Gopaldhara Silver Pearls

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This distinctive high-grown tea from the renowned Gopaldhara Estate has rolled dry leaves in which
the silver tips are clearly visible and a characteristic fruity aroma. The brewed tea yields a tawny
liquor that is complex and deeply satisfying with a slightly spicy finish. Use 3 grams of dry leaves (approximately 1 rounded teaspoon) per 6 ounces of spring water heated to just below boiling, steeping for three to four minutes.
  • Model: B-GSP-1

Juan Valdivieso Moreira
A very good example of darjeeling for people seeking the famous Muscatel flavour. The floral notes are lighter than the fruit ones. it has a moderate astringency, and I must add that the tea pearls are very beautiful
Mark B Anstendig
It took some testing for amount of tea and brewing time, but then it all came together and the glorious first taste, the amazing sweet bloom, and the long-lingering delightful aftertaste really "hit" us. Today, I started with a lot of tea (7.7 grams for 24-25 oz pot) and brewed over 4 minutes at 205 degrees. Good, but strong and not subtle. I lowered it to about 5.8 grams for another of the same pots and brewed just under 4 minutes. Magnificent! Something I never want to be without (I just ordered a pound).

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