in being too shrewish, the relationship will disintegrate. It is important for them to be prudent in their finances or else they will suffer financial ruin. The unattached young lady born in the Year of the Rooster desires love profoundly with all her heart yet it is important that she separate the wheat from the chaff in her relationships lest she fall victim to a smooth-talking deceiver and despair. Young Rooster’s academic achievements are volatile at the moment; he must apply himself, focus on his studies and avoid bad company or otherwise fall far behind his schoolmates. Due to the shining of the unlucky star, “Bloody Threat,” he should watch what he eats to ward off liver or kidney problems, and be careful while driving, particularly in the lunar months of January, February, June and October. In addition, bodies of water may prove a risky environment during the lunar month of July. This is the time for the Rooster to be not only ambitious and bold but also flexible and cunning. A sober, practical approach brings success. There is always a hidden catch during the Monkey’s year and the Rooster would be wise to shrewdly look for it. If he stays hard at work and waits patiently until next year, all will go well. Favorable directions for Roosters this year are West, Southeast and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the East or the North. Beneficial colors for the Rooster this year are brown, grey and blue. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are red and yellow. His lucky numbers are 3 and 6.

The Dog

This is a propitious time for the Dog to make a fresh start, perhaps by investing in an unusual business or expanding his sphere of influence. New friends and important people will fête the Dog and ask him to join their ventures. If he can get a free ride, he should go for it. However, he will have to be cautious, particularly in money and family matters, and should investigate before making commitments or he may become overly enthusiastic. Projects may not develop as planned and force the Dog to begin anew midyear. The unlucky star “Swallowed Up” signifies the danger of misappropriation of funds by unscrupulous others so he is forewarned to be vigilant, particularly in the lunar months of March, April, June, August and December. Lady Dog must keep tight control of family expenses to avoid fiscal hardship. Backbiters abound and should be dealt with immediately, however she should also take care that she doesn’t complicate matters for herself by making mountains out of molehills. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Dog will encounter incongruities in their relationships that leave them feeling apprehensive about the vacillating circumstances of their love lives. A positive outlook and dispassionate attitude will do wonders toward improving their affairs. Young Dogs are apathetic at school this year therefore it is imperative that they focus their attentions on their studies or else fall far behind their peers. A cocky, rebellious posture on their part will invite countless repercussions, and they are advised to not dissipate themselves through experimentation with painkillers or drugs. In a time of much hectic activity and involvement, the Dog may see extra expenses, more traveling than usual or even a change in residence. Still, there will be good news or celebrations at home and luck will shine on a new area of his life. The lunar months of January and February will bring the best fortune to him so he must take the initiative and gain advantage in this brief period while he can. Everyone is out for himself this year so the Dog should pay attention to his own interests and the opportunities offered him or he will be left behind. Favorable directions for Dogs this year are East, Southwest and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the Northeast or the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Dog this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are grey and white. His lucky numbers are 5 and 7.

The Pig

This could be a make-or-break year for the Pig, a successful time in his career when he enthusiastically takes charge of his destiny. New theories should be put into the spotlight where they will be appreciated — if he takes them seriously, others will too. Although he may suffer from lack of resources or support, he will be able to borrow money or join up with others and solve his difficulties. The Pig must take responsibility for himself and pay extra attention to his health; playing a more passive role in the decision-making process will alleviate much stress and bring down his blood pressure. Various domestic and personal problems may vex him this year, and he may feel there are those who are trying to take advantage of his kindness and generosity. He should seek professional advice and ensure that his insurance policies are up to date. Through subtle appeals to her covetous nature Lady Pig may be tempted into wasting money gambling, but the game is rigged and she needs to conserve her cash instead. She also should be mindful of her safety around the house. Unattached young ladies born in the year of the Pig can anticipate smooth sailing in their liaisons with the opposite sex; however, they should not allow their emotions to run away with them or else they may be deceived. Young Piglets are quite self-absorbed this year and at the center of many a conflict with their peers; their energies are scattered. Communication, concentration and collaboration are the keys to resolving this problem. They must keep an eye out for what is going on around them or they may be prone to suffering unintended injuries. The lunar spring and autumn months will be the most advantageous periods so the Pig must extract maximum benefit from opportunities presenting themselves during these times. Romantically, things are looking up and luck is on his side due to the proximity of the fortuitous stars, “Earthly Salvation” and “The Moon”. Suddenly, life is worth living again! Favorable directions for Pigs this year are West, East and Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are either the North or the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Pig this year are yellow, orange and white. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2016. Colors to avoid are blue and green. His lucky numbers are 4 and 9.