Japan Ceramic Teapots & Tea Ware

Welcome to the Japanese ceramic teapot and tea set selection at Holy Mountain Trading Company. We look forward to providing you with quality Japanese ceramic tea ware at the best price. Each teapot or teaset comes boxed with an informative sheet giving the Japanese ceramic tea ware history.

The earliest Japanese ceramics were unglazed sueki and ash-glazed earthenwares. The latter developed into Seto ware, the only glazed ware in the Middle Ages (13th-16th Centuries). Early Seto ware shows the strong influence of Chinese pottery. The understated sueki works became especially popular with the rise of the Tea Ceremony in the Edo Period (16th-19th Centuries). Porcelain manufacture began on a full-scale at the end of the 16th Century with the rise of Hizen, Early-Imari, Kakiemon, Ko-Imari, Nabeshima, and Ko-Kutani wares.