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The Sheep

Socially, domestically and politically, people belonging to the Sheep category are the least likely to make waves. They respect order and pay attention to rules and regulations that are laid down by laws and by society. Whether it is because Sheep are such nice and pleasant people or whether it is because they are born under a lucky star, fortune seems to favor them. It is quite possible that because they are so mild, unassuming and whimsical, they would not be capable of making their fortune in life by their own efforts. Yet many seem one way or another to attract success and money whether through legacies, patronage or popular acceptance via the mass media. Consequently, this popularity and success makes for an easy life where Sheep are concerned.

Endowed with innate intelligence and artistic talent, the Sheep will fare well in business. Sheep are good-natured and altruistic. However, their successes are often limited to money; in family matters they may flounder. They can be a bit too undisciplined and at times show a morose, misanthropic side. Although Sheep prefer an uncomplicated, easy life, free of conflict or problems, if danger appears, especially when it is a matter of saving their own life or that of others, Sheep are extremely combative and put up a ferocious battle. Life’s circumstances influence the Sheep’s actions and disclose startling contrasts in their seemingly impassive natures. They leave decision-making to others, but cannot be forced to follow a path they do not like. Their lack of self control and the mysterious delays which beset their lives make people lose patience with them easily. And though they can make themselves agreeable when they want to, more often Sheep take advantage of others, sometimes even living entirely at their expense. Though their perseverance and impeccability are admirable, Sheep must be careful not to let determination turn into stubbornness, and independence into isolation.

Sheep are frequently religious, but whatever religion it is, it will only be practiced to the point where it interferes with their comfort and everyday routine. They are not prepared to put themselves out for it, although Sheep are often drawn to the fantastic, the supernatural, occultism and the reading of horoscopes.

Generally, those born in the Year of the Sheep are attracted to the Arts and many are highly creative. But they are practical too, so that for them Art must also be functional and, conversely, everyday functional objects must also reflect inherent beauty. Couple their talents to their manual dexterity and it is not difficult to see why so many Sheep-born people are gifted craftsmen and women. With their strong artistic inclinations, it is not surprising that Sheep-folk have a keen eye for beauty and that they simply adore exquisite things. Just as psychologically they need peace and harmony, so physically they need to be surrounded by beauty both in their living and working environment. Without pleasant or conducive surroundings these people could so easily become depressed and dispirited. Because of this one negative Sheep trait is a tendency to overindulge in beautiful things. There is a saying “Sheep eat paper,” meaning that the Sheep spends more than he earns. Sheep don’t believe in saving money and would rather overspend on luxuries.

Thanks to others, the Sheep will generally land on his feet. So great is his talent for knocking on the right door, he will have no problems with what the Japanese call
I-Shoku-Ju, the life of the senses. If you have a nice country home full of good things and good conversation, frequented by artists, don’t ever let a Sheep through the door — with his love of creature comforts, you may never be able to get rid of him!

The Sheep often struggles in youth. The second phase of the Sheep’s life will be tempestuous romantically, but there will be a lot of luck in old age. This is because all the good deeds that the kind-hearted Sheep does for others return to him.


The Home-Loving Sheep

Romantic problems are often frequent in the life of the Sheep and because of this he may experience emotional agitation. In matters of Love, it is the Sheep’s heart which rules its head. These people work best as part of a team, so a secure, stable and loving relationship is essential for their emotional well-being. Perhaps more than any other sign, Sheep are home-lovers and are tailor-made for marriage and family life. Next to love and security, they crave peace and harmony, consequently they will bend over backwards within their relationships to keep things running smoothly. As they hate discord of any kind their partners shouldn’t ever expect them to get embroiled in an argument for these people will simply retreat into silence. As lovers they can be clingy and dependent. They like to associate with others stronger than themselves. Highly sensual, they adore physical contact; however, despite all their need for tranquility, partners of Sheep should note that these people want what they want and will all too often wear down opposition with protestations in order to get their own way.

Sheep women dream of marriage with a rich man, an affaire with a generous boyfriend, or a liaison with some influential patron. Failing this, she will be happy living at home with wealthy parents. She is the stuff of which are made courtesans, prostitutes, management consultants, public relations officers and other parasites. She is also the stuff of which great artists and writers are made. Everything depends on her luck and the influences at work in her life. She is generally fortunate in marriage and makes a valued partner, is often praised by in-laws, and is willing to help a mate without fighting for power.

Sheep would be especially happy with the Rabbit, the Boar or the Horse, yet they are capable of living with practically all the signs. However, the materialistic Dragon and the critical Snake consider Sheep too passive for their likes. The Ox has no patience with the Sheep and should be avoided. In love or business, a union between the Sheep and the Dog is destined to fail as they are both too pessimistic and bring out the weakest qualities in each other.

August is the month of the Sheep. The time of the Sheep is from 1:00 p.m. to 2:59 p.m.; their direction of orientation is south-southwest. The Sheep’s color is pink.