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Six Japanese Ceramic Cups.

Seven Japanese Ceramic Cups.

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Left to right:
114-926  Sushi Cup Tegata Tessa$10
114-927  Sushi Cup Dia Tessa$10
114-873  Sushi Cup Kizeto Hiwa$8
114-817  Sushi Cup Black Aonagashi$8
114-918  Sushi Cup Tetsuaka Namako$8
114-792  Sushi Cup Green Sumikan$10

(Price includes free shipping and handling within the continental United States on orders of $50 or more.
A $6 shipping charge will be added to all orders under $50 shipped within the continental United States.)

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114-926  Sushi Cup Tegata Tessa 114-927  Sushi Cup Dia Tessa 114-873  Sushi Cup Kizeto Hiwa 114-817  Sushi Cup Black Aonagashi 114-918  Sushi Cup Tetsuaka Namako 114-792  Sushi Cup Green Sumikan