Bodhisattva with his Shakti.
Bodhisattva with his Shakti.
The Sanskrit bodhisattva is composed of bodhi, meaning "enlightenment" (the wisdom of selflessness, selfless compassion) and sattva, meaning "being" or "hero/heroine." Most simply, it means someone who has dedicated himself or herself to do whatever it takes over countless lifetimes in order to attain perfect enlightenment in order to save all suffering beings. So a bodhisattva is one who has become enlightened but refuses to accept Nirvana since he desires to guide all mankind to the true path of the Buddha.
This depiction of a Bodhisattva and his Shakti in embrace symbolizes the union between wisdom and method which leads to ultimate bliss.
A motif of foliate wheels decorates the crown the Bodhisattva wears. His Shakti is rendered with an ornate jeweled girdle.
The Bodhisattva and his Shakti are united on a single lotus petal throne Padmasana which symbolizes their purity of descent and self-creation.
Entirely handmade of copper in the lost-wax tradition in Nepal. (Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States.)

YAB-2 Bodhisattva with his Shakti
9" high
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