Organic Nepalese Green Teas

The foothills of Mt. Kenchajanga in Nepal are believed to be a treasure of medicinal plants and ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic system of pest management is a natural and traditional system based on farmers own skills and techniques. Ayurvedic principle strongly believes in preventive measures.

Therefore, leaves of pest-repellent botanicals like Titepati, Bakaino, etc. are mixed with the compost which is applied to each bush. A mixture of various plant abstracts and cow urine is applied if there is a severe attack. In addition to it pest-repellent plants like Ashuro, Khirro, Bakaino, Citronella and lemongrass are planted in the garden. The basic philosophy underlying this principle is that all forms of life are inter-related and inter-dependent and that each have an inherent part to play in the over all design of Nature. Various traditional methods are used to improve soil quality thereby increasing the long-term fertility of the soil. The supply of nutrients is met mainly by compost-green manure produced in the backyards of farmers and the surrounding farms.