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Holy Mountain Trading Company - Uses of Water Fountains

Holy Mountain Trading Company - Uses of Water Fountains
Over the ages, many people have searched for a way to bring peace and harmony into their lives. Since ancient times the sound created by moving or flowing water has been known to have great healing power.Japanese garden waterfalls  Sze Fei Wong 2008 iStockphoto
The air all around us is electrically charged with positive and negative ions. Positive ions are emitted by computers, microwaves, air conditioners, heaters, televisions and other conveniences of modern-day life. These positive ions in the air we breathe can result in feelings of mental or physical exhaustion and affect overall health.
It has been said that the movement of water releases negative ions which in turn make you feel refreshed, and bring peace to your heart and mind. This is because these negative ions naturally attract airborne particles, such as pollutants and dust. A waterfall or water fountain acts like a magnet to pull these particles out of the air. As a result, the air is purfied, humidified and noticeably fresher.
Placed in your family room on an end table, at your bedside on a night stand, on the kitchen or bathroom counter, on your desk at home or in the office, water fountains relax your mind, body and spirit. The soothing sound of naturally-flowing water adds beauty and tranquility to any environment. With a few drops of scent spread in the water, the air becomes fresh and fragrant. Just add water, listen, watch and enjoy the calming effects of your own personal waterfall.