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Year of the Dog Predictions

by Rae Bordua

Symbolism and History

F is for French Bulldog

ebruary 16, 2018 is New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4715 and Year of the Yellow Earth Dog or Gǒu Nián Huáng Rǎng (狗年黄壤).

The dog is the eleventh in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Rooster and the next will be Pig. The last Year of the Dog began on January 29, 2006 and ended on February 17, 2007. The next Year of the Dog will begin on February 3, 2030 and end on January 22, 2031.

The dog is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the eleventh of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the “Xu” Branch, and personifies integrity and loyalty. This branch is deeply spiritual and characterized by the ability to diligently prepare and be responsible.

Dogs are regarded as auspicious animals, bringing fortune to their owner, and the animal appears as a sign of good luck. They are renowned for unprecedented allegiance to family and absolute hostility toward strangers. These observable extremes are regarded as expressions of the Taoist yin and yang. Dog manifests yin behavior when when dutiful and loving, and yang behavior when a ferocious protector.

The Chinese myth of Tien K’ou, the celestial fire dog and fierce guardian who chases away evil spirits, indicates how valued dogs were in ancient China. It is believed that the Tien K’ou derived its name from a destructive meteor that hit China sometime in the 6th century BC. It resembled a dog’s tail and so the legendary beast arose who became associated with destructive powers.

In Asia there has been a perception that dogs are animals that usher human beings to the afterlife. Such a belief played out behind old Asians’ burying dogs with owners once they die. Some tombs have paintings of dogs, and most in the old paintings are either white or yellow. Ancient Koreans drew white dogs to warn against forthcoming disasters, while yellow dogs were for a good harvest. The oldest painting in Korea featuring a dog can be found in Gakjeo-chong, a tomb from Goguryeo Kingdom (B.C. 37-A.D. 668), and in the tomb mural, a dog is described as guarding the buried person. In earlier days, dogs were illustrated as companion animals, romping in the garden with other animals. In late Joseon Kingdom, a dog barking at the moon under a paulownia tree was a popular subject. Some dog paintings had shamanistic purposes as there is a saying that a dog’s bark keeps misfortune away. The History of the Three Kingdoms (1145) showed old Koreans’ attitudes toward dogs were not always positive, however. According to the book, a dog’s barking was considered a curse or omen of death to the people and the nation. In the book, white dogs were connected to an insurrection and a Silla king perished a year after a dog barked for many days in the royal pavilion.

The Chinese say that the Dog’s endurance increases with age. He may not be a very comfortable old person due to arthritis, rheumatism or other chronic diseases, but the Dog is unlikely to die young. He also will become less sanctimonious as he matures.

The three phases of the life of the Dog are all marred by uncertainty: anxious childhood, difficult youth, middle-age defeatist before the work there is to be done, old-age full of regrets for not having done enough. However, Dogs of all seasons will be well-provided for throughout their lives and have need of little.

Legend has it in the East that a Dog who is born at night is more aggressive and nervous than one born during the day. Those who are will stay ceaselessly on the alert for the rest of their lives. It is interesting to note that both Orientals and Westerners believe that everyone needs a Dog at home to distinguish friend from foe, and to warn when danger approaches. In fact, according to a common Chinese proverb, “the coming of a pig into the house betokens poverty, and the advent of a dog riches;” the reason advanced for this theory is that the pig only sleeps and eats, whereas the dog protects the family.

Virtues and Vices

I is for Irish Setter

n the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Dog is the sign of fidelity, the original radical, a social reformer and a minor revolutionary. He is sober, conservative, thoughtful and sincere, and adores his fellow man, especially the underdog. Often shy, the Dog tends to keep his own counsel. He is defensively vigilant, and not only observes all the inequities in the world but moralizes about them as well. He is incapable of hypocrisy and hates liars, cheaters and thieves, so naturally is disgusted with politics and politicians to the point of being apolitical. A confirmed individualist and cynical pessimist, the self-effacing Dog is an introvert who tends to keep a low profile and hates having to function in a social and political arena. He is a hard, steady worker with great powers of concentration. The Chinese say that hard work is the Dog’s salvation; work keeps him busy and helps divert him from his constant worries.

The main virtue in the Dog character is integrity; he won’t hesitate to make sacrifices for people and ideas he believes in and is always willing to be a crusader for a noble cause. He is honest, trustworthy and direct, with a strong sense of fair play and honor. Hot-headed, emotional and spontaneous, the Dog reacts to situations with excellent instincts and is willing to work hard to achieve success. He is profoundly intelligent and a great listener. The Dog knows how to keep a secret and his discretion is complete. He will never let you down. He is also the least materialistic sign of the Chinese Zodiac, an unselfish individual who cares more about people than he does about money or success.

A tendency to be judgmental and extreme are perhaps the most negative of the Dog qualities. Sometimes he can’t see the forest for the trees, and gives the impression that he is looking systematically for faults in everything he touches. He has a disposition towards seeing things only in black and white; you’re either with him or against him, friend or foe. He has to know how to classify you before he can relax in your company. Since he is so often driven by emotions, he sometimes carelessly takes unnecessary risks. He is also prone to bouts of erratic and disagreeable behavior, and is feared for his sharp tongue and for his acid and discordant remarks. When negatively aspected, he has the aptitude to be hostile, opinionated, extremely sardonic and scathing. When injured or imposed upon, he can exact retribution brutally and unmercifully. By trusting his keen senses, the Dog can avoid problems.

Dog Male and Female

T is for Tibetan Mastiff

he male Dog is dapper, animated, attractive, sociable and polite with a weird sense of humor, highly esteemed by his peers and deservedly so. He arouses confidence in others because his allegiance and reliability are legendary. He’s a deeply spiritual man with excellent instincts who enjoys examining his own rectitude. Despite performing an outstanding job, he feels compelled to push himself even further in sacrifices for his family, friends and associates, while at the same time demonstrating his apprehension by steadily pontificating and censuring their imperfections. Testy and petulant in the face of obstructions and slowdowns, he can be temperamental and capable of making life an ordeal for those who do not follow his course of action or promote his causes. The dignified Dog is a modest Christlike figure who suffers for the sins of the world: wars, disasters, wage inequality, and injustices of the past, present and future all fall on his Atlas-like shoulders. Because his heart is pure, his tenacity is fabled, his enthusiasm is boundless, and his causes are noble, he almost always attains his goals. Savant, preacher, revolutionary, Lord Dog cares not a fig for money. His needs are simple and he is both charitable and disinterested in wealth when he has it. He is content to be an armchair traveler and confine his adventures to the epicurean sphere where he enjoys sampling different foreign cuisines. He is a phenomenal listener with deep understanding who will never disappoint and knows how to keep a confidence. He can be quite discerning at the beginning of a dating relationship, but once he finds the right person his hot-blooded, spontaneous nature kicks in and he is ready to commit himself for the duration, therefore Dogs are known for having a tendency to marry early. Because he is eternally apprehensive and inherently insecure, he sometimes can overwhelm the object of his affections with his need for constant declarations of love and close companionship or become overly possessive and protective, so unfortunately will endure self-induced romantic complications his whole life. However, in his eyes the person he adores can do no wrong, so his generous and straightforward nature makes the Dog very easy to love.

Lady Dog is chic, resourceful, accomplished and entertaining. She is nature-loving and excels at sports, also is a great dancer who loves to make the scene at parties. She is usually very charming and enjoys provocative discussions, but is not particularly impressed by those with power or money. She can be counted upon to give her frank and honest opinion in any situation, and feels it is her task to give voice to integrity and stand up for principles. What you see is what you get with Lady Dog; she is no schemer or psychological game player like some others of her sex, even though she can be quite ambitious when compared to the male Dog. She is a visionary maverick who knows what she wants out of life. Sometimes she seems distant and aloof or impervious but this is only a mask for her self-doubt and troubled nature. The downside of her high standards is that she sees the world in black and white, with no concessions allowed, and when this view is contested she can be absolutely arbitrary and fanatical. Lady Dog rarely calms down, and is a multitasker par excellence. She will be the initiator in the love relationship, and in the dissolution of it as well. Devoted and nurturing, she is many men’s ideal spouse, a true companion and a perfect mother to their children, good-natured, affectionate and demonstrative. Most of all she needs to understand how to be less critical and to not expect everyone to live up to her exalted standards.

The Earth Dog

T is for Tibetan Mastiff

hese realistic, astute, taciturn, reserved and serious Dogs are noble characters who know the worth of their temperament and dignity. They advance gradually but deliberately and rarely veer from their strongly established system of moral values, although they will also comply with the majority. Exceptional warriors and survivors, they are pragmatists who are never completely conquered by setbacks nor overwhelmed by triumphs. They are inclined to be hard-working perfectionists, unbiased dedicated vendors of justice and prudent guidance who expect extreme obedience and commitment from others. They are renowned for frank, from-the-heart dialogue. Earth Dogs do not misuse sovereignty conferred to them, can determine which projects are feasible and then relegate tasks with a sharp eye toward other people’s capabilities. They are lucky and galvanize others with virtue and single-mindedness. They are the philosophers of the Dog family, less apprehensive about the future than other Dogs, but instead taking each day one by one in the battle to survive. A hill or a mountain is their personal symbol. Their success comes from being thoughtful and supportive of others.

Dog Relationships

U is for Utanogan, by Andrei Clompos

ltrarealistic and outspoken, the Dog will bond well with those who share the same practical and caring outlook on life. He will be most compatible with the Horse, the Rabbit and the Tiger. Working as a team is force of habit for them. He will have no conflict with the Rat, Snake, Monkey, Boar or another Dog. However, he will have difficulty understanding the demanding and inflexible Rooster but will try to co-exist with him as he can identify with his intensity and rationality; the Rooster’s love of bickering and exacting manner can test his powers of compromise, though. He will never feel comfortable around the bombastic Dragon, who will be enraged when the Dog deflates his grand designs. They will find it challenging to relax in each other’s company and tend to question each other’s loyalties. Since they both have an inclination to become belligerent and combative when riled, they must demonstrate to themselves and others that they are right. It would be best for them to interact through experienced mediators who are respected by both of them. In addition, the Dog will find it difficult to tolerate the constant complaints of the self-pitying and parasitic Sheep, who thinks the Dog insensitive. They don’t have much in common with each other but if they are part of the same team the Dog will do everything he can to shield and supervise him.

Occupations and Important People

T is for Tibetan Mastiff he almanac lists the occupations for the Dog — fund-raiser, military man, charity leader, union activist, social worker, missionary or alternative healer. He is a natural lawyer who will listen to your case objectively. Because of his love of literature, he can be a writer or bookshop owner, and would make a dedicated teacher. He will make an excellent judge or magistrate with integrity because he favors no one, not even himself, in the final analysis. His stable mind makes him a good counselor, priest or psychologist. He’s a born analyst with a remarkable ability to concentrate, has excellent scientific capacities and a profound understanding of philosophy. He also would make a good farmer, hunter, secret agent, geologist, anthropologist or even an archeologist. However, the Dog works best alone where he can make his own rules. He can handle having a single partner but is too much of an individual to be comfortable working in groups or teams. Because the Dog enjoys practical results, he would do well in such fields as architecture, theater direction, design or sculpture. But above all, he should be the power behind the throne, a right-hand man to a left-wing politician! Some important people born in the Year of the Dog are Winston Churchill, Paul Robeson, Ralph Nader, Elvis Presley, Jacques Cousteau, Lenin, Harry Houdini, Kate Millet, Voltaire, Leonard Cohen, Gregory Hines, Golda Meir, Kurt Vonnegut, Armand Hammer, Madonna, Donald Trump, Chou En-lai, Edith Wharton, O. Henry, Prince William of Great Britain, Bridget Bardot, Dame Judith Anderson, George Gershwin, Proust, Victor Hugo, Mother Theresa, André Agassi, Marianne Faithful, Franco Zeffirelli, Louis XVI, Bill Clinton, Akira Kurosawa, Henry Adams, Susan Sarandon, Al Jolson, and Rasputin.

Year Predictions

T is for Tibetan Mastiff

he year of the Dog is a time of fairness, idealism, equality and plenty of political action. Because the Dog is known as a strict defender of property and rights, all matters concerning protection and security — whether domestically, financially or politically — will take precedence this year. Emphasis will be on defense and borders, including key summits on global security involving resources. The United Nations will play a very active role in stabilizing troubled areas and resolving nationalistic or ethnic conflicts. Revolutions are victorious and liberal politics rule the day. Several countries will see liberal-thinking politicians winning increased support for their policies and are likely to see important changes in their leadership. There may be significant changes in some countries’ constitutions as well.

This is a year for humanitarian matters and launching initiatives to help the underprivileged in areas affected by drought, disease, conflict and disaster. Controversial interest groups will be active in bringing their causes to the attention of governments. Expect some historic rallies and protests to take place this year. There also will be increased pressure for conservation of the world’s resources and environmental protection, and as a result landmark preservation agreements will be reached.

Economically, many countries around the world will see slow but steady growth and increased employment. However, this is not the year for over expansion or heavy borrowing; some major companies will fail or be taken over for disregarding this advice. Individual investors also should exercise caution and steer clear of risky speculations. This time brings a stepping back from materialism and a reassessment of existing assets. People consider what is personally important to them, and begin spending more quality time strengthening bonds with their friends and family. Many will focus on home remodeling and improvement.

Here are some predictions for the coming year.

  • Dog years generally bring conflict and war, however it is normally a Yang Metal (Geng Xu) year that produces cataclysmic potential. Treaties and historic alliances are highlighted as well. Even so, in this turbulent year there may be many insurgencies throughout the world including counties in the Middle East, Asia and North Korea accelerating an insistence for justice and a better standard of living. Having weak leaders could also compound any issues, causing 2018 to be a year of hardship. One positive development could be that less affluent areas of the world come together and introduce new ways to assist the less fortunate, hopefully ensuring in the future a more equitable balance between developed and undeveloped countries.
  • Economically, Dog years are normally growth years although earth (Wu Xu) years can also bring destruction of major institutions and substantial adjustments in the economy such as the stock market and currency appraisals. All signs are advised to be financially cautious and watch out for their investments in 2018. World markets may fall, or at least correct themselves, but there should be a recovery reasonably soon toward the end of the year.
  • Events related to land, real estate, country territory, agriculture, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, minerals and the Earth will be in the spotlight. Due to increased activity of the Sun hurricanes, forest fires, tsunamis and severe, destructive weather will be in the news.
  • In what seems by many to be an increasingly chaotic world, more of the population will turn to meditation and religion in search of stability. There will be a growth in spirituality or religious study for the people of the world that could lead to a new golden era.
  • There will be changes in people’s views on diet, smoking, drinking and harmful foods, including new laws produced with the goal of educating the public about the true health risks associated with eating and drinking.

The Chinese believe that the Dog year brings harmony and peace to home life, which should hold true for many. It is also considered a highly favorable time in which to marry. This is a year conducive to grandiose schemes and to disinterested, generous acts. Those who exhibit goodwill, honesty and high principles — and are willing to expend the effort, discipline and focus it will take for improvement — will find success in the year of the Dog.

Predictions for Signs

T is for Tibetan Mastiff

he almanac also states how people born under other signs will fare in the year of the Dog. This is an auspicious year for Tigers, Rabbits, Horses, Monkeys, Dogs and Boars. It can be a difficult year for Dragons and Sheep. Snakes should beware their finances and Rats, Oxen and Roosters should take care in their relationships this year.

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Dog:

The Rat

The Rat can expect much success at work this busy and satisfying year, with all the financial remuneration that entails, by virtue of numerous lucky stars in his heavens. Although he feels oppressed by his many obligations due to some unlucky stars existing there as well, yet he industriously fulfills his responsibilities with the help of the fortunate star, “God of Salvation.” He should remain disciplined, be open to creative inspiration, continue to take the initiative, and follow through with determination — his tenaciousness will be rewarded, particularly in the first three and the last two months of the lunar year. Nonetheless he is forewarned to stay on the straight and narrow path as the unfortunate stars “Gaol’s House” and “Funeral’s Door” in his chart augur financial litigation that could lead to incarceration. He must be extra vigilant in managing his resources. The Rat may find himself easily drawn into conflicts with swindlers, but by happy chance lucky star “The Eight Chiefs” in his chart acts as a preventative and protects him somewhat from these devils. It is still a good time to begin a business and buy stock, but he should avoid highly speculative trades or betting. Those born in the Years of the Snake and the Sheep will prove to be the most helpful to him in his career. The Rat’s health looks reasonably good this year but his safety is at risk with two unlucky stars, “Floating Up and Down” and “Bloody Knife,” in his life cycle. For this reason he is advised both to exercise caution while engaging in water sports, and to avoid disturbances and altercations in case of harm. The Rat’s relationships can be challenging at this time. Mix-ups regularly occur between him and his co-workers, and without any effort he finds himself quarreling with his patrons as well; he must patch up these problems as quickly as he can. However, a new love affair brings tension and the threat of a painful breakup unless the Rat learns to listen, becomes more giving, and exercises tolerance and understanding of his partner’s real needs. He may have to resign himself to losing the object of his love’s affections, as this person may not feel the same way about him. Lady Rat must keep a tight rein on the family finances now as there is a chance of a monetary emergency. There is a tendency for her to bicker with her spouse. Both of them will need to exercise reciprocal accommodation and resilience to forestall a separation. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Rat need to apply themselves on enhancing their liaisons, which could turn out to be challenging considering the inconclusiveness of their affairs. Young Rats are in a good frame of mind for learning with a deeply perceptive thirst for knowledge. If they apply themselves they are assured of success. However, they must not thumb their noses at school regulations or they may sabotage their own prospects. The Rat needs to avoid a critical attitude in his relationships and exercise patience and prudence, and understand that one can’t compel love to bloom. Favorable directions for Rats this year are the Northeast, the Southwest and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the North and the South. Beneficial colors for the Rat this year are yellow, orange and brown. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are blue and grey. His lucky numbers are 1 and 7.


The Ox

The Ox will experience a demanding time at work due to many unlucky stars in his chart, with a sometimes heavy workload as well as new responsibilities. The malevolent star, “Yearly Threat” warns of perplexing and unstable working conditions heading in an unknown direction. If he does not step lively he may experience a reversal that will be difficult to repair. He must be adaptable and accommodate his response to the changing circumstances, not continue to stubbornly insist upon doing things inappropriately. This is a good year for travel, to check out new territories for future business ventures. He should make the most of any training opportunities that come his way. His accomplishments will be hard earned and he may be separated from his loved ones or forced to work under pressure and travel alone. Regrettably, the unlucky stars, “Hooked and Strained,” “Tightened Loop” and “Sudden Death,” warn against becoming defrauded of his wealth and deceived by people around him and those he fraternizes with. He must be vigilant, and exercise care and thoroughness in all money matters. Honest communication and taking care of business will resolve problems properly. Speculative income and investments are depreciated and even everyday wages will be precarious as well, so he must set aside as much cash as possible to protect himself during these situations. This is an important time for the Ox to aggressively develop his amicable relationships with patrons and fellow teammates to get out in front of any potential mistakes and conflicts, or else these obstacles can impede his career path. He should not abandon hope however, because fortunate star “The Moon” is beaming in his heavens, foretelling the likelihood of a protector coming to his rescue, and also success in dealing with members of the opposite sex. In spite of this he should take care not to let romantic inclinations interfere with his work. People born in the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Snake can prove especially helpful in business dealings. As regards his health, due to the existence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Threat” in his chart, his heart and blood pressure are areas for concern. The Ox will need to cut back on overindulging his appetites for greasy food, alcohol, and smoking. He is also at risk for food poisoning, injury from falling and traffic accidents. Lady Ox should not expect any financial progress this year, and could become ill and stressed out from overall fatigue and the deprecation of betrayers. At the earliest opportunity she should speedily deflect any feuds or quarrels that arise. Young ladies born in the Year of the Ox can expect to attract someone special to them; however, they will have to work diligently on the relationship for it to bloom. Young Oxen are impassioned and melodramatic to the point where it could negatively affect their grades. They are advised to cultivate a levelheadedness and serenity that will serve them well, not only during this troublesome time but even more so as they mature. It is recommended that they exercise care against a falling injury while engaging in activities outside of class. The Ox should keep a low profile and continue to do good at his own speed. He will be justly rewarded for his efforts and discover new talents, some of which will be instrumental in the success he will enjoy in following years. Favorable directions for Oxen this year are the East, the Northeast, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the North and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Ox this year are white, blue and black. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are red and brown. His lucky numbers are 5 and 8.


The Tiger

This year fortune blows hot and cold for the Tiger due to the impact of several unlucky stars in his chart, such as “Point at the Back” and “Legal Spell.” By happy chance, the appearance of the lucky star “The Three Pillars” intercedes on his behalf to help transform some of the bad into good luck. Under immense pressure from internal constraints and external adversity, he can face many problematic confrontations on the job as prophesied by the unlucky star “Five Ghosts.” The Tiger must be circumspect and guarded in his business dealings lest he find himself in challenging circumstances, the focal point in a maelstrom of vicious innuendo and scandal. However, if he conducts his private affairs carefully and earnestly he is likely to prevail despite the otherwise poor chances. It is imperative that he remain on the straight and narrow path to guard against becoming entangled in lawsuits. People born in the Year of The Tiger will be most helpful in his career, followed by those born in the Year of the Rabbit. This is a volatile time financially; although traditional wages are still satisfactory, the unlucky star “Swallowed Up” threatens against grifters who would defraud him of his wealth. He must substantiate his outlays when settling accounts or doing business with others or else he may suffer a huge loss. It’s all right if the Tiger wants to indulge in a little gambling but he should not use it as an excuse to get caught up in a fever of speculation or he will be a big loser. The duration of his poor financial luck is the first two months and the last two months of the lunar year. The Tiger enjoys moderately good health but is at risk of collapse and nervous exhaustion due to the existence of the unlucky star “Flying Spell” in his chart. He must take care of his mental well-being before it seriously depletes his physical stamina, and also exercise the same consideration toward his family’s health and safety. This is quite a year for double-crossers and the Tiger will run into his share of them, but if he carefully considers his speech and puts some effort into his social relationships he will find the assistance he needs to surmount their interference. Liaisons will have their setbacks but there is little he can do to influence the outcome other than act sincerely, so he must be patient and let the future unfold as it will. Lady Tiger needs to take the long view amidst friction at home and disagreements with nearby residents. She is advised to squirrel away cash as financial affairs are precarious. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Tiger should cultivate an inconspicuousness in their love affairs or they may encounter disappointment. Young Tigers find it hard to concentrate in class; they are distracted by blabbing friends and may be encouraged to shoot off their big mouths as well although this is a bad idea. They instead need to heed their professors’ advice and mend their ways. The Tiger is full of enterprise and may find devotion to a cause. Although it may not be a particularly prosperous period and requires perseverance at work, influential people like and support him. Action is the key. He should seize the initiative and look to make changes. Hard work and a willing attitude will be rewarded. Any difficulties are more than offset by the emotional high of revitalized passion. He should enjoy it while he can because next year he’ll have to return to earth. For now he will have to be careful not to take on more responsibility than he can handle. Favorable directions for Tigers this year are the Northwest, the Northeast, and the West; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the North and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Tiger this year are white, green and black. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are orange and brown. His lucky numbers are 3 and 6.


The Rabbit

With many lucky stars shining in his heavens this year, the Rabbit is promised swift advancement and abundant gains if he will embrace the favorable circumstances with enthusiasm. “Jade Hall” and “Union of the Year” bestow upon him popularity and personal magnetism which can be turned to his advantage both in business negotiations and in a fulfilling affinity with his associates. Those born in the Year of the Sheep and the Year of the Rabbit will prove to be most invaluable at work. However, the malign influence of the unlucky stars “Year Threat” and “Pool of Indulgence” cautions to avoid intoxication of the senses lest his health and future prospects be compromised. His lungs and liver are in a delicate state at this time and if a physical problem crops up he must deal with it immediately. The Rabbit’s financial prospects are excellent, particularly in the first half of the lunar year; not only is his livelihood paying well but speculative ventures in diverse areas are profitable too, although he’s advised to know when to quit. Otherwise it could be a case of “easy come, easy go” due to the influence of the malevolent star “Gradual Drain.” The Rabbit feels jubilant and in high spirits, and as a result his fitness is enhanced and he can thrive without too much interference from the powers that be, although he may not realize it. As a result, he may become unduly nervous and suffer from unrealistic feelings that his privileges might be jeopardized. The presence of the unlucky star “Deadly Spell” threatens his personal security when he is out in public, therefore he must stay away from dicey areas of town and avoid swaggering about, endangering himself and attracting evil intentions from villains. For personal relationships this can be both a positive and significant year. Romantically, everything is going very well with the opposite sex and coworkers too, however there is a worrying tendency toward overdoing it sexually and precipitating a star-crossed love affair. Lady Rabbit enjoys a congenial relationship with her spouse, but money seems to slip through her hands so she should commit herself to better management of the family finances. She will require more leisure time to recharge her batteries and avoid fatigue. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Rabbit attract the attentions of many potential lovers and will relish a stimulating affair, but if they continue their coquettish behavior they will lose it all. Young Rabbits are two steps ahead of the game, and if they apply themselves even moderately to their studies they will shoot to the top academically. Outside the classroom however they are prone to injury, and are at risk for contagious infections during autumn and winter of the lunar year. His career still requires attention but diplomatic Rabbit benefits by taking the necessary precautions, playing all the angles and refraining from criticizing his superiors and co-workers. This is a good time for him to invest in the future and move his career forward. He will find himself in demand socially, and this becomes more fulfilling as the year progresses. Favorable directions for Rabbits this year are the East, the Southwest, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the West and the South. Beneficial colors for the Rabbit this year are red, orange and brown. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are grey and white. His lucky numbers are 4 and 9.


The Dragon

Dog years can be variable for the Dragon, although all the societal issues and crusades appeal to his sense of philanthropic consciousness. Unfortunately, the Dragon is said to have offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese, in addition to having many unlucky stars currently afflicting his life chart, such as “Leopard’s Tail” and “Iron Bars,” so he must stay extra-sharp to avoid being laid low by a setback from which there is no rehabilitation. He finds himself dominated by callous authorities and despondent at his disadvantage. Here is an opportunity to practice the art of retreat and understand exactly what it is that can cause him harm. He must not underestimate this irrationally aggressive brute force, but instead yield to the unyielding and withdraw from the battlefield until the enemy has spent its energy. The Dragon may be severely censured which he must handle quietly and without his customary passionate backlash, otherwise endless litigation awaits. He is advised to make the most of any chances he has to extend his work experience while at the same time laying low, adopting a defensive posture, and trying his best to avoid any confrontation with his enemies or those who do not agree with his views as he could become mired in a controversy where he is seen as the oppressor. Circumstances are the worst during the first few months and the end of the lunar year so he will need to be more perceptive during this time. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Sheep will prove to be invaluable in his career. Personal problems are left behind despite the fact that he is not particularly pleased by developments in his private life. Plans cannot manifest and people seem contrary. This is a rough year for finances since his regular wages are down and investment returns are even more grim due to the existence of the unlucky star, “Huge Drain,” in his chart. He must be hyper-vigilant and not consign management of his wealth to others or else he may be defrauded of his money and suffer a financial catastrophe. The Dragon’s health is in a debilitated state as demonstrated by the presence of the unlucky star “Broken Down,” particularly his kidneys and lungs, also he is at risk for food poisoning and injury from a serious fall, so he needs to beware of heights. This year the Dragon tends to be isolated from other people which makes him feel powerless in the event of an emergency, so to counter this he must make a concerted effort to reach out more to others and connect with them in a neighborly way as it will be instrumental to advancement of his career. Romance is at a low point this year, and although he covets that special person in his life, it is not meant to be and love cannot be forced. Lady Dragon must keep tight rein on the family finances to avoid a budget deficit, and keep a weather eye out for con artists and swindlers as well. She feels drained, and in this weakened state is prone to falling ill with fatigue. As regards their romantic liaisons, unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Dragon should let fate take its course and stop acting irrationally. Young Dragons are not in the mood to learn but unless they seriously devote themselves to their studies they will be left eating the dust. If they continue to act too full of themselves they will have their wings clipped by classmates and associates. Outside activities and field trips can precipitate a nasty fall, while allergies and air-borne pathogens have potential to weaken their health. This is a time for extensive travel and turning the focus outside himself to improving the well-being of others. Care is required in the Dragon’s home life and he needs to set aside time to spend with family members. Favorable directions for Dragons this year are the East, the Northeast, and the Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northwest and the South. Beneficial colors for the Dragon this year are green, blue and grey. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are orange and purple. His lucky numbers are 2 and 7.


The Snake

Advantageous opportunities will be presented to the Snake in this very auspicious year to launch expensive new projects. He is bubbling with creativity and much can be accomplished if he can keep his opinions and insights to himself. The lucky stars “Crepe Myrtle” and “Dragon’s Virtue” in his chart predict painless achievement and victory as long as he expends a little effort, keeps his eyes on the prize, and follows through with his objectives. In the Dog year, fortune will favor the bold, and reward dedication as well as originality. However, due to the influence of the unlucky star “Sudden Collapse” the Snake is warned against acting like a high-handed know-it-all, and remaining frozen in old-fashioned ways of doing things. He must instead stay focused on the process he has initiated and follow through from conception to completion or else chaos and ultimately failure will ensue due to the threat from the unlucky star, “Heavenly Legal Spell.” To avoid lawsuits during this time he must not act impulsively but instead conduct his affairs in a forthright and honorable manner, and either he learns to disassociate himself from the crooks or else he will join them behind bars. In the beginning his destiny has a covert atmosphere that clears and improves in the second half of the year. People born in the Year of the Rabbit and those born in the Year of the Horse will be particularly beneficial to his career; this combination has the potential to bring out the best in all involved. With good planning and control, his economic position can be much improved as the year progresses. A financial backer could take the Snake under his wing and offer welcome investment advice, but nevertheless he must exercise foresight and remember to quit while he’s still ahead or he might lose it all at once. His monetary luck will be best in the first two months and at the end of the lunar year. The Snake may experience some minor health problems or be the victim of fraud if he is not vigilant. Between autumn and winter he is prone to infections therefore should avoid clinics and hospitals around that time. Also there are safety issues associated with the home due to the existence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Obstacle” in his chart, so he should protect his household from break-ins and fire, and be more aware of the vulnerabilities in his family’s physical well-being, particularly of children and the elderly. The unlucky star “God of Death” causes him to ruminate too morosely upon his mortality so he needs to better control his emotions and for the sake of his mental health, try to overlook life’s minor irritants. Social relationships are excellent due to the effect of the lucky star “Pink Phoenix” in his chart. If the Snake is not already married, there is a high probability he will be wed this year, although there is a chance that an ill-meaning rival will try to undermine the affair. Lady Snake enjoys a blissful relationship with her spouse but will need to stay vigilant against thieves and danger from fire, as well as keep an eye on household food consumption and health. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Snake are especially bewitching to the opposite sex due to the influence of the “Pink Phoenix.” With a little tender kindness on their part toward the object of their affections hopefully they will marry this year. Young Snakes are especially shrewd and perceptive right now, and have no problem acing their exams. The circumstances are favorable for them to promote themselves but they should not act cocky and smug or they are sure to undergo a reversal. There is a tendency for them to bicker with others that needs to be nipped in the bud. It is best to not worry too much and try to find alternatives to chemical substances that upset his sensitive system, perhaps to commune with nature, meditate or begin a program of yoga. Favorable directions for Snakes this year are the East, the Northeast, and the West; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northwest and the South. Beneficial colors for the Snake this year are orange, yellow and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are green and black. His lucky numbers are 2 and 7.


The Horse

This auspicious Dog year is a time of apprenticeship for the headstrong Horse. Important and influential mentors guide him and offer opportunities for advancement. He could pass exams with honors or be given a job he has sought. Although there may be some obstacles in his path, due to the influence of the lucky stars “The Star of Commander” and “Earthly Salvation” in his chart, he can sweep these aside so therefore should have the confidence to be more spirited and act assertively at work. Misfortunes turn into blessings, so he must not hold back but instead seize the moment now while favorable circumstances exist. However, he is warned of formidable opposition with the presence of the unlucky stars “White Tiger,” “Fierce Hercules” and “Heavenly Threat” in his life cycle; outside rivals and subversives abound, and must be kept at arm’s length to avoid needless trouble. The Horse is cautioned to closely guard proprietary information and maintain a semivisibility until official announcements have been made, or else precipitate premature publication of confidential reports that will be quite damaging to his future prospects. People born in the Year of the Sheep and the Year of the Pig will be most valuable to him in his career; together they create the unbeatable team. The Horse will see an increase in income and may be able to supplement this by overtime or additional work. Nonetheless he must take care when advancing cash or managing his money to keep himself from making stupid errors. While backing startups or buying property are a good bet for him this year, gambling schemes will not be rewarded. The first six months of the lunar year begin well for the Horse economically, but from that point on his fiscal luck becomes more unstable. No serious health problems or financial setbacks are foreseen despite the presence of the unlucky star, “Loose Hair.” He should monitor the well-being of his circulatory and digestive systems, and is cautioned to not be careless with household safety, along with taking increased responsibility for the health of elderly family members. Romantically, the events of the year can move in exciting ways. As he becomes more aware of his selfishness, egocentrism and fear of intimacy, he should reach out to help others and give in to his native generosity or he will suffer and some good opportunities can be lost. Lady Horse finds tranquility and unity within the home, but disharmony and scandal outside of it. She must practice being accommodating to try to maintain social cooperation. Household finances are excellent but she must not lust after risky profits like a greedy miser. Young ladies born in the Year of the Horse experience a difficult time in their relationships and have no special luck in this area of their lives so this is a matter best left to fate. Young Horses are super-smart this year, and will shoot to the top of the class if they put some effort into their studies. They need to get adequate sleep to keep up with the additional energy expenditure. The Horse runs into a lot of tattlers and telltales, creeps and two-timers this year; he should identify these types early on and stay far from them and the chaos they cause. Although he feels himself surrounded with amorous opportunities, sadly none of them are meant to be his true love. He can play the field and have a good time but ultimately he had better behave himself or else he will become mired in rumor and public embarrassment. Favorable directions for Horses this year are the East, the Northeast, and the West; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the North and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Horse this year are grey, blue and black. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are red and purple. His lucky numbers are 1 and 8.


The Sheep

In this crucial Dog year with many lucky stars such as “Blessing Virtue,” “Heavenly Virtue” and “Commander’s Saddle” radiant in his heavens, the Sheep should push himself and participate in altruistic social programs or else risk being ignored and feeling insecure and neglected. On the other hand, he should avoid rushing in to help those who will not appreciate his sacrifice. The assistance and advice of a protector is foreseen which will magnify his good fortune. He stands to progressively increase his authority and the concomitant wealth and acclaim so he should seize any opportunities that come his way. His success is greatest during the beginning of the lunar year and mid-year. Due to the negative effect of the unlucky stars “Tongues Wag” and “Evil Threat” in his chart, he may have to endure many squabbles and slanders, therefore is advised to carefully scrutinize his words during confrontations and get-togethers or otherwise a thoughtless gaffe could land him in hot water, ostracized and besieged on all sides. He may lack support from family and coworkers, and have to deal with changes, debts and some romantic problems. At work he needs to concentrate on the areas he knows best, remain disciplined and work closely with others. People who are the most helpful to him this year are those born in the Year of the Horse and the Year of the Rabbit; these three consummate each other and form the perfect team. This is the time to make decisions he has been putting off, not to make investments or long-term commitments even though his monetary luck has improved immensely. His regular salary increases and speculative income shows unexpected gains periodically. However, he needs to keep a vigilant watch on his spending and overall financial situation because there will be huge additional outlays required this year at a time when he should be setting funds aside early for the adversity ahead. He should not lend money unless absolutely necessary because he could lose both his capital and the friendship. His monetary luck is best in the first three months of the lunar year. The Sheep’s health improves although he unfortunately experiences some problems with his teeth which he needs to deal with promptly. As he tends to be a little excitable and easily depressed, he should calm down and take more time off to sidestep physical problems. His family’s health is threatened and there is a risk of losing a loved one due to the presence of the unlucky star “Funeral Gown” in his life cycle. He will need to practice awareness of his safety while he is engaging in outdoor activities, and to employ defensive driving techniques particularly at lunar year’s end. His social relationships run smoothly, although he will have to watch his mouth else a blunder destroy the equilibrium. He could very well meet the love of his life this year therefore he should gently cultivate this affair, and to do so he also must turn a deaf ear to the gossips or they will threaten this relationship. Lady Sheep is compatible with her husband and others, and the aspects are good for a home celebration. Although there is plenty of money there also are increased expenditures so she must squirrel away whatever she can as quickly as she can. Young ladies born in the Year of the Sheep are especially enticing to the opposite sex this year and can hope to encounter a sweetheart they admire. Nevertheless they are advised to cultivate a modest reticence lest they catch the eye of those who would make problems for them. Young Sheep find insight and knowledge come easily to them, so with sincere concentration they can do well now and advance far. Still, they should not let an inflated self-opinion cause them to become cocky and make stupid mistakes. Their health is fine but there is a risk of carnage in a traffic accident, therefore they must slow down and become more aware of their surroundings. It is important for the Sheep to maintain an optimistic yet conservative outlook. Favorable directions for Sheep this year are the East, the West, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northeast and the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Sheep this year are yellow, orange and brown. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are white and blue. His lucky numbers are 2 and 5.


The Monkey

The atmosphere this mediocre Dog year will be pessimistic and the Monkey can expect a few financial setbacks. People may let him down. Care must be taken with his health due to the influence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Weeping” which warns of mental and physical exhaustion, and of risk of injury in traffic accidents, and man-made or natural calamities. He should not seek solace in painkillers and sedatives or he could be stuck in a predicament from which he cannot extricate himself, and irreparably damage his heart and lungs. The solution is for him to take stock of what he wants in life, immerse himself in working with his colleagues, and rebuild his fortune. Due to the impact of the malevolent star “Dog of the Year” in his chart, the Monkey feels cornered both privately and publicly in his work environment. He must plan his moves carefully and find a solution for his own individual dilemma as well. Because the lucky star “Traveling Horse” is in his heavens, this would be an auspicious time for him to journey abroad to vacation or to advance his career. He could meet a patron while touring, particularly at the end of spring and the beginning of summer. People born in the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Snake will be especially supportive of him on the job, and with earnest mutual effort all three can help each other withstand the difficult pace. This is a time to patiently mend fences and establish long-term relationships, not a time for lending money or risky financial endeavors. Although his regular salary is reliable, speculative income is extremely unstable, and if he bankrolls a large investment he stands to lose everything. There will be a number of substantial unforeseen expenses this year so he must manage his assets meticulously. He is at risk of break-ins or theft during the first three months of the lunar year. The Monkey tends to become involved in altercations with others and is advised to get a hold of himself and be more considerate to keep the situation from deteriorating any further. Lady Monkey feels drained, mentally, emotionally and physically, and is at risk of sickness. There is discord within the home sphere which she must do her best to settle. Family finances are precarious so she must not make them worse through offering loans or betting. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Monkey are exceedingly temperamental right now and the ensuing quarrels have the potential to sabotage their love relationships. Young Monkeys are restless and hyperactive, not predisposed to learning. They must intensify their efforts or else fall far behind their classmates. They have a hard time getting on with their peers, and if they aren’t more amicable and enthusiastic in relating to others they will be shunned and scorned. The Monkey would be wise to spend more time with his loved ones since his happiness will come from the home front this year. He can gain a great deal from the advice of others, particularly family members. Favorable directions for Monkeys this year are the East, the Southeast, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northeast and the South. Beneficial colors for the Monkey this year are green, blue and black. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are red and orange. His lucky numbers are 6 and 7.


The Rooster

In this year of idealism and reform, it’s time for the Rooster to put his nose to the grindstone and get back to work. He will need to show flexibility, care and watchfulness as there are many stumbling blocks and quarrels foreshadowed by the presence of the unlucky star “Six Harms” in his chart. He could become the focus of a group offensive or the scapegoat in others’ rivalry. To avoid risk he is advised to turn away from the scandalmongers and conflicts, be heedful, act intelligently and withdraw from violent exchanges. He should play his cards close to his chest, work hard and quietly behind the scenes, and sit tight. People born in the Year of the Snake and the Year of the Rat will be of great help in his career. Together they can accomplish much and assist him with his predicament. Unlucky star “Illness Spell” in his chart predicts sickness unless he gets sufficient rest, watches what he eats and carefully tends to his health. His lungs and digestive system are at risk, thus if he notices anything amiss he should immediately see a doctor. His constitution will be at its weakest at lunar year’s end so he is advised to bundle up and eat balanced meals during that time to avoid being stricken with the flu or worse. This could be an expensive period and requires some budgeting and reduction of expenditures. Travel, extra work or much entertaining are foreseen professionally or on the home front. He will be able to collect favors and debts owed him. There is a propensity for becoming involved in financial misunderstandings but he must not withhold or suspend payment or he will be faced with disastrous ramifications. Money traps abound therefore he must be vigilant, particularly during the first and last two months of the lunar year when economic circumstances are at their lowest. With integrity, honesty and cooperation, financial difficulties can be circumvented. The Rooster’s mutual relationships are indifferent and mediocre which is distressing to him, so he needs to make an effort to enhance them. He should not act impulsively when considering whether to maintain a friendship, but instead thoroughly scrutinize the matter lest he experience lifelong remorse. There will be favorable circumstances for improvement at the end of autumn and he should consider seizing the chance to repair the situation. Lady Hen faces much contention and many squabbles at home; she will have to maintain serenity in order to keep things on an even keel. She must not be greedy and gamble or else she may fall into a financial trap. Young ladies born in the Year of the Rooster have a weak interaction with the opposite sex; they should not get their hopes up too much for a love match as they are likely to be disappointed. Indolent young Roosters have a difficult time concentrating on their studies, and as a result their grades seesaw between pass and fail. They must apply themselves to their schoolwork or else will trail substantially behind their classmates. If they don’t stop quarreling with their friends and peers everyone will be harmed. It is imperative that they concentrate on maintaining their health to stop it from disturbing their scholastic advancement. Socially, this can be a full and pleasing year if the Rooster does not lower his guard or act without the consideration and the support of those around him. Favorable directions for Roosters this year are the West, the Northeast, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the East and the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Rooster this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are grey and white. His lucky numbers are 3 and 6.


The Dog

Prayer wheel and dog sleeping at Bothnath stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal © dutourdumonde, iStockphoto 2013 Fortune is stormy and sparse; this being the Dog’s year he is said to have offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese, in addition to having various unlucky stars currently afflicting his life chart. There are many obstacles in his business path and career pressures that threaten to crush him. Due to the presence of the unlucky star, “Decorative Top,” in his heavens he must become aware that he appears cocksure, arrogant and unsupportive to others. If he does not actively work to aid and calm his associates he will find himself trapped and alone, overcome by the workload and attacked on all sides by villains. He would be well-advised to project an inconspicuous manner and not provoke any disputes with his superiors. Those born in the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Horse will be the most valuable allies at work. His financial luck is poor and if he is not more circumspect he may lose money. He should avoid both borrowing and lending capital. It will be easy for him to be defrauded by other’s investment schemes and suffer huge losses. Monetary fortune is variable at best and declines the last six months of the year therefore it requires his prudent and vigilant management. Health problems are moderate and the Dog needs to pace himself to avoid falling ill. Due to the presence of the malevolent star “Sword Edge,” there is a tendency to become injured around sharp objects or tools, so he must use extra care. This may prove to be a difficult time as regards his relationships with friends and business associates. If he is not more patient with the opposite sex and instead lets his temper get the better of him, he may find himself all alone. Other relatives note that Lady Dog is quite opinionated this year, so she should put more energy into maintaining harmony in the home. Family finances will require her protection from swindlers. Unmarried young ladies born in the Year of the Dog may struggle with troubling developments in their romantic lives; it’s difficult for them to make any progress. Young Dogs show no interest in learning, and are preoccupied and inattentive. They must reapply themselves to their studies or fail academically. It’s also important that they work on their social relationships. The Dog will be able to increase his knowledge, spend time in study and meditation, or regain lost credibility. Humanity begins to benefit from his intense belief in the basic good, and the political climate is perfect for his sensibilities. The aspects are favorable for those Dogs seeking work. It is a good year to move, an opportune time to make new contacts, gain influential friends and forge new alliances. But he shouldn’t let success go to his head. He should be satisfied with what he has and modestly enjoy the progress made due to his outstanding perseverance — he has earned it! Favorable directions for Dogs this year are the East, the Northeast, and the West; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the North and the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Dog this year are red, orange and yellow. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are grey and black. His lucky numbers are 2 and 8.

The Pig

The stable Dog year is a period of peace and quiet, a good time for the Pig-born to stay at home honing friendships, entertaining and remodeling his luxurious abode. However the unlucky star “Black Cloud” portends controversies and strife in his professional life. This is balanced by the fortunate star “The Sun,” therefore with application of care, finesse and steadfastness he can deal with these problems and move forward. Forced to attend to his responsibilities, the Pig will not be able to put off making hard choices or absorbing some salutary lessons. But if he can face the music squarely, deal with difficult situations and learn from his mistakes, he can save himself a lot of headaches later on. The presence of the malevolent star “God of Loneliness” in his chart presents an obstacle in his relationships as it makes it extremely difficult for him to tolerate and work with others. It is crucial for him to connect with his peers and abide. In his work his greatest gains will come from adding to his skills and taking advantage of any training he may be offered, perhaps by becoming involved in new projects. It will be rough going the first six lunar months but the situation will improve and progress in the second half of the year. Those born in the Year of the Snake and the Year of the Rabbit will be the most help in advancement of his career. Likewise, financial fortune will be variable at first but with shrewd management should recover by the end of the year. The Pig will be more prone to crime than usual due to the presence of the evil star “Robbery Threat” in his chart so must exercise caution when handling his money in public and bypass dicey locations. The Pig is physically in good shape as long as he can keep a handle on his appetite, however mentally the stress has been manifesting as irritable headaches and insomnia. His moods swing wildly concerning those people he views with intense love and the others upon which he focuses an extreme hate. He must disburden himself of these worries and seek a more balanced path; perhaps a course in meditation can be of some help. The lucky star “Heavenly Happiness” is in his heavens shining its beneficence on the Pig and the opposite sex, making his love life euphoric. With a little discipline and some sweet intention toward his partner, he may tie the knot this year. Lady Pig is affectionate toward her spouse and attentive to her family, and can expect good news in her household. Money won’t be a problem, although she needs to take care to circumvent potential theft. Unattached young ladies born in the Year of the Pig can look forward to a flourishing romance as they are so popular right now. Young Pigs will find the opportunity to make significant scholastic advancements if they apply themselves to their studies. However, they should eschew bad company and also take care when traveling to avoid areas where there is a contagious disease outbreak. Through enthusiasm, commitment and moderation the Pig will find success and pave the way for the prosperity that awaits in his own coming year. Favorable directions for Pigs this year are the East, the West, and the Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the South and the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Pig this year are red, purple and orange. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2018. Colors to avoid are green and white. His lucky numbers are 1 and 4.