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This highly accessible, practical book shows us how to observe the natural patterns and energies at work around us, and make use of them for our own benefit. Find out how to sense the flow of chi -- the universal life force -- in and around your garden. Does it flow freely, indicating health and abundance, or is it blocked? Learn how to determine the balance of yin and yang, and how to interpret the shapes and colors of the five Chinese elements.
The Feng Shui Garden shows how by simply transforming a flowerbed, moving a garden seat, or re-routing a path you can create your very own special place. Improve the balance of energe in this way and you will also improve your life!

'The Feng Shui Garden,' by Gill Hale.
Highly visual, practical approach to using Feng Shui in any garden
Simple gardening solutions to various life problems
How to "read" the environment to create balance and harmony
Organic gardening techniques
Charts presenting age-old methods of moon and companion planting

GILL HALE is a Feng Shui garden consultant who has gardened organically for twenty years using moon- and companion-planting techniques. She lectures at The Feng Shui Society, The Feng Shui Association, and organic gardening groups in the United Kingdom.

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BOK-2 The Feng Shui Garden, by Gill HalePrice: $15

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