Japanese Tetsubin

Welcome to the Japanese tetsubin selection at Holy Mountain Trading Company. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality tetsubin at the best price. Most of these black enamel-lined teapots come with either an aluminum or stainless steel strainer and are boxed with an informative sheet giving teapot history, care and use, and tea brewing instructions. All cast-iron teacups shown are also black enamel-lined.

Tetsubin or iron teapots were originally kitchen items used for boiling water and brewing tea. During the mid-19th century as infused tea-drinking became popular, tetsubin were no longer viewed as kitchen items, but as status symbols. The two prefectures best known for tetsubin are Iwate, which is considered to produce the best designs and quality at a reasonable price, and Yamagata, which is best known for the handmade tetsubin and changama that are preferred by the tea ceremony masters.

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