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Scented Green Tea

Dragonfruit & Roses Green
From the tropics, dragonfruit has a bright red peel with sweet white pulp inside. In addition to dragonfruit bits in the tea, rose buds and blue mallow lend color to this green tea. Use spring water at a temperature well below boiling.
G-DR-1S Dragonfruit & Roses Green, 1 oz. Price: $2.25  
G-DR-1a Dragonfruit & Roses Green, 1/4 lb. Price: $7  
G-DR-1b Dragonfruit & Roses Green, 1 lb. Price: $21  

Honey Lemon Sunburst Green
A traditional favorite combination of flavors brightened with a burst of sunflower petals. Use spring water at a temperature well below boiling.
G-HLSG-1S Honey Lemon Sunburst Green, 1 oz. Price: $2.25  
G-HLSG-1a Honey Lemon Sunburst Green, 1/4 lb. Price: $7  
G-HLSG-1b Honey Lemon Sunburst Green, 1 lb. Price: $21  

Madame Butterfly Green
Clean, fragrant tasting. Bits of sunflower petals and peaches give this tea a delicate aroma. Use spring water at a temperature well below boiling.
G-MBG-1S Madame Butterfly Green, 1 oz. Price: $2.25  
G-MBG-1a Madame Butterfly Green, 1/4 lb. Price: $7  
G-MBG-1b Madame Butterfly Green, 1 lb. Price: $21  

Osmanthus Green
One of the famous Chinese gui hau (orange blossoms), osmanthus is used to scent pouchong tea. Osmanthus is a Chinese shrub that grows well in temperate climates and produces small white flowers that smell deliciously apricot-peachy. Quite subtle and incredible to drink alone or as a dessert tea, this tea is slightly sweet and has a lovely floral nose reminiscent of peaches. Use spring water at a temperature of 80° to 90° C. (180° to 195° F.) and multiple short steepings.
G-OG-1S Osmanthus Green, 1 oz. Price: $1.25  
G-OG-1a Osmanthus Green, 1/4 lb. Price: $4  
G-OG-1b Osmanthus Green, 1 lb. Price: $12  

Crème Caramel Green
This Chinese green tea dotted with tiny beige caramel chunks is warmly aromatic in the dry leaf and brews a golden brown liquor with natural sweetness. It has a rich, satisfying flavor with vanilla top notes and a soft caramel finish that lingers on the palate.
G-CCG-1S Crème Caramel Green, 1 oz. Price: $2.50  
G-CCG-1a Crème Caramel Green, 1/4 lb. Price: $8  
G-CCG-1b Crème Caramel Green, 1 lb. Price: $24  

Fruity Mango Green
Aromatic in the dry leaf, this Chinese green tea brews a golden tawny liquor that is refreshingly flavorful with a pleasant and fruity natural sweetness.
G-FMG-1S Fruity Mango Green, 1 oz. Price: $2.50  
G-FMG-1a Fruity Mango Green, 1/4 lb. Price: $8  
G-FMG-1b Fruity Mango Green, 1 lb. Price: $24  

Organic Moroccan Mint
Tea occupies a very important place in Moroccan culture and is served throughout the day, especially as a drink of hospitality. This organic green tea from China prepared for Moroccan tastes brews a flavorful medium brown liquor with refreshing minty zestiness. Use one heaped teaspoon of mixed leaf per 8 oz. cup. Pour boiling water over leaves, steeping 4 minutes. Store in refrigerator. Or prepare it the Moroccan way, with 5 teaspoons of sugar per teaspoon of tea infused with additional fresh mint or absinthe leaves and served in tiny glasses. Traditionally the tea is served three times, with each serving having a unique flavor due to the different steeping times.
G-OMM-1S Organic Moroccan Mint, 1 oz. Price: $2.50  
G-OMM-1a Organic Moroccan Mint, 1/4 lb. Price: $8  
G-OMM-1b Organic Moroccan Mint, 1 lb. Price: $24  

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