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Water Fountains

Over the ages, many people have searched for a way to bring peace and harmony into their lives. Water fountains relax one's mind, body and spirit. The soothing sound of naturally-flowing water adds beauty and tranquility to any environment.

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Natural Rock Fountains
    NR-7 Medium Tranquility Fountain   (12" diameter)   $150
    Three tiers of black slate are accented by smooth La Paz beach stones in this popular fountain with a 12" diameter black bowl.

    NR-19 Spilling Vase Fountain   (14" diameter)   $180
    Two tiers of slate are capped by a small ceramic vase, endlessly spilling water, in these popular fountains. Available in California Mariposa Autumn Slate with Celadon Ceramic Bowl [Order #NR-19b] or California Mariposa Autumn Slate with Black Ceramic Bowl [Order #NR-19c].

Hand-carved Slate Fountains

These exquisitely unique water fountains are handcrafted of 200 million year old slate that is excavated near Yosemite Valley, California. Each piece of "Mariposa" slate is unique in color and design. The stone's surfaces are hand-chiseled and crafted to accentuate the slate's natural beauty. (Shipping additional. Please contact us for shipping charges to your location.)
    Double Tier Fountain, 14" Open Pool
    Double Tier Fountain, 18" Open Pool
    Double Tier Fountain, 24" Open Pool
These gracious handcrafted fountains add not only visual aesthetics but also provide a tranquil and soothing waterfall ambience. The natural look of the ancient slate and the arrangement of accent rocks will adjust the water flow and allow for subtle changes in the water's music. (Shipping additional. Please contact us for shipping charges to your location.)
    Triple Tier Fountain, 18" Open Pool
    Triple Tier Fountain, 24" Open Pool
    Triple Tier Fountain, 30" Open Pool
    Triple Tier Fountain, 36" Open Pool

Outdoor Stone Water Basins
Water Fountain Accessories
    FOG-001   Ornamental Fogger   $35
    For greater visual effect and stimulation, the fog producing unit adds mystifying, endless cloud-like landscapes to relax the mind and body, helping to reduce stress.

Selected Books.
    The Feng Shui Garden, by Gill Hale
    This highly accessible, practical book shows us how to observe the natural patterns and energies at work around us, and make use of them for our own benefit. Find out how to sense the flow of chi -- the universal life force -- in and around your garden. Does it flow freely, indicating health and abundance, or is it blocked? Learn how to determine the balance of yin and yang, and how to interpret the shapes and colors of the five Chinese elements.
    BOK-2 The Feng Shui Garden, by Gill HalePrice: $15

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