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KJ-9088B Microcomputer Control SST Electronic Teapot by Kamjove
KJ-9088B Microcomputer Control Electronic SST Teapot by Kamjove

This teapot adopts the latest energy-saving materials with an electric heating tube that controls temperature constantly and automatically. The DC touch button on the control and command panel allows one to choose Manual or Automatic and switch easily between the two at any time. It features special waterproof rings and an auto drainage hole on the base; when the teapot overflows, water is automatically drawn off the base surface to protect the circuit control system. UL certified, it has an auto power off function when boiling or lacking water. The body of the teapot is constructed of advanced stainless steel material with the outer surface featuring Japanese stainless polishing technology that gives a smooth finish. Equipped with insulated handle.

(This item is to be used with standard 120 volt electricity only. It will not be shipped to countries with 220 volt electricity.)
(Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States on orders of $50 or more. A $6 shipping and handling charge will be added to all orders within the continental United States under $50.)

KJ-9088B Microcomputer Control SST Electronic Teapot by Kamjove
Price: $80
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