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Holy Mountain Trading Company - Site Map

Holy Mountain Trading Company - Site Map

What's New

Rare Teas
 Brewing and Storing Teas
 Tea Tastings and Classes
 Chinese Tea Ceremony
 Japanese Tea Ceremony
 Rules of Etiquette for Guests
   at Japanese Tea Ceremony
 Tea Life: Zen and Tea
 15 Teas, 70 Years:
   My Holy Mountain Journey
 Sri Lankan Tea Cultivation
 Tea and Water
    Water's Effect on Tea Growth
    Water and Tea Processing
    Brewing Water and Temperature
 Iced Tea Information
 Specialty Tea Blending
 Tea Cupping and Tasting Instructions
 Tea Processing
 Tea Terms: The Natural
   Language of Tea Tasters
    General Terms
    Terms describing dry leaf
    Terms describing infused leaf
    Terms describing liquor
 Common Tea Leaf and
   Grade Descriptions
    Whole Leaf
    Broken Leaf
    Tea Bag
 Quality and the Seasons
   of Darjeeling Tea
 Castleton Estate Tea Garden
 Jing Mai Mountain's Ancient Tea Forest
 Silver Needles White Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen)
 Yellow Tea
 Oolong Tea
 Organic Tea
 July Is Jasmine Season
 Lapsang Souchong Black Teas
 Aging Pu-erh Tea
 Prague's Tearooms
 A Tea-tasting Episode
 Tea Table Etiquette of the Past
 The Story of Ti Kwan Yin
 The Legend of Bi Luo Chun
 Dan Cong Single Trunk Oolong Teas
 Tea Videos

Tea and Health
 Health Benefits of Tea
 Tea and Caffeine
 Caffeine Content of Teas
 Caffeine Content of Beverages,
      Foods and Drugs
 Caffeine: the bitter truth
 Decaffeinated Tea
 Theobromine and Caffeine: A Comparison
 Theobromine Content of Beverages
 Health Claims Regarding Teas
      Based on Research to Date
 Cup of Tea a Day Called
      Healthy for the Heart
 Tea May Keep Heart Attack
      Victims Alive
 Benefits of Teas According to
      Chinese Tradition
 Green Tea Beneficial Against Cancer
 Mayo Clinic Researchers Discover
      Green Tea Component Helps
      Kill Leukemia Cells
 Cancer-Preventive Effects of
      Drinking Green Tea among
      a Japanese Population
 Study Finds Green Tea May
      Protect Against
      Esophageal Cancer
 Study Finds Black Tea May
      Protect Against
      Skin Cancer
 Scientists Identify Black Tea's
      Anti-cancer Secret
 Green Tea Constituent and
      Induction of Apoptosis
      in Human Carcinoma Cells
 Simple Therapies for Serious
Gods and Goddesses
 The Legend of Buddha
    Bhaishajyaguru, the
          Medicine Buddha
    Vajradhara, Deity of The
          Buddhist Pantheon
    Maitreya, the Future Buddha

The Legend of Historical
    Buddha Attains Parinirvana
The Legend of Ganesha
The Legend of Hanuman
The Legend of Hotei
The Legend of Kukkuripa, the Dog Lover
The Legend of Quan Yin
    Blanc de Chine
          Famous Porcelain of Dehua
          Influence of Buddhism on Blanc de Chine
          Exports and Foreign Influence
The Legend of Shiva
    Shiva, the Lord of the Dance
    Shiva, the Terrifying
The Legend of Tara
    White Tara
    Green Tara
    The Legend of Historical Tara
Tantric Deities
    Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi
Congress of the Holy:
   Yab-Yum Icons
    The Secondary Anatomy

Asian Astrology
 The Japanese New Year
 Gung Hay Fat Choy!
 New Year Traditions
 Chinese customs beckon
    good fortune
 Clean Thoughts, Honeyed Words:
    Lunar New Years Begins at
    the Threshold
 Predictions -- New Year of the Sheep
 Symbolism of Chinese Astrology
     Rat             Dragon       Monkey 
     Ox              Snake          Rooster 
     Tiger         Horse          Dog 
     Rabbit       Ram             Boar 
 Chinese Astrology Year Chart
 Appeasing and Sanctifying Tai Sui Through the Ceremonial Use of Offerings
 Lunar Months for Year of Sheep

Tea Ware
 Yixing Ware
 Care and Use of Yixing Teapots
 Chinese Jade Teapots
 Taiwanese Ceramic Teapots
 Japanese Cast Iron Tetsubin
 The Making of a Tetsubin
 Tea Accessories
 Care and Use of Lacquerware
 Teapot and Tea References
 Buddhist Heart Sutra
 Poet Li Po's "Departure by Bai Di Cheng at Dawn"

 What is Jade and how is it used?
 How is Jade carved?
 Chinese Jade from Ancient
    Times to the Present
 The Pure August Jade Emperor
 The Legend of the Jade Artist
 The Story of Yang Kuei-fei,
    the Jade Beauty
 Chinese Jade Teapots

Ch'i and Feng Shui
 Ch'i and Feng Shui
 Mysterious Principles of the Blue Bag
 The Nine Basic Cures
 Thoughts on the Nature of Water
 The Japanese Water Basin
 Water Rituals in Japan

Tea Gardens
Tradition and Innovation in Japanese Garden Design
    Ritsurin Koen, Japanese Garden
    Map of Ritsurin Koen
    Verses of Sen-No-Rikyu
 United States
    Map of Japanese Tea Garden,
       San Francisco, CA
    Gallery of Japanese Tea Garden
    The Art of the Japanese Garden

Art Galleries
 Asian Teapot Collection
Tour 1
Tour 2
Tour 3
Tour 4
 Sigiriya Maidens of Sri Lanka
 Japanese Tea Ceramics
   by Richard Milgrim
Message of Recommendation
Tea Bowls I
Tea Bowls II
Water Containers I
Water Containers II
Tea Containers I
Tea Containers II
2004 Exhibition
Thoughts About Richard Milgrim
Kyoto Studio Video
Richard Milgrim Website

Holy Mountains of the World
 Above the Clouds:
    A Gallery of Alpine Images
    by David Sanger
    Angkor Wat
    Role of Sacred Mountains in the Evolution of Buddhism in China
        P'u-t'o Shan
        Wu-t'ai Shan
            Dwelling caves
            Paradise caves of the mountain lords
            Manifestation caves
            Caves of initiatory rebirth
        Emei Shan
        Chiu-hua Shan
 The Himalayas
    The Himalayas
    A Trek in Nepal
    Mount Kilimanjaro
    Kenya on Safari
    Journey to Lamu
    Peruvian Food and Beverages
    Cuzco and the Inca Trail
    Machu Picchu
 Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
    Pilgrimage to Sigiriya
    History of Lion Rock
    Observing the Poya Days
    Sri Lankan Tea Cultivation

    Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon
    Cham: Sacred Dance of Bhutan
    Key Buddhist Masters in Bhutan's
    Samurai: Cultured Warriors of Japan
       Bushidō, code of the samurai
       The story of the 47 ronin
       History of the Samurai
       School for Samurai
       Miyamoto Musashi, swordsman
       The sacred sword
       Suits of armor
       Religion and culture
    History and Spirit of Ikebana
    Mastering Basic Styles of Ikebana
    Fragrance in Japanese Life
    Daruma: Symbol of Perseverance and Good Luck
    Mukashi-Banashi: Japanese Fairytales
    Spotlight on Ceramic Artist Yoshinori Mizuno
    Spotlight on Artist Hajime Okamoto
    Impermanent Wonder: Creation of a Sand Mandala
 United States
    Bouquets to Art 2013

About Holy Mountain
 Print Media Featuring Holy Mountain
 Yogi Times, March 2008
 A Brimful of Abudance
 Herbs for Health, July/August 1999
 A Flavorful Guide to Green Teas
 Country Living, November 1998
 Therapy in a Teapot
 Cooking Light, October 1998
 What's In Store: Tea Totally
 TIME Magazine Asia, July 6, 1998
 Shopping the Net
 Sampling of Internet Shopping Sites
 Fancy Food Magazine, 1997
 Housewares Report: It's Tea Time!
 Healthy & Natural Journal, 1997
 The Culture of Tea
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