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Double Tiered Hand-carved Slate Fountains.

These exquisitely unique water fountains are handcrafted of 200 million year old slate that is excavated near Yosemite Valley, California. Each piece of "Mariposa" slate is unique in color and design. Though predominately gray, slate posses beautiful bands of gold and brown that marble each piece. The stone's surfaces are hand-chiseled and crafted to accentuate the slate's natural beauty.

Double Tier Fountain, 14" Open Pool
F-111 Mariposa Charcoal Slate approx. 14" dia. $350
F-121 Jade Slate approx. 14" dia. $350
F-131 Rajah Slate approx. 14" dia. $350

F-101  2-tier 14-inch Mariposa Autumn Slate Fountain.
F-111  2-tier 14-inch Charcoal Slate Fountain.
F-141  2-tier 14-inch Rajah Slate Fountain.
Double Tier Fountain, 18" Open Pool
F-112 Mariposa Charcoal Slate approx. 18" dia. $399
F-122 Jade Slate approx. 18" dia. $399
F-132 Rajah Slate approx. 18" dia. $399

Double Tier Fountain, 24" Open Pool
F-113 Mariposa Charcoal Slate approx. 24" dia. $699
F-123 Jade Slate approx. 24" dia. $699
F-133 Rajah Slate approx. 24" dia. $699
F-122  2-tier 18-inch Jade Slate Fountain.

(Sizes are approximate and slate coloring will vary. Shipping available within the Continental United States only.)

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Email: order@holymtn.com
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