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Fujian tea trading in the 19th century

Gain new insight into the World of Tea through the expertise and observations of professional tea-taster Lydia Kung.
Latest articles include:
Post-Manufacture Processing of Oolongs
Post-production step of heavy baking in aged and baked oolongs
(
Gong-fu Black Teas from Fujian
Sub-group of gong-fu black teas from Fujian: ZhengShan Xiaozhong, BaiLin, Tanyang (aka Panyang), and Zhenghe
(
White Tea Cakes
Process of aging white tea cakes in Zhenghe and and Fuding in Fujian province
(


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4714: Year of the Rooster
4714: Year of the Rooster
What will happen in this optimistic and auspicious year? See our Year of the Rooster Predictions!

Spiced tea and ginger cookies @ S. Marina 2012 iStockphoto

Holiday Tea Recommendations
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Blackcurrant Tea New!Holiday Fruit Tea
Holiday Cranberry Apple Mudan White TeaWinter Walnut Black
Black Celebration TeaGingersnap Black Tea
Blood Orange BlackRooibos with Oil of Bergamot, Vanilla & Rose Petals

Tea merchants often are asked about the extent of handcrafting vs. more industrial manufacture methods in tea processing. In her latest edition of Tea Discovery, Lydia Kung explores the extended and complex manipulation of oolong leaves with finished styles that range from a light golden cup to a deep amber cup as demonstrated in the processing of Huang Jin Gui/Orchid Oolong.

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Aka/Chairo Tonbo Tetsubin 0.5L

Hairy Crab plucking

Gain new insight into the World of Tea through the expertise and observations of professional tea-taster Lydia Kung.
Latest articles include:

Jasmine teas: the work of scenting
The work flow of jasmine tea processing
(

On the flow of work for different tea categories
Differences between Green, White, Oolong, and Black tea manufacturing
(

Hairy Crab Oolong
Conceptualizing the Oolong tea category through the Hairy Crab cultivar
(

Pu-erh in Tangerine Peel
The story and process behind these rounded bundles of tea
(

FuLiang Black, a new tea
The motivation behind Jianxi province’s shift from green tea to black tea
(

New Tea Arrivals
We invite you to try the following new teas:

Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrows)
Natural fruity honey sweetness, deep lingering flavor
(Read more …)Hairy Crab Oolong, Light/Floral Style
Oxidation between 25-40%, pleasing with a long finish
(

FuLiang Tippy Black
Satisfying sweet, round notes, elegant taste
(

Curled Dragon Silver Tip Jasmine
Exquisite bouquet, mouth-filling flavor with a delicate petal-like finish
(

Empress Green
Light grassy notes with a hint of astringency
(

Holiday Fruit Tea
Non-caffeinated holiday fruit tisane from Germany
(

A field of sunflowers with Mount Fuji in the background

Indian Summer Tea Arrivals 2016
Yunnan Silver Needle1st Grade Dragon Well (Lung Ching)
Premium You Zi Cha (Aged Oolong in Pomelo Skin - 1995)Rising Phoenix Green
Liu An (Aged Green Hei Cha) in Bamboo Basket (1999)High Grade Bai Mu Dan
Organic Silver Needle "Yinzhen""White Peach" Single Trunk Oolong
Nepalese Floral OolongPersimmon Blossom Single Trunk Oolong
Imperial Yunnan Gold TipDan Cong Black Tea (Single Trunk)
Mist on the Gorges GreenQuan Yin Buddhist Brick (2011)
Organic Moroccan MintOrganic Jade Ti Kwan Yin Oolong
Organic Green Pomegranate SenchaOrganic Five Peaks Green Dew
Organic White Monkey (Bai Hou)Makaibari Organic Green FTGFOP
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New Tea Arrivals
We invite you to try the following new teas:

Organic Kabuse Cha
Profound, complex flavor, high Theanine content
(

Himalayan Honey Green
Hand processed, aromatic with a welcome sweetness
(

Shin Cha 2016
The most sought-after seasonal tea in Japan
(

Rainflower Green Needle (Yu Hua)
Stimulating full flavor and gratifying piquancy
(

Organic Yangtze Green Maofeng
Steam processed with deep green leaves
(

Curled Dragon Silver Tip Green
Refreshing, pleasant flavor with lightly sweet nuance
(

Wu Lu Mountain Tribute Tea
Hairpoint with rich verdant taste and little astringency
(

Pu-erh Maocha “Da Xue Shan” 2004
Raw vintage early spring 2004 green pu-erh, truly gratifying
(

The Challenge of Green Teas
The latest addition in the series of Tea Discovery articles by professional tea-taster Lydia Kung researches the relationship between green tea leaf shape and flavor.

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Tea Discovery by Lydia Kung

Gain new insight into the World of Tea through the expertise and observations of professional tea-taster Lydia Kung.

Latest articles include:

Tea Category Confusion
Ruminations on the differences between Oolong Green and Oolong Black
(

Tea as Art
The fine balance between crafting to attain a certain shape and preserving optimum flavor
(

200 Teas in 2 Days
Experience at the 2016 North American Tea Competition
(

New Tea Arrivals

We invite you to try the following new teas:

Organic Yerba Maté
Naturally caffeine-free, grassy fragrance
(

Dragon Eyes Black
Pure, sweet and delightful character
(

1st Grade High Mountain
Winter 2015 harvest, complex flavor, elegant bouquet
(

Yunnan Green Mao Feng
Nutty, lively and satisfying
(

Dark River Pu-erh (2007)
Peaty aroma, exquisite musk, rich finish
(

Holy Mountain Trading Company's new styles of Yixing teapots
New Styles of Yixing Teapots
We offer several new styles of artistic hand-crafted Yixing teapots, renowned for their unique tea brewing qualities.
4713 Year of the Monkey PredictionsYear of the Monkey 4713
New Everyday Teas at Bulk Pricing

We now offer three different everyday teas at volume pricing:

Young Hyson (Yu Chin Ch’a)
Light taste with a smooth finish, good hot or iced
(

Chun Mee
Full-bodied cup with a slightly acidic aftertaste
(

Sri Lankan Black Tea
Good daily tea, great iced
(

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