Rare Teas: Gourmet Loose Tea

Holy Mountain Trading Company offers only the finest and freshest hand-picked, full leaf loose teas for sale. We carry a complete line of unblended and blended gourmet varieties in all categories of white, green, jasmine, oolong, black, scented black and pu-erh teas.

Prices indicated are for 1/4 pound or 1 pound of tea, unless the tea is sold in bricks. Our 1/4 pound bags are vacuum-packed and resealable to ensure freshness. One pound packages are shipped in tightly-sealed foil bags. Our pu-erh brick tea is paper-wrapped and sold in either 250-gram mushrooms, 250-gram bricks, 110-gram tuochas, or 100-gram cakes. Our supply may vary depending on market quality and availability.

We wish you great pleasure in your enjoyment of some of the world's most exceptional teas, and are pleased to offer the following selection:

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