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Year of the Pig Predictions

by Rae Bordua

Symbolism and History

February 5, 2019 is New Year’s Day, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar used by millions all over the world together with the Gregorian calendar. And according to the Chinese almanac, the year is 4716 and a Year of the Gold Earth Boar or Jīn dì zhī jǐ Hài (金地支亥).

The pig is the twelfth in a 12-lunar-year cycle of animal-year signs. The twelve animals, in order, are rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Thus, the last year was Dog and the next will be Rat. The last Year of the Pig began on January 18, 2007 and ended on February 6, 2008. The next Year of the Pig will begin on January 23, 2031 and end on Febuary 10, 2032.

The pig is one of the symbolical animals corresponding to or having affinity with the twelfth of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches, called the “Hai” Branch, and symbolizes generosity and good will. This branch is simple, honest, characterized by great fortitude and the ability to generate a feeling of abundance and charitable open-handedness. He is considered the happiest animal of the Chinese zodiac. With him, what you see is what you get. He is very approachable and easy to talk to, plans things on a big scale and has a tendency to be chivalrous almost to the point of profligacy. Eternally optimistic, the Pig looks on the bright side and only believes the best of every situation. He can be quite undiscriminating, and by trying to please everyone he may wind up pleasing no one at all, including himself.

In China, this sign is called Wild Boar, a symbol of the wealth of the forest, plenty and prosperity. Pig girls, reputed to be docile, gracious and cultured, are the easiest to marry off in Chinese culture. In the Chinese Buddhist novel Xi You Ji (Journey to the West), the agreeable Boar character, Zhu Bajie, represents extreme sensual appetites. However, he is well loved and respected because he openly admits to the indulgences that everyone enjoys. The ancient Taittiriya Samhita and Satapatha Brahmana of India tell how the creator Prajapati became a boar and spread out the earth, who thus became Vedic goddess Prthivi, the “extended one,” and gave birth to many gods. The cosmic Great Horned Boar is also the second avatar of Visnu and in this form saved Prthivi (“Earth”) from the demon Hiranyaksa by raising her from the chaotic primeval waters with his phallic tusk, in the process recreating the world that had been destroyed as the cosmic sacrifice at the end of the previous creation. The pig also is depicted on the Buddhists’ Sacred Wheel of the Law in the inside center, as one of the “Three Poisons,” the animal manifestation of the quality of ignorance.

The word Chu, pig, is frequently used as a Chinese surname, in the expectation that the evil spirits will envision a person so named is literally an animal, and consequently unsuitable for consideration. A fanciful nickname for the pig is “the long-nosed general.” The character chia — family or home — is composed of the character of a pig under the character for a roof; often the Chinese peasant and his pigs lived under the same roof.

The first phase of the Pig’s life will be relatively calm. During the second, every conceivable marital problem will be visited upon him. But whatever his troubles, the Pig will never ask anybody else for help. This can be quite harmful to him as no one would ever suspect the anguish and suffering he’s going through. Once he has developed a healthy self-defense, learned to say no loudly and clearly and refuses to serve others — usually post middle-age — the Pig’s surges of rage will abate and he will settle comfortably and contentedly into the third phase of his life.

If the Pig’s birthdate is a long time before the traditional lunar new year feasts, he will be able to escape a lot of the disappointments otherwise in store for him. However, the closer to the Asian New Year he is born, the more likely he will be betrayed and duped, and in the long run may well be consumed as part of the festivities!

According to a common Chinese proverb, “the coming of a pig into the house betokens poverty, and the advent of a dog riches;” the reason advanced for this theory is that the pig only sleeps and eats, whereas the dog protects the family.

Virtues and Vices

In the traditional Chinese mind, which is echoed in the annually-reprinted ancient almanac, the Pig is the sign of honesty, naiveté and innocence. Though he is bright and has a great thirst for knowledge, the genuine and kindly Boar can be alarmingly undiscerning when it comes to financial matters, and is frequently a mark for unscrupulous swindlers and freeloaders. Of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Pig is the best cook; he truly excels in the culinary arts. He adores company and social life and also loves to entertain extravagantly. A pacifist at heart, he hides plenty of willpower and authority, and can be quite an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. He has a strong sense of responsibility and endlessly and indecisively weighs the pros and cons of the matter, but once a decision has been reached he is immovable in his position.

The main virtue in the Boar character is generosity; he altruistically sacrifices his comfort and happiness for others. He is blessed with incredible luck and will find fame and fortune when he least expects it. He believes in miracles and miracles happen to him. All the good will that he plants will reap huge dividends. He needs to direct his energies toward doing what is right and not just what is expedient. He rarely criticizes or tries to change others, and expects others to take him at face value as he has no intention of changing for anyone either. Both males and females of this sign are very family-oriented. Cooperative and compromising, the gregarious Boar grows on a person until one doesn’t know what one ever did without him. Although he has few friends, he finds it easy to make them and those he does have are life-long. With an almost bottomless capacity for giving and forgiveness, the loyal Boar is capable of the greatest sacrifices for his friends and will literally give them the shirt off his back.

A tendency to be quick-tempered and play the victim are perhaps the most negative of the Boar qualities. Unfortunately, sometimes he can be an ultra-competitive, authoritarian, egocentric expert on everything, rejecting outside advice and information. When it comes to his personal gratification, he can be callous and insensitive. He has a difficult time accepting favors or gifts from others, obsessively indulging in generosity to all around him but asking nothing in return. In the face of awesome losses or catastrophes, instead of seeking a solution he will blame himself and sink into a deep depression, adopting a pessimistic, fatalistic or even self-destructive mien rather than surrender. Luckily his influential network of friends and contacts are usually close by, ready to come to his rescue. He finds it difficult to curb his gargantuan appetite and suppress his emotions or extravagant impulses. As a result he is easily corrupted by those who know how to exploit his shortcomings. He can be gullible, unsophisticated, tactless and earthy to a fault, even crude. The most important thing for him to remember is to be careful where he places his trust. He must learn to be judicious and selective, and not consistently set himself up in situations where he is the victim. If he could control his tendency to be overoptimistic and overly generous, he would have very few difficulties.

In his year no one should ever get greedy, push his luck too far or otherwise take advantage of the Boar’s good nature or he can turn suddenly vicious. Be forewarned — his fury and revenge can be both swift and horrible!

Pig Male and Female


erceptive and loving male Pig is a born gentleman with a flawless demeanor. Although to the uninitiated he may appear somewhat pretentious, he actually is warm and friendly, a favored bon vivant and compassionate person of excellent taste. He is graced with wisdom but is a poor judge of other people, quickly fooled yet good-humored enough to shake hands and make peace. However, do not take advantage of his easy-going nature to assail his character; for that sin he has no patience and can quickly turn terribly ferocious, belligerent, and wreak vengeance resolutely. He sees the best in others, but is disappointed over and over again. He hates being deceived so over time can become indecisive and apprehensive after being misled previously and cheated repeatedly. Lord Pig is instinctively and effortlessly obliging. His weak spot is his cherished good reputation and how others perceive him. Unscrupulous people have been known to take advantage of his susceptibility and forthrightness since the remorseful Pig is so anxious to satisfy everyone but especially those he loves that he invariably feels his efforts fall short. He is quite a handsome fellow with many female fans yet he seems defenseless even in his romantic affairs. He is in love with the idea of love, falling in and out with ease, perpetually pursuing his soul mate; he will not let past amorous disappointments dissuade him from the chase. Although he sows quite a few wild oats before walking down the aisle, the Pig is an ardent and steadfast spouse, dedicated to his family.

Lady Pig is sunny, sympathetic, and straightforward. Everyone is fascinated by her goodwill, and the lucky ones welcomed into her charmed circle have her lasting allegiance and blessing. She will give the chemise off her back to help her companions, even if that involves a considerable reduction in her well-being and satisfaction. Although she enthusiastically serves others, she refuses to accept help for herself. She is apprehensive about acknowledging her own troubles as a defensive reaction against all the treachery and dishonesty she has suffered in the past. When it comes to amorous pursuits, she is very circumspect and reserved, cloaking her true affections unless she is absolutely positive that her lover is experiencing the same feelings as she. She prefers to be wooed and is never the instigator of the affair. Because she is naive, caring and big-hearted, she often finds herself a victim in disappointing relationships with deceitful paramours. Notwithstanding her problematic liaisons, Lady Pig is a discerning and smart social maven who loves to shop; money is no object when it comes to luxury items for herself and her friends. She should have a comfortable, fortunate lifestyle if she will curb somewhat her overindulgence in shopping sprees and occasionally give heed to the advice of watchful friends in order to better safeguard herself against abusive partners.

The Earth Pig

The Earth Pig is also known as the Gold Boar. Those born in this year are stable, practical individuals who are honest, reliable, generous, devoted and kind, and who in turn are well-loved, looked after, shielded, and rewarded with good fortune. The Earth Pig has a pure heart and can find harmony, prosperity, and satisfaction in life due to the esteem of family, friends, and associates. They are renowned for having a sweet tooth so need to watch their diet. They prosper through perseverance in all their aims; their prodigious resolve assures success. However, they can be self-sacrificing to the point where they may offer to others money and resources they don’t own, therefore it is important for them to form boundaries in their connections with others lest their kindness be exploited by dishonest individuals. A verdant valley is Gold Boar’s personal symbol. Trustworthy, genuine, and honorable, they triumph by manifesting a compassionate nature and showing tenderness to others.

Pig Relationships

Gallant and courageous, the kind-hearted Pig will bond well with those who share the same lenient and easy-going outlook on life, and emphasize the virtues of compromise over those of confrontation. He will be most compatible with the eloquent Rabbit, the passionate Tiger and the diplomatic Sheep (although he should be aware that the Sheep has a tendency to take advantage of his generous nature). He will have no conflict with the Rat, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Rooster and Dog. He may not feel very stimulated around other Boars but should be able to take it in stride. Most of his problems will arise from the Snake and the Monkey, who will play him for the fool. Even though he can fall madly in love with the lively and entertaining Monkey, the Pig must understand that clever Monkey is always several steps ahead of the game. With the calculating and punitive Snake in particular he will encounter distrust, unhappiness and complications. They maintain conflicting viewpoints and values. The Snake sees the Boar’s honesty as gullibility and weakness; his consciousness in completing demanding tasks the Snake translates as being due to the Boar’s ineptitude and feeble-mindedness. Even if both have a similar goal, it would be best for them to deal through intermediaries and mutual friends they respect.

Occupations and Important People

The almanac lists the occupations for the Pig — manufacturer, doctor, scientist, architect, film-maker, librarian and businessman. Pigs also make superb public entertainers, from comedians to rock stars. Since he is sensitive, he also will do equally well in the arts as a writer, poet or painter. A person born in this year will be a great fund-raiser. He will have a predilection for social work and charity because his sympathetic personality seeks to identify with as many people as possible. The Chinese attribute to the Pig an uncannily strong attraction to water. All Pigs can be guaranteed to succeed at careers where shipping and/or liquids are involved, and in fact, good luck and success at almost any profession are assured due to their conscientiousness and aptitude for hard work.

Some important people born in the Year of the Pig are John Quincy Adams, Ronald Reagan, Johnny Mathis, Paul Cézanne, Lucille Ball, Vladimir Nabokov, Arnold Schwarznegger, Ernest Hemingway, Al Capone, Garcia Lorca, Prince Rainier, Rosalind Russell, Noël Coward, Chiang Kai-shek, Carlos Santana, King Henry VIII, Maria Callas, Henry Kissinger, Boris Karloff, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Nina Simon, Humphrey Bogart, Oliver Cromwell, Karim Abdul Jabar, François Sagan, Alfred Hitchcock, Fred Astaire, John D. Rockefeller, Julie Andrews, Samuel F. Morse, Woody Allen, Nicholas Ray, Tracy Ullman, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Marcel Marceau, Jean Harlow, Luciano Pavarotti and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Year Predictions

The Year of the Boar is a time of licentiousness and fun. Since it closes the 12-year cycle, this is not an auspicious year for starting anything new but instead is a time for reaping benefits from past efforts, tying up loose ends and finalizing deals. It also is a time of peace, understanding, harmony and friendship. Business should be good, at least for the first half of the year. Pleasure and enjoyment of the good life will be valued more than power and status. Family ties, relationships, social life and entertainment will be emphasized. There is a little less competition among people and a little more kindness. Expensive vacations, extravagant meals and impulsive, lavish spending on luxuries can be expected. (At the same time there are some good deals to be had as the Boar year is conducive to luxury travel at bargain prices.) People find it easier to ignore the bills that accumulate now, and the following Rat year will be the time to face reality after this year’s gratifications.

The Boar Year also symbolizes dangers surrounding water. There could be dramatic weather changes with catastrophic floods, storms and sea disasters. Perilous events will have a tendency to happen in the nighttime. Negotiations and treaties are the favored methods of political reconciliation this year, and peaceful resolution of conflicts are well-aspected. Hidden political intrigues and corruption will come to light, causing clashes of values over secrecy. Concealed information, with fantastic or possibly even extra-terrestrial origins, will be revealed. There will be more friction and agitation politically, particularly from authoritarian governments trying to impose their will on the people which may result in sudden leadership changes and dramatic rebellions. Sadly, assassinations of reporters, media personalities and/or environmental leaders are all a possibility. Some medical breakthroughs in viral diseases are predicted. The overindulgent Pig Year can bring obesity and sexual excesses, so all are advised to eat moderate, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly and practice some meditation for peace of mind.

Here are some predictions for the coming year.

  • The Amur Leopard will become extinct in 2019.
  • There will be some public revelations regarding another civilization’s artifacts and structures discovered during archeological excavations in Antarctica.
  • RF President Putin will visit the United States at the invitation of U.S. President Donald Trump, 60 years after the historical tour of the United States by Nikita Khrushchev and his wife at the invitation of U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower.
  • NASA will partner with commercial companies to gain a toehold on the moon through a public-private lunar depot.
  • Although Western powers will erect significant sanctions and roadblocks over a lengthy period, their encirclement of Venezuela’s Maduro administration will prove unsuccessful.

The Chinese believe that the Boar year brings good fortune for intellectuals as well as for financiers, with a particular spotlight on women in all enterprises. Although certain minor administrative difficulties may crop up, this is predominantly a time of surplus and an opportunity to savor the joy of living. This is a great year to marry and raise a large family. However, those already attached should guard against extra-marital relationships. Impulsive acts of generosity are to be avoided.

Predictions for Signs

The almanac also states how people born under other signs will fare in the Year of the Boar. This is an auspicious year for Tigers, Dragons, Rabbits, Horses and Dogs. It can be a difficult year for Oxen, Sheep, Snakes and Roosters. Rats and Horses should beware their finances and Tigers should take care in their relationships this year.

The following are forecasts for the individual signs in the Year of the Pig:

The Rat

All will go moderately well for the Rat; he will find some opportunities and profits in his business this year. However, work may bring chaos and conflicts as well due to the existence of the unlucky star, “Black Cloud” in his chart. The only way to move forward will be to knuckle down and put all he has into it. The Rat also needs to develop a good nose for charlatans during this period to refrain from risking everything on the wrong person. Thankfully lucky star “The Sun” is now in his heavens to mitigate some of the misfortune and add to the Rat’s allure. Nonetheless he must not hesitate to complete current work or others will collect the benefit of his efforts. Individuals born in the year of the Monkey and the year of the Tiger will be a big help to him on the job. Financial prospects are wildly variable this year and he is at risk for huge losses if he doesn’t pay very close attention to his economic affairs. He needs to keep a low profile, exert himself discreetly, and especially renounce any covetous thoughts and plans or it will be his downfall. He should neither take out a loan nor a guarantor be; now is a good time to practice saying “no” to others and their plans for precarious investments. It is best for him to expand his career path, plan for the future, consolidate his business position and for students to further their education and studies. The Rat’s good reputation should bring him profit and he will reap the benefits of many social engagements and weddings to attend, with good food, fine wines and plenty of enriching cultural joy. However, due to the malignant influence of the unlucky star, “Pool of Indulgence,” he must practice self-discipline and discretion or else his bad habits will accelerate the disintegration of his love life. Care must be taken in all relationships and in particular a love affair could fog the Rat’s usually clear mind, provoking family confrontations and disagreements. The Rat’s health is generally good although he may suffer from a series of small, inconsequential maladies, all of which could be resolved by more rest and relaxation. The existence of the unlucky star “Year Threat” in his chart predicts liver and kidney problems, headaches and insomnia should he overindulge in sex and alcohol. Lady Rat’s relationship with her husband blows hot and cold due to a lack of communication and accommodation on her part. Family finances are unstable therefore she should cut back on expenses and set aside what she can for adversity that lies ahead. She needs to relax and enjoy precious moments with her family. Young unmarried ladies born in the year of the Rat are extremely sentimental this year and must exercise emotional restraint or else experience lasting heartache. Young Rats are quite energetic and involved with extracurricular activities but need to pace themselves or their studies will be adversely affected. To fend off sickness they must pay attention to the cleanliness of the food they’re eating, and steer clear of experimenting with drugs to avoid becoming addicted for a lifetime of remorse. This is the time to rest, indulge and recoup from past losses this year. He would be well advised to make alliances and join forces with others to achieve his goals, taking advantage of the goodwill available in the year of the Boar. Favorable directions for Rats this year are the Northeast, the North and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the West and the South. Beneficial colors for the Rat this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are blue and black. His lucky numbers are 1 and 8.


The Ox

This may be a bumpy, unlucky and unproductive year for the diligent Ox as there are more unlucky stars than lucky stars in his chart. There will be many stumbling blocks on the job where even the smallest mistake can cause disaster. It is imperative that the Ox carefully and directly deal with the situation with his legendary perseverance to compensate for any deficiency. Due to the existence of the unlucky star, “Leopard’s Tail,” it is quite likely that he may find himself held in check by superior forces which will stultify him. To prevail he must stay his spontaneous urges, remain serene and adopt a kid glove technique. Conspirators at work are foreseen due to the presence of the unlucky star “Earthly Conflict” in his heavens. There also is an impulse toward arguing with patrons and if he cannot control this urge he will lose a lot of business. Those born in the year of the Horse and the year of the Dragon are his best allies at work; every opportunity for a cooperative effort with them should be pursued. He may not have much to show for his efforts because he will have to spend more than he earns. Both the usual and experimental methods of making money will be erratic. Superfluous overhead needs to be cut or the shortcoming will prompt an economic catastrophe. Although some money may be lost, if managed correctly the loss will be minimal. At the end of the year he is at risk for home robbery so must take all precautions to secure his residence and eliminate any attractions for criminal schemes. This year will force him to speed up activities despite his reticence. He feels as if he is surrounded by one disaster after another, including ill health. He needs to keep his eyes on the goal and take it easy once in a while. Not only are his spleen, lungs and digestive system in danger, but due to the presence of the unlucky star, “Funeral’s Door,” in his chart, he also must be concerned for home security and the well-being of his family. Negligence here could lead to great sorrow. There will be much activity, both at home and in business; the extra work can motivate and stimulate the Ox. It is best for him to avoid confrontations with family or friends as family, work and romantic problems can take up most of his time and keep him more involved than he wants to be. He may feel without support, stuck in the middle and stabbed in the back. He should try to not let the gloomy situation upset and anger him, but understand instead that it all is just part of a luck cycle. Lady Ox finds betrayers everywhere she turns this year. She may have to put up with the slander and avoid conflict at all costs or there will be nothing but disagreements and disharmony at home. She is warned to secure her house to prevent burglary. Young unmarried ladies born in the year of the Ox are cautioned against indulging in melancholy and fault-finding. They need to unwind and take it more easy on themselves and others. Young Ox finds it difficult to concentrate on classwork, but if he doesn’t attend to his studies he will fall too far behind his classmates. Despite preferring seclusion, young Ox should actively seek out connection with others to avoid being excluded from his social circle. New contacts and opportunities appear that promise to be very beneficial in the future. Affairs of the heart may bring disappointments during this year so he should take care. Favorable directions for Oxen this year are the North, the South, and the Northeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the East and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Ox this year are grey, white, and black. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are red and yellow. His lucky numbers are 4 and 9.


The Tiger

With the exception of his personal life, this should be a good year for the Tiger. Academically or career-wise, anything is within his reach. This is the time to make an investment that will result in an excellent return; insurance purchases are well-aspected. Due to the existence of the lucky star “Jade Hall” in his heavens, fame and fortune are effortlessly within reach if he but focus on the business or scholastic goal at hand. He must take advantage of these favorable circumstances now so that he does not lament his lost chance later. He can’t help but feel blue and isolated due to the influence of the unlucky star “God of Loneliness” in his chart but he has to conquer these apprehensions or they will influence his progress considerably. The Tiger must not fall over himself in a rush to riches but work unwaveringly else in his haste he stumble into another person’s trap and lose all. There will be troublemakers with whom he needs to take care, but at the end of the year he can look forward to the encouragement and advice of a protector that will be of enormous benefit to his future advancement. During this period those born in the year of the Horse and the year of the Pig can be a huge help in obtaining his goals. Risking everything on a single throw can pay dividends, provided the luck lasts! With this in mind he would be well advised to keep a tight rein on his finances since the prosperity that ushers in the new year may not stick around for too long. He can ward off unpleasant financial surprises by controlling the spending and asking his family to contribute towards some of the expense. Due to the existence of the unlucky star “Swallowed Up” there is a likelihood of others hijacking his money, therefore he must keep a close eye on his accounts, and avoid investing during the particularly volatile period between summer and autumn. This also is a very risky time for wagering as he could be taken to the cleaners for all he owns. The Tiger’s health is strong as long as he pays attention to the cleanliness of his daily food. There is danger of injury from a traffic accident, as either a driver or a pedestrian, due to the presence of the unlucky star “Tightened Loop.” Between autumn and winter he shouldn’t go out alone at night; there is safety in numbers. The Tiger should reflect on the personal history of his friends and colleagues with understanding and try to keep most of his comments to himself, step back and take the long view. Lady Tiger has excellent affinity with her spouse and all is well on the home front. She should take better care of her heart and kidneys, and not allow herself to get too tired. Family finances are outstanding but she must take heed against cash being drained away. Unmarried ladies born in the year of the Tiger take pleasure in reciprocal devotion with their dear ones, and their love affairs gain ground. Young Tigers are galvanized and can quickly pick up new knowledge, acing tests and excelling in scholastic performance. They need to slow down a little or they may encounter a traffic accident. This is a time to enjoy the finer things in life, but don’t overspend or overextend! Favorable directions for Tigers this year are the South, the Northeast, and the Southeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the West and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Tiger this year are red, orange and purple. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are green and black. His lucky numbers are 2 and 5.


The Rabbit

This is a very lucky year for the Rabbit, with a benefactor always close by to assist in time of troubles. Fame and fortune are forecast, and the Rabbit will find himself emotionally secure in a contented, comfortable position of relative prosperity. Due to the presence of the lucky star “The Star of Commander” in his chart, business is good, although the bounty he expects to realize may have to be shared with many others. Conspirators abound but he can surmount these hardships and obtain acclaim and affluence. Even so he should be gracious and self-effacing toward others or he will create adversaries who will make things very difficult for him in the end. The Rabbit could become entangled in lawsuits due to the existence of the unlucky star “Legal Spell” in his chart. He must stick to the straight and narrow path, not take risky shortcuts or become involved in criminal activities or he is sure to be caught and pay the price to his everlasting regret. Work momentum will falter in the autumn period but the Rabbit must remain diligent and maintain focus or he will flounder on the threshold of victory. Here the lucky star “The Three Pillars” will come to the rescue; if he can only stand firm and put his heart and soul into the struggle he is bound to vanquish his foes and have his affairs conclude successfully. He is warned not be careless and divulge, negligently or consciously, proprietary knowledge or else he ultimately will find himself in a very dangerous predicament. People born in the year of the Dragon will be of primary help at work, followed by those born in the year of the Dog. If he can work together wholeheartedly with them he will be able to realize large gains. The Rabbit’s regular income is abundant and offers many opportunities for investment and good yields, but unsubstantiated income blows hot and cold. It probably is better to set aside money for an imminent lawsuit or medical expenses that may arise in the autumn period. He also is forewarned against losing track of his valuables or being careless and having his home broken into. There is a danger of him being defrauded of his wealth. The Rabbit’s health is precarious this year; he needs to look out for exhaustion or it can trigger a collapse. He should guard against overindulging because his stomach and blood pressure are susceptible to illness and he risks a cardiovascular accident; therefore he should solicit medical help at the first sign of complications. He has an inclination now to overindulge in tobacco, drugs or alcohol so needs to repulse these temptations or else he will get in way over his head. Autumn and winter hold a threat of bloodshed so the Rabbit must pay special attention to his surroundings when he’s away from home and avoid dicey areas. This is a year of much gossip and squabbling hence he should exercise more restraint when reprimanding others to avoid others overhearing his private thoughts and conversations. A romantic interest custom-designed to his discerning tastes is foreseen but he should not pressure his love interest too strongly or this will cause a breach in rapport. The Rabbit should avoid acting aggressively and provoking a physical fight that might lead to criminal action as this could force him to sell his property as settlement. Lady Rabbit must contend with much friction and backbiting at home. To counter this, she should keep a low profile, swallow her harsh words, and be a martyr to her emotions to preserve the family peace. Family finances are quite good but there is a chance she may be swindled of her money. Young unmarried ladies born in the year of the Rabbit are stuck in a relationship rut, and could be disconcerted to discover that their intended does not share their feelings. Young Rabbits are quick in their studies and can rise above the crowd with just a little effort. On the other hand they are prone to falling ill which may hinder their progress, and also must not allow themselves to be tempted toward experimentation in drugs lest they lay waste to their future prospects. Despite the positive aspects, accomplishments may be negligible so it is best for the Rabbit to keep expectations low and take every precaution to protect his interests. Favorable directions for Rabbits this year are the North, the Northeast, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the West and the East. Beneficial colors for the Rabbit this year are yellow, orange and brown. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are silver and green. His lucky numbers are 7 and 9.


The Dragon

Although his most cherished dreams may begin to come true this year due to the presence of the lucky star “Commander’s Saddle”, the Dragon would be well-advised to exercise extra care in reviewing contracts and business proposals. Even though all looks good on the surface, things are not always what they seem. When in doubt, he should seek professional advice to avoid losses and with a little shrewdness, things should go well. He will be especially productive at work, particularly during the lunar months of February, April, July, August and November, and can bring about whatever he wants with aplomb. In the process he will attract the counseling and backing of a patron, as indicated by the existence of the lucky star “Lunar Virtue” in his heavens. Still there is a propensity now for becoming involved in disagreements with double-crossers as forecast by the existence of the unlucky star “Evil Threat” in his chart. If he doesn’t manage these conflicts carefully and keep his nose out of other people’s personal concerns, his business momentum will suffer a reversal. Strong mutual relationships are crucial to fortune this year, therefore the Dragon should be more hospitable to his coworkers and reach out more to others. Those born in the year of the Rabbit followed by those born in the year of the Tiger will be the most helpful to him with his career; if he works earnestly with them he will get twice the dividends for half the effort. He may be tempted to overspend but should exercise caution with his finances due to the existence of the unlucky star “Gradual Drain”. Risky investments and gambling are negatively aspected, and there may be rainy days ahead so he should set aside some money toward this contingency. The Dragon’s health is a concern this year due to the presence of the unlucky star “Deadly Spell” so he should not overindulge or overwork himself to prevent a serious illness. His liver and lungs are at risk so he should not hesitate to see a doctor at the first sign of any problem. In addition, home safety is in jeopardy through theft, fire, and dangerous or faulty home appliances. This is a romantic time due to the lucky star “Pink Phoenix” shining in his heavens and Dragons who had relationship problems will have an opportunity to reunite with loved ones. He is quite attractive to members of the opposite sex, and will enjoy passionate affairs that thrive. However, his happiness will attract conspirators who circulate gossip with the goal to undermine his connection, therefore he and his loved one must be more considerate of and generous toward each other to head off the dissolution of a close bond due to a quarrel. Although he may have to travel or entertain a lot more than he may want to, easy travel, light entertaining and amusing recreation are all well aspected. No troubles are foreseen in his family affairs. Lady Dragon has rapport with her spouse but must look out for conspirators planting false tales; she must not believe the slander. She needs to pay more attention to protecting her home from harm and toward conscientious management of family expenses. Unattached young lady Dragons can expect their love affairs to flourish. Young Dragons are perceptive and have a good understanding of the world around them, and therefore easily shine in both their learning and after-school activities. They will need to watch themselves around outdoor pursuits though, as they are at risk of a bloody injury, and also cut back on cold raw food. The Dragon needs to behave more modestly and be extra humble and gentle, if only for the purpose of gaining the goodwill of those who previously found him too overwhelming. For politically-minded Dragons this is a good year to run for office, and an auspicious time for unattached Dragons to marry. Favorable directions for Dragons this year are the North, the Northeast, and the Southeast; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northwest and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Dragon this year are orange, red and yellow. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are blue and grey. His lucky numbers are 3 and 5.


The Snake

The Snake is said to have offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese, in addition to having various unlucky stars currently afflicting his life chart with scant lucky stars to counterbalance them. Due to the influence of the unlucky star “Iron Bars,” his work situation is unstable with much animosity generating anxiety and disorder. Carelessness on his part can cause collapse at the threshold of success. The best plan is to stay cautious, conscientiously carry on, and sit tight awaiting a more suitable time. Business moves forward more easily and monetary fortune is best in the lunar months of April, June and August so he should take advantage of the opportunity. The Snake needs to protect himself in this hectic and mixed year as there will be constant traveling, attending business away from home or relocation that could lead to unexpected financial rewards. Due to the existence of the unlucky star “Huge Drain” in his current chart, he needs to closely monitor his allocation to guarantee that he doesn’t have more going out than coming in. Also he is at risk of burglary between autumn and winter so is forewarned to take extra precautions with home security. He should watch what he says on the job, keep his opinions to himself, lay low whenever possible, and try not to make any enemies. Only under the most extreme circumstances should he take out a loan. Those born in the year of the Horse and the year of the Monkey can be of immense assistance to him at work and help him surmount the difficulties. He should set aside enough time for traveling plans, relaxation and exercise so that a busy schedule does not adversely affect health. Due to the presence of the unlucky star “Broken Down” in his heavens, he is in danger of falling from a great height and incurring a serious injury. Also, he must be vigilant about the well-being of senior citizens at home and the safety situation at his house due to the existence of the unlucky star “Loose Hair.” Boar years may bring lack of comprehension into the Snake’s private life and as a consequence he may suffer financial mishaps caused by poor judgment, legal troubles or separation from someone close to him. He needs to diversify, insulate himself from uncertainty and risks, not force the situation, and refuse to take on more responsibility than he is able to handle. Snap decisions are not favored, nor is this a year to visit sick people or attend any memorial services besides immediate family. Lady Snake must deal with considerable friction at home and household well-being is worrisome, particularly as concerns elder family members. She should exercise extreme care with domestic finances or else suffer ruinous consequences. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Snake could go through a tough period now as it is possible they may have pinned all their hopes on the wrong person. Young Snakes have a difficult time concentrating at school but should intensify their efforts to avoid failing. They are warned against hanging out with the wrong crowd or else they will be deceived, much to their long-term regret. Although accomplishments may be negligible and he may have to exert maximum energy for minimum gains, the Snake should try to enjoy the leisure and indulgence that a Boar year brings. Favorable directions for Snakes this year are the South, the Southeast, and the Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northwest and the East. Beneficial colors for the Snake this year are black, blue and white. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are red and brown. His lucky numbers are 1 and 8.


The Horse

In this year of heightened expectations, the Horse can count on benefactors in times of trouble even though some of his success may be destroyed by outside interference. Due to the influence of the lucky star “Crepe Myrtle,” he is energized at work and there will be favorable circumstances for advancement if he would only grab the chance. He should seek the advice of trusted friends and experienced family members. Those born in the year of the Tiger and the year of the Sheep will be most helpful on the job; as a team they complete each other. Home and work should go smoothly as the Horse’s good reputation precedes him. Charity work assisting the community and friends will bring him recognition. The best time to achieve his goals are the lunar months of March, May, June, September and December. He may overspend on luxuries; perhaps at last he will be able to realize a dream he has had secretly for ages. Difficulties with coworkers, miscommunications or indecision can delay success. Projects and investments can develop many complications. In relationships, the Horse should concentrate on harmony and shy away from emphasizing rights. The influence of the lucky star “Dragon’s Virtue” in his heavens assists the Horse in his rapport with others, thereby gaining him the backing of his fellow workers and customers, so that he can produce twice the benefits with half the energy. Nevertheless, the specter of abrupt failure hangs over this year due to the presence of the unlucky star “Sudden Collapse.” He should remember that there is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance, and recall the proverb that pride comes before a fall. While it’s still feasible to make some property investments, the balance sheet is not what it appears to be at the moment so it would be best if he bypass hypothetical purchases and especially betting of any kind. Financial circumstances are most dicey in the lunar months of February, April, August and November. This is a good time to set up a health improvement regimen, and meditation practice is particularly well-aspected as it is so effective at reducing stress-related illnesses. The presence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Obstacle” portends a round of infectious disease, therefore he needs to become more aware of personal cleanliness and food hygiene, especially near the end of autumn. His liver and stomach are negatively aspected so special attention must be paid to them. Lady Horse feels anxiety-ridden and is likely to suffer sleeplessness and headaches. While she and her spouse are on the same wavelength, it’s a totally different story with the rest of her family and friends where slander and quarrels abound; she must snuff out the flames of discord at the first contingency, communicate better, and spend more quality time with her family. Relationships of unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Horse are prone to fluctuate, and although they may be surrounded by many suitors it is improbable at the moment that their encounters will prosper. Young Horses have an aptitude for study this year, and if they focus on their courses they will advance to the head of their class and be in the winner’s circle. Still, they are admonished to stay out of trouble and not ruin their prospects with a childish prank or an act of foolish vandalism. The Horse must take care to persevere and work toward more realistic goals. At the onset of winter life will become less stressful, troubles will fade and there will be new opportunities and good luck. Married Horses should beware an extra-martial affair. Favorable directions for Horses this year are the South, the Northeast, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the North and the West. Beneficial colors for the Horse this year are grey, blue and black. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are yellow and orange. His lucky numbers are 2 and 6.


The Sheep

Unanticipated worries may dog Sheep natives this year as they recover from past troubles. Because there are unlucky stars in their chart without any lucky stars to counteract them, there will be one troublesome situation after another. The Sheep had better prime himself for this new status quo and not be left exposed and unprepared. His superiors keep a tight rein on him at work and externally he is fenced in by powerful rivals, as foreshadowed by the unlucky star “White Tiger.” He must develop his business connections and friendships to avoid being put in a problematic position due to lack of reputation or esteem. He also needs to exhibit more flexibility and not stubbornly cling to antiquated assumptions even in the face of disaster. It is important on the job to think carefully before acting and handle all matters with vigilance, particularly during the lunar months of January, March, June, September and December. Stumbling blocks are many as predicted by the existence of the unlucky star “Mighty Hercules” in his life’s cycle, therefore tenacity is a virtue now. In addition he is cautioned to keep his plans under wraps until he prevails or else he may flounder at the brink of victory. Those most helpful to him during this time are born in the year of the Horse followed by those born in the year of the Rabbit. With true collaboration, this alliance can help him survive the complications. The Sheep’s financial luck is low, both in regular and unsubstantiated income. Indiscriminate investments will only make it worse. Under these circumstances it would be best to trim expenses and set aside what resources he can for that rainy day that is sure to come by year’s end, and in this fashion there may a possibility of winning, inheriting or finding money given up for lost. His health is weak this year and there is a tendency toward despondence due to the presence of the unlucky star “Heavenly Weeping” in his chart. Rest and recovery is called for; he is warned against gratifying himself with alcohol or tobacco as they will only make things worse and severely undermine his strength and well-being. He could be at risk of becoming disoriented when involved in outdoor pursuits, and must take care to not suffer injuries from insects or snakes, particularly during the lunar months of July and December. Due to the existence of the unlucky star “Decorative Top,” he feels unusually volatile, has a difficult time getting along with others, believes that nobody understand him, and suspects that perhaps friends are avoiding him. He should appear to be unaffected and levelheaded, and most of all not comment too much about it or be too strident in his altercations. The prosperity of others will bring happiness to Sheep insofar as they can see a way to profit by it themselves. Hard work and patience will reward them in the end in this productive year. Lady Sheep must hold her tongue as to her spouse’s faults or else create a break in her marriage. In order to bypass a family monetary emergency she must try to reduce superfluous household expenses and refrain from taking or making any loans. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Sheep are despondent because there is no spark between them and the opposite sex. Young Sheep are at the center of a whirlwind of scandal. They are advised to lay low and watch their mouths as words can have ugly ramifications. They often are moody and impulsive now, and find it a chore to focus on their studies. Still, they must overcome their emotional inertia and apply themselves lest they fall far behind their classmates. Sheep should avoid confrontations with family members (Boars in particular!), using understanding and patience to avoid legal entanglements. There is a possibility of a death and much sadness in the family. Favorable directions for Sheep this year are the East, the South, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northeast and the West. Beneficial colors for the Sheep this year are yellow, orange and red. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are white and green. His lucky numbers are 4 and 9.


The Monkey

This could be an active but trying year, however the Monkey is relieved to see the end of the change in fortune after the difficulties of the last two years. Lucky stars are shining and business looks up! He feels energized and productive, and can achieve anything he wants easily so here is his opportunity to show off his proficiency and make his dreams come true. He will have to look out for slander and misunderstandings due to the influence of the unlucky star “Tongues Wag,” and therefore should be more careful of his speech and not let a reckless error ruin his career success. Proprietary information must be safeguarded to circumvent a very difficult situation. He will be quite popular and have the backing of coworkers and bosses since the lucky star “Heavenly Virtue” is now shining in his heavens. A patron also lends direction and encouragement so if the Monkey seizes the day he can attain new prominence. People who help him the most are born in the year of the Dragon followed by those born in the year of the Snake. If he collaborates with them wholeheartedly he will triumph to a greater degree than otherwise. There will be financial benefits to travel this year, and the Monkey will learn more from afar than staying at home. A change of residence is foreseen. Both usual salary and investment income are promising, and he may earn a bonus during winter. Unfortunately the existence of the unlucky star “Robbery Threat” in his chart warns of burglary and theft, and also that the Monkey should abstain from gambling during the lunar months of January, September, and December or else suffer a major disaster. There could be many small misunderstandings, bickering and things may not move as quickly as he hopes. He should try to see things from the other point of view. It’s not necessary to give up the dream, just postpone it until the time is ripe. Although he may not like the compromises he has to make, the Monkey will find that it’s worth his effort to work with what he has. Rewards may even exceed his expectations. Despite the fact that his health is good, it may be compromised by too much hard work and stress-related overindulgence; the solution is to organize extra time off to replenish energies and ignore the gossip. This is the year to go on a strict diet and get more exercise. Some problems with toothaches are foreseen so he needs to schedule regular visits with his dentist and take better care of his oral hygiene. In addition, he should slow down when driving or risk a traffic accident around the beginning of the year. Due to the existence of the unlucky star “Funeral Gown” in his chart there is a possibility of bereavement so he needs to tend to the well-being of senior family members. This is not a good time to visit the sick or attend memorial services for anyone other than immediate family to avoid bringing in additional death chi. Relationships with the opposite sex are are harmonious but the Monkey should maintain a low profile in his liaisons or enviousness will rear its ugly head and make him the target of sordid rumors. Although his new-found popularity may tempt him to play the libertine, the Monkey must remain faithful and steadfast to his partner. Lady Monkey’s spousal relationship flourishes and all is well at home, but it’s an entirely different story with friends and relatives. She must maintain an even emotional keel and iron out the difficulties with them. It’s important to conceal the family valuables so as to not tempt fate and robbers. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Monkey should be low-key about their love affairs to fend off resentful competitors. Young Monkeys have to watch their big mouths and not be too extreme in their jests because there are those who would be offended by their sick humor and destroy their future over it. They should exercise caution around bodies of water, particularly during the lunar month of September. Unattached Monkeys should start making wedding plans. Favorable directions for Monkeys this year are the North, the Southeast, and the Southwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the Northeast and the West. Beneficial colors for the Monkey this year are green, lime-green and grey. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are red and yellow. His lucky numbers are 6 and 7.


The Rooster

This could be an expensive or disturbing year for the resilient Rooster as there are several unlucky stars in his heavens with no lucky stars to overcome them. There is lots of extra work to do in the laborious re-ascent of the financial slope. Minor career setbacks and challenging responsibilities are in store due to the presence of the unlucky star “Dog of Heaven.” Because others disapprove of and disrespect him, the Rooster has a difficult time getting people to collaborate with him and therefore has to face his challenges unassisted. In addition, it is possible that co-workers could reward his benevolence with treachery when he least expects it. The Rooster is at risk of litigation this year due to the presence of the unlucky star “Gaol House” in his chart, so he must walk the straight and narrow path and not hang out with shady companions or repentance will come too late to be of any use to his situation, particularly during the lunar months of March, April, June, July, September and November. The Powers That Be have him under a tight rein where it is almost impossible for him to show what he is truly capable of doing. He must be like water, take a soft approach and be willing to fight these battles another day; to push the conflict now easily could jeopardize his entire career. Those born in the year of the Dragon and people born in the year of the Monkey will be of the most help to him at work. With genuine partnership there is a chance of surmounting the hardships and reversing the impasse. Financial fortune is variable. Even when wealth comes it slips from his fingers through extravagancy and bad investments. His gambling luck is particularly bad between spring and summer. Work gains momentum during the lunar months of January, May and October, but business intrigues crop up at year’s end. He mustn’t allow a flatterer to inveigle him into a “bargain” acquisition but instead should confer with friends and relatives to avoid being drawn into a quagmire. This is a time to be realistic and act conservatively. Roosters will need to pay attention to their health this year and in particular to what they ingest; food poisoning is an unpleasant possibility. Lungs and heart are weak, and he is at risk of collapse. There could be an unexpected natural disaster, accident or bloody injury due to the presence of the unlucky star “Disastrous Threat” in his life cycle. The Rooster will need to control his temper as arguments and confrontations can easily arise which could be part of a setup to ensnare. His family or love life could suffer as he spreads himself too thin trying to please everybody. He should discount good news and plan prudently. He has a tendency to be completely narcissistic and cavalier at this time, stunningly oblivious to the sentiments of others. It is no wonder that they, in an injured emotional state, avoid him like the plague. Despite the increased effort required on his part, he must demonstrate more interest and devotion to his loved ones to clear up false impressions and eradicate alienation in order to ward off a schism in his affairs. There are indications of a possible death in the family. Lady Hen will confront conspirators and grifters, and will have to defend herself against being misinterpreted and sequestered. Economically, rainy days are ahead and it is never too early for her to begin setting money aside for that eventuality. Young unmarried ladies born in the year of the Rooster experience disharmony with their loved ones, so therefore should compromise and practice more compassion toward them. Young Roosters have a difficult time focusing on their classwork due to their mercurial sensitivity right now. Everything seems hard to accomplish for them, and the situation isn’t helped by their egocentric attitude. No one wants to be around them and they suffer from social banishment. Health is weak and they are in danger of a serious injury while participating in outside activities. A benevolent path is the best for the Rooster to take, patiently keeping his goals in clear view throughout the year, depending upon no one but himself, and knowing that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Favorable directions for Roosters this year are the North, the Southeast, and the South; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the East and the Southwest. Beneficial colors for the Rooster this year are yellow, orange and brown. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 20189. Colors to avoid are grey and white. His lucky numbers are 1 and 4.


The Dog

Everything should work in the Dog’s favor and he can expect a calm, peaceful and prosperous year due to the Boar’s salutary influence and the beneficent star “Heavenly Happiness” shining in his heavens. Even though double-crossers are foreseen in the work environment because of the influence of the unlucky star “Yearly Threat,” if he deals with events carefully he should be capable of surviving the predicament and any trouble. At this time the Dog has a predilection towards intense fanaticism, insularity and disconnecting from others. He must overcome these indulgences or else find himself shunned and unable to perform his duties. He panics quickly now and has a tough time applying himself to his job. He must direct his attention to matters at hand, and stay serene and dispassionate in work situations to sidestep wiping out his own livelihood. The Dog should look before he leaps and take a moderate rather than assertive approach during the lunar months of February, March, July, November and December when money is lost hand over fist. This is not the time to play the market, gamble or enter into new ventures. Financial luck blows hot and cold, and profits are illusory so vigilance is required in resource management; he must modify his response to developing circumstances as quickly as possible. Happily, regular wages are still reliable so if he can just safeguard his money and take care to not overconsume there should not be any substantial complications. Rural transactions are favored in Boar years, or he may reap unexpected benefits from past efforts and investments. Those born in the year of the Tiger primarily and people born in the year of the Horse secondarily will be of great service to him if he truly pursues the alliance. There is much they can accomplish together with plentiful remuneration to take in by year’s end. Fame and fortune are attainable but there is a potential for ill health as well due to the existence of the unlucky star “Illness Spell” in his life chart. This can be mitigated by easing up on the work schedule and using the extra time to rest, but if that doesn’t do the trick then regrettably he can expect substantial medical expenses between spring and summer. Because the unlucky star “Heavenly Threat” is also in his life cycle, it is predicted that home safety will be a cause for concern; he is at risk of a serious fall in the lunar months of January and April. There is a lot of electricity between him and the opposite sex, so this is a good time to begin new relationships, expand the circle of friends and go on a long-overdue family vacation, and the family better make hay while the sun shines because it won’t last! The Dog’s popularity is up and people will seek his advice and cooperation. Lady Dog must take extra care of her physical and mental well-being or suffer serious after-effects. She should be on guard for the safety of her children during the lunar months of February, May and December. Money seems to just slip away so she mustn’t make it any worse by gambling too. Unmarried young ladies born in the year of the Dog feel profoundly impassioned, and their liaisons are provocative and likely to flourish. Young Dogs can’t concentrate as their thoughts are all over the place; they are in a fluster of bewilderment. They must not allow themselves to be so distracted, and apply themselves more diligently to their studies or else they could hit bottom. When choosing companions they must bypass any involvement with bad company who will lead them into big trouble. Moderating sexual activities and paying attention to dietary needs will contribute to a better sense of well-being. Single Dogs will find this an auspicious year to get married, with the best time for a wedding being between autumn and winter. Favorable directions for Dogs this year are the South, the Northeast, and the North; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the West and the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Dog this year are purple, orange and yellow. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are grey and blue. His lucky numbers are 2 and 7.

The Pig

Brown and black pig wading in the ocean, photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash This unfortunately may not be as good a year for the Boar as he would wish and he should make efforts to minimize the bad luck of this year. This being the Boar’s year he is said to have offended the Grand Duke or Tai Sui in Chinese, in addition to having various unlucky stars currently afflicting his life chart. Fortuitously the lucky stars “Heavenly Salvation” and “God of Salvation” are present as well, and counterbalance some of the negative energy. Although obstacles, peril and uncertainty loom ahead, yet new opportunities and prospects will present themselves as blessings in disguise. Much antagonism on the work front is foreseen, and Boars may have to endure the depredations of rumormongers, feuds, and fraudulent accusations as predicted by the unlucky star “Point at the Back.” Consequently the Boar would be well advised to watch his behavior on the job and avoid conflict to ward off being scapegoated and unable to forestall the consequences. He is fortunate that the lucky star “The Eight Chiefs” is currently in his heavens as it is renowned for its influence in repulsing deceivers. If he can but concentrate on his assignments and sidestep controversy the Boar can transcend these problems and shine. He should interact more with others in a humble manner to encourage group collaboration; this is not the moment to set off on his own. Those born in the year of the Tiger and the year of the Rabbit can be a huge help in his career if approached with goodwill and an honest effort put into the job. This is not a good time for personal finances and in particular during the first part of the year Boars are cautioned against gambling or speculative investments. Also he needs to take care that he does not suffer a break-in during the lunar months of April and August. The Boar needs to exercise control over his spending and not make overoptimistic promises that will be difficult to keep. He should step back, look at the big picture and quit while he is ahead. At the end of the year the crime focus shifts to mountebanks who may try to ensnare him in a financial quagmire, therefore it is important for him to exercise good perception of other’s character. Basically the Boar’s health is in average shape but grisly accidents may be prone to happen due to the malignant influence of the unlucky stars “Sword’s Edge” and “Bloody Knife” in his heavens. He must take care when using sharp objects or tools or else suffer a nasty injury. Also because of the existence of the unlucky star “Floating Up and Down” he should exercise caution when participating in activities like swimming or fishing around bodies of water. Although the Boar feels downcast, temperamental and isolated yet he must force himself to reach out more to others in a compassionate manner. His relationships seems stuck in a rut however there’s nothing to be done about it at the moment so he must bide his time. Lady Pig finds herself the focal point of a whirlwind of gossip but must keep her head and emotions in check or else get drawn completely into the maelstrom. She is warned to pay close attention and take particular care when using scissors or sharp knives in the kitchen. Honeyed words from con artists in conjunction with her own greedy nature may tempt her to foolishly part with hard-earned cash. Young ladies born in the year of the Pig may be sulky and fickle as their love relationships seem to be falling apart; nevertheless they are advised to maintain a forward-looking, constructive attitude. Although they don’t feel much like studying, this is a good time for young Pigs to further their education and plan ahead for the future. Impulsive behavior is not favored and they need to get a handle on their resentful, angry outbursts. They are in danger of bloody injury when participating in extra-curricular activities so it is imperative that they concentrate on their surroundings and pay special attention to what they are doing. It is important to work within the limits of laws and to seek legal advice at the first sign of trouble. Any decisions made this year will be the foundation for all he does until the next Boar year arrives. Remember that what goes around comes around so the Boar should never miss an opportunity to offer a helping hand to others. Favorable directions for Pigs this year are the South, the North, and the Northwest; these are good locations to place important furniture like the sofa, work table or bed. Unpromising positions to avoid are the East and the Southeast. Beneficial colors for the Pig this year are red, brown and orange. He can use these to decorate the rooms of his home or office, or in his attire to greatly enhance his fortune in 2019. Colors to avoid are green and white. His lucky numbers are 3 and 6.