Tieguanyin Competition "Monkey Picked" Oolong

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This is our finest grade, monkey-picked, Tieguanyin tea from Fujian's Sand County Wuyi Mountains, revered by all tea lovers. It is slightly bitter to the palate at first, then sweet, with a fragrance which lingers. The finest kind is monkey picked. This name comes from a legend that monkeys aided kind monks in gathering the best leaves from the high tea trees. It is one of the few teas that can hold up to numerous infusions, and produces a rich golden liquor with a spicy aroma and delightful aftertaste. Water temperature is best around 180° to 190°; try it using lots of leaf in a small pot or gaiwan with short multiple infusions.
  • Model: O-TKY-3

Ellen McGowen
My #1 favorite tea. Compares very well to Ten Ren's (more expensive) "Supreme Anxi Ti Kuan Yin". An outstanding bargain!
Zack Schallert
really good tea, great for multiple steepings with a strong tangy flavor.

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