Eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara.
Eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara.
Seated in a diamond posture upon a Viswapadmasana throne of double lotus petals, this eight-armed Avalokiteshvara has 11 heads ascending pagoda-like into the heavens, reflecting various aspects of the Bodhisattva. There are three sets of three faces in serene and peaceful meditation, topped by a single face above them laughing, baring two rows of square teeth. The ushnisha-topped head of the Buddha Amitabha appears on the pinnacle. His elongated earlobes, symbol of wisdom, are decorated with lotus flower earrings; draped across his chest are strands of beaded necklaces. Two of Avalokiteshvara's hands are clasped in the devotional Namaskar Mudra, the special gesture of prayer. Each of his remaining six hands holds a ritual object: a sankha, conch shell; the tri ratna, three-fold jewel of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; an akshamala (rosary), symbol of the never-ending cycle; a white open padma (lotus), indicating self creation; a dhanusa (bow), symbolizing the combination of method and wisdom; and a bhumba (sacred water container). Behind Avalokiteshvara effortessly flutters a long scarf in graceful, gravity-defying arabesques.

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For another view of this statue, please click here or on image at rightAnother view of Eleven-headed Quan Yin .

QYN-3 Eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara
14-1/2" height x 7-1/2" width x 4-1/2" depth
Price: $125

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