Customer Accolades

What our Customers are saying about Holy Mountain

"I love your website and store. Each time I visit your site, I learn new information about tea, teaware, Asian culture. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wide ranging choice of merchandise. I purchased one of my first Yixing teapots from this site! ^=^!

"Warmest Regards,
Sandra M., St. Augustine, FL

"I placed an order with your company late Monday afternoon. I am now enjoying part of that order, (some of the tastiest Dragon Phoenix pearls ever !!), just three days later, across country. I am no longer surprised but am consistently impressed with, not just the unrivaled quality of teas, but also the prompt and courteous service so becoming to such a longstanding tradition. Hope we can do business again, soon."
Phillip L., St. Augustine, FL

"The beautifully crafted Tosoki Kuro/Shu arrived in all its glory. Thank you so much for offering such a quality item. My son's wedding will now be beautifully solemnized."
Satsuki I., Sacramento, CA

"Dear Rae,
"Many thanks for your help and excellent service. My goods arrived today, on time, and as ordered.

"You may be interested to know that before placing an order for these items with your goodselves we tried in the UK to purchase them and looked at a number of website in Europe, but none with the range and choice of your store.

"If, in the future, any of our friends want to buy Japanese cast iron teapots you will be the first recommendation; particularly now as I've managed to spell your name properly!!

"Thanks again."
Derek C., Cheshire, U.K.

"Dear Rae,

"I don't know exactly how long I have been a Holy Mountain customer, but it has been a long time. My history as a customer is probably not the longest you have on record, either. I keep coming back because I like the way you do business. You as a company are reliable, consistent, and your products have always been the finest. I use your website to check out your products and make my selections, but I always prefer the live contact I make by calling in my order. Over the years, I have probably only spoken to two, maybe three, different people. That is extremely rare in today's world. I always feel like a valued customer who might have stopped in at a neighborhood shop.

"I have bought teas from other businesses, mainly as an experiment to see if they can offer anything like what I get from Holy Mountain. I have never gone back to one of those a second time. I hope you continue to thrive for a long, long time.

"With great admiration and thanks,"
Ted F., Dallas, TX

"Just wanted to say thanks for getting my order to me before Christmas. I know that I didn't allow you much time, but you really helped me out. Feel free to use this in your testimonies, if you wish.

"Thanks again,"
David K., Livingston, Scotland

"Hi Rae

"Just to let you know that my tea arrived here in Scotland on Thursday 1 December - one day BEFORE my order from England placed the same day!

"Thank you for such an excellent service."
Laurette D., Livingston, Scotland

"First of all, I am so glad i discovered Holy Mountain Teas... the Milk Fragrance tea was a variety I brought back from China a year ago, and could not find it stateside... I was absolutely tickled pink that you had it, and I found it. I can't get enough of the scent-- and it totally enhances my tea ceremony. Love it!

"I also loved the Pear Mountain tea too-- I took your suggestion to try the sampler sizes, and was not disappointed in the least. (Hence I ordered both this time around).

"Secondly, I want to say how much I appreciate how timely and careful the service has been-- that you're responsive, and really nice about helping me through my order.

"I can't thank you enough for the suggestions-- I love the tea, and if I don't end up in China later this year (planning on moving for a year or two to teach English or American Law), I will continue to order from your site once my current supply runs out.

"Many thanks again for your help-- I am so happy I found you!"
Leslie G., Denver, CO

"I received the Jade Green Butterfly last night and immediately brewed a pot. VERY nice! The tea has an interesting pale yellow/green liquor, mild musky overtones with a bright nutty finish. This is one of the best yet. My girlfriend and I shared this pot of this tea on our back porch during an amazing and rare New Mexico evening thunderstorm, accented by immense bolts of lightning. The tea was soothing, delicious, and unusual … perfect relaxing after a hard day. It also seemed to go perfectly with the smell of the rain.

"Thank you for adding this wonderful tea to your collection.

Thomas S., Albuquerque, NM

"Again, my order arrived in two days, just in time for the weekend. The teas are absolutely wonderful. I order something new each time. This time I find the Golden Buds superb. What I like about ordering from Holy Mountain is that you can get small quantities to try at a time. Your other products are also enticing. There's a local shop here that sells Yiching pots, around $35-40 dollars but not as diverse as yours. I believe I'm in need of a water fountain, maybe next time. Till then, Thanks again. (Need an East Coast Rep?)"
David D., Bristol, RI

"I thought I would let you know that in buying my tetsubin teapot from you I found your selection to be far and away the most complete and the best pricing. I looked through dozens of websites and made my selection at the best overall place. Thanks so much for putting such a selection out there and having such an enchanting website. You've done a beautiful job."
Jerry E., Shakopee, MN

"I recently compared your Super-fine Dragon Well with Imperial Dragon Well from Imperial Tea Court of San Francisco. You’ll be happy to know, as I was, that I liked yours better. The Imperial Dragon Well looks a little more fresh and green when infused in the cup, and it has more of the vegetal taste that some people--such as James Norwood Pratt (judging from comments in his book)--like in a Dragon Well. However, I found your Super-fine Dragon Well to be more slightly fragrant and to have more of the nutty taste that I like in a Dragon Well. This was good news to me, since your Super-fine Dragon Well is almost one-third the price of Imperial Dragon Well!

"Thank you for recommending Lu Zhen to me. It’s now my second favorite green tea, next to Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist I find that Lu Zhen has a rich, almost chocolate-like fragrance and taste—remarkable in a green tea. Like Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist, it’s unlike anything else I’ve tried.

"I’ve already praised Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist to you, and I don’t know how else to explain why it’s my favorite tea, except to say that its qualities are so unique that they can’t be compared to any other taste or fragrance, and they place this tea in a category all its own. It can’t be described, only tasted. Perhaps one reason I like it so much is because I’m a monk, and this tea was originally developed and cultivated by monks. But it’s not just the knowledge of the origin of this tea that makes it special to me; it’s the tea itself.

"I look forward to trying your Lu Shan Yun Wu when you receive the spring crop in June. I hope it will be at least reminiscent of Drum Mountain Clouds & Mist.

"In closing, I would like to thank you once again for your incredible work in making these rare teas available, and in presenting them in such a way as to bring out their historical and cultural context. As far as I can see, there’s no place in America that even comes close to you as a purveyor of teas."
Father D., St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, CA

"I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the quality of the teas I have received. I've paid comparable prices at retailers, and there is no comparison. My mornings are made so much brighter because I look forward to my wonderful tea - jasmine is my favorite - organic or fancy, and the gunpowder is also great.

"Thank you for your care in selecting superior teas and for your prompt service. I wish you much prosperity."
Claire M., Hampton, NH

"Wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your prompt handling and excellent packing of the tea pots order for my father. He received the order on the day it was expected to arrive via UPS. However, he waited until today (Father's Day) to open it. As a self-proclaimed 'tea fanatic', he was thrilled with the tea pots and the tea sampler and vowed to have a 'tea time' today using his Japanese iron tea pot.

"My father mentioned that the box used in shipping was spotless, everything was well packed and arrived safely intact (an outstanding feat given the handling by most major shipping companies today...;-). In fact my step mother, took the box after he removed its contents and plans to use it for storage...

"Many thanks again for your prompt processing and shipping of the order. My father and step mother will be having birthdays soon. Perhaps I'll be visiting your web site for a few more tea pots and tea samplers. If so, looking forward to doing business with you again. It was certainly a pleasure doing so. Take care."
David R., Orlando Park, FL

"i'd just like to take a moment to thank you for all that you do. i own a small company and work out of my home doing computer consulting for the technology sector. it makes me very happy to be greeted with a warm cup of your select teas when i start my day. and, with each pot my day just gets better. i guess i'd be the central tea buyer for our group and i'm happy to know that i purchase the teas from people concerned about what goes into the kettle and are not just driven by profit. i know that running a business surrounded by nationwide chains/retailers is difficult so i applaud all your time and effort and thank you for continuing to make me smile with each day.

David (T.) M., Stellacoom, WA

"I received my order yesterday morning in very good condition. The Yixing teapot ("The Lone Leaf") is very handsome. I bought it as a gift for my wife and her opinion was the acid test. In fact, she loves the teapot in it's simple serenity. She couldn't wait to use it. After cleaning and a light "seasoning" it was used to brew up some of your delightful Floral Ti Kwan Yin. I and my wife were impressed and very well pleased with the pot and the beautiful, fresh tea. I dare to say that the tea was the best Ti Kwan Yin I< have tasted yet.

"Thank you for providing a superior product. Keep up the good work.

Al M., Milwaukee, WI

"I also would like to add a *big* thank-you for the consistently wonderful service, teas and prices you have offered. I've been ordering tea from you for quite a while now and have always been happy.

Tom P., Minneapolis, MN

"Holy Mountain is owned and run by totally honest, friendly, sociable people. First class merchandize. First class service. I know nothing about their teas in general, but the few I've purchased were very satisfactory. My interest in Holy Mountain is in its extensive array of tea things. My personal collection contains many, many of their tea pots: Yixing Clay, Japanese clay, Japanese porcelain, Chinese Jade, Japanese tetsubin, and all kinds of preparation and serving tea things. I just sent a Japanese teapot and teacup set to friends in Finland and everything arrived without breakage.

"Their pot styles range from replicas of antiques pots to completely modern pots which would look nice in contemporary American, Scandinavian, or Italian table settings.

"They have all of the necessary things for making tea easy to steep.

"And they have a huge information base which includes 4 galleries of collector-grade YiXing teapots dating from around 1996/7."
Kent N., Sheboygan, WI

"I just received confirmation that my second order has been shipped. Excellent service! The web site is visually beautiful and functions properly.

"My first order consisted of many samples. What a pleasant surprise to receive them so quickly, and find them well-packaged. I have to admit to ordering samples out of skepticism. After a disappointing experience with some Yin Hao from an east-coast vendor, I wanted to try your products before purchasing larger quantities. Another pleasant surprise. Every one is of the highest quality. The Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine is wonderful to drink, as well as to watch. Camel's Breath Pu-erh is another favorite. It has plenty of character without being overwhelming or muddy.

"You have earned my trust, and I will be pleased to recommend Holy Mountain to my friends."
Daniel L., Brighton, CO

"dear rae:

"i would like to thank you for the fastest service possible (tea arrived yesterday, friday), the email confirmation, the great tea, packaging and the way you seem to do business in general. i'll bet you are nice people. my only other order from you was several years ago for three yixing pots, of course, still being used. your website is very lovely, i do visit it from time to time, especially after your email announcements, and i thought i'd let you know these things. oh yeah, great fountains! the tea (shan tran phu) is very nice. i've been drinking leaf teas for 30 years and drinking, collecting, and sampling high quality estate-type teas for about ten. you are my first and only source for vietnamese tea; i was expecting a tea perhaps somewhat reminiscent of a yunnan or southern chinese tea; much to my surprise, i'm finding the tran phu to be rather mild, soft and quite complex; i compare it most to one or two not-typical estate ceylons that i really like. a pleasant surprise. so, yes, i'm delighted with my new tea. obviously, i'm very into tea and can start rattling at a moments notice.

"thanks again,

Harvey S., Las Vegas, NV

"The tea arrived yesterday - and I'm so pleased that I have to write to you. When I was in China this past summer, I bought lots of tea. In Shanghai I bought some jasmine tea that the sales girl assured me was "best tea". It was so nicely packaged that I didn't try it until I got home - it truly is the most wonderful jasmine tea I've tasted. But of course, I couldn't find it anywhere in the US (I even tried Canada). Well "best tea" is curled dragon silver tip jasmine!!! Your description on the website sounded like the tea I bought in China, but I didn't know until I smelled and tasted it. What an auspicious beginning for the year of the dragon! I will be enjoying this batch and contacting you soon for some more. Thank you so much!"
Lisa B., San Diego, CA

"Leon ... the fountain arrived safely, and we are very impressed with the quality and workmanship. It is very well made and the instructions are clear and concise. Congratulations on marketing such a fine product, and thanks for your help in arranging to get it shipped so quickly."
Bob W., Dayton, OH

"This very pleasant, informative and thoughtful message only< confirms what I said to the person who took my order: I have been gladly referring many friends and students who share an interest in Chinese culture to your website. I have thoroughly -- as I am this very minute, while grading! -- enjoyed the teas I ordered last summer, along with my YiXing teapot ... and I know that my niece, Kristin, will appreciate her teas. Frankly, THIS is how a business should be run! I congratulate you and look forward to further connection..."
Chuck G., Pottstown, PA

"My Sand teapot qualifies as one of my top ten material possessions. I hope Kitty will like hers as much. Thanks for existing, and special thanks for being on the internet. I think I can safely speak on behalf many other hackers and scientists who would never find such nice teapots if they had to get in the car and drive around looking for one."
Julie C., Oak Park, IL

"I wanted to let you know that I received my teapot order today, and I'm SO pleased with it (as usual!). This is the third order I've placed with you, nd every time the quality surpasses my already high expectations."
- Robin B., Washington, D.C.

"I just wanted to forward a quick note to express my gratitude to you for assisting me in selecting an appropriate gift set to send out. The recipients were thrilled at the quality of the japanese teapot and matching cups and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try out the green tea sampler that accompanied the other items. I deeply appreciate the personal attention you paid in all the various aspects of choosing just the right items and shipping it with care so it arrived in perfect condition. I will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a unique and quality product for either personal use or to send as a gift. Holy Mountain is tops! and I can't re-iterate enough my appreciation to your quality service.

"A customer for a lifetime,"
Bruce P., Tallahassee, FL

"Joy and glory! Your package has arrived on Saturday. Everything has arrived safely - thanks again for your A+ wrapping techniques! :)

"The Lithuanian Customs inspected the parcel and even unwrapped the square Pu-erh brick. Brick tea is virtually unknown in Lithuania, and sounds generally as weird as 'brick wine' for a Frenchman. Apparently it caused some confusion to the Customs by resembling the pictures of controlled substances from customs textbooks. :)

"I spent the weekend enjoying your teas, and was most impressed with their quality. Perhaps the very fact that I go through the trouble and expense of ordering them across the Atlantic compliments your company better than any words. :)

"I shall be contacting you as soon as my stock decreases."
Erikas S., Villnius, Lithuania

"You helped me with a gift purchase just before Christmas, and I wanted you to know that the Shisabi Komon (Antique Grey Komon) Teapot arrived in plenty of time for Christmas. Your suggestion that the teapot be sent Priority Mail, instead of normal surface shipping (at no extra cost) both placated my fears and ensured the teapot's timely arrival. The teapot was of excellent quality, and exactly as depicted and described on your website. My brother was very pleased, as am I.

"My brother has since placed (and received) an order for several of your teas, and reports that they are excellent, as well. I think you have another long-term customer.

"Thanks again."
- Matt H., Galveston, TX

"Dear Sir or Madam:

"Normally, I would never write a Merchant a letter of support; however, to those individuals at Holy Mountain Trading Company, I wanted to say, 'Thank You.' I was tentative to use the Internet as a means of shopping for a Christmas gift but this was a very enjoyable process. Not only did I receive my purchase in a imely manner, I was delighted to find that the gentleman's suggestion, as to which type of Japanese Tea Pot I should purchase, was exactly what my girlfriend wanted for Christmas.

"Once again, thank you for your help and the wonderful products your company represents."
Ivo D., Oakland, CA

"The Bottleneck Prayer teapot arrived yesterday afternoon and it is just wonderful. It is a great addition to my collection and I really appreciate the quick response to my order and the free postage. I have got so many lovely pots that I can no longer claim my favorite. Thanks again for the service and I'll be looking into your site often. The gallery you recently added has some really great pictures."
Richard W., Lindenwold, NJ

"Thanks for the speedy delivery and processing! The yixing pot has arrived safe n sound and looks way cooler than the website pictures could ever have revealed (probably because it's in 3D). I will look forward to tasting tea from it a hundred cups down the road. Keep this station tuned for more orders..."
Darren Z., Honolulu, HI

"The yellow glaze teapot arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for helping make such excellent work available, both by mail and electronically. Your new website additions are beautiful! I'll be placing another order very soon."
Kathleen F., Nashville, TN

"I just want to say that you have a great service. The pu-erh teas which I purchased are exquisite. My friends keep coming over and drinking all of my tea! I had to give them your Internet address. Soon you will have another order from me."
Alan D., Herndon, VA

"I received my two teapots yesterday, well ahead of the birthday deadline, and I just want to let you know how pleased I am. The order was carefully packed and very speedy. My two Bamboo Shoot teapots are exquisite......and their green fabric covered latched boxes are like gifts all by themselves! I am delighted and will not hesitate to order from you in the future."
Lisa J., Ghent, NY

"Just wanted to say thanks for providing great teas and teaware at a very affordable price. And thanks for the quick service. The Tian Mu Qing Ding tea I received yesterday is now my favorite Chinese green tea."
Neal W., Springdale, AR

"Just received my order and I am impressed with the service. Getting my order so promptly is a big plus in your favor. Both teas smell great, which is important. I think I¹ll brew a small pot right now. I also like your resealable bags. Looks like a technological step forward over the traditional metal and cardboard tea box. And technology is real important here is Silicon Valley."
Cordell K., Mountain View, CA

"All items arrived in excellent condition. They are exquisite and exceptional!! Looking forward to the Dragon's Egg Teapot."
- Marie Z., Walla Walla, WA

"My first order from you arrived today. The Spring Blossom Pekoe is absolutely delicious!!!!! The Snow Dragon is a pleasant surprise as well. It is quite more delicate than I had expected and I love it that way. The cold weather that has set in couldn't have come at a better time to enjoy a cup of your great hot tea. I shall spread the word among my friends and you will hear more from me. Thanks for your great care and personal touch in handling my order.
Tim S., Kettering, OH

"Received the replacement teapots today, and started the seasoning process. They are beautiful teapots, and a nice addition to my collection. Thank you for your prompt service and attention. This will not be my last order."
Randy R., Edmonds, WA