Tokusen Body Powder


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Premium quality, 0.5 oz. / 15g
  • Model: 37301

Eric R.
I used men’s talc powder on a daily basis. I decided to try this particular powder because I have liked everything I have ever purchased at Holy Mountain. I used the powder as instructed and I must say/admit, I really like the experience. I do not put the powder behind my earlobes, but rather a dab on both wrists. Throughout the day, I get a pleasant whisper of the scent when I raise my wrist towards my face; like bringing my cell phone towards my face to make a phone call. That quick subtle hit of the pleasant aroma I actually find quite soothing for when my days have been stressful and most of my days are. Just that little whisper of the pleasant smell does wonders for calming me down. I know this sounds very “fru-fru”, but hey I can not dismiss what this powder has done for/to me. I very highly recommended this powder to anyone and everyone. Particularly those individuals who have stressful days; which is everyone no kidding aside right.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 31 October, 2008.