Caffeine Content of Beverages, Foods and Drugs

Information taken from research conducted by
The U.S. Department of Food and Nutrition Services
(All figures approximate)
Coffee     Non-prescription Drugs  
   Drip, regular 106-164mg / 5 oz.      Caffedrine Capsules 200mg
   Percolated, regular 93-134mg / 5 oz.      NoDoz Tablets 200mg
   Instant, regular 47-68mg / 5 oz.      Vivarin Tablets 200mg
   Decaffeinated 2-5mg / 5 oz.      
      Pain Relievers  
Loose-leaf Tea (imported tea)        Anacin Analgesic 64mg
   Black 25-110mg      Cope 32mg / tablet
   Oolong 12-55mg      Bufferin 0mg
   Green 8-36mg      Excedrin 130mg
         Midol 64mg
Tea (black tea assumed)        Plain Aspirin 0mg
   Brewed, major U.S. brands 20-80mg      Tylenol 0mg
    1 minute brew 21-33mg / 5 oz.      Vanquish 66mg
    3 minute brew 35-46mg / 5 oz.      
    5 minute brew 39-50mg / 5 oz.   Diuretics (standard dose)  
   Canned iced tea 22-36mg / 5 oz.      Aqua Ban 200mg
   Iced tea 67-76mg / 12 oz.      Fluidex 0mg
   Instant tea 22-36mg / 5 oz.      Permathene Water Off 200mg
         Pre-Mens Forte 100mg
Cocoa and Chocolate        
   Cocoa Beverage (mix) 2-8mg / 6 oz.   Cold Remedies  
   Milk Chocolate 6 mg / 1 oz.      Actifed 0mg
   Baking Chocolate 35mg / 1 oz.      Contac 0mg / tablet
   Sweet Chocolate 20mg / 1 oz.      Comtrex 0mg
   Ovaltine 0mg      Coryban-D 30mg
   Postum 0mg      Dristan 30mg
         Neo-Synephrine 15mg
Sodas        Sudafed 0mg
   Mr. Pibb, Diet 57mg / 12 oz.      Triaminicin 30mg
   Mountain Dew 54mg / 12 oz.      
   Coca Cola, Diet Coke 46mg / 12 oz.   Foods  
   Tab 45mg / 12 oz.      Ben & Jerry’s No Fat Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt 85mg / 1 c.
   Shasta Cola 44mg / 12 oz.      Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream 40-60mg/ 1 c.
   Mr. Pibb 41mg / 12 oz.      Dannon Coffee Yogurt 45mg / 8 oz.
   Dr. Pepper 40mg / 12 oz.      100 Grand Bar (1 bar) 11.2mg / 43g
   Pepsi Cola 38mg / 12 oz.      Krackle Bar (1 bar) 8.5mg / 43g
   Pepsi Light, Diet 36mg / 12 oz.      Peanut Butter Cup (1 pkg) 5.6mg / 51g
   Diet Right Cola 36mg / 12 oz.      Kit Kat Bar (1 bar) 5mg / 46g
   Royal Crown Cola 36mg / 12 oz.      Raisinettes (10 pcs) 25mg / 10g
   Craigmont Cola 0mg      Butterfinger Bar (1 bar) 2.4mg / 61g
   7-Up 0mg      Baby Ruth Bar (1 bar) 2.4mg / 60g
   Sprite 0mg      Special Dark Chocolate Bar (1 bar) 31mg / 41g
   Fanta 0mg      Chocolate Brownie 8mg / 1.25 oz.
   Fresca 0mg      Chocolate Chip Cookie 3-5mg / 30g
   Root Beer 0mg      Chocolate Ice Cream 2-5mg / 50g
   Club Soda 0mg      Milk Chocolate 1-15mg / 1 oz.
   Ginger Ale 0mg      Bittersweet Chocolate 5-35mg / 1 oz.
   Tonic Water 0mg      
   Orange Soda 0mg      
   Grape Soda 0mg      

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