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The World of Rare Teas

From tea ratings, tea terms, and tea brewing to in-depth articles by expert tea tasters, a world of rare teas is at your fingertips.

Tea and Health

Learn about the health benefits of tea, the science behind tea and caffeine, and the latest medical research involving tea.

Asian Tea Ware

From Yixing tea ware to Taiwanese ceramic teapots, from jade tea ware to Japanese cast-iron tetsubin, examine the fascinating variety of artistic expression found in Asian tea ware.

Stroll the gardens!

Highlights of an early morning promenade of
the Japanese Tea Garden in late April

Japanese Tea Gardens

Delve into the serene world of the Japanese tea garden in both the United States and Japan, and perceive the tradition and innovation in Japanese garden design.

Cultural Traditions

Satisfy your curiosity and find fascinating insight into other people’s diverse mix of cultures and traditions.

Holy Mountains of the World

Explore the awe-inspiring heights of spiritual mountains sacred to the world’s religions!