Organic Vanilla

Zack Schallert
very strong vanilla flavor however i got heart burn after drinking this tea. i recommend using a small amount of leaf when brewing this tea as when i did this i did not get any heartburn....

Lichee Congou (Lizhi Hongcha)

Zack Schallert
This tea has to be one of my favorites it is very lite on the pallet and has a slightly sweet lichee flavor. i would recommend trying this tea!...

Dragonfruit & Roses Green Tea

Zack Schallert
Very good however it is a little bit oily but has excellent flavor.

Irish House Black

Christine Carlisle
A very unusual tea. I've never tasted anything quite like this one. The combination of jasmine and chocolate gives the flavor strange depth....

Imperial Loose-leaf Pu-erh

Barry Sweat
I first met up with this tea as a gift from my daughter, while shopping at a fine tea shop she was asked,"What does he like in a tea?" She replied,"He likes the drugs." The Imperial Pu-erh was recommended and I've been a huge fan since then. The liquor can be as black as any coffee with a deep earthy flavor and a long and complex finish. The aging process mellows the tannins the way it does a fine red wine so that the tea can be brewed strong enough to make espresso coffee turn green with envy and yet have no hint of harsh or bitter flavor. A wondrous cup of tea well worth it for its aroma and flavor. but it will yank you by the collar to get things going in the morning quite well too....

2010 Menghai 7562 (Ripe) Pu-erh Brick

Merlin Poutre
A truly superb ripe pu-erh! Rich, earthy and smooth. Like all pu-erh, gives many steepings.