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Year of the Ox Predictions

by Rae Bordua

Symbolism and History

February 12, 2021 is New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4718 and a Year of the Silver Metal Ox or Yīn sè shǔ jǐ niú ().

The Ox is the second in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Rat and the next will be Tiger. The last Year of the Ox began on January 26, 2009 and ended on February 13, 2010. The next Year of the Ox will begin on January 31, 2033 and end on February 18, 2034.

The ox is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the second of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the “Chou” Branch, and symbolizes strength through consensus and conformity.  It represents the winter season and its principal month is January; it rules the hours of 1 AM to 3 AM. The Ox is the emblem of agriculture, blessed by the goddess Kwan Yin due to its peaceful and gentle nature. It represents service and patience, is the leader of all cattle and a sacrificial animal; a winged Ox is the symbol of St. Luke the Evangelist because of his writings emphasizing the sacrifice of Christ. In the Buddhist tradition the white Ox symbolizes contemplation and wisdom. The Hindus believe that it stands for prosperity and is associated with Brahmans. They are protected as Brahmans are; the two cannot be separated. It is through the Ox that proper sacrifice and essential offerings are given that maintain the cosmic order.

This branch is strong, silent and principled; it is the most dependable and conscientious of all the branches and demonstrates incredible stamina and dedication.  A systematic, methodical and conservative approach appeals most to natives of this sign. This branch sees the world only through its own viewpoint. The “Chou” native demands to develop total sovereignty over his enclave, or else he cannot prevail or take care of business effectively. His endurance and perseverance is legendary. Whatever he possesses has been hard won through his own industry and labor. The Ox takes his time making decisions, and may be authorized to act in a position of authority and given additional powers. He is analytical in his judgment and his brilliant mind is only influenced by demonstrable facts. He is a creature of habit and not open-minded about new ideas; spontaneity is not his thing. However he is much appreciated for his firmness of mind, his ability to withstand whatever disturbances life throws at him, and his devotion to his responsibilities. People find his composure and stability very inspiring. The Ox is unequivocal; he knows his own attitude and is not adverse to giving you a piece of his mind. He is too much of an autocrat to be a good negotiator or arbitrator as he won’t compromise with anything below his lofty benchmarks.

The Ox plays the matchmaker in one of the most romantic legends in Chinese mythology. Once upon a time there was a cowherd who was deceived by his selfish brother into believing that the totality of his inheritance was an old Ox who could no longer work. One day without warning, the old Ox spoke to the cowherd, declaring that he was a heavenly general. He then took the young man to a secret place where he met and fell in love with a beautiful weaving fairy from heaven. The Heavenly God was so incensed about their secret love affair that he called the fairy up to Heaven and arranged so that the Milky Way between them separated the two lovers. Grief-stricken, the couple came to see each other, day after day, but could only gaze at each other from afar. Eventually their love moved the Heavenly God, who acknowledged that they could meet one day per year. Finally the cowherd and the weaving fairy could unite once a year on the seventh day of the seventh moon over a bridge across the Milky Way formed by compassionate magpies. Due to this romantic folk tale, the Chinese celebrate their Valentine’s Day on the seventh day of the seventh moon each year.
A Taoist legend has it that Buddha summoned together twelve symbolic animals to cross the river and come to him before he departed the Earth. With his wit and intelligence, the Rat rode on Ox’s back then, as Ox approached the bedside, Rat jumped off and showed up first. As recompense for his promptness, Buddha awarded him the honor of first position and leadership of the lunar cycle. The good-natured and hard-working Ox was awarded the secondary position.

In China a farmers’ holiday called the “meeting of the spring” occurs at the solar period known as Li ch’un which occurs around February 5. During this time the ceremonial ploughing and the beating of the Spring Ox takes place. The Spring Ox is made of clay and is beaten with sticks to stimulate the revival of spring. The details of color both of ox and driver are carefully worked out every year according to the astrological and geometric omens. It is accompanied by a herdsman, also of clay, called Niu Mang or Mang Shên, a youth whose function is to beat the Ox with a willow branch. The ceremony bears some resemblance to the procession of the bull Apia in ancient Egypt, which was connected in like manner with the labors of agriculture and the hopes of an abundant season.


A large bronze image of an ox can be seen on the bank of the Summer Palace lake at Beijing, being placed there in the belief that the sacred and powerful animal will repress the evil spirits that disturb the lakes, rivers and seas.

Virtues and Vices

In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Ox is the sign of endurance, dependability and diligence. Once the Ox sets a goal, he won’t relent until the objective is attained. Generally an honest person with strong values and high moral standards, the Ox makes a loyal friend or mate who won’t soften criticism to spare your feelings. He is a good provider but not overtly romantic. His main preoccupation is security and he is prepared to work hard to provide a refuge for his family and himself. He’s not the kind of person to take the initiative or try out new things. He’s a strong-minded, highly intelligent individual who doesn’t like being told what to do. Although he may have to wait a long time to receive his just rewards he must persevere and not become bitter or frustrated.

The main virtues in the Ox character are his cast-iron intregrity and strong sense of responsibility. He is systematic and adheres to fixed patterns. He is so trustworthy, dependable and predictable that he often is criticized for a lack of imagination, but he achieves lasting success through his sheer tenacity and dedication. He has a vivid memory and a keen observation of details. Extremely courageous, the Ox is a natural-born leader and disciplinarian who never backs down and tolerates no rebellion in areas under his control. He is naive and awkward in love; his courtships are long because it takes time for him to develop intimate relationships and reveal his true feelings. Though he may not show it, his emotions run deep and passionate. He prefers long-term, stable relationships and investments. He makes an excellent and faithful provider and reliable parent who has his priorities straight and is capable of great sacrifices for his family’s welfare. Charitable by nature, the Ox will not abandon you or let you down in times of trouble; he always is an asset to his firm and family, a supportive, steadfast and faithful partner who is worth his weight in gold.

A tendency toward stubbornness and strong prejudices are perhaps the most negative of the Ox qualities. Sullen and morose, he nurses grudges for an eternity, remembering injuries down to their last detail. He can go to great lengths to prove that he is right, heedless of the devastating effect it has on others’ feelings. Under negative influences injuries and insults, both real and imagined, are magnified by the oversensitive and proud Ox. Although his demeanor is calm and peaceful most of the time with him suffering quietly and bearing his problems without complaint, beware the wild Ox’s wrath! When he loses his temper he can be overwhelming — a truly terrifying experience — and it is impossible to reason with him; the only advisable thing to do is to get out of his way until he has calmed down. The Ox follows his head, not his heart, and can appear inflexible and dogmatic. His most important lesson in life is to lighten up and stop taking life so seriously. If he could learn to cultivate more humor and compassion, he would be much happier and have very few difficulties.
Dutiful, logical and industrious, the quietly dominant Ox is not a pursuer of power. Power comes to him naturally due to his dedication, discipline and self-control. He is unambivalent and unafraid of speaking his own mind when he has to. As far as he’s concerned, words mean little; it’s action that counts. He refuses to compromise his standards and can be seen as a particularly unyielding authoritarian type. However, people find his calmness and consistency very reassuring. When necessary, the Ox with his quiet exterior can bring forth qualities of leadership and a commanding presence that encourages loyalty. The Ox inspires confidence by the strength of his convictions and respect for his even-handed and fair-minded way of dealing with things.

Some say the actual birth time of year and day for an Ox will determine the lifestyle he will have. The Chinese believe that Oxen born during the day will be more aggressive, social and active than the quiet night Ox. Any Ox born in the spring will have to work hard in life and shoulder a heavy burden of responsibilities. Summer Oxen will have a contented life. Security is more important to the autumn Ox than those born in the other seasons. Oxen born in the winter will have to work less hard for a living than those born in the summer months, so if you are expecting an Ox child pray that he is born between November and March! On the other hand, although the meditative winter Ox works less he has a more trying life and leaner times than the industrious summer Ox. The winter Ox will have a more protected existence particularly if he is born at night.

Oxen are generally considered to enjoy a long life. Their childhood is not usually an easy time. They learn to become independent and responsible from a very early age. According to Chinese legend, as Oxen grow older they have a tendency to become more conservative and inflexible in their outlook, so they are the ones who are most in danger of ending up alone in later life unless they learn to develop a more charitable and forbearing attitude toward those around them.

Ox Male and Female

Lord Ox is a born hard-head: imperceptive, unbudgeable, and tenacious to a fault. When his powers are used positively he is complete with potential greatness. He continually endeavors to prosper with an almost senseless willpower and has no time for levity unless it helps him achieve his goal. He is forever working on improving his property, fixated on acquiring land, buying houses, procuring buildings, and extending his personal empire. He is not adroit at one-to-one communications but instead lives by the old platitude, Actions speak louder than words. Although he is no Latin lover, Lord Ox is gifted with the capacity for great, undying, long-suffering devotion. He is excruciatingly bashful but also tremendously generous with those he loves. He is always puttering around in the garden, repairing things in the garage; he gets satisfaction from fixing broken things. Every Ox man is gifted at manual work. He is not a risk taker but is rather wary, shrewd, and wants to cleave to the straight and narrow path. He loves to collect reference books that he will rely on while planning his next move. He is a master of obscurity and quite reactionary. Yet he can be incredibly loyal, adept at great personal sacrifice for his loved ones, and is profoundly harmed when true love goes wrong. When his good nature is abused he can turn vindictive and even deadly. He never seeks outside help for his problems or even turns to his friends for perspective in times of stress. Eventually his nerves are shot and he begins to hate himself. Then things can turn ugly and if the pressure increases he may become outright ruthless and vicious. Male Ox artists are often musicians or painters, and they make fine actors or public personalities. Once he overcomes his natural shyness, Lord Ox is a born storyteller with an expert delivery that is captivating to his public.

Lady Ox is devoted to basics, and although thoroughly professional and career-oriented, her innermost need is to foster and head up a family. She loves the countryside, and has a green thumb. She is an organized householder with a strong sense of duty who is adept at multi-tasking. She will either do it right or not do it at all. Without challenge, the threatening fascination for Lady Ox is to allow her family’s needs to overcome her sense of individuality. After marriage many Ox women grow frumpy, lose or gain too much weight, or neglect their physical beauty. She will pay no attention to a straying husband and duly administer even more energy to making their home a sanctuary and raising their children. She will show no hint of her resentment although she definitely is jealous, but she will not change her habits because she is so sure of her position as wife. She’s not looking for romance and affection, but a husband, family, and a life after passion. She almost always prevails in the end. She doesn’t sweat the small things. Sex for her is a lively indoor sport; she’s not into seductive costumes. For all Ox women, her charm is her strength. Lady Ox will endure times of poverty but doesn’t do well at being without money or comforts for a considerable length of time. She is more content when there are enough funds to cover the basics and then some, and when there is not enough she will roll up her sleeves and get to work earning it. In her youth especially she can be a little naive at times, and due to her innate honesty, cannot comprehend why anyone would deceive or lie to her. She loves real leather, fine china and sumptuous furnishings, but is not much into incorporating makeup, perfumes or current fashion into her lifestyle. She can be obstinate, cranky, and intolerant of criticism, and she must make her own decisions at her own pace. If she’s in an unbalanced state, she can become completely paranoid. Lady Ox feels so responsible for everything and everyone around her that she believes that if she loses her courage the whole world will fall apart. She is best at maintaining traditions and keeping the home fires burning. Lady Ox makes a great mother. However, she has strict standards for her children to meet and if they don’t, then there will be trouble with a capital “T”. Her cheerful company is reassuring and calming; she loves to share her opinions, has a good sense of humor and can laugh at herself.

The Silver Metal Ox

The Silver Metal Ox is honorable, commanding, strong-willed, intense, principled, tenacious, and known for the ability to focus. Her symbol is the kettle or caldron. Silver Ox is the strongest of all Oxen. Once she has undertaken a project, she will see it through to conclusion. She is a person of remarkable stamina and will need little rest or diversion. She is not very affectionate by nature but has artistic and scholastic inclinations. Her creative efforts are always ingenious and and well-intended. She can be quite articulate and persuasive when the situation calls for it. Her word is her bond. She is perceptive and will listen to your problems and offer excellent advice but will be resentful if it’s not taken. Silver Metal Ox will not be reticent in sharing the truth as she sees it or forcibly expressing her opinion. Generally her sense of humor may be penetrating but she has no ability to laugh at herself at all. She cannot accept criticism, tolerate reassessment of her approaches or technologies by anyone but herself. She, like all Oxen, wants to dominate her relationships, and can be stubborn and controlling of her mate. It is difficult for her to take on obligations and acknowledge her own negative input into her relationship problems. She should let her partner enjoy a little more sovereignty and not be so egotistical and self-centered. If a breakup occurs between her and her partner, she can exhibit parsimonious, vengeful behavior, and harbor resentful feelings. When she is stable Silver Ox is the epitome of fairness and patience. If she can keep the majority of her opinions to herself, embrace change and not dwell too much upon the past, she will be able to heal herself by kindly exploring and expressing her emotions.

Ox Relationships

Conservative and traditional, the reliable Ox will bond well with those who share the same introspective and thoughtful outlook on life, planners and strategists like himself who are able to reach their goals through calm resolution and determination. He will be most compatible with the resplendent Rooster, the charming Rat and the serene Snake who will care deeply for him. They are the most intellectual signs of the cycle and work well together because they have a common way of doing things and appreciate each other’s way of thinking. He will have no conflict with the Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Boar or another Ox, who will be compatible to a lesser degree. Marriage with either a Tiger or a Dog will bring bitter clashes and is ill advised. The rebellious Tiger will resent his authoritian ways and the Dog will find him dull, boring and criticize his lack of humor. However, most of the Ox’s problems will arise from the frivolous and irresponsible Sheep; there he will encounter distrust, unhappiness, personality clashes and complications. The Ox is the fact-finder while the Sheep tends to be guided by instinct. Even if both have a similar goal, it would be best for them to deal through intermediaries and mutual friends they respect.

Occupations and Important People

The almanac lists the occupations for the Ox — architect, banker, composer, chef, craftsman, dental technician, doctor, estate manager, farmer, gardener, hairdresser, insurance broker, judge, landlord, mechanic, nurse, photographer, police or military officer, receptionist, religious leader, social worker, soldier, surgeon, teacher and dictator.

Some important people born in the Year of the Ox are Aristotle, Auguste Renior, Johann Sebastian Bach, Dante, Peter Sellers, Jascha Heifetz, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean Cocteau, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Peter Paul Rubens, Dustin Hoffmann, Gore Vidal, Margaret Thatcher, Meryl Streep, Walt Disney, Jawaharlal Nehru, George Clooney, Jim Carey, Richard the Lionheart, Princess Diana, Charlie Chaplin, Emperor Hirohito, Rock Hudson, Harry Bridges, Richard Burton, Gary Cooper, Marquis de Lafayette, Jane Fonda, Henri IV of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, Geronimo, Georges Clémenceau, Sammy Davis Jr., Hedy Lamarr, Vivian Leigh, Marquise de Pompadour, Jack Nicholson, Richard Nixon and Hitler.

Year Predictions

The Year of the Ox is a time for responsibility and hard work. It is not a year for wild schemes and unknown risks. Success is attained through diligent labor and conscientious effort, and those who are prepared to keep their nose to the grindstone will no doubt reap just rewards. Practical endeavors that seek security and stability are favored, and all projects initiated in the preceding year should show a steady increase with slow but sure fruition. Home affairs must be put in order. Routine methods and conservative actions will yield best results. Change is slow. Progress is made through demonstrating a sympathetic nature and showing great kindness and empathy toward others. Obey the rules, curb rebellious impluses and there will be a bountiful harvest. Cultivate your garden, buy a farm or improve the farm you already have. In general this year should be favorable to agriculture and anything having to do with land, with no crop-killing extremes of weather or pest infestations foreseen. Above all, this is a year for promoting family unity and strengthening family ties. Conflicts may arise due to miscommunication and inflexibility. Conservative politics should be expected although there is a risk of dictatorship. Diplomacy is treated with indifference at best.

Generally speaking, 2021 is going to be an uphill battle for all concerned.  Military coups and dictators are foreseen.  As the metal element also indicates change, it is possible that while the economy picks up in 2021, there will be substantial changes to the economic system.  Because the energy of the Ox is slow, ponderous, and cautious, while these plans will be raised, and while there will be the desire to implement them, they might take a while to put into place.  Economic prosperity will depend on the year being slow and peaceful. Should there be war, anger, and any sort of disturbance, then money will not be so easy to obtain.  If your animal energy not compatible with the Ox, it is best right now to lie low. When they are compatible, it’s time to stretch your wings.

Predictions for Signs

The almanac also states how people born under other signs will fare in the Year of the Ox. This is an auspicious year for Rats, Oxen, Rabbits, Snakes, Roosters and Boars. It can be a difficult year for Tigers and Dragons. Sheep and Dogs should beware their finances, and Horses and Monkeys should take care in their relationships this year.

The Rat

It’s just as well for the Rat that he made those economies last year as he’s not too fond of drudgery! This year will be filled with more than the usual stress and responsibilities with a larger contribution expected from him at work. Although he is a hard worker, this year he will have no respite. However the Rat is a team player and will willingly shoulder his share of the load so there should be indirect benefits reaped from the good fortune of others. He should show his best side right now and keep his nose to the grindstone. Any entertainment should be kept basic and modest so as not to annoy the doughty Ox and attract his negative attention. Happiness and contentment is foreseen on the home front.

There can be some ups and downs requiring the Rat to watch out in this year. Rats will be blessed with good luck and get substantial income from work, but still need to be careful about some troubles.  In 2021, the wealth horoscope of Rat people will rise significantly. Because of this, they have to rely on their own to achieve something in this year. The more effort made, the more rewards achieved.  On the surface, work will appear to go on smoothly in 2021 yet there can be hidden risks, so the Rat will need to be more cautious in work. The Rat still needs to beware, especially in interpersonal relationships. A coworker may be jealous of the his career progress and sabotage the workplace. Rat’s career will be seriously handicapped if he is not careful.  Rat is compatible with Tai Sui in the year 2021 but Tai Sui is not in charge of people’s fortune with the opposite sex.  Fortunately his love relationship will not become much of a problem.  Even if the relationship between the Rat and his lover does not go well and there are some problems occasionally, his love will not be affected. He should stabilize the relationship as much as possible and nothing else is needed. Rats will be in good physical and mental health this year, and even rarely feel debilitated. As long as they are careful and aware of their surroundings, they will not encounter unforeseen events.


The Ox

This is a positive, productive and empowering year for the Ox. Hard work will pay dividends and the conscientious Ox will be rewarded by authority. This would be an auspicious milestone year for him to form new partnerships, marry or start a family if he hasn’t already done so. Children and family events are highlighted. He needs to plot out the next twelve years and revise whatever parts of his life need changing now, because he won’t have the patience or the opportunity to address the obstacles later on. His plans may suffer some unexpected delays and small problems involving unwanted travel or entertaining.

Ox people will conflict Tai Sui. The heavenly stem Xin (辛) of 2021 belongs to metal, which is in the generating cycle with earth and it will promote the Ox horoscope to a certain extent. However, Ox horoscope will be suppressed by Tai Sui in Ben Ming Nian. Fortunately, earth is good for horoscope and the bad fortune caused by conflicting Tai Sui will be compromised by it, so you Oxen can at least settle down for the year.  Health is undoubtedly the worst aspect of horoscope in 2021. First of all, the suppression of Tai Sui in Ben Ming Nian will lead to the decline of health horoscope for Oxen. Second, the attack of inauspicious star “Bi Jie” will make you get sick easily and run into problems or disasters, posing a certain adverse impact on your life and health.

The Tiger

This is the worst year of all for Tigers. Start nothing now and take no risks; take it easy instead. Give a wide berth to trouble and be advised to keep opinions to oneself. Firmness and self-restraint would be a big help. This might be a good year to move to a peaceful country setting temporarily to stay out of the line of fire. Tigers may find their plans and aspirations frustrated or blocked by someone in authority. Quarrels and misunderstandings ensue, mainly from stubbornness. They must curb their impatience, control their temper and keep a cool head in the face of adversity or they will stand to lose a lot more than they can afford. These troubles will pass.

Fortunately, this year’s Tai Sui is the auspicious star in charge of Tiger people’s income from work, so it will help them to make money. As a result, the Tiger’s horoscope will ebb and flow in 2021 and he will have both good and bad days this year. The coexistence of auspicious and inauspicious stars will make his life quite exciting. He  will find it easier to make money this year, and always can yield good results as long as he works diligently. The more efforts he makes, the more rewards he will receive.  He will enjoy pretty good luck in his career this year. This is mainly because of the auspicious star “Long De” in charge of help and assistance from others, which will bring him more chances to get help from the high position in the workplace and enable him to develop his career smoothly.  The love horoscope of Tigers in 2021 can be less gratifying. This year, the inauspicious stars will bring accidents to the emotional life of Tiger people. However, they will spend most of their time and energy on work, and neglect the love relationship. Even if there are some problems in his love life, he will choose to ignore them, which will further intensify the conflicts and problems between him and your partner. In the end, he may even break up or divorce.  Tigers will be prone to health problems. They may often feel unwell, and even get sick from time to time. Although these are generally minor problems, taking no heed will cause a great impact on their life and career.


The Rabbit

If plenty of tact and diplomacy are in evidence, then one way or another the Rabbit should just about make it without coming to any harm this year. He may experience some health problems resulting from anxiety or separation from a loved one. Unrealistic expectations of others may cause some difficulties. Nagging disappointments and hard work that bears little fruit assault him. This is a time to lie low and not try to set into motion any moves or changes. Plans will take longer than expected to develop, but they will manifest eventually. It will take patience for the Rabbit to squeak through this year. He should make no major decisions now but instead focus his mind on the future.

The relationship between Rabbit’s earthly branch Mao (卯) and Ox’s earthly branch Chou (丑) of the earth element will improve the windfall horoscope and suppress other aspects of Rabbit people in 2021. In addition, Rabbit will be subject to both auspicious and inauspicious stars, leading to the rise and fall of his horoscope this year. He may find his career development barely satisfactory — no big change in employment income but certain earnings from other aspects like windfall, so if he doesn’t stick too precisely to form since appropriate risks will be a bigger help with his economic life.  The Rabbit’s career will be free from either auspicious or inauspicious stars in 2021, making his performance rather ordinary. Since the career horoscope is neither good nor bad, his career will develop in a slow yet stable way.  Rabbit people will be suppressed by the controlling element and find poor love horoscope. Fortunately, they will be guarded by the auspicious star “Yue De” and receive help from someone, a female specifically. With her help, single Rabbits may have the chance to meet the lifelong love and begin a relationship. If he are already married or in love, his love relationship will be further improved and they will be able to get along with each other even better. On the whole, the 2021 love horoscope of Rabbit is not that good but the Rabbit will have good luck with the benefactor, who will help his love life will go in a more smoothly and contented way this year.  The Tai Sui negatively affects his health this year.  He will easily get sick, feel exhausted inexplicably. No matter what he does, he will just be lazy about it. At the same time, the inauspicious star “Bai Hu” will cause accidents to happen to him this year, about which he needs to be more cautious.


The Dragon

The Dragon is strong enough to stand out against anyone throwing their weight around. Progress is steady and moderate this year, with protection from the numerous conflicts and troubles that seem to surround him. But the Dragon must work, and not just dream. He will take on many responsibilities and should handle them methodically for maximum success. He will make no progress unless he remains serene, even in the midst of bullying. He mustn’t try to change the tenor of this stable and traditional Ox year with his extravagant schemes and exhibitionist tendencies.

In 2021, Dragon will damage Tai Sui – the legendary God who is in charge of people’s fortune in the year. At the same time, Dragon belongs to earth, which is in generating cycle with the metal element of heavenly stem Xin (辛) and further enhanced by earth Ox. Therefore, Dragon people’s horoscope will not be too negative even in the year of damaging Tai Sui. While, due to the clash with Tai Sui, the Dragon will still need to watch out in many aspects.  Damaging Tai Sui will suppress his career to some extent. Fortunately, he will be assisted by the earth Ox, which may not improve his career significantly but can at least prevent some accidents and make his work peaceful in 2021.  The inauspicious stars over Dragon in 2021 will bring a negative impact on the love fortune this year. As a result, he will often have conflicts and quarrels with his love, therefore Dragons and their partners may drift apart this year.  Due to damaging Tai Sui in 2021, since this kind of relationship is mainly about health and personal safety, the Dragon will find the health fortune barely satisfactory. In addition to being more likely to become ill, he will often encounter accidents and get injured this year. In these circumstances he will feel more stressed out in life, so must be careful whatever he does and attempt to stay away from dangers.


The Snake

The Snake is too lazy for the hard work inherent in the Year of the Ox. Life won’t be easy; he will face obstacles and challenges to his decisions, although things would proceed moderately well if he could only control his obstinacy and unreasonable demands. Intelligent compromise is called for. He should take things in stride, dedicate himself to the task, pitch in willingly, not complain, and hustle with the rest of us, smiling all the way. It may be best for him to wait quietly until the year is over.

In Chinese zodiac, Ox, Snake and Rooster are San He (triple harmony) for each other, so Snakes will be compatible with Tai Sui in the Ox year 2021. There will be auspicious stars, constant good news and happy events, and help by others in work and career for smooth advancement. Therefore, 2021 can be a good year for the Snake and he will often be happily surprised in life.  He will receive some windfalls and many opportunities to make money with the blessing of the auspicious star Tian De. However, he must maintain clear accounts in the collaboration, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble later on. This year the Snake will gain considerable income from work and it may keep rising even more. However, he must not spend foolishly even if he is paid well.  This is the year the Snake may be promoted to be in power.  Governed by Shang Guan, a star in charge of creativity and talent, Snakes will invariably invent ideas and inspirations this year, and show their talents fully. However, Shang Guan is also a star of insight and individualism. Influenced by it, the Snake will display a strong character, perhaps even become assertive and make a garish display, which will cause him a lot of stress and anxiety, and invite interpersonal obstacles to his work and life. Due to this, he is advised to be more modest and low-key this year, he should do more and speak less, emulating the Ox native.  Blessed by Hong Luan, a star in charge of love, he will live a colorful emotional life this year. Besides, Shang Guan star will make single Snakes sensitive and impassioned, and he may easily fall in love at first sight or break up out of a single harsh word in conversation in this year of changes. The Snake in love may get married soon yet find it easy to have a problem over trivialities, especially while organizing the wedding, he is advised to disregard the minor complications. Married Snakes in all probability will have a baby this year, and enjoy a happy marriage. Under the positive impact of San He, his health will be excellent this year. Parents should guard against accidents with their children. The Snake may feel a little stressed out at work but still can be in good health as long as he alternates work with rest and relaxation, and keep regular hours. Retired Snakes will remain sound and robust, enjoy their peaceful later years, and even have the energy to participate in the leisure activities or go abroad to travel.


The Horse

Although this year may turn out to be a disappointment (or even a disaster) romantically, it should be an excellent one from a professional business point of view if the Horse is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. At any rate circumstances should be easier and smoother than in the previous Rat year. The Horse can succeed by maintaining more control over his personal interactions and by not getting involved. Substantial financial gains are foreseen. Problems will come from children or subordinates; he should try to show more awareness of and kindness towards them.

Ox and Horse is one of the six harming groups (Liu Hai 六害), which means the Horse will harm the Tai Sui in the year 2021, so due to that he will have poor luck this year. However, the heavenly stem Xin (辛) of 2021 belongs to metal and it is beneficial to the Horse’s luck in windfall. Because of this, he can still expect good luck in the year despite harming the Tai Sui.  He must not be obstinate in his attitude and the way he conducts his social life or he will will be likely to cause great trouble and harm his future development. The Horse will see the rise of income and receive certain luck for windfalls with the use of his personal intelligence and strategy. At the same time, the traumatizing relationship between Horse and Tai Sui will consume the power of the Horse and lead to financial losses or even bankruptcy. Therefore, he needs to take good care of his personal belongings. He should not buy financial products indiscriminately or yearn after profits unreasonably.  His animosity with the Tai Sui exposes him to noxious characters in the workplace and affects his career development. At the same time, Horses will find declined interpersonal relationships. With an abrupt exterior, the Horse does not have any animosity yet can easily offend other people. It is an easy year to dispute and make enemies of his colleagues due to work affairs.  In 2021 the Horse will enjoy rather stable fortune in love, and thus can develop the relationship smoothly. At times, Horses should pay attention to the gossip by the mischief makers, or he might go through a lot of pain from ignoring it. As a result of the inauspicious star Xian Chi, Horses are very popular with the opposite sex but most of his potential partners are not suitable for him. If he will not discriminate carefully, he will probably fall into a trap. As regards his health, there can be hidden trouble for the Horse during the year 2021. Harming the Tai Sui, the Grand Commander of the year, will deplete him a lot, and this is injurious for cardiac system, and heart and brain vessels. He may often feel worried, depressed and despondent, and suffer from hidden trouble or reproductive problems caused by indulging in sensual pleasures. Above all, the Horse will be susceptible to accidental injuries this year.


The Sheep

This is a difficult year for the Sheep, marked by financial troubles, quarrels and misunderstandings. While he may be fond of the country, he’s not necessarily into the work associated with farming. He cannot create new opportunities and may be stuck performing monotonous, repetitive and mundane tasks. Demanding family and friends keep him occupied. Finances as well as self-esteem and confidence may be low. He would do best to join forces with a group and in this way gain support from his associates and patrons. He must put the year into perspective in advance, remaining placid in the face of all the extra responsibility he has to assume, buckle down and just go with the flow. Autumn should bring a reprieve from problems and anxiety.

Since Ox and Sheep is one of the six conflicting groups in Chinese zodiac, the Sheep will be handicapped in spite of the earth-earth relationship between Sheep and Ox. Due to the conflict with Tai Sui, the Sheep will benefit little from the earth-earth relationship, see declined career horoscope and have his luck for work and wealth affected. As a result, the 2021 horoscope is not ideal.  The conflict with Ox will pose a great impact on the wealth horoscope of people born in the Sheep years. The impaired income from work, together with no luck for windfall, will make you feel frustrated in either work income or windfall. Therefore, your economic income will fall substantially and you may easily suffer money losses due to unexpected events in life, seeing increased economic pressure in 2021. If you have a certain amount of savings, this year will not be too hard, but if not it can be more and more difficult or end with some debts.  Due to the conflict with Tai Sui, the Sheep will find it quite difficult to develop career in 2021 and experience unexpected things in career. Although he works very hard, the serious decline of career horoscope will lead to more errors in work, suppression by superiors and tricks by the criminals, posing certain adverse effects on his future career development. Luckily he is blessed by the auspicious star “Ba Zuo” in 2021, which will help his cause to a certain extent and at least prevent it from developing major losses. Therefore, the Sheep are encouraged to make more efforts in work this year, which can stabilize his career.  The conflict with Tai Sui will also affect his love relationship. Moreover, the unlucky stars looming over Sheep will cause more mood swings in this year, so he will often experience conflicts, even violent confrontations with his partner, which definitely will affect your relationship a lot. For married Sheep, their foundation of love will be ruined by some problems and conflicts in this year, and they may even end up with divorce. As for single Sheep, they may find it difficult to start a relationship or win the heart of their true love’s passion.  The health aspects are less satisfactory this year. Despite the support of auspicious star “Hua Gai”, the Sheep sign will be vulnerable to illness due to the conflict with Tai Sui. The auspicious star can play a certain role in protecting you and keeping you away from accidents. Even so, you may still get sick, have some discomfort from time to time and even feel exhausted inexplicably. Because of this, you will be rather stressed in life and in mind, run out of motivation and appear quite dispirited.


The Monkey

Monkeys who act as liaisons or messengers will get by in the Year of the Ox, although pleasures and profits may be limited. There may be some difficulties that will constrain the Monkey and force him to curb his ambitions. Life may seem boring and drab but he will be protected. Some personal belongings may be lost, however family and love life will run smoothly. The Monkey may be forced to travel or suffer from some chronic illness. He needs to pay more attention to his responsibilities. Consistency and tenacity are the keys to simian success this year. It is a good time for him to look into persistent health problems and perhaps to learn a new skill over the long winter months.

Monkey is associated with metal while Ox corresponds to earth. Earth and metal are in the generating cycle of five elements, which is good for making money and developing career. At the same time, the Monkey will be under the influence of several unlucky stars and protected by auspicious stars in the year 2021. Because of this, the overall horoscope of Monkey this year will be mixed, with both good and bad days. He needs to explore the road of windfall if he wants to make money. Although the way can be risk-ridden, he will reap substantial rewards. In the meantime, the generating cycle formed by metal Monkey and earth Ox is beneficial for making money, especially the income from work. Therefore, the Monkey will be lucky in both employment income and windfall. If he makes the wrong choice or the chooses the source of wealth inconsistent with real life, however, his income will not be substantially increased. To make money in 2021, the first thing is to find a direction and decide whether to either seek windfall or work income as per the practical situation.  The semi-compatibility between Monkey and Ox will help his career a lot in 2021. But the inauspicious star “Wu Gui” in charge of criminals and disputes will expose him to vicious characters in the workplace. Together with Monkey’s impulsive and irritable personality, any conflict with villains can be detrimental to his career development this year. In view of this, it is suggested that he be more careful and stay away from mischief makers as much as possible at work. If possible, he should keep a low profile in the workplace and do make a spectacle of himself even if he have made something special.  Besides, the inauspicious star “Wu Gui” can also invite some base persons into his emotional life. Due to the rumors brought by such gossips, the Monkey may have problems with his love life and this can be a test of his love. Fortunately, the lucky star “Yue De” will assist him when he is attacked by the villains, allowing him to barely maintain the stability of his emotional life.  Though Tai Sui and Monkey are cooperating in 2021, there can still be some unexpected developments which will cause poor health in the way of either illness or accident. At the same time, he may often be inexplicably fatigued this year, which will have a negative impact on his life.


The Rooster

The Rooster knows how to work hard and he will be in his element. This will be a splendid year for him in which he regains lost power and receives assistance from friends. He will have good news at home and do some traveling. Happiness and success is foreseen, as are increased responsibilities — sometimes more than he can handle. But the Rooster’s steadfastness pays off during the reign of the Ox. He should lead with his head and leave his heart out of the process because there are quite a collection of love problems on the horizon. There’s an opportunity to soften his approach to loved ones for better success in his relationships. This year he must take care to avoid injury around sharp objects.

Ox and Rooster are in the same compatible group of three animal allies (San He), which will be of great help to the 2021 Rooster horoscope and conducive to his career and wealth fortune. Since ”San He” can generate emotion, his love relationship can be also greatly improved in 2021. However, the Rooster’s fortune can be negatively affected by unlucky stars and he cannot escape the bad luck in spite of the generally good horoscope. He must pay close attention to the world around him or else suffer negative consequences on his life this year.  This year there will be very good luck in work income for the Rooster. In addition, the earthly branch You (酉) of Rooster belongs to metal which can draw money besides Rooster itself is a lucky sign for wealth. He has the potential to make a lot of money. But the presence of the inauspicious star ”Da Hao” can cause him to be profligate with his money and suffer big money losses in 2021. He would do well to save money and avoid wasting while making more efforts to earn.  Despite his career luck, the Rooster will still need to undertake coordinated efforts. At the same time, Rooster will be blessed by ”Guo Yin”, an auspicious star in charge of official career and get great help in career development. This year, his work will go even more smoothly and he will uncover more opportunities, and even help from a benefactor. In this way, he will have an excellent chance to receive a promotion and salary raise this year.  The Rooster will be blessed in love in the year 2021. Being in the same compatible group of three animal allies with Tai Sui can be helpful to his love, improve his horoscope substantially and bring him good luck with the opposite sex. As a result, unattached Roosters will have the opportunity to start a relationship. But the inauspicious star ‘‘Gu Chen’‘ may affect his love life to a certain extent and cause conflicts between him and his partner. He must make an effort to care more about his partner so that his emotional life will improve significantly this year.  Health in 2021 health can be less satisfactory for the Rooster. Troubled by the inauspicious star ‘‘Fei Lian”, his health may be seriously harmed and this star may even lead to some accidents in daily life. He must be more aware and exercise more care in his daily life or else suffer adverse impacts on other aspects of his life besides his health.


The Dog

The Dog may take too many risks plotting revolutions in this conservative year of uncertainties and misunderstandings, which could prove disastrous for him. This is not the time to intervene or attempt to make any changes. He should expect minor problems and upsets, yet avoid confrontations and making hasty decisions. He needs to stop worrying all the time and making waves. He may be forced to capitulate on some difficult points or be faced with additional expenses. His innovative ideas and altruistic concepts will be challenged. He needs to remain patient and pragmatic and be conciliatory toward his adversaries. Tenacity, loyalty and hard work will pay dividends as his worth is finally apparent to those who have doubted or tried to block him in the past.

In the Ox year 2021, the heavenly stem Xin (辛), a metal element, will be good for work income of you Dog people. Additionally, both Ox and Dog are associated with earth and this will benefit the career and health of you people born in the Dog years. Since Dog and Ox crack down on each other, the Dog will harm the Tai Sui, and have his 2021 horoscope affected a lot and even feel restrained in many aspects. Together with the unlucky stars, your overall horoscope can be rather negative and the limited good luck will be stifled by the adverse impact.  The Dog’s wealth horoscope can be neither too good nor too bad. Despite the good luck for work income, he must be careful about the impact of torturing Tai Sui on his fortune. As the economic income increases in 2021, the Dog sign can still run into a lot trouble while pursuing opportunities and find it difficult to make a big profit. In short, He will not be short of money but feels it’s a little difficult to make money.  The good luck for work income and the same element with the animal sign Ox of 2021 will benefit his career substantially. However, he still needs to be cautious in the workplace due to the punishment of Tai Sui, which will repress his good luck for career. Due to the inauspicious star Guan Fu, he might be muzzled by the leadership, have the relations become more and more strained, and even have open conflicts. At that point, it will have a certain adverse impact on his career development in this year. As a result, the Dog needs to be cautious overall in work.  The good news for the Dog is that he will not be affected by any inauspicious star  love relationship this year. Otherwise, there will be serious developments in love this year. Even so, the Dog’s love life will go very well in 2021. Under the impact of the punishment of Tai Sui, he will often disagree with his partner in 2021 because of some trivial matters in daily life and quarrel more and more with each other, thus have the foundation of love fall apart. In view of this, he needs to put forth a real effort  to try his best to maintain amity within the relationship.  Punishment of Tai Sui will also interfere with his health horoscope and lead to the poor health. Consequently, not only will he always look exhausted, he will also be more likely to get sick, feel very depressed in life, and become more and more fidgety. If he refuses to put some effort into maintaining good health, his life will not be improved materially in 2021.

The Pig

To get what he wants this year he will have to work his fingers to the bone. The Boar will adapt himself to the prevailing conditions and strong work ethic, although he may prove too critical for the comfort of those around him. This is a fruitful year for business with many prospects and opportunities for career advancement where gambles could pay off handsomely. He could discover new reliable and trustworthy friends. However there may be romantic problems or family complications due to the Boar neglecting his personal life. Authority figures will try to control or discipline him. He should beware his scandalous temper!

In the five elements, Pig is associated with water while Ox is associated with earth. Earth and water are in the controlling cycle, which is advantageous for the wealth horoscope. Pigs will have good luck for windfall. In the way of making money, however he can still run into some setbacks mainly brought about by the influence of unlucky stars during the year 2021, and this can also affect other aspects of his horoscope. The 2021 Pig horoscope is a mixed bag with both good and ill luck.  This year he needs to just focus on windfall and seize the opportunity. Perhaps he may undertake some risks, as the rewards can be massive. However, he must guard against criminals in the process of making money, because the inauspicious star Zhi Bei upon Pig will bring out the gossips. Despite the negligible impact of verbal aggression on the source of wealth, his income might be affected if he doesn’t handle it properly.  The Pig can be disturbed by the disputes with sleazy characters due to the presence of Zhi Bei, which will seriously affect his career development in this year. His superior may have a different impression of him and his colleagues might be conflicting with him, all of which can limit his career development. Together with the lazy, honest and apathetic personality of Pig, his career life and development can be affected considerably.  This year his love life may seem to be nothing special. The quality of this year’s emotional life will depend entirely on his portrayal of love. If he knows how to cherish and maintain it, the relationship will improve this year. The opposite is true as well; if he doesn’t know how to maintain it and pay little heed to love, his relationship may become worse and worse, and even have some problems that can ruin it irrevocably.  The 2021 fortune for health can be quite good for the Pig. His health fortune to some extent will be suppressed, however. the blessing of the auspicious star Feng Ji will improve  his lucky strike and health in this year, which can at least protect him from illness and keep him safe. The Pig will enjoy good health and high spirits, given less chance to fall ill or feel exhausted, greatly benefitting his life in 2021. 

The cycle continues

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