Large Reclining Ganesha.
Large Reclining Ganesha.
This beautiful silver-washed four-armed Ganesha sits in a position of royal ease, regarding the observer with an expression of benevolence from his four-legged throne. He leans against a luxurious pillow, his right hand raised in the protective "Fear Not!" mudra and a battle axe held in another hand. A richly decorated sarong tighly hugs his body, and a scarf is draped across his shoulders. He wears a live snake for a belt and upon his head sits a Mukha, similar to the ritual crown worn by Buddhist priests of Vajrayana. (Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States.)

GAN-6 Large Reclining Ganesha
16-1/2" high x 12" length
Price: $300

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