Amitabha Buddha.
Amitabha Buddha.
Amitabha is the most ancient among the Dhyani Buddha. He is said to reside in the Sukhabati heaven in peaceful meditation. He is represented by the red color, which signifies his ability to turn the emotion of lust into all-seeing wisdom. This Nepalese Buddha is hand-cast in bronze with a copper overlay. He exhibits the Samadhi mudra with his two palms folded face up one on top of the other, lying in his lap. In his palms he holds a Kalasa which contains Amrit, the elixir of immortality; it is also a symbol of plenty. Around Amitabha Buddha's neck is an Akshamala or rosary, symbol of the never ending cycle. Jeweled bracelets, earrings, arm cuffs, and crown with five ornate lotus plaques adorn him. Defying gravity, scarves float effortlessly around him in graceful arabesques as he meditates with downcast eyes seated on a lotus petal throne. This is a very fine Buddha with good detailing. (Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States.)

BUD-8 Amitabha Buddha
6" high
Price: $310

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