Ben Shan

Winston Chamakoon
Ben Shaw is an excellent tea. From a point of view of taste and value it cannot be surpassed.

Russian Caravan

Jimy Pesin
I love the teas that holy mountain offers but this one is terrible. I am from Russia and this is in no way reminiscent of Russian teas at all. It reeks of old socks and the taste is awful. It took me a few days to get the stench out of my teapot. I would highly advise against this tea....

Nepal Organic Kangchenjunga Black

Robin Karnes
This tea is truly wonderful. It has all of the "muscatel" tangy-ness and complexity of a great Darjeeling, but has a bit more strength and body to it than the average Darjeeling, which is lovely because as nice as Darjeelings are, they can sometimes be just a bit too subtle for my palate. This organic Nepalese tea is wonderful stuff, I'll buy a larger batch when my 1 oz. sample runs out....

Makaibari Organic Green FTGFOP

Scott Pelikan
This tea is fun. It tastes kind of like a black darjeeling but much more mellow. The flavor is bright and clean with darjeeling floral overtones. I found very low temperature water (maybe 140┬░), lots of tea in the gaiwan, and short steepings work best. I usually infuse this tea three times....

Organic Dragon Well (Lung Ching)

Scott Pelikan
This tea really does smell a little like chocolate. It has the classic Dragon Well aroma with a hint of chocolate that I just love. When I figured out how to brew it, this became my favorite tea. I put lots of tea in my gaiwan and use very low temperature water (probably 140┬░), steeping the tea for only a minute or two. This tea gives me several infusions.
I have sampled lots of Dragon Well, up to ones that cost $200. per pound. The more expensive Dragon Wells obviously have the wonderful Dragon Well flavor with no bitterness. What I love about this Organic Dragon Well is that it also can be brewed with no bitterness and has that classic Dragon Well flavor. I find it to be an incredible value and drink it every day....

Dragon Well (Lung Ching)

Scott Pelikan
This tea was a great introduction to Dragon Well for me. It has the classic Dragon Well flavor and I fell in love with it. I have since moved on to higher grades of Dragon Well that have less bitterness and give me a deeper experience of this variety of tea....