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Lunar Months for Year of the Pig

Calculated by utilizing the Chinese Four Seasons in conformity with the analysis of Geomancy


Lunar Month Festival Calendar Month Commencing from
January The Beginning of Spring February 4th or 5th
February The Waking of Insects March 6th or 7th
March Pure Brightness April 5th or 6th
April The Beginning of Summer May 6th or 7th
May Grain in Beard June 6th or 7th
June Lesser Heat July 7th or 8th
July The Beginning of Autumn August 8th or 9th
August White Dew September 8th or 9th
September Cold Dew October 8th or 9th
October The Beginning of Winter November 7th or 8th
November Greater Snow December 7th or 8th
December Lesser Cold January 6th or 7th