Keemun Hao Ya "A"

Lee Rostosky
Excellent quality black tea. It has a strong yet balanced taste. Guests swore it must have been a Darjeeling and were surprised to learn it was a Chinese black tea....

Organic Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine

Lee Rostosky
This is an excellent jasmine tea, the best we have tasted. We will definitely be buying more!

Lapsang Souchong Special

Mark Arend
Please Note this tea does NOT have the smoky aroma and flavor of typical Lapsang Souchong. The tea's description mentions this but it bears repeating. The tea is good--smooth and mild. However, if you wanted traditional Lapsang Souchong flavor, this "Special" version does not have it....

1st Grade Gyokuro Asahi (Pearl Dew)

James Grant
This is my everyday tea. I probably go through 2.5 pounds per year, and I never fail to look forward to it every morning....

Organic Huoshan Yellow Sprouting

Mike Phipps
Enjoy this tea, and I drink my tea via a quart a day with ice. Had problems getting this tea refilled from others. Found it here and good. I recommend it. Hot or as in the South Ice Tea, with stevia and lime....

Tangerine Fermented Pu-erh

Ellen McGowen
A delightful, satisfying cuppa for morning or afternoon. This one Pu-erh you might offer to someone who has never before tasted Pu-erh....