Lord Ganesha Seated on Lion Throne.
Lord Ganesha Seated on Lion Throne.
This impressive four-armed Ganesha sits respendently on a Singhasana flanked by twin roaring lion-faced cushions. A nimbus of scallop shapes crowned by a demon head is the platform for Lord Ganesha's umbrella, with its brass tassels hanging down. Lord Ganesha himself wears an elaborate and imposing Mukha (ritual crown), and has the mark of the Trisula (trident) at the base of his serpentine trunk. This is the favorite weapon and symbol of Ganesha's father, Shiva, symbolizing creation, protection, and destruction. Lord Ganesha's right hand is raised in the Abhaya mudra, while in his left hand is the pen with which he transcribed the Mahabharata. Another hand holds high a battle axe. A flowing scarf is draped gracefully across his shoulders, each end resting upon his knees. At his feet in abject adoration with front paws clasped in prayer crouches his mount, faithful shrew Mooshika, on a lotus-petal embellished footstool. (Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States.)

GAN-9 Lord Ganesha
Seated on Lion Throne
7 pieces
35" high x 17" wide
Price: $1,295

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