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Late May through June is Chunmee and Gunpowder green tea season

Lydia Kung delves into the everyday tea market with her exploration of China’s large-scale Chunmee and Gunpowder green tea production.

Green tea molecule could ward off strokes and heart attacks

Compound found in green tea, EGCG, breaks-up potentially deadly protein plaques in blood vessels.

What makes a mountain sacred?

Are there only physical factors to be contemplated or are there cultural considerations as well?

Tea Discovery by Lydia Kung

Gain new insight into the World of Tea through the expertise and observations of professional tea-taster Lydia Kung. Latest articles include:

What Tea Has Done for Guizhou   Overview of a relatively unknown tea producing region that potentially accounts for 20% of China’s tea growing area (Read more …)

38,000 Buds   Steps in processing of pre-Qing Ming teas (Read more …)

Putting Names to Tea Farmers Comparison of two contrasting tea operations showing validation of procedures being followed in one and not in the other, and the growing importance of traceability in tea imports (Read more …)


We invite you to try the following new teas:

Organic Green Needles, Special Grade

Pre-Qing Ming tea, intense fresh green aroma

Huangshan Mao Feng

Fat golden-green buds, sweet, delicate flavor

Golden Sprouting Buds Black

Persistent sweet notes, pleasant finish

15% Off Spring Green Tea Sale

All green teas on sale now through Sunday! Sale ends midnight PST March 25th.

The Romance of Teas

Lydia Kung discusses the continual monitoring and regulated process by which rare teas advance from the growers to the container loading facility, onto the vessel, and to the consignee and consumer here in the United States. How do the big factories fit in with nostalgia for direct “farm-to-table” teas?

4715: Year of the Dog

What will happen in this industrious and challenging year? See our Year of the Dog Predictions!

Earth’s greatest travel rush starts in China

During chunyun, the 40-day Spring Festival travel rush between February 1 and March 12, about 2.98 billion trips are expected to be made as hundreds of millions of Chinese cram onto trains, buses, airplanes and boats to return to their hometowns for Chinese New Year.

Spring Festival Specials

Prices valid only through April 30th.



Looking Back: 2017 in Teas

by Lydia Kung


Recollection of an unusual year in tea