Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi on Lionback.
Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi on Lionback.
This depiction of the god Shamvara and his consort Vajravarahi is a work of electrifying intensity. Their embrace symbolizes the union between wisdom and method which leads to ultimate bliss. Samvara's brow is knitted in anger. Typical of the Heruka type of deity, his expression is midway between peace and wrath; although his brow is furled and his eyes bulge, he lacks the gaping jaw of a full-fledged wrathful deity. A motif of foliate wheels decorates the crowns the god and goddess wear. Shamvara's hair is arranged in the coif of a yogi. He has three faces and six arms. His first two arms are wrapped in passionate embrace around his consort, Vajravarahi. The first two hands, holding a vajra scepter (symbolizing the male principal or skillful method) and a bell Closeup of Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi on Lionback. (symbolizing the female principal or wisdom), make the diamond HUM-sound gesture. The Damaru (hand drum made of two half-skulls) in the second left hand shows that Samvara's "voice resounds joyously." His second right hand makes the Varada Mudra of charity or conferring grace. His third left hand holds the Dhanusa (bow) and his third right hand holds the Bana (arrow of awareness), once again symbolizing the dynamic combination of wisdom and method.
Vajravarahi is rendered with an ornate jeweled girdle. In her left hand she holds a skull bowl of blood which demonstrates that she "has cut away discrimination between existence and nonexistence." Her right hand wields the Kartika (vajra chopper) that "cuts off the six defects, pride and the rest."
Shamvara and Vajravarahi are united on a Padmasana which symbolizes their purity of descent and self-creation. This is balanced on the back of a roaring lion which represents their mastery over egocentric existence. The lion, crouching on a larger Padmasana pedestal with tail held high, twists his head behind his back to view them, his features contorted in an open-mouthed roar.
Entirely handmade of bronze in the lost-wax tradition in Nepal, this is an exquisite, unique sculpture. (Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States. Please use a pad under this sculpture to protect your altar.)

YAB-4 Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi on Lionback
13-3/4" high x 11" length x 6" wide

Price: $900

Closeup detail of lion face.

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