1st Grade Gyokuro Asahi (Pearl Dew)


This is a very tricky tea to brew correctly. If you get it wrong, it will taste like celery blended with an acidic cleaning solution - which is disgusting. But If you get it Right, it is SOOOOO GOOD. Very Smooth, full-bodied flavor of green veggies with a small hint of mint. It can have a very good calming, relaxing effect on the body.
So, to brew correctly, use 1/2tbsp of leaves per 8oz of water. For the first steep, use hot water thats just beginning to throw off water vapor, and steep for only 20 seconds. For subsequent steeps, you can increase the temp a little. Also increase the steep time by 10 seconds for each subsequent steep. I consistently get three to five good steeps out of this method and ratio of water to tea as I have described.
Date Added: 01/21/2010 by Mark Elliott