White Tara.
White Tara.
This exquisite White Tara is seated in full Vajra posture with her left hand poised at the heart holding the stem of a lotus that opens into blossom beside her left shoulder. Her right hand is in the Varada mudra symbolizing supreme generosity. The palms of her hands and soles of her feet have eyes upon them, as she is "all-seeing." Her golden countenance with serene downward gaze is beautifully rendered. She is wearing all sorts of precious bodhisattva ornaments and looks like a beautiful maiden of sixteen years of age. The hems of her form-fitting celestial garments are embossed with rich floral designs arranged in symmetrical folds, while scarves fluttering from her arms defy gravity in graceful patterns. A high flat knot of hair (jatamukuta) protrudes above her elaborate crown of golden foliate wheels. She sits upon a Padmasana throne of single lotus petals. This is a beautiful, finely crafted one-of-a-kind White Tara. (Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States.)

TAR-3 White Tara
8-1/2" height x 5" length x 3-1/4" width
Price: $260

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