Green Teas

The full leaf green teas we offer for sale are steamed or pan-dried immediately after picking, arresting bacterial growth and preventing oxidation. Then they are rolled by hand to squeeze out excess moisture and to release flavor enzymes. The tea leaves are finally fired in large driers and packed. When brewed, these rare teas turn a light green color with a flavor that is sometimes delicate and somewhat tangy.

Green tea is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and polyphenols. Experts contend that they stimulate the spirit better than any other blend of tea, claiming that green tea improves the ability to think and meditate for prolonged periods without fatigue. What we at Holy Mountain Trading Company know for sure is that our rare gourmet full leaf green teas are selected from the finest around the world, from China, Japan, Ceylon, India and Nepal. Choose any category below and you will find a wealth of exquisite teas to choose from.

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