Nepalese Floral Oolong

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This vintage 2020 oolong tea is hand-crafted, and like the fussy, complicated-to-make Oolongs of China, oxidation is fixed not by a timer but by the senses: aroma, feel,  and appearance.  Nepal of course is known for its peaks, and even for this country, the bushes come from selected high elevation sections .  The methods may be described as rudimentary, as would apply to Dan Cong  - - processing housed in rustic simple structures rather than gleaming factories (although plenty of fine oolongs come from these places too).  Most of the processing is done by hand, fulfilling the term artisanal in the true sense.
     Withering, followed by hand rolling, initiates oxidation; hand rolling keeps the leaf more intact than would the actions of a mechanical roller that would result in more breakage.  Oxidation proceeds more slowly this way w/hand rolled (as opposed to machine rolled) leaves.  Level of oxidation varies from season to season, with lower oxidation for spring teas; for this autumnal flush, the oxidation is up to 60%, although there is no hint of fire or high roast in the cup.  The firing, however, is not prolonged, as too much firing would reduce the soft character of the tea. The rather dramatic drop in price between the spring and autumnal teas makes this an excellent buy.
      Use 6g (approximately 1-1/2 to 2 tsp.) of dry leaf per 6 oz. spring water heated to 95°C (195°F), infusing for 5 minutes.

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